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the israeli army launches as strikes on syrian territory killing 3 soldiers the i.d.f. claimed it was a response to an earlier attack by syria. and among the stories that shaped the week a u.n. expert on torture says the way julian has been treated in recent years amounts just psychological torture. came a day after to appear in court due to ill health. sticker typical speech. from impeachment case closed all sides get something very special. final say on the
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trunk and. it's midday here in moscow and you're watching the weekly on r.t. international live from austin here with me. welcome to the program the israeli army targeted syrian territory last saturday night killing 3 soldiers and wounding 7 it says it was responding to 2 missiles fired from syria reports. well that's where the defense forces the i.d.f. has confirmed that it hit a number of targets in syria overnight saturday and it says that this was in retaliation to 2 missiles that were fired from syria at the israeli part of the golan heights there were no reports of injuries or damage on the israeli side but we are hearing from the israeli cabinet that it was the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who posts in the ordered these retaliate tree strikes now it
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comes as the israeli army issues a statement in which it says its planes and helicopters hit 2 artillery batteries and a defense battery and also a number of observation points along the israel syria border syrian state media is reporting it that 3 syrian soldiers were killed and an additional 7 injured this happening in the eastern part of the connector country side all of this is happening as tensions between israel and syria escalate particularly in the area of the golan heights earlier in the week jarrett krishna who is the son in law and also the senior advisor to the american president donald trump was introduced 11 where he gifted netanyahu with a map that had been personally signed by the american president and they clearly showed the golan heights as part of israeli territory netanyahu held a press conference in which he acknowledged and thanked the american president.
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brought me something from the u.s. president in the state department there was an official map of the states which had not been updated since the sixty's well now it's been up to it's. brought me the new mount which includes the golan heights is part of israel it's signed by president trump who writes. so i would like to say that's very nice. now this follows tromso full recognition of israeli sovereignty over the golan heights back in march that happened during a musing between the 2 leaders we met on yahoo was it the white house washington this has been did not survive the international community who consider the area occupied territories and that is the status they have accorded it ever since israel took over the golan heights back in the 1967 war at the same time we are hearing from the syrian side they say that the aerial defense systems were activated to strike at so-called enemy targets in the southern damascus countryside so certainly
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the situation between the 2 sides remains tense and both sides on a state of high alert. that's discussed the overnight hours till it is with pollster and political analyst to mitchell barak mitchell thanks for coming on to the program let's look at the latest incident that we've been reporting about now how do you interpret israel's and coercion into syria. well i think this is really a military response to some aggression on the syrian side of firing missiles into israel the israeli prime minister israeli army has said on many occasions that they're not going to allow syria to be aggressive they're not going to allow syria like any other country in the world would to fire missiles into israel the airspace in israeli territory without some kind of response and oftentimes it would disproportionate response and i think that also israel is concerned and has been concerned for a very long time by the iranian influence terror organizations iranian advisors iranian weaponry iranian expertise that is in the devising the syrian army that's
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not ok with israel in every single response from the israeli side will be will be meted out mitchell i mean so my and to both sides using very violent responses or attacks depending on how you perceive it's actually what people. about is how likely that this situation could escalate. well there's always a danger in the middle east and in israel of course of the danger of escalation but again i think israel's response is very measured israel is not going to allow a buildup of syrian weapons on its border on its northern border certainly not they're not going to allow a syrian army or even to fire missiles into israel and it will go as far as not only will israel respond to every single syrian missile or aggression but israel has responded in the past to delivery of weapons iranian weapons whether they be on a ship or by truck that are coming into syria and i think this is really
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a case of israel protecting its citizens protecting its borders and israel will not stop the only reason there will be an escalation from the israeli side is if of course there will be an escalation from the syrian side if the syrians are going to turn up their their involvement and their aggression then israel will have to defend its citizens and its borders in a very very strong and decisive manner which will give in the dispute over the golden heights how big a threat to syria actually pose to israel. well there's no real threat that syria will pose when it comes to borders at this point because israel has annex that that territory many of those people are citizens in israel and every israeli almost every israeli believes that the golan heights are part of israel belong to israel and protect israel and the fact that now the united states under the leadership of president trump has come forward and also recognize that the
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golan heights are not in any danger not in any international danger not even in any internal danger in israel that anyone would like to give it back to syria or like to granted to syria which is really a terrorist state that has killed almost a half a 1000000 of its own citizens so that would be the most dangerous thing to take place and the syrians have to realize from the israeli press. active that as long as there's no excavation on their side then israel will not respond yeah i mean prime minister netanyahu he did they strike himself and you know many is saying that he's under a lot of pressure at home right now isn't he how do you see israel's political crisis resolving itself given the disputes that they have internally. well there are there is a political crisis so we have a democracy there we are we the prime minister has called elections again or the knesset dissolved itself it would be nice if the syrian people had real elections and could elect
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a leadership that represents them we're in an election campaign which is unfortunate for a lot of people a lot of the israeli public is very upset about it so you know everything that's happening now is has to be you know viewed through the prism of an election campaign on the one hand but the prime minister of israel has you know a lot of backing from both sides of the aisle from both left and right on how he handles israel's security and how he defends the state of israel and the people of israel so i think on this issue when it comes to syria when it comes to you know issues with the palestinians when it comes to strategic threats coming from iran and other terrorist states i think the prime minister is pretty much on solid grounds here with public support because people support what he does and how he is in charge he's now prime minister and he's also the defense minister so a lot of people support that but we are in an election campaign and during every kind of incident israelis will be asking themselves and their leadership how is
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this connected to the election ok. and political analyst thanks very much for coming on to the program and chatting up the thank you. thank you so much. on friday u.n. expert on torture and in your main treatment said the way julian assange has been treated amounts to psychological torture i think that he doesn't think we can find a fair trial if he extradited to the u.s. . is it to innocent in belmarsh prison together with 2 medical experts specialized in identifying and documenting symptoms or physical and psychological torture in the treatment mr assad shows all the symptoms that are typical for a person that has been exposed to psychological torture over a prolonged period of time we're speaking of severe stress and chronic anxiety at severe psychological trauma what i have never seen is several democratic states
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going up in order to persecute them is and isolate a single out a particular individual without granting him the protection that actually is accorded to him buckle up. in this far as the experts assessment is wrong and inflammatory in a tweet jeremy hunt 21 to claim that the song should hold himself up in the ecuadorian embassy of his own accord and had been free to leave to head back saying this is all it was quote as free to leave as someone sitting on a rubber boat pool on top of the experts accused u.k. courts of not showing due impartiality and objectivity. on torture also accused australia of optic 18 responsibility for the protection of a songe responded by saying it had provided him with adequate consular support on thursday a day before the torture assessment songs failed to appear in court due to ill
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health. was outside the westminster magistrate's court where the hearing was supposed to have taken place. and sedition hearing isn't taking place any longer today the sound was actually meant to be here in person when he's not even well enough to buy a video 10 minutes entrepeneurs to the most it's all belmarsh prison to a maximum security prison where a serving of space steve said to expect. when he went into the ecuadorian embassy back in 2012 and which is. really. about the status of his health what we know is that he was. the medical. that may put him on the world speaks speaks. you know being in a higher security or maximum security prison it's difficult for anyone to 4 spend 7 years confined in the ecuadorian embassy for. medical treatment for the hospital
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medical treatment and this is meant to be the 2nd hearing on just extradition the official start of it has been moved to around about the 12th of june and we think we've already had a 1st airing earlier this month. consents to being extradited to the us. they're hearing as sirens failed to show up at was about washington's extradition request is sent stateside he could face up to 175 years with over a dozen charges wiki leak has brainchild i hit the headlines in 2010 when it released thousands of u.s. secret documents and logs relating to the wars in iraq and of going to stand those publications featured among other things videos depicting u.s. soldiers indiscriminately shooting civilians a year later wiki leaks revealed the extent of the torture at guantanamo bay including allegations of prisoner deaths due to mistreatment and in 2016 wiki leaks
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exposed a pro hillary clinton media bias in the u.s. presidential campaign detailing attempts to push her rival bernie sanders out of the race renowned documentary filmmaker john pilger told us many an investigative journalist could face the same fate as a solid. but what these new charges really ought to strike. ring a bell at the very least it north strikes fear into many investigative journalists who have been have been with wiki leaks and i mean with julian assange through this whole i would say just being would step aside. for releasing the truth about government secrets and how they affect all of us of war and peace and certainly those people should be very very concerned they could all be targets in their own old with. the newspapers the guardian the new york times or
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spiegel the. u.s. special counsel robert mueller handed in his resignation on wednesday 2 years after he opened his investigation into alleged confusion between president all of china and russia before announcing the decision he still to give clarification on the report's key conclusions if we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so. we did not however make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime we chose those words carefully and the work speaks for itself. and the report is my testimony. i have likened the report to a rorschach test in psychology where patients give interpretations of what and represents in a similar way both camps in washington are interpreting his final speech very differently. mother was essentially referring impeachment to the united states
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congress the special counsel has demonstrated it president is lying i think it was very clear if you could clear the president he would have but he couldn't it was to be the same as the report. you know obstructing you what we're saying is no obstruction just joking you know nothing and we consider this case closed he completed his investigation now he's closed his office and it's time for everybody to move on. the goal and media analyst lionel told us the entire probe was senseless. if you can't end dive him if those were the rules why did you investigate him in the 1st place did you know these rules before did you know the rules before that say you can indict him or charge him then what were you investigating ah you were investigating collusion and by the way did you notice such
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a paltry and de minimus amount of time that was that was given to the reason for this what was this rush in collusion explain this more. time his questioning the origins of the mill investigation demanding that u.s. intelligence declassify information relating to this but as deference to how parts of the media have shifted their stance on the president can question the activities of the intel services. the thing with spies with all this secrets and power and egos is the really seems to goo to their heads and honestly how can you blame them they are literally be yawned public scrutiny and he wouldn't tries to stick their nose in you just stab everything that's classified and loudly denounce them as unpatriotic see it as a very very serious and outrageous move on the part of mr trump once again
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trampling upon the statutory authorities of the director of national intelligence and the heads of the independent intelligence agencies how dead trump what true american would ever question why they're being wiretapped and spied upon good thing america has m.s.n. be she true patriots. mr brennan full time so he can vent his frustrations for everyone to hear of course to do that m.s.n. b.c. had to sacrifice their principles and integrity president obama said. he still stands by his cia chief john brennan even though it turns out the cia was indeed spying on the senate and some senators are calling for brennan to be fired now just to be clear that was in 2014 when they weren't on the same side and spying than everyone you own elected leaders included was considered dubious these is
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2019 and the word spying is now considered politically incorrect it offends people whose people who secretly eavesdrop and record and film everyone agents the good guys. a talking point from the president and those around him telling congress buying did occur on the trump campaign it's a loaded word to know the implications of using that word has now gone trump's favorite new word and the trump media's favorite new word. senate intelligence chair dianne feinstein accuse brennan cia of secretly tracking the senate's investigation into one of the worst abuses in recent cia history and now factor in this huge new scandal the fact that brennan cia was spying on members of congress the cia was spying on the senate intelligence committee basically passing into their computers but i give m s n b c too much credit or others to washington
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post gave brennan his column where he publishes pieces with nubile noble titles i will speak out until integrity returns to the white house promises well done washington post it takes courage to set aside what you believe in to go back on your word but again it's been 5 years who remembers things like that right the guardian same thing. cia director. john brennan lights you and to the senate fire him. why is donald trump attacking the u.s. intelligence community surprisingly brandon isn't working for the guardian yet one by one though the pundits and the seeing wrong from right the question is are they going to demand brennan's resignation or accountability within the cia patriotic
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answer by the way is no holding the cia accountable would be sure to put a secret agents into top secret stuff and drink martinis and add things and carry out special secret missions i didn't see anything improper on lawful and yes james clapper brennan's former boss is now a c.n.n. employee i'll tell you this every true american can be proud of their a brave brave people watch over you and record everything you do or say they and night whether you wanted or not and if times or politics change in 5 years no one will remember it ever happened. but his teenage years of african origin are being sent to live in somalia by their parents we'll explain why
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after this break. standardized testing. it's a very well done. and you know to say we should have standardized testing to be like saying well we shouldn't have our blood pressure checked or or even are overweight if you going to see the doctor those are standardized instruments and you need to be able to know how children are doing right from when they start school. china is not a partner number one for us. and e.u. countries our trade partners number one with us and. i cannot share the. news for those who say that it's
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a turn of russian he's. no russia i hope will never turn eastwards. you know russian egoless is looking to both sides west towards an east towards. welcome back to the weekend as london struggles with a knife crime epidemic increasing numbers of british teenagers of somali have a touch of being sent to live in east africa by their parents to escape the violence despite the fact that somalia is regarded as one of the world's most dangerous countries with the u.k. foreign office warning against all travel that due to the threat of terrorism and kidnapping with more on the unlikely trend his cake pops which. stabbings of
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young people across england have become epidemic in those few years i was doing my a levels it was tough just seeing people being dropped every other day being stabbed london is not the place to be for a teenager when they're living here in britain the context is britain this is a british problem and it's a problem that we've fallen into one of the things i'll never forget is the fact that when you walk in the streets of kenya you don't have to go over your shoulder here i could travel women out of the city go and visit her about wanted and it was good i felt a sense of freedom when i came here it was like a clean slate my mum feels i'm much safer here than anywhere else in the world and it's not just parents and teenagers who are worried the author or it is are also raising the alarm i'd have to say that the last couple of years on down to julie have been as dave said the highest and most worrying levels i think in my service and it is really worrying 50 people who have been stabbed to death in the capital
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since the beginning of the year and what's even more worrying that number has almost doubled in the past 2 years in hammersmith and fulham in west london there has been an 84 percent rise in these crimes from 236 in 2017 to 18 to 434 in 2018 to 19 while in central london there has been a hike of around 52 percent in knife crime the number rising from 652985 and kensington and chelsea has also experienced an increase in knife related incidents a 25 percent spike from 262-2328 were home secretary signed you job it has called the rise in violent crime a national emergency and the targets are often teenagers from black communities i know full terms of. the 5. 5
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there is. a very different picture than it used to be people are riveted by fear. they fear for the safety of their children they fear the safety of the loft themselves i think it's very very dangerous for young people very dangerous do a lot of. positive activity good for a mode of learn from local authorities from the event do a lot of good before it's going to problem you wall off camera somali people in north london say gang related crime is the real problem several refused to be filmed because they fear reprisals for speaking out and to save their children some parents even prefer to send them back to africa while job it is promising to put 20000 policeman back on the streets to fight this virulent disease somehow africa seems safer than london. on saturday multiple blasts rocked an explosive
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plant in western russia leaving dozens injured. i. want to know what do you do when you look at the blocks on my balcony was blown away and it's the same vocals and floods everything is not stop people ran out on the streets they couldn't understand what was happening we were stuck and when you have never seen anything like that the windows were shattered and that column of smoke was terrifying it looked like it was to kilometers high heeled up but all the
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windows are smashed from the top floor down wearily all up all i heard a massive baton the windows were knocked out and i was looking on in shock wondering what was going on and then i heard another band and ran home in the living room all the furniture was scattered the route. of the news from jackie and a view that will take over in iran 30 minutes high with a more global update so do stay with us. international economic forum is a unique. business world. over the last 21 years the forum has become a leading global platform for discussing the key economic issues facing russia emerging markets the world thousands of business community members
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a forum to address today's vital issues. special forum coverage on r.t. . so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. dramatic development the only. time you sit down and talk.
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so max on our journey from the genesis block to the moon there are many things along the way including the block size wars 2016 starts on january 14th 2016 with this headline the resolution of the big coin experiment yes this is my current rage quitting. he has been a big quake or developer at this point for the past 5 years since 2011 why has big coin failed it has failed because the community has failed what was meant to be a new decentralized form of money that lacked systematically important institutions
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and too big to fail has become something even worse a system completely controlled by just a handful of people worse still the network is on the brink of technical collapse the mechanisms that should have prevented this outcome have broken down and as a result there's no longer much reason to think can actually be better than the existing financial system right well i think this could be the beginning actually of the name of rage quit what would make jimmy sorry coin if you're picking centralized. then it wouldn't be an interesting project but busy maybe rage quit big korean if jamie diamond could somehow co-opt the entire chain i would bounce quicker than anything you've ever seen. welcome to the kaiser report imax guys are whiny rage quitting.


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