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party then you'll be worried that if you don't deliver bricks it which is a no deal bret's as most people want they will lose their seats in the next general election if you're a conservative m.p. then you'll know that you'll be out of power for a generation so they've got some really hard thinking to do and the reality is the next prime minister the next conservative leader i think must just be very tough and say let's go for broke see it with no deal let's get rid of the withdrawal agreement and dare any m.p. to challenge them on the other side doesn't this success of the past the cause is all in difficulties in terms of u.k. politics if you look at them up after the european elections them south hadley just about all of england bar london as color of the blacks that these like blue but the map of scotland this entirely the s.n.p. is yellow haven't you instigated the division of the u.k. as you're trying to get the u.k. out of europe now i think the division in the u.k.
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has always been there with the s.n.p. and look i've argued in the past it's a perfectly acceptable argument and political debate for the s.n.p. to say we wish to be an independent nation and i have no problems with that but i do believe that there is a number of people in scotland and that's why you saw again them winning a seat there with an increased number of votes i believe that want to remain part of the union but also leave the european union so i don't think the divisions were cause for bracks they're just giving a voice to those people that want to leave the european union and stay in the union and i think that's quite legitimate steve moore if i could end with a personal question you're leaving brussels as a an m.e.p. of your own cite set novena a westminster seat i've always said that i didn't want to stand in this european election that i felt that the next phase of the libertarian freedom movement bringing democracy back to the people would be in the national elections. i'd love
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to stand in a sea i'd like to take on one of those labor m.p.'s in the leave area that is voted to remain and i would like those people that have a voice that backs them their vision and i hope to do so with the brics it party i am a registered supporter but of course there are many talented people out there and i would have to fight for my seat just like everybody else stephen moore from brussels thank you very much indeed thank you so the becks at party big there was a final straw for to me but labor were also on the receiving end of an intellectual drubbing however safely back on top of the london left with claude murray's alex spoke to him about lessons from the election and who are not for leeper. well. reelected for a 5th term in the european parliament congratulations but your party labor took a bit of a drubbing what was the key reason for the no we did we go we got a kicking and i think the key reason was we are one of the big parties part of the
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government but also we were squeezed squeezed by the lib dems in the main parties because we were at a policy of trying to unite. the country the whole issue of a confirmation vote but that was seen as you know trying to hedge or sequence and i actually believe in the end labor will be a key part of getting to a confirmation vote and you can see that our front bench are saying that now but clearly within the election that was one of the factors that that really lost us some of our m.e.p. . the lead london member in the shift to a referendum or a confirmation for 2nd ballot is a pretty nice simple calculation makes obvious politics but what so euer m m p m one of the levy areas of the north of england would marco's be quite simple this is why i think we had the policy of uniting the country we've got these leave their
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ears leave m.p.'s these kind of voices but i think in the end alex we're going to have to come off the fence on to one kind of policy because the existential crisis for october 31st is a no deal with the hard right conservative prime minister potentially and to stop this and to create the situation for the people we represent i really believe that we have to emphasize know the remain. kind of confirmation vote aspect i know that that is not a perfect situation i know that that will be risky for some of our remain supporters but i do believe this is the direction of travel and that's what i support. with the risks inherent in the so got the full irish times parked on the lawn outside the house of commons the tory party convulsed by a leadership election but the labor party's convulsed as well i mean was this the
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right time to be expelling ost of campbell yeah i mean those are our rules but you're right it's about the interpretation of the rules been around the party a long time he did say this after the polls were closed was that the right thing to do i mean answers right to peel this because other they were party members will have done this but did they leave a paper trail did they actually see it publicly so he left himself only bow but i think there will be a lot of people sympathetic not necessarily supporters of his by the way but just labor party members. because they may have done the same do i support him doing that no i don't because obviously i lost many colleagues by people voting lib dems i mean very clear and we have our rules but there is something there you know and i guess you know he has to appeal this now let's look upon your appeal you're one of the most distinguished trails of the key european committee but both the center
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right under the center left took a bit of a gun to me elections are going after things a school or rule or those before them or the european parliament or are they going to be other voices have been key to socially i think the reality check alex was that it wasn't a sweep for the populous parties that we had feared it wasn't you know a complete kicking for the for the center the center did hold and that is gratifying be complacent about it but of course the center reduced to see these big parties the european people's party my social sin democrats and that is a huge warning signal but what you call is a real fragmentation massive increase in the greens massive increase far left of course increasing to so. what we have to do with that is is not stand there and go to figure out how to deal with this report was it is quite something i mean it's not easy to respond to i think it was my creation and so on making the positive
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case is not enough i mean this is people reacting very strongly sometimes sometimes not in the way that you think it's a proxy things sometimes so you know we have to be on our game and yes we took a kicking but it's not quite this week people thought and when you see the confusion on to your appearance of. politics you were hunkered to be back home and scott represents a more prove european country i mean i loved a growing up in scotland doesn't surprise me. the temperature in the pro european nature of i was scott's lawyer it was the old alliance but i did my scottish law we never saw it as anything other as a link with internationalism in the rest of the so it doesn't surprise me that scotland stake in this this pro european internationalist view and you know that's the essence of our loved growing up there and you know i take that as part of my my make up no. i want that for everyone i want not to the vatican for everyone i'm an
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internationalist. you know and you have to keep fighting the previous question you asked me about it is all of this inevitable you know in denmark that is people's party in finland they expect to the far right to to succeed but they didn't the greens did politics is they are of what is possible and we have to keep fighting for internationalist and progressive ideals so it's doable because you get back to the. table examine quickly if you. don't have to tell a dog boy what to do with us that's for child someone guess that we know how to use this thank you very much like sally. and so forth tory and labor have been left in degrees of the theory. but what of the other parties doesn't let dems performance signal out of viable of the center or does it clips of the takers or independent groups or change you k. i actually killed realignments doing dead i want to scotland and indeed island join
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us after the break to fight. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sit in the home fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people and i saw one on t.v. . i'm going to talk about football not for you or else i just think i was going to go.
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by the way ways of the flying here. this footage is unique because there's only a tribal lens on normally off limits to the public erik's allowed in because he's the seller his personal doctor. the. people here know him simply as dr eric he's rich famous some always on the move saving yachts and flying aircraft that. he's considered one of the best neurosurgeons in brazil. that's happy. amazon. allergies so it's going to be busy doing nothing is going to do the population because it's going to tell people i'm a zone. nobody
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could see coming that false confessions would be that prevalent in the spot place the phone. ted any interrogation out there what you'll see is threat promise threat promise threat while i lie the process of interrogation is designed to put people in just that frame of mind make the most comfortable make them want to get out and don't take no for an answer don't accept their denials she said if i were poor very sad and i stayed there i would be home by that time the next day there's a culture of countability police officers you know that they can engage that misconduct that has nothing to do with solving their crime.
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welcome back the only 80 of the main lines where the bricks of party did not begin to pull with scotland where the s.n.p. still reign supreme but even in scotland the begs the party claim 2nd place and a seat out expects a senior s.n.p. m.p. i guess macneil on how scotland should respond to brics it's party england. i guess i was expecting a hebridean but poor kitchen was why i was sent over the wife i and the most fun r.t.s. and markets just as you did and said they were just as out of the gorgeous kits and
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meanwhile we'll have to make do but you must be pretty chuffed i'm in the whole mop of scotland this color of yellow after of the european elections up to here from bala to the barber so you must be feeling pretty hopping about the you know a lecture on results results went really well for the s.n.p. a better seat of the vote of any party in western europe if olusegun bought out the 1st minister notes and that she was going to put legislation it's going to follow and it's only a bit of a side note how the independents kept it and move on but look i guess mcneil the s.n.p. seem to be in tessa painting that a bonus johnson premiership would boost the support for the independents but what happens if he becomes prime minister and comes out to be a success or alternatively the totus might choose someone else once again back and monetary their prospects are very modest been a success in the real prospect of the probabilities of going to a minute didn't that they'd likes seating your board i don't know the door and
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ireland on into the custody of the single market which definitely way to do so ultimately the tories have got a bottom line problem regardless who is among us what's going to be damaging for scotland is that fanaticism that is a root of the 2 of the party that fun to see that other that's pushing them on at the moment and not a slight we have to get on with it we know which direction they want to go i'm going to which direction we want to go there are 2 different directions so let them we're there we ate and let us but as you know well angus meal politics is always changing journey corben could shift towards a people's vote the tory party other lead to get a new leader you don't expect the westminster bacilli to continue indefinitely whatever happens and westerners that over the course of an hour. should be a secondary market we've got to get on with a lot of us but it was indeed have to a 2nd independence that i don't know as a mom it's. like to don't mind it in the scottish parliament was the greens as
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a result for a lot less going on is big the argument is that people let's not be x. rayed to lead because quote we believe this we saw the last time we put on 17 percent and the polls at this time would only need to but i don't do it the percentage i'm going when i think things will continue to muddle on as they've beaten for a lot for the fight months their hope to get to october to get another sticking plaster there will waste the time don't force one of them not to waste and yes i think it's going to be more muddled to say i'm confucians the westminster given all the sets as you've mentioned they have in the i guess meal from his kitchen in the beautiful island the bought a thank you very much i'm here only a pleasure. and night to another celtic nation what to the south and northern island to tell us about the feet off the prop and out fast farm s.-t. o.-p. leader alice to macdonald. i will start some entrusting results on northern ireland to take of this breakthrough of the center ground alliance potty well there's been
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certainly a lot of big ready excitement here and really this them or from local government elections there's the profit on the northern ireland is the lack of the assembly and the generous declaration of electrics as as basic good busy and people to be prepared deeply frustrated and this is particularly so liberal or a commonsense age of unionism and while a lot of you know some of us drift in towards the the u.p.a. on the extremes there's a shell up of what i was to say that to be about in europe for you know sir aren't real i am sparty us the and the absence of the assembly how does the dialogue between and among these take place and northern ireland while they are missions of the assembly there is very little dialogue taking place in the business community to make an effort to try and create dialogue or various other civic arts or society try to create dialogue but you know that the failure of the storm and the failure
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of various embley as it is a problem and have that that the change in tony prime minister at westminster is not likely to be good on my own that could that help end the stalemate in the assembly i don't think the change of the leader of the conservative party will make any difference to us northern ireland doesn't create fairly increasingly isolated and ignored by westminster after uncertainty the whole breck's of discussions of being rather the insensitive to northern ireland the northern ireland fades so changing the leader of the conservative party is still going to change the game there are the challenges that we face and then these changes that you see from these elections nor fun saif do you see the and greedy and sofa of movement time. of the political undergrowth and the island the fireman's well i i think that you know the bracks it was created a space on the islands or
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a bit where basically people realise nice income quite ever be the same again on the whole shop the bracks of the whole implications of that and whether busy we go through with brass of our whether we retreat from up to there the scene has changed to change to hurley well i'll leave you a fat resident quote from my viciously alice the thank you very much indeed thank you. so to make sense of this extraordinary election i'm delighted to be joined by former liberal m.p. lembit opec lead former liberal presidential candidate so what are we to make of this i mean for a start with that the big winners the blacks that party led by for large the liberal democrat should all party and the greens also have a good election how does things stand for these tea parties strategically what happened was polarization if you had a clear narrative you did well if you had
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a weak narrative you did badly brax it party the clues in the name if you want a brac set that's where you go and around 30 percent of the country did that on the other side as you say the lib dems and to a slightly lesser extent the greens said we are the remain party there wasn't any ambiguity about it and they polled a similar proportion of the vote if you are the 2 together for the actual 4 hours benefit from having normal affairs still but the liberals benefited by putting rude words on their mother fest very controversial how are they put those words forward but it doesn't seem to harm them because of a theological debate about whether they have done even better if they hadn't resorted to bad language but the big picture here is breath on the one side remain as on the other hand they both made profound gains 29 seats for a party was didn't even exist a couple of months ago in the bronx its case and from one to 16 for the lib dems and 3 to 7 for greens now no one can deny there is
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a tremendous results for those parties so we've dealt with the one of the big losers the labor party and the conservatives the old farm demolished in these elections for 2 different reasons the conservatives made a promise these circular bricks that means that didn't even turn had to be true to resume a spectacularly failed by her own what we call in business k p i he performance indicator just to get us out of the european union with the unlike that mission or not there's no denying that she's failed and she's been punished for it big time lots of very young. we conservatives just feel but go on before even the results were declared after the very worst of both worlds after the election for the count now see done that 4 weeks ago might have been a little bit different but she didn't and we are where we are the conservatives have a big frights here because if you didn't carry that vote across to the general election then there's no doubt in that rather simplistic scenario the bracks the party would do well come back to that in terms of labor a different problem they tried to go both ways they admit they were trying to
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appeal to the 48 percent remain under 52 percent you just can't do it when a polarized environment so they got punished for being wishy washy exactly what the lib dems used to be criticized for so that polarization is work for a once vague party the lib dems and also from bracks and really really slammed labor and conservative the biggest loser of course being the tories big breaks of tears going to face problems have been almost unnoticed over the weekend the chancellor of the checker the chancellor of the exchequer starts to speculate on the circumstances in which he vote to put into the conservative government it's an extraordinary situation for the pam and who isn't known for his flamboyance saw mercurial nature is actually on honestly suggesting that even he might not vote conservative well the alarm bells have to be ringing months or grandees but this is the point unless you've got 2 parties here which are completely stuck in the middle
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the conservatives ready to split towards brack sit and remain and having to fight that out with the leadership election and labor not even having the luxury of a leadership election because jeremy corbin's pretty safe and sound so jeremy corbyn paralyzed in parliament the conservative party paralyzed across the country very smug vince cable somewhere in the lib dems and myself or others doing what he does best playing blinders and general elections and then calling the shots why given the political dog so how about the other nations. as of these islands play company beats label in wales but come 2nd to blacks or s.n.p. storm ahead in scotland and the alliance party make a breakthrough in northern ireland the other nations of these islands reflected england bracks that nation surprising to me that bracks it got 2 seats even more surprising perhaps that ply coming beat labor i'm not surprised the s.n.p. did well then are it if it was quite clear they were very pro remain and that
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worked well for the greens worked well for the dems worked well for the s.n.p. that was the go to party north of the border and in northern ireland a slightly different game being played there what's exciting there is the the alliance party a normal sectarian party for the 1st time in its history picked up european seats now far beyond just the remain debate that must have been a massive factor it means you can get elected without coming from one of the tribes in northern ireland that bodes well for the instability we've been worried about which is what happens with the backstop what happens with the border enough people voted for a rational party their stable party to say sectarianism doesn't always rule the roost so in a world well 2 will go down to 2 questions firstly scottish independence next year and secondly how does the u.k. political long jump get broken as a referendum on a general election the 1st one no referendum next year unless it becomes a bargaining chip in
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a forced general election otherwise we'll have to wait for 5 years in terms of referendum or general election i don't think a referendum is a player here i don't think a referendum would deliver a different result it's got to be a general election but that's a big mess nobody wants set we're going to be waiting maybe till 2022 why because labor in the concert is can't string it out any longer that's one to watch when bo but thanks for clearing all the. light. is it possible to have a political revolution and to nor real change whatsoever is it possible to decimate both of the 2 great parties that state and still leave the political canvas essentially an old turret 5 years ago that success of the faddish led ukip and topping the usual pull stampeded to tory prime minister david cameron into promising a referendum and the kiss which that ensued included his own political to mind use this year the 5. party talk the util poll and finished the 20 prime minister me
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before the results were even declared i'm more likely i should and it hard. to please sir meanwhile the opposition labor party may move back to the comparative safety of the referendum pavement i took the middle of the road where they were being squashed bio sites. the liberal revival would cheer up their troops but more strategically by squeezing out change you key the may have strangled at birth the prospects of political realignment what m.p.'s defecting to change u.k. hardly likely to happen was the best immediate chance of a serious problem and she bitch ed in the center ground the s.n.p. success in scotland will heighten the coals for another independence referendum but the question remains how this one to be secured they seem to be dramatic changes but they all point to a continuing political stalemate the inability to reach a deal with brussels regardless of who becomes prime minister but the refusal of parliament to low a new deal bricks it thus there will have to be
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a do more in the autumn to pick that deadlock either by general election or by referendum and here's the rub if there is a referendum then the indications are that both sides will be roughly equal in the electoral strength just more fixed in their opinions if a general election it is to be the least side will likely not be led by the brics a party but by the tories and that i mean side will likely not be led by the liberals but by labor the old firm decimated at these elections resuscitated to fight once again with a shoals to sell them him short. into this serene political landscape descends president trump took night for the on waste already his unofficial reception party is being prepared for next week's show we take a look at the politics of protest over the last century and then with a great sporting event a vial ascot on the summer horizon we'll take a look at the run as and writers in the 20 leadership stakes right now there are
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just too many to get into the starting stalls however as the field for insight will make some sense of it but for now for me alex and all of the team hit the shoe is goodbye for now and we hope to see you next week. thank. you. in norwell the state puts these surveillance cameras in. our present day for
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a well 19 eighty-four dystopian nightmare we put in the cameras we install the cameras on the nest cameras on our doors and our mental pieces on spying devices in our hands and in our homes with another of these mass surveillance technologies that's the difference between orwell and today it is the worst nightmares would never think that we will imprison ourselves. this in petersburg international economic forum is a unique event in today's business world. over the last 21 years the forum has become a leading global platform for discussing the key economic issues facing russia emerging markets around the world thousands of business community members attend the forum to address to the use of vital issues. watch our special forum coverage on r.t. . facebook
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and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately it was also a very dark so. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very 1st character that you type into the search bar it will always favor one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results deiced on what they think you should be seen if they have this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist for the more growth we give them the sooner we all.
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know. that. julian assange fails to appear before a london court for an extradition hearing that with the wiki leaks founder is lawyers saying his health is in rapid decline. the pressure hits back at u.s. claims that it is probably conducting nuclear tests in the arctic are calling the allegations of baseless. and a dramatic surge in one crime in the london leads to some in the somali community to send their children to east africa to live and study. and they feel for the safety too of those children they fear of sake it's. neal.


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