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tv   News  RT  June 1, 2019 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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i. a series of explosions ripped through a russian bomb factory injuring at least 85 people eyewitnesses describe scenes that chaos. people reynolds on the street they couldn't understand what was happening although we don't sound smashed from the top floor down where on the. u.k. city of course with beefed up security ahead of donald trump's visit to building a huge security fence into the annoyance of locals. bill insist that because coming from experience your screen it's all french doors you can't see anything i don't suppose something much better like. under new computer game based on the war in syria twists the facts or stranger harvesting * to rescue group of white helmets as
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heroes and russian claims as targeting civilians. a warm welcome you're watching r.t. international with me in the. early stages 5 people have been injured in a series of blasts at a russian military bone factory a state of emergency has been declared in the area surrounding the plant in the city and surgeons people living near the site have been posting videos online. at least 200 residential buildings were damaged by the blasts shock waves along with dozens of schools and kindergartens residents describe scenes of must panic. but the loss of my balcony was blown away and it's the same for all that all the
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flags everything is not stop people ran out on the street they couldn't understand what was happening. and when you see if you have never seen anything like that the windows were shattered and that column of smoke was terrifying it looked like it was to kilometers high heels all the windows are smashed from the top floor down when i leave. i heard the massive ben the windows were knocked out i was looking on in shock wondering what was going on then i heard another band in the ran home in the living room all the furniture was scattered around the explosions were so powerful they shattered windows many many kilometers away we're standing right outside the entrance to the plant you can see the police behind me they have cordoned off the area to get yourself opened up a criminal probe over the possible breaking off safety rules that's something the factory said director has been fired for only only 31st of may so very very
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recently and also a human error is that believed to be a blame for this incident the investigation is now ongoing the u.k. is bracing itself for protests over donald trump's upcoming state visit rallies are expected to follow the u.s. president throughout his 3 day trip his last visit in 2018 saw 250000 demonstration in london and protesters are once again expected to poke fun at him. thank you. really good. giants trump robots seated on a toilet has been shipped from china to london last year a baby trunk balloon was flown high over the british capital london people behind it spoke hope to repeat the stunt with a new balloon and have the approval of the mare of london say they still need to reach their 30000 pounds a fund raising target. we plans for
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a wall seem to have inspired his hosts in the u.k. the american presidents will be important for d.-day commemorations and local authorities have put up a huge security perimeter to the anger of locals the annual event marks the start of the normandy landings during world war 2 probably boyko reports from portsmouth . he wanted a wall and now he's got it ok so it may not be the wall but it is a wall the naval city of portsmouth is getting ready to welcome the u.s. president who's going to be visiting him in order to attend the 75th anniversary of the d.-day landings on the 5th of june that's why the barricades have gone up and the is ready and all of this green space where the ceremony will take place is called and off lest anyone get any dangerous ideas donald
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trump's attendance all of the deejays ceremony will see him come through and in a double layer of security fencing allowing him to watch the day's events from inside there in total safety with the queen and to reason may and some invited guests but the u.s. president's security comes at a cost for the people of portsmouth for whom the view of the day's events will be totally blocked well for those with an official invite review for me inside is rather splendid they've even sprees stop all that excessive saying there is without an invitation all welcome to this general area outside although they'll be subject to security checks while coming in but once inside they'll be able to watch the proceedings taking place in their own large t.v. screens out here for some minutes putting a bit of
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a down on d.-day for those who are involved. in the periphery through can be put into people coming on the outs to see the event and now is the very end because the matrix coming from it is going to feel the screen its own friend store you can't see anything you want to see them draw. but there were helicoptered in durham it just wasn't the 4th use a go or no it's a different world but still you know you have to show the museum don't yeah yeah not to you know when the storm turned on television because of the studio and i put up a wooden paddle fence and. you know i just might be sort of mockery of it because that's so common that anybody can you know it's no way. we're not out on them and it seems like everybody was shocked we walked up the other end them we could get through so why don't i go into the summit much better like they die i think with
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the possibility to demonstrate what they've done this basically blocked off any sign of any doesn't demonstrate just so. that she will see well i don't need that much security not that bad here is it portsmouth city's council leader is also on impressed it will change the nature of the event a great do for us the center of the events was meant to be the veterans with donald trump coming i think the chances are that it will move from being around commemoration and instead it will be a day of controversy d.-day carries a special significance here portsmouth was the departure point for much of the d.-day landing force in 1944 all that i want to be able to see to this ceremony that will be one special designated area where dissatisfied locals can have very voices heard the now obligatory looting and the trump protests will
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have to be erected everywhere the u.s. president goes on his u.k. state visit and portsmouth is no exception. the latest installment of his computer game series call of duty takes inspiration from the conflict in syria but it gives a warped perspective on the war but trying to hard to sling to rescue group the white helmets as heroes and showing russian planes deliberately targeting civilians you have takes a closer look. it's back in a big way after years of falling sales and irrelevance call of duty is going back to its roots it'll be more shocking more morally on big us than ever before with russians so we will you wouldn't believe.
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surprise russian sue 25 jet there it is apparently bombing civilians in the next scene white helmets the rescue wing of syria's jihad is rebels a scene helping injured civilians out of rubble just like in their real life propaganda reels the syrian 1st responders who risk their lives to save others in war torn aleppo in the face of unrelenting brutality heroes have emerged they have all chosen to risk their lives to save others. now it's only a trailer but something tells me we won't see the ugly side of the white helmets i doubt we'll see them disposing of freshly executed corpses for islam is terrorists i doubt we'll see them waving flags as they do in real life i doubt we'll see them
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staging chemical weapons attacks what i don't doubt is that the russians will be portrayed doing things that would put satan himself to shame at least going by what those who have already played the game the same. we saw gameplay from the perspective of a young frog the girl who would eventually grow up to be the commander of the rebel forces fleeing from the invading russian army for her family are eventually cornered by a soldier who kills her father we see could be him crawling under the bed and scurrying about her house to take down an long headed russian soldier with little more than a screwdriver. to be fair it's only a game to stick license and all that no relation to real life events people or politics it's just a video game for young malleable impressionable kids showing imaginary russians invading bombing civilians murdering civilians gassing civilians and being killed
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in turn by the protagonist and the white helmets legibly copy pasted from c.n.n. into call of duty coincidence totally what we see is what defines a terrorist is in the eye of the beholder this is not a black and white world oh so i says bombing an airport in europe doesn't necessarily mean it's terrorism as like real life dude we all decide what's good and what's bad like in previous call of duty games where the player gets to massacre hundreds of russian civilians in an airport. and again by total coincidence call of judy and the pentagon have almost identical perceptions of who is good and who is bad what i meant by coincidence is
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the opposite of coincidence not only a pentagon employees board in to help design the game but cool of juji writers then go on to advise that the pentagon started thinking about how to change we brought in a lot of outside help military advisors futurologists we got together with the scenario planning from the department of defense who is active in the pentagon which of course means nothing it's only a game for kids i just wonder when will we get a modern warfare in starman where the protagonist is patriotic middle eastern and fighting to rid his country of an occupying american army what do you think those pentagon advisors would have to say to that. we spoke to joe lombardo coordinator of the united national antiwar coalition he claims the u.s. military uses video games as a propaganda tool. they think it's you just heard of the.
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propaganda that comes out in various forms to get people used to war and to get people to take sides especially young people propaganda comes in many forms and throughout my lifetime i have seen movies and hollywood change and i think this is preparing people for the kind of world that the u.s. military and the u.s. government want to see so they can continue their dominance military dominance and political dominance over the world the u.s. military should stay away of the gaming industry they should stay out of hollywood they should stay out of the sports industry but they are in all those industries. yeah acting u.s. secretary of defense has lashed out at china while speaking at an asia pacific summit in singapore patrick shanahan accused beijing of military aggression and
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soon afterwards the chinese defense minister gave a response. some in our region are choosing to act contrary to the principles and norms that have benefited the saw they destabilize the region deploying advanced weapons systems to militarized disputed areas destabilizing the peaceful status quo by threatening the use of force to compel rivals into conceding claims you know we're not going to ignore chinese behavior. i think in the past people have kind of tiptoed around that. he made those remarks after china hiked tariffs on a range of u.s. goods to 25 percent in a tit for tat measure the move took effect on saturday last month the u.s. raised taxes on chinese imports worth 200000000000 dollars to 25 percent chinese affairs analyst sandra long told us the trade war between the world's 2 largest economies will cause far reaching damage
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a lot of its components change china and china buys a lot of stuff from the united states and then of course the soybeans almost are trying to use so i think is going to hurt the u.s. . china as well so this is again seismic together with other countries because the whole world is connected in the supply chain i place the on a. lot as a trade or. a fight each of the dollar is seeing a $360.00 degrees kind of spec instruct the u.s. consumers as well as us which is us very factors could be affected. by palestinian rallies spread across the muslim world during the annual al could stay usually held on the last friday of ramadan the protests against israel's so-called occupation of east jerusalem.
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belief. was. was told it was. germany has also seen protests with hundreds of protesting activists taking to the streets of berlin the israeli community in the capital held a counter demonstration and expressed fears that anti semitism is gaining momentum in the country artie's maria financial has been speaking to both sides. this is what the kid gatherings mean here in bahrain from what is i don't see any new it is
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a big disappointment of the so cold i was day march this is it i think named for the city of jerusalem and this demonstration you know it's over you know and the foreign policy of the state of israel i have to disagree with. your muscling belongs to israel and here in a sense for the palestinian people to see these rights this is how it is that it should be made so the whole world should be for policy and this is how you should you really don't want to 5 we want to be we just want to be. my brother was wise enough to act as a human shield system for the palestinian borers not to be shot by you know your israel u.s. army is knowing the other side of the avenue here in central billing we have what they call themselves to rally against the rally those who support israel we have been able to talk to the organizers and see some of the disciplines it's not about
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criticizing the serous about delegitimizing israel and about hating jews when people shout jews in the gas chambers then it's it's it has nothing to do with its record exists only about 8 it is an illustration against and another demonstration . inacceptable anti-semitic coots march which was called was taking place today berlin and we should not tolerate any form of anti-semitism in in berlin and in germany and this is why we are here everybody on board because it takes us to his life he is attacking our way of living and this is why we have to do with joel solidarity and this also doesn't have anything to do it with israel or it is. the one this is the completely on. this question what is it except of it's to make . what was your old school should really be called what you got the good stories
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it's actually a good dose of really good example of your mind that is why we have to shore sort of the regime i this is why i'm here to support their solidarity with jewish with israel and to show how strong they are to show it to these people on the other side of the adding in. united nations children's charity unicef says almost half of all afghan children are being denied an education the war on terror in the region has led to many schools being destroyed r.t. visited enough gun province where classes continue against the old. just at our school was destroyed we don't have any chance to see on and shouted to take from the sunshine or any ascensions for our education. when isis came here they destroyed their school and opened their own sensors and i want the government to reopen this call for us because the weather is very warm we aren't able to learn in
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such conditions. there are at least 7 educational centers which have been destroyed during the war between the isis militant group and the afghan government the clashes damaged or even destroyed places of education and some of the occasional centers became isis headquarters i am demanding that the government helps us reopen our educational centers as soon as possible. to the field of populaces this school was taken over by isis isis threat and this in close down our educational centers. you. know. a little of the response came and shut our educational
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institutions the teachers were imprisoned and tortured they ordered us to close schools there were 2 educational buildings destroyed we have asked for the sensors to be repaired but the government hasn't scheduled it yet. stars and big movie companies are threatening to boycott the u.s. state of georgia which offers attractive tax breaks for the industry over new nor prohibiting abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy however while the likes of disney netflix and want to adopt a firm moral stance in the u.s. they seem less principled when operating abroad as caleb maupin explains. as the state of georgia imposes restrictions on abortion a number of multinational corporations have decided to take a stand and no longer do business with the state among them disney netflix and warner media either give it becomes law it will be very difficult to produce or
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rather doubt we will we have many women working on productions in georgia whose rights along with millions of others will be severely restricted by this law should it ever come into effect would rethink our entire investments in georgia if the new law holds we will reconsider georgia as the home to any new productions but how consistent are these corporations for example netflix recently blocked an episode in saudi arabia as a favor to the monarchy crown prince mohammed bin salon a k n b s was hailed as the reformer of the arab world needed but the revelations about the show his killing have shattered that image was strongly supported to 6 freedom world was only remove the saudi arabia after we had received a valid legal request but saudi arabia is not exactly a haven for women's rights and progressive thinking on its face it's pretty ironic because those countries say pretty egregious human rights issues is more about a political game those plea is being plea rather than any kind of actual feelings
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towards the issue and then there's warner media they have a very longstanding relationship with the kingdom of saudi arabia in fact prince our lead been to wall was a 5 percent shareholder in time warner at one point and what does that they've been known to put on performances of their best known acts in box rain the last one just over a year ago. course they never really considered the laws of these u.s. aligned autocratic kingdoms for example there's one law that legalizes rape just so long. as marriage follows the crime we talk in the book greater issues abortion guns rights things like that they should stay away from me but again it goes back to the whole p.r. part of the you would it be culturally high teen your brand recognition out there
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in the world and also to position yourself better in a particular place where you doing business people and do this day gain the middle east you know a lot of money comes from saudi u.a.e. and that going to go over there is say these particular things because they know a net part of the world this would not be tolerated but we're talking about the bigger company does the is so if you still have to be bob iger in some of the how you live with executives who want to preserve their own beach for any kind of potential political run in the future and also for the overall image of their great company disney yes these american mainstream media and entertainment conglomerates love to virtue signal and act like they're sticking it to george and to the republicans however just like their wheeling and dealing with middle eastern petro autocracies it seems like their recent outrage over abortion has more to do with marketing than with principles mop and art see new york. some news just in for you now 3 syrian soldiers have been killed by rocket fire coming from the israeli
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controlled golan heights according to syrian state media explosions were heard in the sky to the south of the capital damascus on saturday evening 7 other soldiers are reportedly injured and several incoming missiles were intercepted this comes out to be israel defense forces claimed 2 missiles have been fired from syria towards the golan heights which is disputed territory we'll keep you updated as the situation develops. well thanks for joining us not international best hour we're back in 30 minutes with the latest headlines. there's in petersburg international economic forum is a unique event in today's business world. over the last 21 years the forum has become a leading global platform for discussing the key economic issues facing russia
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emerging markets and the world thousands of business community members attend the forum to address today's and vital issues. watch our special forum coverage on r.t. . clone of welcome to worlds apart there are few things more polarizing in education
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then standardized testing has long divide a teacher's into those who believe it leads to substandard educational results and those who see that as the means of providing not just the quality but also the quality of education but this some groups of students consistently batted that now they say how does one tell the quality of from an inbuilt cultural advantage well to discuss that i'm now joined by 2nd may be an educator and president of the international academy of education dr whelan so it's good to talk to you thank you very much thank you very much now we're recording this interview very stressful time for many families in russia and i'm sure around the world when there are children a taking exams that will determine their future and i think there is a renewed debate again about whether standardized tests are a comprehensive fair and reliable measure of academic achievement where do you stand in that debate. i think the necessary evil. standardized
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testing has its period well done no days and you know to say we should have standardized testing the be like saying well we shouldn't have our blood pressure checked or even are we going to see the doctor those are standardized instr. months you need to be able to know how children are doing. right from when they start school but you know that one of the consistent criticisms of standardized tests is that they tend to stifle creativity they don't measure it while enough and that they tend to kind of skew the educational process towards a more mechanistic and more authoritarian approach and the other thing that people often mention is that it makes. student oriented teaching which i know you are a big advocate of much more difficult do you share that concern. i want to see. the start of the measure kids development through to grade 3 or
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grade for make sure children learn to read well but by one indicator would be how wells of society bringing its children from not just from birth or from conception up to age 8 or 9 and being successful readers in the whole process of course you can have room for creativity in art and so on it's not about. and i think the big creates these very polarized extremes that are just just not the case but it's one thing to see how the child is doing on the developmental. scale and it's another thing to use the test scores to evaluate his entire academic performance or the performance of his school do you think that the deserve the way that society is gave to them. you know i i don't know what it's like in russia but in united states tests like the peas a test of program of international student assessment those results come out and
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there's a big who are 3 or 4 days and then the teachers go on about doing the business same as usual now where it's different is when they have state tests and so on where schools are being held accountable for test scores and so on so so the argument is that. teachers are being forced to spend more time on math science and reading skills at the expense of some of the arts certainly there's a worldwide trend to have kids graduate with global skills we need kids who can handle very complicated texts nowadays the literacy requirements for even the most basic jobs to be a carpenter a welder you need very high levels of literacy skills now and same with the math skills and skills it's not that's changed in the last 20 years i think it's not only about which subjects to concentrate on but how they are doing that.


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