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tv   News  RT  June 4, 2019 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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most of them poor souls to 7th of july is this program in toronto but something should open the congress to the military to also been some 16 plus. entries some avon to maintain the special relationship between the u.s. and the u.k. as the american president continues his state visit to britain. people and protesters flood central london with the infamous baby balloon flying over the city once again but the u.s. president seems to have been looking the other way. we were the protests i don't see any protests i did see a small protest today when i came 1st. also this hour the race based genocide is how it government report of decades of violence against counted does indigenous women prime minister justin trudeau is heckled though for failing to use the word genocide when admitting mistakes were made.
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this is an uncomfortable day for canada. you're watching our to international bring you your live news update from our studio here in moscow welcome to the program. it's the 2nd day of the u.s. president's state visit to the u.k. trump and prime minister theresa may spoke at a press conference highlighting the issues they discussed in the meeting earlier as included trade iran while way and of course brags that reports. might be raining here in westminster but it's not raining on the anti trump parade which is in full swing in harlem and square and see trump protesters demonstrating
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against the full blown state visit that the u.s. president has been treated to head over the last 2 days in the culmination today of the 2nd political day of donald trump's trip here was the press conference with him and the u.k. leader to raise them a now they both talked up the special relationship and they talked about that still as we get elusive trade deal between the u.s. and the u.k. that they both hope to come out they say post brags that donald trump said it would be phenomenal that it would increase trade between the 2 countries at least 2 or 3 times they spoke about their shared values they spoke about d.-day commemorations that they'll be attending to more but a really fun bit in the press conference was when it brought to the q. and a session because that is where both leaders want to go off script and donald trump weighed in on the break that process take
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a listen to what he had to say about that. really predicted what was going to happen so move you remember that prediction was a strong prediction made a certain location and developed and we were opening the day before it happened and i thought it was going to happen because of immigration more than anything else but probably it happens for a lot of reasons but i would say yeah i would think that it will happen and it probably should happen donald trump was also asked about the man of london city economy pandan pedis scathing op eds about the u.s. president and comparing the u.s. president to a fascist so don't trump replied by firing off a tweet calling the mayor of london a stone cold loser in the press conference he elaborated he said that city khan was not a very good man. he said that he hadn't tackled crime in the capital he wasn't very praising of the labor leader cherami corbett either this is of course the leader of the opposition here in the u.k. the one that refused to attend the tram banquet the state banquet held for donald
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trump at buckingham palace last night and then he was asked about the protests let's zoom in on those protests one more time shall we but for don't some well apparently there were no protests as far as the protests so i have to tell you because i commented on it yesterday we left the prime minister the queen the royal family there were thousands of people in the streets cheering and even coming over today there were thousands of people cheering and then i heard that there were protests i should wear the protests i don't see any protests i did see a small protest today when i came 1st ball so a lot of it is fake news i hate to say the president may not have seen them because he has essentially been created and he's been flying in on a helicopter from the residence the u.s. ambassador's residence phrase staying slightly north of the complex hill into buckingham palace and then around westminster he gets turned around by motorcade
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but these protests have been hard to miss there was a wide range of different groups and the anti trump demo i spoke to this fear of the people that a little bit earlier on take a listen to his quote of the problem. with both feet and he supported those making the situation more to the last place these opportunities from these protests show that certainly is just a great day one. thing to do without we can be debilitated the way. that people did to. get in touch with a kid like that and lead a point needs to be making doing. the. thing is that. it is awfully embarrassing for this country and i feel ashamed to raise some money from boston harbor old as a sense that this was the u.s.
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president on his best behavior we expected the contentious issue of wa way to come up at that press conference well he was rather diplomatic he said that intelligence sharing between the u.s. and the u.k. wasn't a threat that he was sure that the u.k. and the u.s. would be on the same page when it comes to the chinese telecoms. so i sense that donald trump very much sticking to the script following protocol he was clearly delighted at the pump and the ceremony of this state visit which was yesterday with the meeting with the queen lunch with the queen that massive state banquet is held in his own with prince charles and camilla tomorrow is all about the d.-day commemorations 75 years since the d.-day landings will be marked in full and donald trump will be there with the queen with 2 reason may with prince charles so it's all about the photo opportunity tomorrow. a lot of reaction we're joined by dr
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mark shanahan from the department of politics and international relations at the university of reading now trump spoke of a spectacular deal with the u.k. after brics that given his track record when it comes to trade is that a promise he can live up to. not really i mean what we have talking here a kind of mid ranking developer from one of the less popular new york baratz his business acumen is largely built on celebrity television the reality television of the apprentice in america it will not be his deal to make it will be a deal that is done by officials and actually has to be ratified by congress has to get through congress the house is against him he doesn't have any majority for it also we know that these deals take a very long time to bubble through and mature and he will be long gone from the white house even if he wins the election next year before there is any big
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wonderful beautiful trade deal that is of course if britain ever gets around to leaving the you today donald trump also weighed in on who should be the successor to theresa may let's take a quick listen to exactly what he had to say about that. you know. i like him i've liked him for a long time he's i think you do a very good job i know jeremy and i think you do a very good. we've also heard him speak highly of another controversial figure for so overall is it really his place to comment on the domestic politics in the u.k. i'm sure he would absolutely have loved trees and made speech giving a joe biden no course it's not his place but since when has donald trump ever been the diplomats he is never ever going to write the art of diplomacy but he will step in he will make noise he actually gave jeremy hunt a great opportunity to talk michael gove's one of his main rivals for the leadership in the press conference he was
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a little bit too diplomatic to take the bait trump doesn't do the norms of diplomacy he will blunder in with his size 12 feet and that's the way that he makes himself the story and guess what we're all talking about well exactly and going off script and saying what he thinks that's really what has gotten him so much support isn't it. indeed certainly 200000000 people in middle america will be hanging on those words he will. address last night at the banquet and also at the beginning of the press conference today was about a soggy is the london weather and i can tell you it's very soggy today it's leaden and wet and that was how he came across as soon as he puts down the scripts and he just starts free styling he's far far more interesting he creates those media moments will be all over the front pages tomorrow. speaking of those he also said that it was fake news that there were people protesting against him and said that they should concentrate on the positives in the relations between the countries
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instead what you make of those comments coming from trump ok so yesterday afternoon i spent the whole afternoon on the right outside buckingham palace the crowd struggled to be one there were more barriers than people there there was certainly more police then protesters all supporters there were a few when he drove out in the motorcade there are a few cheers as well but the crowds were tiny london was willfully indifferent to this president being over here today it's very different there is a big organized protest in trafalgar square the fake in this is donald trump he is just a consummate liar when he stands up there because what came out of his mouth and the reality of the people in the streets were 2 completely different things dr mark shanahan from the department of politics and international relations at university of reading thank you for joining us on the program. thank you. ray space genocide is how it can aid in government report has been
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a decade of violence against the country's indigenous population the study was released on monday on a ceremony and prime minister just introduced who was present excepted mistakes had been made but his failure to use the word genocide saw the pm heckled. here are many decades indigenous women and girls across canada have disappeared suffered violence or been killed. and our justice system has failed. this is an uncomfortable day for canada. titled reclaiming the power and place the report took almost 3 years to write the inquiry heard more than 2000 witness testimonies and claims the canadian justice system is based on the values of a federal colonial society failing to include indigenous concepts of justice now the probe states the deaths or disappearance of thousands of women have likely gone
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unrecorded and it myths that no one knows an exact number although estimates put it the figure out around $4000.00 the report includes multiple accounts of victims and their relatives here's one of their stories. i was he choking and this was literally just a month and a half before my sister loretta was murdered she was texting me she was like what are you doing delilah this is not just one abrasion a woman or girl this is being considered a national epidemic we heard from the chair of indigenous governance at canada's rice and university she says the state has done nothing to address the problem. there's a whole bunch of really you know problematic criminal activity as regards to indigenous women and girls and it's been unaddressed for all of these decades until this inquiry schon a light on it i am calling on all canadians and in fact others countries around the world to put political pressure on both our federal government and all of our
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provincial governments to to do something and to actually investigate state actors who are complicit or directly involved in the murders exploitations and disappearances of indigenous women and girls this state has done nothing about it so they've been very complicit in the ongoing sexualized violence and murders of indigenous women and girls but canadians haven't been able to put all of those pieces together until now your global news update continues after this short break . what holds us do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to be rich.
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but you're going to be crushed that's what the $43.00 of the $400.00 people are. interested in the water out. there should. seem wrong why don't we all just don't all. get to shape out just to become educated and indeed for many equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. and.
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they're watching our to international welcome back to the program the newly elected ukrainian president for tomorrow's olinsky is making his 1st foreign trip as leader he arrived in brussels where he met several major european politicians who seemed to welcome them. i. i i. i i. i i. i. know. it was. the former actor has also met with nato secretary general the russian threat and cooperation between nato and ukraine announcing upcoming joint drills in july the
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e.u. was initially cautious about the lewinsky as presidential candidate fearing he may end reforms but has since welcomed his elections during his campaign the only european leader who met with him was the french president meanwhile the u.s. state department's special representative for the ukraine kurt volker has accused europe of prefer ings alinsky his rival with petro poroshenko. and so i think there is a little bit of frustration in zelinsky teen in europe did draw it to the show you know engagement with. us did not do that i was very pleased with this in fact president poroshenko was complaining to us that we weren't doing enough to support him and our response was consistently we don't pick people when zelinsky want to a landslide victory with over 70 percent of the votes the u.s. embassy was the 1st to congratulate him and also then to partially go for his efforts to further democracy democracy in ukraine the u.s. claims it was neutral regarding who would win but during the election campaign the
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ambassador was asked if the lansky was the right person for ukrainians to unite around and his reply added up looking very much like an endorsement of pressure. is vladimir's lenski the former actor who is now the front runner in the presidential election this month the person around whom ukraine can coalesce it's an candidate who has established himself as against the establishment and now the ukrainian public is faced with this choice do they want someone who is just going against the establishment promising massive reform where they want someone who maybe has been disappointing to them in some respects but has done more on reform than anyone else in ukraine for the past 20 years and stood up to putin. now joined live by journalist martin summers for more on this now what do you make of volcker statement about u.s. and e.u. support for the lansky impression co is he trying to kick create divisions. well i think that they're making the best of the situation i mean obviously
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wouldn't so i'm not sure who they would have supported i mean poroshenko seems to be very much the supporter and supported by both the europeans and the americans to me selenski was not really their preferred candidate but they're making the best of the situation because let's face it is alinsky is one and that's that's why it's so they've got to work with what the goals. and what do you think volcker has taken such a stance what game is he trying to play with ukraine and its partners. well i mean the problems for any government in the ukraine a pretty a pretty serious economic problems remain very bad i mean really the phrase reform that you just used there in your reports and it's very halts what the vote actually means what they mean by you know this is a language that was used 20 years ago during the during the you know the collapse of the former soviet union and the whole issue of reform just became a kind of. a code word for privatization deregulation
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and you know basically theft on a grand scale so when these people use the word reform. or raise my eyebrows because of course there's the risk that there is no real reform in saudi crane in terms of that they've been pushing the policy of malts as asian products are essentially just possibly not in the interests of the older folk for many years and whoever is in power will be forced to carry on down the road because of the debts that the country has and on the weak position that it saved in geopolitical in economic terms now both or says the u.s. doesn't support people but ideas and policy is does that ring true for you. just said donald trump over here in britain making it quite clear the wants boris johnson to be the next prime minister and he wants knowledge and ferrars to be included in the team with the e.u. so the idea that the americans don't support principle the people is ludicrous they
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do support people schottische really is no brits and to ukraine because it is decided to bring him back he was very much a protege of the us he fell out with poroshenko who was removed from the situation but now he's bringing him back again i think that the idea that the us doesn't have preferred candidates when you look around the world when they're trying to get rid of the road to try to the trying to. what goes on in in britain and of course that they've got a very strong interest in ukraine of that and that basically there isn't that much difference between portion proposal and state because don't forget that the the dumbass republics of the us a cedar point leads to votes in the election lots of people going to live in russia as you do get and votes so it's only a rump state of ukraine which is actually voting and even the politics is that much narrower than it was before the before the before the conflicts and they have their
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interests i mean the main interest of the western powers is to keep the conflict on the boil so that the russians are kept on the back foot because it's whole part of the gere political struggle on a big scale in which ukraine is only a small piece of the jigsaw. do you think that the one theory feels like he'll need to make a decision between getting closer to the us or the e.u. and if so which way do you think you might swing. it's hard to say i mean i think the idea that the e.u. is going to let in ukraine any time soon is is is is is not is not not not viable i mean builders in in holland they had a referendum to make sure that the which that which they won although the support turned out to stop the ukraine having a special status in relation to the hill because of course you people don't want lots of ukrainians turning up in their countries where they've got enough problems
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of their own and of course is a big issue with ukrainians going to work in poland and a lot of poles are quite resentful about that because they you know they feel that the jobs are being taken by people coming from ukraine and the ukrainians in economic situation is very very. weak and of course the whole question of the north stream to pipeline being blocked the russians are saying to the training's world we're not going to send any more gas through your through your system all of this is coming to a head and i think if selenski is clever he'll try and play off the you against the americans but i don't think he is necessarily that clever and i don't think it's such an easy thing to do the. journalist martin summers thank you for your time and your comments. his website the daily beast has named and shamed a man it claims was behind a video mocking u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi making her look intoxicated and i tell this to the room
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when she came in and made that statement on iraq and i tell this to the room when she came in and made that statement then he walked out and i went looking for the russian troll behind the drunk palosi viral video hoax turns out he's an eye tenor and forklift operator from the bronx who's been secretly running hard right news outlets across social media for years also not russian. however the man in question denies making the video and the daily beast has come under fire for outing him. the previously anonymous labor of the daily beast maliciously exposed as punishment for having bad politics denies he even committed the thought crime of making the pelosi mocking video insisting he just posted it who cares his politics are wrong ruin his life when journalists engage in ducks enough everyone whose politics they dislike is
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a good for democracy daily beast editorial meeting whatever each citizen can we docs to ruin their life because they lean conservative well there's this guy who drives a forklift during the day and makes means a night never all media outlets to have some form when it comes to outing people on the right side of the political spectrum and explains. it was not a vast foreign conspiracy to undermine nancy pelosi is reputation after all it was just a guy from the bronx and the fact that mainstream media gave this so much attention just one person with video and software tricking people and seen a lot of people on twitter saying you already are responsible for outing him 1st of all i think he out of them self you know by attaching his name to several fake news sites but then push the video wait a 2nd doesn't c.n.n. have a bit of a record when it comes to outing the sources of memes and putting them in modern day stocks the video shared by president trump was apparently 1st posted by
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a ridge user who goes by this online name c.n.n. is not publishing house. name because he's a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of an apology showed his remorse in addition he said he statements could serve as an example to not to do the same sin and reserves the right to publish his identity shooting at that change it sounds a little bit like a mafia shakedown sure hate for something to happen to you if you make the wrong move and who can forget c.n.n. it tracked down from supporter those were russians not russians i don't go with the russian that i knew me was russian i have nothing to do with the russians well that apparently you know you now yes these investigators are quite proud of themselves for tracking down average americans who engage in cyber activism and distort facts however you would think they'd be a little more outraged when actual news organizations do this kind of thing right like when a local seattle news station distorted footage of president trump or like want to
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statement from president trump was taken out of context to give the impression that he was calling all immigrants animals these are people. these are animals in reality he was pretty obviously referring only to the members of criminal gangs at this point mainstream media is not going after its colleagues who engage in biased reporting or distort. instead it's got its eyes on average americans who make the wrong move online what we're seeing this is not journalism these are hit pieces these are people who have taken it personally they're not a part of a journalistic desire to find the truth to investigate to talk to people to have multiple sources no no no no this is about going after people who may dare to be either supportive of trump may be considered races drawer or whatever it is it's become personal it's become lynch mobs it's become inciting
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a riot anybody out there this is for you a lesson if you think it's funny if you want to put up some mean that dare i mean mcgann's trump please we will help you we will promote it we will read tweet you all day long that's a news break time for this hour and thanks for tuning in. this in petersburg international economic forum is a unique event to today's business world. over the last 21 years the forum has become a leading global platform for discussing the key economic issues facing russia emerging markets and the world thousands of business community members attend a forum to address today's financial issues. watch a special forum coverage on r.t. .
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