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same as some always on the move sailing yachts and flying aircraft that suggests. he's considered one of the best neurosurgeons in brazil. that's happening. are you so. glowing. that nothing is going to do the population motherhood is going to keep people on. israeli missiles has a syrian air base in homs province reportedly killing one soldier and injuring 2 others is the 2nd deadly strike in 2 days. the week's top stories are to un official voices concern over the u.k.'s treatment of julian or songs after the
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wiki leaks founder fails to appear in court for an extradition hearing to take ill health. and. the symptoms that are typical for pushing the disputes bills to feel closer to the courtroom over a long period of calm. from a ph most 2 case closed all sides get something from special counsel robert miller's final say on the trump russia collusion with. andy you election see anti establishment parties make major gains and europeans crave a shake up politics and. a very warm welcome you are watching the weekly here on r.t. international bringing you all the latest headlines and a roundup of the stories that shapes the week now israel has reportedly bombarded syria's largest air base in homs province killing one soldier and injuring 2 others
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this comes a day after an israeli missile strike killed 3 syrian servicemen middle east correspondent mohammed ali has the latest from damascus. an official syrian military source has confirmed that yes there was and it's radiate russian on that c. 4 military airport which is east of homs and central syria according to history and military 2 of the israeli air missiles were intercepted and down but they were all there is very missiles that did reach their target the key port minutes the airports and killing one and some young soldier and injuring 2 others also be israeli in missiles it caused some material damage and several other buildings around it c. 4 airports and also hits a and ammunition depot over there and signed that c. 4 and military air force israel did not have comments on the incidents this is not the 1st time that c. 4 military airport comes under israel yet sack has since the start of the crisis in syria in 2011 this is the 3rd actually israeli attack on syria and on saturday
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evening israel also attacked said afterward minutes he posts in damascus southern countryside in and 20 friends in certain neck countryside and that attack that 3 syrian air soldiers were killed as a result and 7 others were injured the syrian foreign ministry did not comment on the issue but usually it also sends letters to the united nations complaining and saying that those attacks are actually against international law undermining syria's since sovereignty and are aiming at boosting the morale of the remaining terrorist groups in syria. syria and israel have been locked in a half century confrontation over the golan heights the area was seized by israel israeli forces during the war in $167.00 it was later on expire israel but is still considered by the un to be syrian territory israel has repeatedly accused syria of hostile military activity in the golan heights on saturday prime minister benjamin netanyahu said his country would not tolerate any firing into its territory when it's bringing our guest now brian becker from the antiwar coalition to back
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a great to have you with us israel claims to be acting in self-defense with its missile strikes on syrian territory what's behind this latest escalation do you think. well 1st of all it's not possible for israel to justifiably claim that they are the victims of aggression because israel does not own the golan heights it was seized illegally in the june 1967 war there are multitudes of un resolutions that insist that israel return the golan heights are the fact that a rare missile hit or struck some part of the go on hades is now used by the netanyahu government a government that is only able to form a new government by the way and which is be said by its own domestic problems including corruption in the possibility of a trial for the prime minister they've used this incident this rare missile as a pretext of if indeed a rare missile was sent to go on heights to carry out another air strike against
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syria and there have been literally hundreds of these are illegal military attacks against syria i would have to say when you look at all of the circumstances this may very well be for domestic consumption inside of israel because nothing serves netanyahu better right now than to change the subject about his inability politically to form a government in his own upcoming corruption trials. according to syrian state media to israeli missiles were intercepted in these latest strikes but one soldier was killed and given that how would you rate syria's ability to defend itself against his writing strikes. well a year ago the syrian anti-aircraft fire was able to down an israeli plane and an attack plane a war plane that led to israel carrying out very massive attacks against syrian territory this syrians are fully aware that they have an expanded capability far beyond some of the other victims of israeli aggression but at the same time given
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the fact that this year in government has other problems and most importantly recapturing its territory from it live from al qaida which still dominates the northern province of idlib and the fact that it's also contending with the uninvited illegal intervention in syria by the u.s. military this yuri government is basically taking a prudent somewhat cautious approach they're not using all that they have to engage the israelis nor are the israelis going all out either because and said should a major war another major war between israel and syria take place and know when exactly knows what the with the final end stages of that kind of conflict yeah to what extent has the u.s. recognition of the golan heights israeli territory in frame for situation there. completely i mean the u.s. government is illegally authorizing the israeli government to illegally seized
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territory that it seized by force of arms in 1867 the idea that the go on hates which is particularly important militarily it's very important in terms of water resources for the region because just simply base would be seized by force of arms and then annexed by the israeli government in violation of un dictates and un resolutions and thus and still get of weight check from washington that says to the israeli government hey listen no matter how illegal your actions are we will continue to support you we the united states government that says you florida by $1000000000.00 each year we're going to continue to do just that and so there gives the israeli government the netanyahu regime a sense of impunity from back out from the anti war on the kind of saying thank you for your time my pleasure. on friday you were the expert on torture claims the way
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to lead us on just being treated amounts to psychological torture adding that he doesn't think the with an expandable get a fair trial effects to tie to to the u.s. . is it. crucial to go there is to medical experts specialist when i don't define and and document symptoms of physical and psychological torture and all treatment mr sanctions all the symptoms that are typical for a person that has been exposed to psychological torture over a long period of time we're speaking of severe stress some chronic severe psychological trauma what i have never seen is several democratic states. in order to persecute them it's an isolated single out a particular individual without granting him the protection that actually is accorded to him but a lot u.k. foreign secretary condemns the an assessment as wrong and inflammatory or saying
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a sauntered always been free to leave the ecuadorian embassy in london and on sunday jeremy hunt adds that the governments will not stand in the way of us argues extradition but will leave it up to the courts. earlier in the week an extradition hearing for assad was postponed on health grounds probably boyko has the details. sound was actually meant to be here in person he was meant to pass via video link but he's not even well enough to appear via video link 10 minutes on she's been moved to the hospital waiting all belmarsh prison that's up to a maximum security prison where 7 out of 53 eccentric specific details when he went into the ecuadorian embassy back in 2012 and went to the stable brain inside about the face of his health what we know is that he was put on the the medical board at belmont the fact that they did this and that may put him on the board speaks speaks
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plenty and that's how you know being in a higher security max the maximum security prison is difficult for anyone but julian spent 7 years confined in the ecuadorian embassy before but without medical treatment without hospital medical treatment so he's gone in other words states that most people might think this was going to be the 2nd hearing about this on just the extradition it will have to be a fairly procedural affair well that wasn't me major arguments from a scientific team or the prosecution the official start of it has been moved to the 12th of june essentially the question of what's meant to be all cute and boils down to 2 fundamental things it is to get us on to act as a journalist when he published those phrases that secret u.s. materials and information and crucially for him is the u.k. going to allow him to be handed over to the u.s. so far as he is where he could face up to hundreds and 75 years behind bars that
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will turn. 17 counts on the espionage act and one count previous to that shooting his face and hands in 75 years in prison which is outrageous the idea that a publisher can be. prosecuted and persecuted for the publishing the truth and face of lifetime and in a prison in another country is. it's outrageous this espionage act has never before been games against agenda especially against government officials who leaked secrets in the past of course washington's argument is that a songe isn't such on the list that he's at the path and that his publications put the lives of informants for the u.s. . for its allies around the world in grave danger although what's interesting here is that with the charges unveiled against. a lot of people even his critics of which there have been many many press freedom organizations and just journalists
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and whistleblowers around the world say that what happens with this exhibition case could have serious implications for the freedom of the press and for journalists around the world which is why i think honest so you much attention. and there's been a new development in the a song's case the u.s. justice department has reportedly dropped some of the charges against the we can leak found relating to the leak of cia spying tools. u.s. special counsel robert mueller has resigned 2 years off to hear a pin this probe into alleged collusion between donald trump and russia speaking to the public for the 1st time since the investigation he sought to clarify the major findings of the report but it's kind of more k'nex planes both comes emotions in our interpret saying his words are there are ways robert mohler is all done these special counsel's office is closing and he's going to retire and just celebrate $35000000.00 in 2 years' worth of work he decided to address the media there's an
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old psychological test they call the war share and basically it's a set of ambiguous ink blots it's up to the mind of the patient to determine what to see and the 10 minute presentation of robert muller seems very much be in the eyes of the beholder if we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have such a. we did not however make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime it's not that different from what he said at the end of his report but the democrats certainly took a lot from the statement of the mother was essentially referring impeachment to the united states congress. statement makes it clear congress has a legal and moral obligation to begin impeachment proceedings immediately miller statement makes clear with those who have read his report no it's an impeachment referral and it's up to congress to act they shewed given the special counsel was unable to pursue criminal charges against the president if the congress threw
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stones of the crimes and other wrongdoing of president trump and we will do so i think it was very clear if you could clear the president he would have but he couldn't makes clear well muller said the report speaks for itself a special counsel found no collusion by any americans in ira's illegal activities now trump or the opposite from robert mueller he says he's in the clear nothing changes from the mother reports there was insufficient evidence and therefore in our country a person is innocent the case is closed fine q then the white house press secretary clarified with the statement there was no real news and there he reiterated the points that he'd already made in the report. that we agree with them there was no collusion there was no conspiracy and we consider this case closed he completed his investigation now he's closed his office and it's time for everybody to move on the report has been published the investigation is long over but the saga continues
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both sides are sticking to what they said all along so you have to ask yourself if everyone was just going to keep saying what they've said the entire time impeached or no collusion why did we have the investigation to begin with. our new york t.v. host and political commentator steve malzberg told is that the democratic leadership understands that they won't be able to get trump impeached. nancy pelosi knows that it's politically unpopular and she would be the 1st to go it sure in the senate he knows that even if the house impeach is donald trump then it goes to the senate and they have to convict him and they need 2 thirds of the senate to convict him and schumer knows that's never going to happen it didn't happen with bill clinton and when they impeached bill clinton he won reelection so nancy pelosi is been around long enough to understand that the public doesn't really care about this and
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they're fed up with this whole russia nonsense and so they know that even if they have ph of the house it's going to fail in the senate and donald trump i believe really wants to be impeached he's kind of egging them on you know hey do it if you want it's a horrible word it's a terrible thing but he's kind of prompting them to i dare you to do it because i think and i think nancy pelosi knows it will help trump and to stop this man party's made big gains in the elections when to why after the break. join me every thursday on the alex simon short and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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welcome back europeans have taken to the polls in the most fiercely contested eat you paula mentary election in recent history so a surge from the anti-establishment movements while centrist policies lost ground voter turnout was the highest in 20 years and more than 50 percent. the elections so green and liberal parties make significant gains all anti establishment movements came out on top in countries like italy france and belgium right wing populist groups now hold about a quarter of the seats in the e.u. parliament and the shi'a dubinsky reports while the results might be surprising there was no shortage of political drama in the run up either for months pundits
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have been predicting a rise in anti establishment parties ahead of the e.u. elections afterwards they were right but across the bloc in the weeks leading up to the vote panic was setting in. take martin days before france headed to the polls the e.u. top court ordered her to pay back 300000 euros to the european parliament this followed a case in which the national rally leader had been accused of paying an aide incorrectly but the timing felt off it was almost as if it was a way to tell voters that her party just couldn't be trusted that came hot on the heels of accusations that former trump strategist steve bannon was actually the one pulling all the pens strings yet the public didn't seem to care and the national
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rally still talked the polls here in france other scandals that were rife in the media included one russians well at least the alleged russians. it was of course. the party which was in coalition. people's party found itself under the spotlight not for its potentially dubious policies but for a good old cash influence gambit. measle . he. there was even an attempt to drag le pen's name into the thick gate as it became known a few months ago marine le pen was singing the praises of austrian vice chancellor heinz christian straka saying how formidable he was struck as being forced to
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resign we find out why he was trying to sell his services to foreign forces behind this nationalist movement is a submission to foreign forces despite this the f p o still managed to pick up just over 17 percent of the vote in austria. there was also of course the elections very own 2 moment one swedish democrats candidate accused the other of sexual harassment and even though this scandal washed away it didn't hamper the anti immigration party's performance they increased their share of the vote to more than 15 percent. and despite merkel not calling it out warning the populous parties wanted to destroy europe we are haring to deal with populist movements that in many areas are contemptuous of our avail use and want to destroy the europe of the values we
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represent we have to stand up to this these parties significantly increase their representation in many parts of the e.u. sex money the long arm of washington reaching for controlling europe nothing seemed to put voters off seeking something new what is clear from the results of these elections is that the old guard could no longer count on the masses to support them in blind faith what europeans want is something different it seems but godless what that is. why your skeptics because of the migrants people are skeptical because they do not know what it's going to get them they are afraid of migrants or 3rd. the reason is the decline in the number of elites compared to the rest of the people as well as the quality of the democratic representation. spouse because. i think it is because of immigration all europeans who are afraid of tea many
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migrants coming i think this is the primary cause of this vote. in part. parties had a disastrous defeat in my opinion it was high time for it and now we'll see whether the european results can influence our national politics all be implemented here on . the coalition i think that brings the debate in england has made many people here in germany think about it this discussion has turned many citizens against the u. . i think people feel as if the existing political parties are giving them what they want and therefore they're hunting around for something else i think to some extent it's probably a protest just trying to engineer a tory vote to go more with norco farache it wasn't unexpected as an outcome i would say that kind of a level of division i would have expected across the country. liverpool are today celebrating a 6th time they've lifted the champions league trophy after beating spurs in last night's final in madrid. thank.
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god i heard. the earth was. one r.t. for manchester united manager as a marine here has been covering the ups and downs of the tournament and he's on the touchline show and the last episode of the season marino sums up the results of the season you can watch it unfold on monday but now here's a quick preview. of. what
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is the most important thing in football is to win on the liverpool want. a bit confused thing knowing. close to your body you aren't in a position that is not a natural position like it happened and of course the human being needs the arms to keep the balance i think he was nervous because he's not the super penalty taker seemed he made the right decision the quality of the game was not good the quality of passing was not good we didn't play like we like we normally do i didn't really normally like i do i didn't sing that normally i do i think that must be a very bad very bad feeling of course it even had on his mind we are going to be losing one you love to 50 seconds and probably was thinking. even game
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game in the control if doesn't play. and the result is the same everyone will be saying crane has to pay even with $1.00 leg we. i'm sorry the world we manage as we the bank is affordable in my entire team my best friends the ones the poor closer to me are the ones that were not starting players the only thing that i didn't enjoy was my then sink on ice in moscow. those are the headlines for you for this hour back in 30 minutes with more see that .
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the swarms of them someone. who was before. much of those who heard the preview or never seen them with north korea who were going to. move. move. move showed you this look beautiful little i mean it's a good looker a good. muslim also these girls will give you films for good girls. to go to shows a look but look your simu belonging to show the story should go. to startups to. get to meet until it was the middle of the most they'd say look it is it's.
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just best not to test this new it's a mashed old truck to stop the president and please control this project until. those we have produced a ghost whisperer to snap them up and you have because that is the cousin with you sir your supporters to your station shouldn't for you should cook door for one who is don't deserve. this and petersburg international economic forum is a unique event in today's business world. over the last 21 years the forum has become a leading global platform for discussing they keep economic issues facing russia emerging markets and the world thousands of business community members attend the forum to address today's vital issues. watch especially foreign coverage on r.t.
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. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in this on off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. dr eric jennings from sun to room is considered one of the best neurosurgeons in
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brazil. by the way this man with no clothes isn't don't or jennings he's a member of the indigenous zoe tribe who's helping the don't of put together a personal archive. this is dr jennings people here know him simply as dr eric he's rich famous some always on the move saving yachts and flying aircraft a little like models dr strange of with a full set of working fingers this footage is unique because the zoe tribal lands are normally off limits to the public carrick's allowed in because he's the zoe's personal doctor.


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