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tv   On the Touchline with Jose Mourinho  RT  June 3, 2019 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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good. many players they made individual mistakes from passing. i remember 345 easy passes that the ball in through the touchline not tackle a c. not because i am going the movement of of the ball that for me was was very very clear ben. be winning one new after one minute made a difference to 2 to liverpool of course it it makes always a little bit of a difference but if you look at the liverpool midfield players. for being on one of them and jordan then the son they don't put one single foot in tottenham box. there were always always the 2 center backs and the 3 meet fielders they were always in the positional block then the 2 full backs were attacking arnold and robertson from the phenomenal phenomenal
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players. and they were attacking but the block of the 2 center backs and the 3 midfielders there were always the 5 mahdi's who had also another big call which was lucas. a player that was on fire lately a player that score that crazy at 3 in the semifinals if you have on the beach at the same time look at them phone you can have one more wide and one more central probably will give much like this kind of player a little bit more more problems but again i always say this the manager is the one that knows the reason why he made such decisions and probably morris who had on his mind of course even had on his mind we are going to be losing one you love the 50 seconds and probably was thinking even game game in the control. sort of 3 degrees 35 very hot end of season players
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progress of the going down in condition and to have on the bench a guy like like lucas i can bring little to the game and he can win the game for me the fact that penalty came so willie do you think it changed the pattern of the game because over a little didn't have a great deal of possession and to which they normally do and they seemed content to play on the can't i read things i listen things opinions commons and that out a few logons one is what is the most important thing in football is to win on the. and. sometimes people say the most important thing is to win. other times people say there are more important things than when. yesterday the and today the reactions are the big majority the
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most important thing is to when liverpool won 2nd dogma more perception is it important or is not important some people used to say that the most important thing is what to do with the ball and efficiency when you have chances some other people say is the most important thing is what position football with of the opposition is not full of high quality the team that won was the team with less opposition less than 40 percent and 3 shots on on on target for the whole game and out of these 3 shots 2 goals and 2 goals of from set pieces not from elaborated elaborated football and the sort of dog he's the style of football where some people say is the best style of football is the winning style some other people say is the best. style of football
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leaves short building lots of position lots of passes hiding the ball from the opponent some other people say is the best one is do objectively one is more direct it's more he's more aggressive you try to reach the last serve in a more faster way and that was liverpool what liverpool that was what the verbal didn't do yesterday very very well but if you see the 1st of all. you understand immediately everything. kickoff not the back pass not going to move on by not going to too much not starting elaborating from behind immediately pass the ball into space and let's attack the ball game in the space and during the game they didn't play very very well but it was what they tried all the time and the timing of the final goal came in the 87th minute of his are you got that. another well taking
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goal from the man he seems to have accepted i'm not a fish choice player but when you ask me all perform this is very important in football teams in my entire team my best friends the ones that were closer to. the ones that. i keep now of course i keep with all of them but i keep in a very special place in my in my life in my career are the ones that were not starting players. and why is that. because they are great man they are fundamental in the skill go to e.g. come to the club he was on loan he went to germany on loan it comes back he goes on the bench during the season he scored a few important goals even in the premier league ball in the last 2nd against against everton the ball in the last few minutes against newcastle goals that kept
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liverpool at that level he comes to the to the champions the. when he has to play it plays either leave or you scored important goals against barcelona you scored an important goal yesterday and this is only possible when you have a really really really strong group in many clubs in many clubs what happened is that there are some players. some privilege some privileged position in the clubs sometimes not even the club sometimes he's with the manager and sometimes managers the way the lose a little bit this sense of what our job is you know you cannot have favorites. i have only 2 but if i have 10 and in football teams i have 2022 you can off of some more than others or
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you can have more empathy with some that's that's a different situation but you have to love everybody the same you have to demand everybody the same and liverpool i think is a great example of the club the structure of the club the mentality of the club with regards to spirits you think they'll have many regrets just think they did everything they could i mean they had like 8 shots in the last 20 minutes they were towards the end doing the best they could to pepper the liverpool goal but to no avail did you think no have regrets after this match another loss but must be a very bad. feeling when you lose a big final we disfavoring to get out of that beach and. we didn't play like we should like we normally do i didn't play normally like i do i didn't sing that normally i do i think that must be
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a very bad very bad feeling and i seen that tottenham was far from being. the top 19 that we used to see in the premier league was my opinion it was not down to selection ery can started hadn't played a game since april g 2 injury. on reflection is that the wrong thing to do that it's much easier to be here than to be there and special because i've been there much more times and i'm here i have to respect the people that is there and for more i'm going to be there again and there are moments where that have very difficult calls in the situation for me is very clear kane played yesterday and in my opinion not even 50 percent of what cain has bought. doesn't play and the result is the same and dog lose
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everyone will be saying crane has to pay even with $1.00 leg. so it's very difficult and again we. i'm sorry the world we managers we the football because we are the ones that people in our position can criticize doesn't matter what what happened the reality for me is that 2 very big calls not just going off it mean a. few mean or. was not all full shop i don't remember anything that did yesterday. i don't remember anything that came in the us that the anomaly few mean when again they do a lot for the team not just scoring goals but the movements the the movement between the lines the approach to the side of the ball receive the side receive the ball change to the other side arrive in the box scoring goals they were not the
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problem is how do they manage to. make that call of leaving such good players and for me they were not they were not ready than mahdi's who decided to leave harry for 90 minutes on the pitch probably because he was losing and harry on the pitch is a player that even below condition can score a goal and you are going to decided minute 60 weening one you need more speed. filomena couldn't give that bring or e.g. fast boy feet can't even play him more deep and leave in in front like he did for the last 20 minutes so i will not criticize. not at all would be very unfair to criticize their decisions because we're because.
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he would be all special one in this game then from this match final local firms there were very important. pushing the team to the final they beat. barcelona at home in that incredible way they played even in the group phase they had some difficulties and they beat but it's over my home i watched that game also incredible support by the fans. and in the final the war against again phenomenology and in the end of support so i think the fans were a continuation of the team you know i think. football fans they like these kind of players they're like this kind of. manager they're like
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this kind of team even if we don't win even if we don't play well but you have the guarantee that team is going to give everything you have these you know. and this is the team that i have that. i have that feeling must be a. very good group of human beings and when you were sat in the stands watching this game to sort of feel i missed this i'm looking forward to getting back of course lots of people were asking me if i was. enjoying i was enjoying because was the 1st time i watch a chimpanzee final that i didn't play. was was good for me to know the other side of it. of the people the feeling of the people the pressure that the supporters are feeling everything that happens on. behind the
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if you notice. garbage building up everywhere. you're not down it's actually have. the seasons ended for most plays they now go on holidays but there's a manager's this time of year that you take a holiday to where you normally get. well. this season is different because. and of december.
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being views of it so many things about. not doing my job gives me a different perspective of of holiday and holiday time but normally i would say. holy the weeds phone 24 hours but are they connected is not really holy that and that's the way it normally i enjoy my my holiday period. and i think 1015 days no more than that but even so in disputed you are walking that destruction of of the club where you gave your holidays and you like the songs you like walking in magazines what is a sort of holiday for jaxa again depends on the bends on the circumstances but. normally i like to go home and for me home in spite of i'm based in london and home
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in the end is the place where i'm working. but home for me still is it's portugal i feel flows through to. my father he even with him passing away a couple of years my mother is there family and nephews our friends and and my people. people that knows me since i was a cave guy walking the streets and everybody looks at me as. we choose is the short nickname of jewels in in portugal nobody disturb me i feel one of them they know that i am one of them and he's the best the best place of course he is he's a beach area beautiful area we've we've beautiful beaches beautiful weather so you have that's extra blows but as
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a family we normally have. a week in some destination that normally. is my daughter the one that. tries. to find the right place and would like to discover something new so normally we find some some new destination we don't trip ok she come back nice and refresh then it's a pre-season it's still a busy time there isn't it for a man that i love this is the season because. one of my biggest specials in the job is the training session uses the for the preparation of the for in session this is the creation of the training session. and the formation of the team the preparation of the season what's the 1st training session like then when everybody comes back you're not miss fair everybody is back at school the players that have passion for the game and i'm not going to say 100 percent of them they have it
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because some they don't some little even love what they do but the majority yes the majority of those. a few weeks we've got football left that a few weeks with. the maids specially when that must fear is a good atmosphere is that is that thing that you are saying the 1st day of school in that 1st training session i'm always curious if they haven't kicked a ball for a while is it obvious that they have to kick the ball for a while is it taking time to get a lot busy of it is about the war i think. the players are also many of them professionals many of them the they know that specially in the clubs where the management demands and the manager puts everybody in the same. platform and they have to fight for positions players they prepare themselves they don't want to arrive in better conditions in this perspective they're quiet professional and.
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they touch the ball gets the ball and when they come in they come in to the mission so what would be a perfect pre-season that perfect pre-season is the pre-season way a that are not the. national teams competitions and you start thing they won. we did the players that are going to compose the team that means no national teams and business. players who want to sell are sold players you want to buy you the club bought already no national teams have ribeye you had 4 weeks holiday and everybody comes the 1st of july all 2nd of july i don't know i don't have it now. the beginning of the competitions but that's the perfect situation.
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with the competition now you've we've asked she to put together your best 11 players in the she's tournament so you are going for. first of all i have to explain i didn't choose a player that was not in the 7 finals i think is a principle. with very objective very public because. of course some plays they did the amazing things in the retreat but i think it's fair that we focus just on on the teams that reach the list the list for so i go to to some specially because yes to the. he was there when the team needed him to be good good. good tragic but. i think the 2 full backs there have to be also both evil pulled players amazing players alex arnold and rob was an amazing character and personality one is is
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a local boy another one is is the scottish for that few years ago was playing in a really gated reads old city and both the they are phenomenal there they are physical the out aggressive what i call in football the good arrogance they are not afraid to play they go forward they participate in in attack. he's looking. for. a huge personality. he and positionally a top top player and i think the league. very young great captain for i.x. great performances important goals and i think the lead belongs belongs to the to the best of these chimpanzees in midfield i would i would say also because they have a pool during the the champions league they change
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a lot the midfield players all of them quiet the same profile positionally the same players to keep the balance of the team not creative phenomenal players why not and of course against barcelona was was was a great thing when you come on but sometimes i was playing kate other times when i was playing milner so they may change a lot so i will go to the young and than the big both from x. also young players also great future and also vishal great personality to play at the level they play a way of home against real madrid to against a you've enthused big b. personalities and players with. a huge future and eriksson because i think. not phenomenal in the final like you seem was not a huge mistake in the semifinal but i mistake that was saved by the v.a. out in the last minute they can see the but you know. the composite
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of that team so in spite of a disappointed disappointing 2nd lexan final at field messi. no ronaldo weeds an incredible comeback against the political nor novel because they didn't reach to the semifinals so messy and minus sound so. solid messy mind they're very solid 11 how do you think one of those would win the ballon d'or i was seeing. van dyck. why not defend the vandyke but didn't win the premier league in spite of you was. the best player because to the best player but you're falling milledge the world who to portugal and win. small trophy but a trophy that can play messi in. we do american cup.
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there in the african cup i think cellar better last season than this season but. in. mind they're fantastic all season european champion and i think synagogues is qualified for the final phase. josie i just wanted to when talking about fans because obviously they're a very very important part of football do you think more can be done to help them enjoy big tournament because we always hear stories about high ticket prices for plane tickets or hotel prices do you feel as a manager somebody knows the importance the connection of fans and sames and
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manages that more can be done to help them in any way i felt that there will be yes to buy one side you understand by another side you you feel for the people. the sponsors are very very important and the sponsors in these. big moments in the finals. he is a very important moment for them they make huge investments in football and everything commercially around football t.v. rides. sponsorships everything in spades at the golden prize and then in the finals you see a stadium of. 70000 persons and you have 10000 fans from one team and 10000 from another team and the other people these people that come from all the corners in the world but the majority of them connected with sponsors
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and and brands and commercial we choose in the end what makes the football industry going very very strong but you are right the most important thing in football and what makes football the sports number one in the world are the fans he's the people that wants to go and of course i feel i feel very very sorry for the for that but football becomes more and more and more. business at the club levels than the majority of the clubs. they have ownerships that probably the most important objective is that. gives them. gives them a big big big big business and this is hard people troops between
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going to a football match from our championship m.p. or stay at home and in the same they can watch 2 big matches from the premier league blows one big match of the french league was one of the tell in the bond moving having a nice a nice chat with the family or friends and people. but football is football and has some magic that sometimes has no explanation. gerry say thank you so much that brings us to the end of this series of really liked our conversations that we've had over the last few weeks i just wondered if there was anything in particular the even joy in your role as a pundit. the only thing that i didn't enjoy was my dancing on ice in moscow was the only thing that i didn't i didn't enjoy.
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a part of that on the part of zork was a great experience. again i was very very furious about being on the side i tried to give my my vision my experience and i tried to be an open book without any and the any feelers without. you know without trying to keep to myself i tried to be completely completely open and. i've enjoyed very very much because when i was speaking with you i always felt that i was not speaking just with you i will speaking with everyone that was at home watching us and it was a fantastic experience. to
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. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to express. something. that you want to be that's what the 3 of the more people are. interested always in the audience in. china is not a partner number one for us yet. and e.u. countries are great partners number one with us and. i cannot share
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the. those who are those who say that it's a turn of russian he would know russia i hope will never turn eastwards. you know russian ego is looking to move the sides west towards the nice towards. every notice on more trash garbage building up everywhere history we're not paranoid it's actually happening. to us president donald trump is treated to a royal welcome as he embarks on a 3 day state visit to britain but not before stirring up controversy under trapped in crowds of protesters. race based genocide that's how a new canadian government report runs decades of violence against the country's indigenous women activists claim all parties reacted to the legs.


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