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tv   Cross Talk  RT  May 30, 2019 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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u.s. special counsel robert muller a. clarification on the report's conclusions statement has drawn a familiar reaction. to impeachment question at this point all options are on the table and nothing should be ruled out and all of those things have. to not have taken place collusion conspiracy obstruction and again we consider this very much to be case closed. the venezuelan opposition agrees to hold talks with the president the door on neutral territory and norway. israel for an election the rerun for the 1st time in its history after prime minister binyamin netanyahu fails to form a governing coalition. and the leader of germany's ruling party is slammed for
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proposing tighter pre-election media regulation blaming you tube bloggers for the party's losses in the e.u. parliament. so why rules should apply for digital content easy. to discuss. c.d.u. media policy as in the future of democracy. the man himself will be here in about an hour's time with a full look. allowing welcome to cross through considered i'm peter lavelle leads have supper. another
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humiliating black eye and bloody nose all across europe voters put the elites on notice the status quo is not working for the people this surge to the right and the rise of populism maybe a game changer was the elites now listen. crosstalk in the e.u. elections i'm joined by my guest john white and he's a political commentator and writer in brussels we have here is an independent journalist and in paris we cross to francesco so rich you know he is deputy director at c.e. sciences poll all right gentlemen crossed means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciate it let's go to luke in brussels let's go to the belly of the beast itself how is brussels meaning the e.u. stomaching these election results because you can't say they were unexpected maybe a point here or maybe a point there but more or less it was expected there would be
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a populous would do well the right more right wing parties would do well and we have to point out in spain the left did pretty well there as well but there's certainly you can't say it's a protest vote anymore the trends are there and the and the number of people that went out to vote were quite astounding considering european elections. elections are not that popular with with voters but they it was this time around so luke what is changed go ahead. what i would say they are saying much for the moment to play stymie and brussels is preparing itself for designating the president of the commission and the all the presidents of the council parliament etc in the coming weeks so. this is a moment where of course you can reflect upon the results and these results are as fantastically good often testicular bad as expected because you have 27 countries 28 still with a britain that participated and the. well makes it that it is more bland than
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expected but the victory of the populist the so-called populist stare they now must to something must have something like 25 percent of the voting to european parliament which is quite big at the less than expected maybe and the greens on the other side and the other major when i was with them that was a spring of 2 traditional parties and the liberals defending just their turf the extreme left is also down at european level of course there are differences national differences but generally speaking that was expect ok well john in edinburgh i mean i do the european elitist can say well it's business as usual the elections are over we move forward i mean the people have spoken there and their voice is getting louder in louder in more focused here i mean what's democracy for a plea leads don't react to it go ahead john yeah but these are leaks of incapable of reacting to the words of coal marks the source of who are unable to control the power of the netherworld that they have called out by their spells they are the
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architects of their own demise and to paraphrase teller own they have lived nothing and forgotten everything we have learned nothing from the brics a vote in the u.k. 2016 learned nothing from the election over you know skeptic telling coolish in government last year and the forgotten everything about the impact of the server just entity that the people of greece in violation of the country's democratic will in 2015 so these people are incapable of changing or they can do is carry on as if nothing's happened move along nothing to see here and they're heading for a crash because what these european elections continue to indicate is in inexhaustible momentum of you know skepticism from the right and posing the question that either the e.u. did cheese me a little isms new liberalism or it's people's will the e.u. the format is not happening and a lot of as protests going on in paris i mean i think one more important takeaway from it all is that there is a growing part of the european electorate there are they want more. their
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sovereignty back or at least not they don't want to keep ceding it away and i think that that is a very important political cultural expression on the part of a lot of voters because these voters are very motivated to get out they have something that they either they want to gain something more or stop losing what they've been losing inside the european union go ahead in paris. i think i think you're right i will see it wrong at the same time because let me explain to you because there is not some not so clear fact that he it's true that we were expecting a. slew of euro skeptics but these are the only a few counties and not by chance is the counties where actually the. need is. carrying the body. my own country that where of course we have been suffering the most from the wrong obviously as you mentioned before but not not only not know how does this happen in some other countries it's a very different way of protests that came out most not of these new green parties
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that have been doing very well at almost so. i mean them i'm always trying to. restrain from simply sticking to patients on one side of the room. and not only in europe of course not in europe i mean fighting against what you call the elite that would pull this war but then you're saying these policies are using the challenge but it's not true sure that the un sort of your people who want us let's read the fury that these soldiers home you know that so that they were very very spare that's a very fair point ok but i think what people they know what they don't want right now that that's the stage we're in right now they know what they don't want here that let's go back to luke air i mean can i get something on that just a few words because then go ahead go ahead go ahead and. on both sides the those let's say the europeans who are still the majority to find i mean they don't know what they want because we see in the europeans you have everything you have those
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who see it up and keep going with going to forms those who say we should reform europe and make it more fair that an eccentric setter among the no new hook in the uterus also. might mean he tries to forge an alliance we are by for example and we. forget you know these guys say that we. you know so little stereo that you can hear me knowing he's not you know so you see you see within 2 camps you know so much they're very. very hard to see how european and i could be involved from here it's a very interesting let's go back to look here i mean i've often been very critical of the democracy deficit in the european union the distance between the the the voters and i will continue to use the term elites because that's what they are they're very pampered and well taken care of elites in europe ok but one of the things i think is very important is that there is a democratic surge people want to use the ballot box what i worry about is that
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these people that want to hear their voice heard they will be continued to be ignored and i think that is what the real danger is here because people who want to use democracy to change their lives that's what they expect go ahead and brussels. well you are absolutely right i think that the people will not be pleased by the solutions that will be found by the traditional parties that will of course continue with our style and majority of typically pro european parties by the way we're all pro european we're all europeans we know that even the brits who want to leave they feel europeans who we have something in common of course we do but we don't want to have this united states of europe that the present elitist trying to impose on us and immigration that they try to impose in a globalist view that people refuse to see is of course also that people might not realize it but the traditional parties have manipulated the committee work in the european parliament for example not to give any power any decision to
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the populists so these parties start ready have now something like 25 percent but you should also count the audubon be in the christian democratic group you should council so the conservatives the conservative group not only the british ones but who. also very sovereignty very much for the national identity so all these people feel national identity 1st and they won't get it and there are well into decisions that will be taken by the next parliament will show what they are watching what's wrong for wanting to defend your country's sovereignty i you know i really don't like how people criticize that word populist ok i mean populate it because you want to defend your own country your own sovereignty your own borders that's a that's a dirty word i really hate how the mainstream media pollutes our politics go ahead in edinburgh. where we have to be careful when you talk about national sovereignty peter or
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a war such as national interest that has no national interest in any country there are class interests and i personally cannot die on the whole of british so frontier given britain's role in the world going back 500 years as a corneal imperialist state but the point that comes to the point of a democracy and what's wrong a question of the rise of nationalism that we've seen and i want to play a cutting is due to conditions of economic and extremists caused by the global economic crash in 2008 and the refusal of the proponents of neo liberalism to recognise that this model is a corpse it doesn't work and they've only keep it alive through life support under austerity programs and that's only deepening the problem so it's economic at the heart of this issue and democracy is a symptom of that and it's being refracted through nationalism and national particularism in paris so i see you nodding your head go ahead jump in. i think.
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somebody say a few years ago it was little clinton yes exactly. the surge of national interests coincide with the moment we stopped. being and that. was. not enough people like me by the. policies since 2010 i think i still believe the best way to serve the family and the french and the germany this is within europe how can we compete i'm talking to you in russia and we compete with russia. how can how can we compete with china how can we compete we've been at that state so the best we can serve. is to serve the european interests not the problem is that you're not mean served in the past 10 years and that's why the concept. that is not
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a long term solution can be a short term solution will never be a long term solution ok gentlemen i'm going to jump in when i think it's very interesting here is that you know this always gets down to the argument to either. limit centralization or to increase integration and that's a point we'll talk about when we return here after a short break we'll continue our discussion on the e.u. elections state. there would never be peace unless there will be a palestinian state there will never be a rise in the fall of the state of israel without the palestinian state all of those that hold the moderates countries who somehow call rate we something that.
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they wrecked the 2 state solution is a mistake and none of the countries will come forward unless there will be proposed solutions on the basis of 2 states. welcome back across town where all things considered i'm peter welch remind you we're discussing the e.u. elections. ok let's go back to luke in brussels i mean francesca a man had a very interesting point in the 1st part of the program here you know of about how italy and the you know it deals with the world and how the european union deals with the world and it seems like every single crisis point of this project somebody
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says sort of elite say we need to integrate more we need the united states of europe but not one single citizen of the european union it's ever voted for such a proposition it's just assumed that it's the right way to go to get out of a crisis but you don't ask the people and that's why i think this election is very important here and if these parties in the parliament are not going to be allowed on committees and all that it does show is a lack of democratic commitment on the part of the elites it's just going to perpetuate the frustration so many people have because as i said in the introduction this program the status quo isn't working for the average person luke after my diatribe there go ahead and brussels. so as you say you know we all feel europeans but we don't want what they have in stock for us and and the little games in brussels the people really don't like when they hear about it they they're not really interested the distance is too high too too big between the citizens in
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their country and europe in brussels or in sa school by the way said hospital brussels that's crazy to have this move every month between one capital and the other that's that's really crazy they should decide once and for all but they have been things that are you know really disgusting martin said meyer who was the secretary of mystic has been designated in a corrupt way the general secretary of the administration of the i mean this b. and now of course he's of the party of mrs merkel and now the part of mrs merkel the c.d.u. c.s.u. that they want to have missed of a but as the president of the european commission what else i mean this is a little games and little power caves that should stop in the coming days and weeks they will have to decide who will be the president of the european commission the executive arm and replace them concur and that promises some some
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difficult discussions ok in germany it's go back to edinburgh i mean the european economic community i was a big fan of that ok because it wasn't about it didn't take your sovereignty away from you but actually the you found synergies with other european economies and that's what should be happening right now ok that it is building of the united states of europe it is a it's a fool's errand because you know what i've been to greece and i've been to scotland and i've been to a lot they're very very different places ok why you have to you know square the circle with all of them in it ok i can i do get it you know that the low countries are most german. ans they like the european union does very well for them but it doesn't do very well for it it stunts the growth of some cunt countries look at poor greece greece is going to live in the gutter for generations because of the e.u. and the euro ok i mean it isn't the same all the way across and i just wonder of
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what this election you know the elites are going to say hey we have to start again having a much more nuanced look instead of looking after our own personal interest because our just reflecting about what luke just said in brussels go ahead john. well there is no the in its current form the e.u. as a lot of the prison hosts of nations locked in say the neoliberal strait jacket with a single currency which doesn't work because money to union with a fiscal union is untenable i am you're right there is absolutely no appetite for further political integration and it's the jew politicization of the course concerned given the huge rule and the crisis in ukraine and given the rule of the you as he has reliable has you know washington in many years and this is the elephant in the room washington this is a europe of the americans yourselves to go understood this yet when he would be a poor the formation of its initial incarnation $151.00 the european court of course still community he understood this if this was
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a medal of an american project this was not of european diplomacy it was a triumph of us to the 2nd world wars a global economic hedge or more and so how can you have argued a peanut when you have russia and america look 10 and he told me to various that will never have a harmony of nations across europe we need to return to some semblance of sovereignty your great europe of nations is chose to go so presciently advocated after the 2nd world war ok let's go to back to paris what role did immigration play in this selection across the entire continent. immigrations a perfect example of what was seen before. the united states of europe are also nobody was. of course this sort of focus on one of them but not done must be something we have seen wrestle documentary and nobody wants to have it says i've personally seen that that would be the best possible solution for
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restoring democracy in your thirty's my personal computer what they was meaning before is that we the in the data set up we can have different policies and these different policies in both much but call him a shot across. the. school power struggle these normal these old moments when the kids almost their kids. alabama they need more different from new york than you see last year from greece so we have the same. i'm not really sure that's a very good i'm not sure that's a very good analogy because i mean. you have in the united states you didn't have set identities the only one broad identity was american so this being an alabama or an american there was no tension at all ok i think there's a lot of tension in the european union about being european and italian ok because
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being an italian it doesn't so it doesn't necessarily serve your interests ok i have heard this argument before didn't work ok keep going to paris see more complicated but let's let's pass on that very important the by the make in editions of a book is important but these work is the problem with your solution is a few of the counties in the southern belle have been left completely alone but and are their own ok so who are the nation if you can if somebody says it will be the sort of the other solution is found to by itself we try to please more efficient your in your opinion in the world. well i mean what i mean by and by that i mean if you have frau merkel you know let's go back to brussels here i mean you know with a few sentences chichi determined europe's immigration policy to the detriment of many many people ok i mean again where is the democracy in that everybody knows germany is a powerful country inside the european union the most powerful country and only
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more so when there is a break is it ok but i mean again that breaks all kind of democratic norms consultations and worrying about how it's going to impact other countries in the european union look at poor greece again people is walking right through ok and they can do nothing about it luke go ahead and brussels medical in a way created the alternative yet now it's a little early percent of the vote in the european parliament that's her doing and the key of course it's a bit better for the moment there are less people trying to cross the mediterranean they go to spain mainly that's why you have folks appearing in spain because people don't want this but the problem the coming problem looming on the horizon is a silent danger is the fact that europe gives the family reunification possibility to all the people who have arrived and so these people why are. looking for a job desperately in school it's called chain migration raining it's called in my gratian cetera they will bring their families they will bring their mothers their
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fathers the kids wives and these people will be net receivers of social security that we pay not them and so that's what the people hey didn't europe they say look we don't want this we don't want family reunification that brings nearly $5.00 more people for each asylum seeker that's accepted that's the key problem and nobody in process in the wants to i mean the bad i mean you know when a country does take a stand on immigration like hungary you know it is turned it's turned into a pariah. when italy wants to do something about it it's turned into a pariah i mean again we talk about this tension about what sovereignty means inside the european union in this election is telling us that that tensions only going to increase because you have to ask the people about these issues and not the whims of the german chancellor go ahead in edinburgh. or think we have to identify the source of the problem the source of the problem is the rule of western hegemony
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and disrupting meena especially middle east north africa which is producing those food of refugees or economic migrants or people who are seeking a better life and after all we would all do the same and their positions are sometimes we have to try and see the world through their eyes but the thing europe is a free movement of capital as a view of distorting impact and as a driver of economic migration and it goes back again to the neoliberal economic model which is the very antithesis of democracy and national sovereignty and it told countries can control the flow of capital who have their countries then they will never be able to control their own economies and meet and have some form of intervention in terms of infrastructure in terms of providing jobs public works programs especially in a frame of economic recession so again when it comes to the roots of neo liberalism and how it works to distort economies across europe and throughout the world and the wealth of the northern hemisphere peter we must recognize is predicated on the
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poverty of the southern hemisphere and so until we address that imbalance these global economic imbalances will always have problems with migration coming into utah and coming to the wealthier parts of the planet so we can't control these problems until we address the drives not the pool factors but the drive the push factors and that goes back to the free movement of capital ok well let's go back to paris i mean what is the next step for the european union after this election i mean is it just something that they're going to ignore and just keep keep their fingers crossed that the they can continue their on their merry path. here because again you know this this deficit of democracy i think is building in tension and if there isn't if these issues are not addressed the way individuals an individual countries it's only going to get worse for the european union and the the belief in the european union i mean for god's sake what's going on with briggs that last 30 seconds to periscope head. we need. to be what you were mentioning
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before is here the problem is not the 5 people who use the word perceive the problem is what we do without what precisely what the how do we finance it how do we find ways. to make it. work these are the questions we have not how we protect ourselves some people from the south because. people's perfectly right they mean the problem is that these guys there were people who made them poor so we collectively made them poor so there will be coming so the problem is what do we do our social model i know you can if you're back to the 1st time we're going to . agree with you. on we were going. so far we did not solve our problems you make us much worse than we were ok that's all the time we have gentlemen many thanks to my guest in brussels paris and in edinburgh and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t.c. in x. time and remember.
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in or wow the state puts the surveillance cameras in. our present day for a well 19 eighty-four dystopian nightmare we put in the cameras we install the cameras on the nest cameras in our doors and our mental bases but the spying devices in our hands and their own. arms with another of these mass surveillance technologies that's the difference between orwell and today. the worst nightmares would never think that we will imprison ourselves. first and petersburg international economic forum is a unique event in today's business world. over the last 21 years the forum has
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become a leading global platform for discussing the key economic issues facing russia emerging markets and the world thousands of business community members attend the forum to address today's vital issues. special forum coverage on r.t. . and we don't know what facebook's aims are in fact facebook doesn't know what its aims are because it's going to be the sum total of all the people who are working on these algorithms a whistleblower someone who used to work for facebook came forward last year and said i was one of the news charioteers at facebook a bunch of us used to sit around every day and we used to remove stories from the news feed that were too conservative and now and then we inject a story that we saw it was really cool. the facebook founder mark zuckerberg says
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he's committed to giving everyone a voice he's from responding to an allegation that facebook edits conservative views out of its trending topics they can suppress certain types of results based on what they think you should be seeing based on what your followers are presenting now a new report claims that according to a former facebook employee the social media mega company sometimes ignores what is actually trending among its 1000000000 users if the story originated from a conservative news source or if it's a topic causing buzz among conservatives. facebook cosily manipulates or users they do it by the things that they insert into the news feeds they do it by the types of posts they allow their users to see and the fact that they actually decided to do psychological experiments on the users is something that i think a lot of people need to really fully understand and they were doing it based upon the fact that different things that people posted they want to see how other people
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would react to it. on a health watch why your facebook friends post can have a direct effect on your mood new research shows the more negative post you see the more negative you could become. so if for example let's say somebody wanted to post something that was on the news feed that was a very negative story they want to see how their users would react via their lie. by their statements for their posts they would show people who already had a predilection to maybe having some depression or maybe having some other issues in their lives and they can figure that out based upon your like space the partner connections based upon where you're going and what they want to do is take that information and then use it to basically weaponize this information against their users so that way their users could see different things that may affect their mood and may affect how they interact with others and that's something that is highly unethical it appears that some young people.


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