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what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president and you. want to. have to go right to the press this is what the 3 of them will be good. interested always in the water. the sauce international headline of this morning u.s. democratic senators slams the trumpet ministration for giving the green light to sharing sensitive nuclear technology with saudi arabia it was done partly just days after the killing of dissident saudi journalist. the trumpet ministration has broken this precedent they kept it secret i worry that they're trying to hide
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information or sweetheart deal on this that they don't want the american public to know also the news today the leader of the world's most populous country needs the president of the world's biggest nation russia and china push for improved bilateral i mean growing pressure from the united states. journalists warning threats of press freedom whistleblowers in the strike off the police raids on the media over the disclosure of classified data was told that all i'm not the target of this investigation it's about the people who were supposed to keep the stuff confidential. the morning just turned 11 am this thursday or mosco when i was kevin i am here with the latest for you. u.s. senators demanding an investigation into clandestine nuclear technology transfers from the u.s. to saudi arabia senator mccain who obtained the information from the energy
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department called the news dangerous. i worry that they're trying to hide information that would that would maybe lead us to uncover that there are some you know corruption or war sweetheart deal in this that they don't want the american public to know their concerns around the timing of the approval that was signed off just a little over 2 weeks after the brutal killing of saudi dissident journalist your market shuggie for which several high level saudi officials were blamed the u.s. energy department confirmed the transfers back in march after the 1st reports emerged but haven't responded to the request for comment now on cain's latest statement saudi arabia for its part does claim its atomic program is strictly for civil and peaceful eunice's uses congress is also disturbed by the level of covertness that seem to surround these transfers and that no time reference has been given by the trumpet ministration kellett mopeds got more on it for you. the fact that the trumpet administration provided nuclear technical expertise to the
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saudi monarchy has got some in congress pretty rattled the trump administration has broken this precedent they kept it secret we found out in march that they had done a number of transfers to saudi arabia it turns out that right after the show he was murdered by the saudis and they were lying about it the administration said fine here here's we'll pass nuclear technology on to you now a quick reminder the killing of the journalist sent shock waves around the world when he was killed in the country's consulate in istanbul now the brutal death apparently sent shock waves throughout the world but it wasn't enough to stop some nuclear deals now it appears that the trump team was rushing perhaps because they thought the fallout from the killing would make it more controversial at a later date and following the shoji case a bipartisan group of legislators did indeed pass a law allowing congressional oversight of any nuclear cooperation agreements with saudi arabia and trump certainly does seem eager to promote nukes how many countries have it iran is going to happen at some point we have to say you know
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what we're better off if japan protects itself against this maniac in north korea we're better off frankly if south korea is going to start to protect its saudi arabian you know what saudi arabia absolutely now let's not forget that saudi arabia is a signatory of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and they do have a working agreement with the international atomic energy agency however arms control experts raise their eyebrows over the building of a recent nuclear reactor facility do you have to consent to the saudi arabia does not want to acquire any nuclear bomb but without a doubt if you run developed a nuclear bomb we will follow suit as soon as possible now peaceful nuclear energy is certainly permitted and russia has worked with saudi arabia on atomic energy before however russia's agreements with saudi arabia were upfront transparent and they included a signed roadmap on what would and would not be happening with the program the u.s. secrecy its. only frustrating to the point that with any deal done behind closed doors you have to wonder what they're trying to hide caleb up and r.t.
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new york. state to have a state visit by chinese leader xi jinping here to russia in talks with president putin the venezuelan crisis a rand situation in the korean peninsula among the agreements signed as a deal between the chinese tech and the russian telecom company m.t.s. on developing a 5 g. network in russia the 2 countries have also agreed to develop bilateral trade using the national currencies the ruble and the yuan which. russia and china have common views on the situation in the korean peninsula and follow the joint resolution of the situation noting that there is no alternative to diplomacy for solving existing problems we'll continue to work with china for deescalation of tensions and strengthening security in this region we also continue working for a peaceful resolution in syria and venezuela we remain committed to the iran nuclear deal. we discussed the development of our bilateral relations
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since their standards 70 years ago included they've reached an unprecedented level new possibilities have opened for us the world is changing protectionism and unilateralism a raising their heads china and russia as leading world powers will protect the international system based on international law and multilateral trade she's 3 day state visit to russia mark 70 years of diplomatic relations international affairs commentator jonathan steele told us moscow beijing tires are no better than ever. friendship is hardly ever been well known stronger than it is the moment there's almost no issue in which you can find disagreement to trade degrees $150000000000.00 roughly by natural trade which is an sounds enormous and it comes at a time when rushing american tensions are high and chinese american tensions are even higher because of the trade war that's been imposed by donald trump on china well i think it's kind of warning to the west in
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a mild sort of way to say look russia can survive perfectly well here are the united states or can china and in fact they can get together in the cold war there was this russian china american triangle with american china more allied against russia russia has supplies united it's the other way around the americas isolated by russia and china the chinese leader also wrote to moscow bearing gifts she jumping handed over to giant pandas to moscow's who was part of a conservation program 3. but. the money was.
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well our state visit comes amid growing tensions as well as we've been reporting between china and the u.s. where ongoing trade war fought we're talking more about that a little bit later in the program just tip you off from a few minutes time the. concerns over press freedom have been raised in australia after police raids on a prominent journalist and then on australia's national broadcaster the a.b.c. now the case is not linked to police say the searches are based on the disclosing of classified information. the criminalisation and crackdown on national security journalism is spreading like a virus the essential is already having a fact journalists must unite and remember that courage is also contagious this police raid against our partners at a.b.c. is an attack on press freedom which we b.b.c. find deeply troubling the australian federal police rate race serious concerns about freedom of the press they could have a chilling in fact on the right of journalists to carry out their chops the scene
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might be expected in an authoritarian country but not in a democracy both cases based on the stories published over a year ago with the help of leaks the a.b.c.'s afghan files were published in the 2017 and exposed possible war crimes by story in special forces in afghanistan based on the secret defense documents also the home of the political editor of his trailer sunday telegraph was raided in relation to a 2018 story based on secret correspondence between ministries she disclosed a government plan to expand its spying on a stray and citizens plus to an australian radio host now has revealed that the government is also investigating how he obtained an authorised data that boat filled with refugees tried to reach australia ben fordham said the focus of the probe actually isn't on him that is on his source we shared the information we were told but the department of home of peers will investigate this disclosure i was
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told by home affairs that i'm not the target of this investigation it's about the people who were supposed to keep this stuff confidential last year a stranger increased penalties for leaking classified data it's no crime for any public official to share unauthorized information the country's prime minister scott morrison defended the raid saying that there are laws protecting a stranger as national security but strangely in lecturer benoit can't walk told us it's alarming he thinks that the government has been more concerned with the leak is than with the alleged crimes it's committed. individuals are very dedicated to their work 1st of the engine them stopping but this is very dangerous thing as journalists were asked. whether this was before last because the journalists question won't necessarily go to charitable sources that they are using people's lives they are very much at risk which is the itch and the arrests of
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these investigations the secular release of the files has been something you know somewhat of a distribution thing for those in the. history of military assess the revelation of this and also seemed to be the greatest sense for them actually saying that the s.e.'s and in fronts the issue has been more revealing of those crimes in this country. has been a major political shift in denmark where the liberal party has conceded victory to the social democrats the one with european parliament in the election dominated by climate change welfare cuts and immigration issues its leader who said to be the country's youngest ever prime minister that has declared a major shift in the country's direction. you have voted that denmark should have a new majority there denmark should take a new direction tonight we have a historic victory for their red block in the parliament center left party is the
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number of anti immigration measures over the years including bans on the burka the confiscation of valuables from migrants arrived in the country they also voted in favor of doubling penalties for crimes in so-called migrant ghetto areas and pushed for making daycare mandatory in disadvantaged areas with parents who refused to send the children they're losing the social benefit payments the party defended its stance saying that these are the problems that people wanted to be sold in the immigration has to be controlled we heard from a member of germany's left party who says that mark social democrats of tackling all the issues that are on the voters' mind right now. and what the damage notice is what they do once and then government and their track record that is the very role social welfare and that's what most of the denesh focused they want to see them break their social welfare system and they want to do that not at the expense of immigrants but they very much want to see immigrants integrate into damage
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society they don't want to see women with book us on the streets they don't want to see should go on with males in schools they want to see an integrated society and the social democrats have promised to look at that while at the same time frank being this social well. and i think that's part of the so that it's identity that is something that everyone in the denmark believes this hockey to be able to deliver. for the soldiers who follow if they come across the break including a new round of tension spot between the u.s. and china amid on going trade will it's ahead. you know world big partisan movies a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that
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made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for washing clothes for watching the hawks. will make us manufacture consent to step into the public well. when the ruling classes project themselves. the final. one percent. we can all middle of the room sick.
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are going to born in the us a said china is playing a blame game and accuse the country of walking back on his trade commitments after beijing put the full responsibility on washington for the stalemate and 11 rounds of negotiations it comes amid a bruising trade war between the world's 2 biggest economies and in may donald trump raise tariffs on $200000000000.00 worth of imported goods from china during stalled trade talks accusing china of backing out of its commitments beijing then retaliated with a levy on $60000000000.00 worth of u.s. imports trump's now war he's ready to tax essentially all chinese imports trumps referred to china as quote our enemy also a major threat and not a friend of the united states but his trade agenda may jeopardize deep business ties between some u.s. politicians and beijing if you put rancor explains more. the man who leads the
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republican majority in the senate is very very very proud of the president he's doing so great at bowling china with his trade war tactic their greatest problems in the trade. with china and it's been a long frustrating ongoing problem i think we're all commend the president for taking on that shot is well saying things like that could get mr mcconnell in a bit of trouble with his wife let me tell you something she's the current american secretary of transportation elaine chao and the u.s. journalists who got hold of and looked into this redacted e-mail by an american embassy official believe it shows mrs chalo has a whole lot of business interests in china it turns out allegedly that back in 2017 she was set for an official visit to china and really wanted her family members to
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be allowed in the room while she was supposed to talk to her chinese counterparts all of a sudden the trip got called off the transportation department never officially explained why that happened although a version did come up that it all could have been due to an urgent meeting with the president. someone by themselves on taking the ground anyway mrs child's family business ties with china aren't that hard to trace. an unfortunate conflict of interest and trade war hunters den if you dig further into the matter though you'll find out there are quite
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a few folks in the american. eat who'd love a slice of the china cake what if this guy ends up kicking donald trump out of the office would we then have to forget about us china trade wars for 4 years after all joe biden's son runs a company that's partially financed by the state run bank of china and mr biden doesn't appear to treat the mission to challenge beijing's economic might as a priority china is going to eat our lunch come on back to the republicans a former house speaker john boehner was once behind the push to make china favored trade partner with the u.s. the most nations of the world almost all the nations of the world have most favored nation trading status and the fact is what we're looking for is the same status for china mr boehner eventually went to work for a lobbying firm squire patton boggs and this company has
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a presence in china to say the least the most ironic case is that of donald purdy jr and his resume you'll probably find out that he's helped draft a policy paper known as the u.s. national strategy to secure cyberspace masterminded the national cyber security division and the department of homeland security while. all that to end up as the chief security officer at technologies usa ties between the us establishment in both parties are very very close to the chinese girl off a lot of interest in the united states who will say that doing pursuing a certain policy may be bad for america as a country but we don't care about that because it's good for my company to issues divisions within the u.s. policy making apparatus up until trudeau decided to play hardball with shar china ontario and with many other countries there were no division. say it was that it
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was a very cozy relationship we trying to use have the advantage they of having a united position and i don't see those divisions being healed at all i see them getting much much worse. began a verse in the 75th anniversary of the d.-day landings in world war 2 today wednesday was the 1st day of commemoration events with world leaders gathering at portsmouth naval memorial in southern england yesterday but despite the fact that russia played a huge part of the coalition by then president putin was invited of any events happening today as well this is in normandy which was the 1st city in france were liberated by the invasion britain's prime minister and representatives of the u.k.'s royal family just saw there along with a french prime minister are attending a service at the war cemetery there the day is the military term for the 1st day of the normandy landings in northern france operations believed to be the start of the
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liberation of nazi occupied western europe it became the largest seaborne invasion in history but the landings weren't the only turning point in the 2nd world war. the 6th of june 1944 the allies land in normandy is often touted is the key turning point in world war 2. d.-day can be found across mass culture in books music. films. perhaps most famously in hollywood's saving private ryan. d.-day is frequently cited in political speeches here in normandy the rescue began here the allies stood and fought against tyranny in a giant undertaking unparalleled in human history but this was a war with more than one turning point when that 2nd front was opened the soviet
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army had been advancing in multiple directions and had reached bella reuss the battle of stalingrad the 1st major loss for the nazis was already a distant memory to compare numbers about 640000. nazi soldiers took part in the normandy battle nazi losses in stalingrad totaled $1500000.00 allied losses in normandy were $226004.00 times less than the soviet soldiers killed in stalingrad in 1943 us president roosevelt called the battle of stalingrad the crucial moment of the war in the name of the people of the united states of america i presume this scroll to the city of sterling to commemorate our admiration for its gallant defenders the glorious victory stemmed the tide of invasion and the turning point in the war of the allied nations against the forces of aggression. but the facts
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now don't seem that important. the americans come to free of our victory in that war decided not just a century but it will endure for eternity we did ok because we know how to win. good rest of all the stores their course on a main site also you don't call and you get instant use of it if you download the app as well check that you have got it so far great thing i'm kevin 0 in for me the rest of the mirror in moscow is thursday have a great day. but politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to. have to try to be for us it's like the full story in the morning can't be good that
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i'm interested always in the waters of my house. the city. of the bridges was good if you give up on your birth or the like if you misses it or don't blame people but. what the response to mold cheaper solution that into a. given her school is i should leave a mother with the beasts at. the top just to be able to steal the nope must see that you presume this loop i'm going to you must fear to move him he's doing that in both of us and i was building an evening to change ghost in voting is an inning of their history but a few days to. come over never stop because. he
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tries to be as good as you move to you before the war you're more you would almost be dangerous. if the old freedom doing this will go to. those cells. will you miss the rules the. new moon the stars. in the way of. their. own and welcome to all the part of the last take it has seen many unnecessary awards but even among them believe in catastrophe stands out as
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a one time loss of life and infrastructure is there anything and anyone who can still put libya together again want to discuss that i'm now i'm joined by i guess i'm full i may have of the united nations support mission in libya but there's some as good to talk to you always thank you very much for the time thank you for inviting me now you know over the years i've interviewed many un and a voice on syria and they all felt obliged to express their resolve about their mission but there was always the sounds of hopelessness of what they were trying to achieve and i suspect that you may be even in the more difficult position than that . it's nothing is a position but. when i accepted this. job. i told the truth that the unity of the security council on syria was not cool but the division has been there since 28 government and. i told that there
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was superficial unity on libya what they discovered late there was that this was really thin and one or the big event that unity can collapse and. that's what's happening now is libya have been playing in the bus 2 months since the us that half those movement against tripoli have been playing to produce a product from the security council and it is very very difficult so for now the united nations which are now represented is i would claim indirectly complicit in the disintegration of libya and by the time i mean the misuse security council resolution $1073.00 which was used as a pretext for violent regime change in that country do you think the u.n. still has the moral mandate of trying to how believe in anything. you're knowledgeable enough about the us to know that you can not go couple do you
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and in general i don't that comes through this. it was a security council decision what i thought then about this resolution is very different they can tell you so it was a security council decision and security council is a present that they will have the will of state. of the united nation as an entity but also the collective security thinking of the states including the major states at this point. therefore don't ask people who work for the u.n. about their thoughts sometimes are not too happy with what the security council produces or doesn't produce well the reason i'm asking it about this is because i know that you've been very disappointed by general haftar you over to allude to that essentially uprooting the result of your own work of trying to bring the
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libyan parties together but wasn't his offensive on tripolitania in a way the replay of events back in the spring of 2011 when calls for pilot a call dollop were ultimately used as a prelude for you know actual military action no i think the situation is very different in the sense that. you have you had the regime established for 4 decades and you had some protests against this regime and then you had an external intervention military intervention by the middle. i accept or not accept the but this was a un resolution used to legitimize this intervention now you have a completely different situation you have a government interest probably that is internationally called night since early 2016 and you have
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a challenger coming from the east in the present system they are many members of the words there have been throughout a number of countries in the world including of the security council supporting them so the situation is quite different somehow now what we need from the security council is not to call upon anybody to intervene militarily we were in the security council to chord for the strain for the respect and the arms embargo against all the but the simple and you've been very critical of how openly the arms embargo that you just mentioned is being violated i mean it's done in all of you for everybody and what i find interesting is that various countries who support various sides and libya i don't even using it as a pretext to wage allegations against one another isn't that an indication that all sides to the libyan conflict have made peace with the war. all sides.
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are getting support from outside.


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