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the 7th of july is this program interactive exhibition open health congress festival the main details don't have also been forum dot com 16 plus. donald trump and the reason i maintain the special relationship between the u.s. and u.k. is the american president continues this state visit to. protesters flood central london with the infamous baby donald balloon flying over the city again but the u.s. president seems to be looking the other way. where are the protests i don't see any protests i did see a small protest today when i came very small. race based genocide is how a government report runs decades of violence against canada's indigenous women prime minister just into failing to use the word genocide when admitting mistakes
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were made. i. this is an uncomfortable day for canada. thanks for joining us this evening you're watching our. second day of the u.s. president's state visit to the u.k. donald trump and prime minister to resign they spoke at a press conference highlighting the issues that they discussed in a meeting earlier in the day thankfully did try it's iran and of course it has more . might be raining here in westminster but it's not raining on the anti trump parade which is in full swing in harlem and square and see trump protesters demonstrating against the full blown state visit that the u.s.
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president has been treated to head over the last 2 days in the culmination today of the 2nd political day of donald trump's trip here was the press conference with him and the u.k. the reason may now they both talked up the special relationship they talked about that still has to get elusive trade deal between the u.s. and the u.k. that they both hope to come out they say post brags that donald trump said it would be phenomenal that it would increase trade between the 2 countries at least 2 or 3 times they spoke about their shared values they spoke about d.-day commemorations that they'll be attending tomorrow but a really fun bit in the press conference was when it brought to the q. and a session because that is where both leaders want to go off script and donald trump weighed in on the break that process take
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a listen to what he had to say about that. really predicted what was going to happen so move you remember that prediction was a strong prediction made a certain location and developed and we were opening the day before it happened and i thought it was going to happen because of immigration more than anything else but probably it happens for a lot of reasons but i would say yeah i would think that it will happen and it probably should happen donald trump was also asked about the man of london city con who penned an op-ed a scathing op ed about the u.s. president and comparing the u.s. president to a fascist so donald trump replied by firing off a tweet calling the mayor of london a stone cold loser in the press conference he elaborated he said that city khan was not a very good man. he said that he hadn't tackled crime in the capital he wasn't very praising of the labor leader cherami corbett either this is of course the leader of the opposition here in the u.k. the one that refused to attend the tram banquet the state banquet held for donald
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trump at buckingham palace last night and then he was asked about the protests let's zoom in on those protests one more time shall we but don't some well apparently there were no protests as far as the protests so i have to tell you because i commented on it yesterday we left the prime minister the queen the royal family there were thousands of people in the streets cheering and even coming over today there were thousands of people cheering and then i heard that there were protests i should wear the protests i don't see any protests i did see a small protest today when i came 1st ball so a lot of it is fake news i hate to say the president may not have seen them because he has essentially been created and he's been flying in on a helicopter from the residence for u.s. ambassador's residence raised staying slightly north of the complex hill into buckingham palace and then around westminster he gets treatment around by moving to
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cape but these protests have been hard to miss there was a wide range of different groups and the anti trump demo i spoke to the spirit of the people that a little bit earlier on take a listen to his quote of the problem. with both feet and he's supporting those making the situation more to ask like these opportunities from these protests show that certainly is just a great day one. thing they do without we can be debilitated the way. that people could. really get in touch with a kid like that and lead a point needs to be making doing. think that. it is awfully embarrassing for this country and i feel ashamed to raise him a friend vice admiral there's a sense that this was the u.s.
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president on his best behavior we expected that contentious issue of why wait to come up that press conference well he was rather diplomatic he said the intelligence sharing between the u.s. and the u.k. wasn't a threat that he was saw that the u.k. and the u.s. would be on the same page when it comes to the chinese telecoms. so a sense that we don't know very much sticking to the script following protocol he was clearly delighted at the pomp and the ceremony of this state visit which was yesterday with the meeting with the queen lunch with the queen that massive state banquets held in his own with prince charles and camilla tomorrow is all about the d.-day commemorations 75 years since the d.-day landings will be marked in portsmouth and donald trump will be there with the queen with 2 reason may with prince charles so it's all about the photo opportunity tomorrow.
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to daniel mcadams who's the executive director of the institute great to have you on daniel. was talking of the greatest along in the world is explain to the u.s. u.k. relationship to the spectacular trade deal post brags it whenever that will be over very optimistic but he speaks positively can we trust what he says he saw prone to changing his mind. that's an understatement it really was an odd visit if you think about it because the really was no were no one there for him to meet with troops for many years out in just a couple of days there's nothing real to discuss there's not a real partner there and i think you're. report got it down right in the end when you strip everything bare it was just a lot of pomp and circumstance and and poor old trump looking very uncomfortable in that white those white that white tie and seat oh so really at the end of the day not very much to talk about but trump does need the u.k.
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on board with his aggressive foreign policy particularly when it comes to iran and china so we'll see where that ends he also talks about the the concern of the proliferation of nuclear weaponry says it's a concern but isn't america investing in its own nuclear arsenal is in the u.k. when using it. somewhat hypocritical as. well the reality is u.s. foreign policy encourages countries that do not currently have a nuclear weapons program to develop one look would happen to be wrong when iran took a deal and said ok we give up we're not you know we're not pursuing them but we're not going to you could inspect everything we have and then look what happens when you give them up and on the other hand you had pompei once which was i think just yesterday saying well you know we do have to treat north korea differently than other countries because they have nuclear weapons we have to be more careful with them so the reality of the us sort of hawkish imperialist foreign policy is to encourage countries to develop nuclear weapons not to discourage them i'm just
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thinking when barack obama came over just before the break and he kind of said if you leave the a you'll be at the back of the queue and it comes to making a deal with theirs and the u.k. vote really didn't like that and voted to leave anyway it was a very smart to come over and start saying well i think they sky would make a great prime minister i think you should put for all involved in negotiating a small. for someone who's had the 1st 2 years of his presidency ruined by false rumors of him having been meddled with by the russians you think he'd be a little bit more cautious treading on other countries electoral processes he praised jeremy hunt who's a neo con. promised to send a sauna immediately extradite him back in the us he prays neo-con boris johnson he prays for all she was not a neo con but the father of bragg's that apparently refused to meet with jeremy corbyn you who knows may well become prime minister in the future so yeah it does
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smell a lot like meddling which is ironic but hey that's what the us does best when he thinks banning mcadams executive director the wrong busy pol institute my guess thank you. race based genocide is our canadian government reporters branded decades of violence against the country's indigenous population study was released on monday at a ceremony on prime minister just intruder who was present accepted mistakes have been made but his failure to use the word genocide for the pm heckled here many decades indigenous women and girls across canada have disappeared suffered violence or been killed. and our justice system has failed. this is an uncomfortable day for canada titled reclaiming power
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and place the report took almost 3 years to write the inquiry heard more than 2000 witness testimonies and claims the canadian justice system is based on the values of a settler colonial society failing to include indigenous concepts of justice the probe states the death or disappearance of thousands of women have likely gone on record it and admits that nobody really knows an exact number although the estimates put the figure around $4000.00 the report includes multiple accounts of victims and their relatives is just one of the stories i was he chaykin and this was literally just a month and i have before my sister loretta was murdered she was stack's to me she was like what are you doing delilah this is not just one of the original woman or girl this is being considered a national epidemic. we heard from the chair of indigenous governance of canada's rising university she says the state has done nothing to address the problem there's a whole bunch of really you know problematic criminal activity as
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regards to indigenous women and girls and it's been unaddressed for all of these decades until this inquiry on a light on it i am calling on all canadians and in fact other countries around the world to put political pressure on both our federal government and all of our provincial governments to to do something and to actually investigate state actors who are complicit or directly involved in the murders exploitations and disappearances of indigenous women and girls this state has done nothing about it so they've been very complicit in the ongoing sexualized violence and murders of indigenous women and girls but canadians haven't been able to put all of those pieces together until now. a controversial journalist has been appointed facebook's new policy manager for ukraine got 3 new crew
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has officially announced that she's now working at facebook as a policy manager for ukraine while located in warsaw i should say we've been expecting this for years katherina is a leading expert in the information field a speaker at all conferences on disinform ation that have been held recently and a very honest posts and with principles. catherine a crook is known for her coverage of the uprising in ukraine and was even praised by the u.s. atlantic council back in 2014 she tweeted about the tragedy in a dresser praising the actions of the pro-revolutionary. to vist the address a massacre at the time was the result of clashes between those for and against the uprising and to find an activist to become trapped inside a trade union building which was subsequently torched 42 people died. there was.
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a. journalist brian with joins me on the line now good evening to you brian the appointment. do you think that's a good choice or not and it is an astounding choice for them to make i mean you want to do any background checking or let's just sort of look back you know 5 or 6 years ago and go back to 2213 when essentially mr crook worked for a neo nazi party in ukraine across the border which was founded by a. it's a part of the west ukraine based in the for love of those that's not on polish and russian and it's a part of you know at one stage it was quite his representation in the rudder in ukraine and on a time when he was only the neo nazi very open about its aims very often about its right wing base i mean this is a party that would be far to the right of marine le pen i mean far to the right of
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even richard spencer in the united states for example who would all be consider a guest persona non-grata by facebook i misspoke or does a parliamentary assistant for us for border before the my down instance in 20132014 i mean i'm not saying that working for such an over should tire someone for life around i mean if she had expressed the fact that she no longer agrees that ideology or if you expressed the fact that she no longer supports the vote that would be something but well that hasn't been the case i mean how many she actually celebrated the odessa massacre and $24.00 dinners you know and just i mean i haven't followed her much in recent years but she seems to still have a hardline ukrainian nationalist stance that she does seem to be very opposed to the new president dinner's alinsky presumably because she feels it's not nationalist enough and has his success in the election has pushed out the hardliners from west ukraine who were dominant and poroshenko years what are the
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concerns that you would have about her overseeing this particular section of facebook. well i mean the fact that mr crook has worked for a neo nazi party i mean you know the fact is just if you're putting someone doesn't matter to you and say russian that means ukraine is their business i mean i'm say russia is sort of a mainstream thing in ukraine nowadays that's not really the issue here the issue is that facebook a company which has certain rules and community guidelines against extremism has literally implied somebody from a neo nazi background to take over their operations in ukraine i mean it's very very worrying because obviously i mean. she's obviously got a certain ideology perhaps she'll be totally fair in the way she implements the. job she's been given because you have to ask questions and you have to wonder like i mean our face have facebook i'm going to make a statement on this are they going to say they've had some guarantee you some missed crook that she's you know renouncing your next years or more how's it going
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to work i mean i don't know i mean i mean i will be guarantees that she will act as a as a as a you know and a straight shooter or worse you prioritising you know the ukrainian far right over moderates or or or people who got maybe some sympathy towards russia which by the way despite all the discourse over recent years and despite the fact ukraine has lost completely crimea and defacto lost control of lugansk and. the fact is that there is still a considerable you know section of ukraine society which is not passed away i mean and there's a and just make something clear the vast majority do not support the far right at all i mean how do you think that emerges and ski just want such a huge mandate over 70 percent in the election against better by machine i mean because the fact is that the vast vast that's been clear about this the vast vast majority of ukrainians are not sympathetic to the fire at all and don't want them in the country. brought appreciate your time here in the force and journalist brian macdonald's my guests thank you. for that the semitism on the rise in
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germany berlin has tried to show solidarity with the jewish community by urging people to wear a traditional orthodox skullcap but the move is not be welcomed by some jews this party is where if a national explained. to wear or not to wear that is the question now surrounding the jewish. for george gabriel pulled this from the berlin also doc synagogue the answer is clear everybody took the side of us even though in the future could be worse than the fine the debate began when germany's commission on anti semitism to get a warning to jews i cannot advise jews to wear the qip are everywhere all the time in germany that advise prompted a furious reaction from some jews and politicians the president of israel described it as a capitulation to and to semitism mr klein then did a u. turn i call on all citizens of berlin and across germany to wear the kippur next
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saturday if there are new intolerable attacks targeting israel and jews on the occasion of al quds day in berlin regretted by. their own country today is an annual event marked globally and unites those who dispute israel's claim to jerusalem also known as comes in arabic. on the other side of the street those who support israel it looked like the perfect occasion to sporty capacity with pride or not at least 85 percent haven't even wore. a keeper i noticed and i have seen that one for nobody because. you know yesterday the people who were there they are not religious don't forget it was shot but after all his controversial statements we caught up with mr klein with my statement i want to start in on this if a is about the situation we have in
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germany and the team is a very good provoke simple i'm for that because many people in germany and in your opening that they keep out something exotic or not are not in the area but i would say i'm here to show our solidarity. we could do is going to be intimidated but why and it worked though the attention was mixed for me it's like what i said it's like a disney led show i don't need you and you would too where we keep our that i do know that you are with me you know i am not wearing a cross that you would think that i'm with you i with you if you need be or if you are friends and i don't show it i don't need it it's in my heart long as the skin says it's easy to show your solidarity on a single location when you know you're protected by the police but that is not enough i mean it's nice but it's not more if i'm doing it one day for an hour it's a show off for it's
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a nice show off we also talk to the head of germany's real friendship association not a jew across a stand he agreed with it's a matter of solidarity which is it is not just for show it is a sign of. it's the same sorry. for instance a solution to. this is it covers their heads and so on so whoever wants to bury keeper should do it days after the germany whereas keep our event it's still unclear whether jews should wear it q if it's safe everywhere all the time just like the official said perhaps the idea was not to get an answer but simply raise a question great russian r.t. reporting from early. you saw the daily beast has named and shamed it claims was behind a video mocking u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi making her look drunk. and i tell this to the room when
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he came in and made that statement when he walked in and i tell this to the room when he came in and made that statement then he walked out i went looking for the russian troll behind the drunk palosi viral video hoax turns out he's and i turn around forklift operator from the bronx who's been secretly running hard right news outlets across social media for years also not russian. however the man in question denies making or posting the video and the daily basis come under fire for outing him. the previously anonymous labor of the daily beast maliciously exposed as punishment for having bad politics denies he even committed the thought crime of making the pelosi mocking video insisting he just posted it who cares his politics are wrong ruin his life when journalists engage in doc's enough everyone whose politics they dislike is a good for democracy daily beast editorial meeting whatever each citizen can we
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docs to ruin their life because they lean conservative well there is this guy who drives a forklift during the day and makes means a night. liberal media outlets to have some form though when it comes to outing people on the right of the political spectrum explain it. it was not a vast foreign conspiracy to undermine nancy pelosi is reputation after all it was just a guy from the bronx and the fact that mainstream media gave this so much attention just one person with video and software tricking people i'm seeing a lot of people on twitter saying you already are responsible for outing him 1st of all i think he out of them self you know by attaching his name to several fake news sites that then push the video wait a 2nd doesn't c.n.n. have a bit of a record when it comes to outing the sources of memes and putting them in modern day stocks the video shared by president trump was apparently 1st posted by a writ user who goes by this online name c.n.n.
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is not publishing him. name because he's a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of an apology showed his remorse in addition he said he statements could serve as an example to those not to do the same sin and reserves the right to publish his identity shouldn't change it sounds a little bit like a mafia shakedown we sure hate for something to happen to you if you make the wrong move and who can forget c.n.n. i tracked down trump supporter those were russians not russians i don't go with the russian that i knew me was russian i have nothing to do with the russians they will definitely you know you now yes these investigators are quite proud of themselves for tracking down average americans who engage in cyber activism and distort facts however you would think they'd be a little more outraged when actual news organizations do this kind of thing right like when a local seattle news station distorted footage of president trump or like want to
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statement from president trump was taken out of context to give the impression that he was calling all immigrants animals these are people. these are animals in reality he was pretty obviously referring only to the members of criminal gangs at this point mainstream media is not going after its colleagues who engage in biased reporting or distort. instead it's got its eyes on average americans who make the wrong move online what we're seeing this is not journalism these are hit pieces these are people who have taken it personally they're not a part of a journalistic desire to find the truth to investigate to talk to people to have multiple sources that oh no no no this is about going after people who may dare to be either supportive of trump may be considered races drawer or whatever it is it's become personal it's become lynch mobs it's become inciting
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a riot anybody out there this is for you a lesson if you think it's funny if you want to put up some mean that dared out a me mcgann's trump please we will help you we will promote it we will read tweet you all day long if you are wondering where you've landed this is our team to national it's great to have your company i'll be with you for a few more hours stick around updates on our top stories coming in just over 30 minutes time so you know. this in petersburg international economic forum is a unique event in today's business world. over the last 21 years the forum has become a leading global platform for discussing the key economic issues facing russia emerging markets and the world thousands of business community members attend the
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forum to address today's financial issues. watch a special forum coverage on r.t. . nobody could see coming that confession would be in this population of. any interrogation out there he is. promised. the process of interrogation is designed to put people in that frame of mind make the most comfortable make them want to get out and don't take no for an answer don't accept their denials she said their forwards. so i stayed there i would be home by the next day there's a culture on accountability and police officers know that they can engage in conduct that has nothing to do with.
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prouty imax does are this is the ca's report have you noticed a lot more trash garbage building up everywhere it's true you're not paranoid it's actually happening. yes and i want to put this into the context of this global kind of you know there's a certain class of people that know how everybody else in the world should live better on a nation state level and then on the individual level and again i return to the trump election. the european votes we're seeing over and over is the rise up of people rejecting this condescending social justice warrior ng better than you
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sort of thing especially when it turns out that they aren't better than anybody else so in the case of look at canada canada everybody agrees is one of the most progressive nations on earth all sorts of you know social welfare programs for most people there could be some issues with indigenous populations that arise every once in a while but on a global scale they are considered very progressive and a nice sweet polite nation trash wars do terrorists orders tons of garbage shipped back to canada or dumped in territorial waters outspoken philippines president rudra go to terror today has ordered that containers carrying trash from canada should be shipped back to the country it is the latest chapter in a disagreement over more than 100 containers of trash that were shipped to the philippines between 20132014 illegally by
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a canadian company so canada. it said they were going to take it back but they haven't taken it back so the philippines is saying we're going to dump it all in your coastal waters if you don't take this back right you know the earth's carrying capacity for humans is not infinite you know humans generate a lot of garbage and trash a lot of inorganic and now we've hit the limits of that and it's causing strife you know i would posit there's a connection to the central banks because they emit. trash if you look in venezuela the streets are littered with fia trash and that's the trash funs the kind of malinvestment that result in our danica trash that's now choking the causeways than by ways and fields and combine that with a lot of other stuff and you're talking about quite an intractable problem.


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