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peculiar he he points out the u.s. dollar has been weaponized and china is really playing the long game by accumulating gold by creating their own futures markets by prepping for this and a very quiet way this is an interesting historical moment the rise of china is here now and now we have a standoff so it's going to be interesting to see how the u.s. response and how the u.s. population responds if they're staring at the moon or staring at the finger or giving the moon the finger you know that's interesting to see how the u.s. response you know the u.s. is a plucky group of rugged individualists that have come through tough times before and will see what resources can be pulled one of us through it well we have pulled through other stuff in the past in crazy periods in civil war isn't and mass of the salem witch trials and we you know the mccarthy era and it seems a little bit like that right now that there is hysteria in the elite class because
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they don't know how to deal with what's going on in the world in the meantime the u.s. dollar serves as the world's reserve currency and is used for pricing in trade by a majority of nations around the globe however americans have decided to weaponize the dollar gave stated making any transactions between 2 nations susceptible to u.s. action or scrutiny this is a big loss of sovereignty for other nations he said and china's taking the lead in forming an alternative trading currency to the dollar we've talked to alison mccleod here and i think that he's right that it doesn't matter about the currency this guy charles gave actually looks set for example that you know that china's trying to price the oil and remember and that is not what matters what matters is settlement of the trade where the settlement to the trade happens and as brad sherman a congressman from los angeles points out is that the all trade settles to the new york fed and that is important it doesn't matter what currency it is. that it
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settles for new york fed is where our control comes from so that china has a long way to go to have a trusted settlement system and perhaps gold will provide more trusted right now as i mentioned in an earlier show you know we've seen this before in the eighty's with the rise of japan and the us had a response they rejiggered the global currency markets at the plaza accord this was reagan in robert rubin the same people that gave us the plunge protection team after the crash of 1907 so china doesn't seem to be wanting to play that game though so they're going to have to come up with some other strategy and at the moment none appear on the floor rise and something is got to give either the us accept 2nd class citizens in the global economy or they make some kind of dramatic move the us could seize all the gold that they are holding on behalf of many nations and be the 1st to declare reste restoration of the gold standard because of course you know nixon promised that it was only temporary that would. then
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follow richard nixon on twitter and. i think if i'm reading the tealeaves correctly i think that's an interesting idea i think that could happen. but so we'll see what happens there during the 2008 financial crisis we saw in russia with medvedev member he held up the gold coin at the same time china was suggesting that they would prefer something like a bank or which is a basket of commodities and currencies but again you still have the underlying if you use fiat's currencies there is the distrust that goes with it as we've pointed out but here's another story that talks about this imperial rot and the hubris of the elite that they lose touch with them and the vast majority of the population and you know they use the weaponization of trade they use the weaponization of their free out currency for their own benefit a very small group of elite and this is in baltimore and beyond a stone. an n.s.a.
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tool wreaks havoc for nearly 3 weeks baltimore struggled with the cyber attack by digital extortionists that has frozen thousands of computers shut down disrupted real estate sales water bills health alerts and many other services but here is what frustrated city employees and residents do not know a key component of the malware that cyber criminals used in the attack was developed at taxpayer expense a short drive down the baltimore washington parkway at the national security agency according to security experts briefed on this case so this is a parent with in 2017 the n.s.a. lost control of one of their weapons their digital weapons called eternal blue and it was a weapon that basically they weaponized a flaw in of course microsoft a microsoft product and they didn't tell anybody about it but this weapon this eternal blue weapon was either stolen or released by
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a disgruntled employee the n.s.a. still doesn't know how it got released but it's wreaking havoc to the tune of tens of millions billions of dollars across the world but it's now on domestic soil it's just mind boggling story and the malware that is the weapons grade and developed by intelligence agencies gets out there in the open and is used for a malignant you know we often fear that the presence of suitcase atomic weapons you know what havoc that could bring and meanwhile we actually have this suitcase portable thumb drive version of n.s.a. encrypt. malware that is in the open that is causing havoc so it was released on april 2017 by a group called the shadow brokers again the n.s.a. doesn't know if it's some foreign power group of hackers or they're on their own disgruntled employees so there could be somebody still. when the n.s.a.
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or whoever has this is releasing this stuff since that leak foreign intelligence agencies and rogue actors have used blue just bred malware that has paralyzed hospitals airports rail and shipping operators a.t.m. some factories that produce critical vaccines now the tools hitting the united states where it is most vulnerable and local governments with aging digital infrastructure and fewer resources to defend themselves so a lot of these local governments of course. or states their near bankrupt after all these years is 0 percent interest rates where they have to pay off all these pensioners and retirees from state employees and local government and they are not earning their return so they have to spend more of their reserves but anyway they have old computer systems with old microsoft products on it that have they have not patched it because it costs money to patch and to protect yourself from this or turn all blue so it's now costing tens of millions of dollars across
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america so i don't know if you know this is basically an investigative piece from the new york times so i don't know what the follow up what's being done about this how how we're going to stop this like basically you know all these all these they just need to patch it but i don't know if they have the funds the patches or the know how to patch it because you know there's the thing of doing the patch but also you have to hire the computer experts to be able to do this across your systems i think there's going to be a big demand for old cars and old homes that were built before all this electronics homes now have all the smart systems for all the coal in the locks are all tied to it cars are all electrified electronically engage and they're connected to the infrastructure of the internet so that some of these old houses and old cars that are off grid completely in junkyards right now you know those prices are going to start going up because people to they don't want to be connected to the now where they have to get a 1956 chevy or move into
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a house that was built 30 or 40 years ago actually i'm going to cut through a little photo here max's new car see this is a 924 model i'm not taking any chances on going back to the model t. because i know henry ford didn't put in any malware in that car no and of course when google cloud went down just of this earlier this week or last weekend. people were cut off from their nests their control system so they're boiling and in the heat of course this is also in the context of this battle with huawei crossing billions more. and yet the reason why we're battling chua way is that we're afraid they're going to put a back door but here the n.s.a. is releasing malware it's leaking all over the place apparently they don't know if it's a disgruntled employee or not or i've got a backdoor into my wigwam. i know how to defeat these people so before it leaked eternal blue is one of the most useful exploits in the n.s.a. cyber arsenal according to the 3 former n.s.a. operations spoke on the condition of anonymity analyst spent almost a year finding
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a flaw in microsoft's software and writing the code to target it initially they refer to it as a turn a blue screen because it often crashed computers a risk that would tip off their targets but when it went on to become a reliable till used in countless counterintelligence and counterterrorism measures now the u.s. by the way won't sign a global agreement that other nations want to sign saying that if you find a flaw like this if you find a critical flaw in the software used widely around the world like microsoft that you're supposed to tell that the company microsoft instead of weaponize ing it but we haven't signed on to it and this is the result well it sounds like a nightmare speaking of nightmares this nightmare of the 1st after about the end because going to the 2nd half of all beautiful shangri-la like with a brilliant concept who's like a frickin genius don't go away stay right there more to come.
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this in petersburg international economic forum is a unique event in today's business world. over the last 21 years the forum has become a leading global platform for discussing the economic issues facing russia emerging markets the world those of the business community members of the forum to address to the user but it will issues. for just special forum coverage. the swarms of them samoan. viewers who was before. much of those who heard the preview or. seen him with the north we were going to. move. move.
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should cook door for one whose job is the impulse to. agree has long positioned itself as a sovereign player within the e.u. it can stand up to brussels and put its foot delane when it comes to its own national interest but when it comes to dealing with the trumpet ministration is the old and government just as ready to put hungary 1st. welcome back to the kaiser report imax geysers caught that i got to part 2 of our conversation with casa to venture their macro view dot edu i highly recommend people check it out now to talk about the big picture macro economics trade wars
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tariffs and tromped all this stuff now during this period we've added interesting emergence of huawei china's 5 g. telecom company that is definitely rattling people's cages and causing all kinds of hand-wringing and consternation around there tell us a little bit about what's going on there constantine well as far as my understand and use there is an issue of the supply of art where from go quietly which is question in terms of its but then shal ecuador's and oxygen and security apparatus in china. are where actual data flowing through the system where the specials the. mutations asunta on it seems to me that that is a new ship which is very sensitive well that sense the from the geopolitical or the e.u. and. so economics matter it's clear to me that are both right way if you
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want debate that is out of the west the date is the form by all of you up to you of china both in the united states on the euro but part of this in certain cybersecurity is of huge importance area it is so remarkable it globally is one of the most dominant the areas isn't says and for governments today. at the wharf they're moving on to the rails accept a security environment we're looking at the cyber espionage but also the option of operations of business and so forth losses arise in the year in the stir in one of the recent papers myself and the co-author we have shown. that there is ousts them it resists the lower on the status of events in private sector. changes around the wall both changes where the company is that the feeling aka by the police state but also beyond that. and i think even without is going to be very problematic simply
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because yes alone that the chinese hardware and software. used by atlas are or are such as china in different instances and if i think violence in the phone cases against the targets in the united states from the us. well somewhere that we were the patient is more along the bottom is the bodies of the states wells of the world in which a raid is beneficial exchange both the actual property of software and hardware people or the development of the future network systems the communications networks in the united states on not exactly was each other's of their quality the penetration rates on average. in the united states are very low compared to say for example europeans despite the united states being bought the major centers for in the basin lower than the nation that is attributable to the united states is
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a blow to the multinational corporations such facilities all around the. chinese are coming up the chains of the quality of their research and development also coming up in terms of the quality of their academic results so in other words. you get out deal with the issues like why wave. in all it it isn't a mix in cybersecurity it isn't in martial security issues but also after find some way or deal with it while the mix of ideas of jail for the patients and so forth. that. in the past diplomacy. or development or investment and so forth operative solutions believe in the world of of solutions well even in the wall clock what with all the games the game of chicken. what if you want to get all they have on the fishing in the back of the wall it's very
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difficult model on the phone to dissolve the bomb quietly. in the communication systems of the united states. radical radical or where it was disrupting the supply chain systems that was dishonest in the it says than to a multiple systems and it is this the but then show for the american consumers that americans in general the american system in general gave him the best possible to do in this war but on the other hand is that warrant it. then you know the solutions. all right isn't it. yeah i remember back in the 1980 s. when a similar situation in japan japan was starting to leapfrog the us a lot away and the u.s. came down very hard and this resulted in the plaza accord with there was a massive currency adjustment hadn't seen anything like that sense the brand woods
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agreement after world war 2 and now here we are china is kind of threatening us a gemini in the technology space and innovation and but instead of succumbing to let's say a plaza accord beat down you know china is putting out tweets of people associated with china than the government putting out tweets laughing at boeing laughing at the ability of boeing's technological difficulties the cracks in the fuselage is exciting openly mocking the u.s. so this is quite a different approach now it comes to artificial intelligence you know there's an old saying that he who controls the gold makes the rules but it were entering the 21st century where it's really here you controls the telephony and the artificial intelligence is going to make the rules that's the 21st century and china is clearly leapfrogging ahead what you know and you recently you were talking about america's infrastructure as being incapable of supporting the middle class or the
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lower class you have people deaf a catering on the street you have an ability to pay off student loans you're creating a generation in america how are they going to compete with innovation overseas trumps trade wars same to be the panacea attempting to write all these imbalances but he's even going after allies so the latest terror slapped on mexico to force them to deal with the central american migration issue tell us about that does that make any sense he's using that issue as an economic issue he seems to be mixing everything. up in a grab bag of policies about a lot of. that's caught diplomatic sense your thoughts completely agree with you in that mexico paris is a lot a case of the weaponization of trade their dreams with a lot by the economics of trade with mexico united states imports a large number of components for the future as sam was solo or probably a lot of appeal for the united states transformed into iraq with woods and quite
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often it's for the rest of the law. you know message for use multiple problems in terms of trade. there is a great partner for the united states in terms of face it's also i would say great article the united states in terms of the ability a few months if you will with a drug free market for its muscle with you as you look at the deal going nudism realize that states but we governments are so the issue here is that the jury pool says it is. only full objectives and in that kind of with byron it's weird if look to see how china can stand while to be the work you most states is doing and it's also very hard to see how the united states can sustain its economic model going forward so on to france where the trade the issues with mexico are really very elusive was one of those is what happens when you bones that it's only a major 3 to part with the supply chains been intermingle the extent that u.s.
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mexico supply chains and really the same issue to rises with china what happens is that in the long run american manufacturers are going to bring jobs in america they to offshore jobs that appian offshore to say for example channel mexico somewhere else and that's a higher cost location on those because we're already in an optimal location gens of your cost for manufacturing what we're watching some says and then you are those 2nd best location which is a hot box that cost has been passed on to the american consumers but crucial the american producers of becoming less competitive as a result. and that's what's usually one to war in markets you we direct in pockets in terms of the fire prices but we will that's what the balance of want to happen in the long run in all schools in any rush is the need to compensate for example for the time to ballance in terms of the chinese are in world war 3. wise it's because in watching the united states most popular say for example jaunts like
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copper is offshore in there or production launch i don't see vietnam in florida have costs but the vietnamese for the action is owned by these chains investors so in other words you are still paying china well the production but you haue beene plant cost to china yeah i get it so you know it's a game of ever decreasing returns error and reminds me of the crisis happening in the global garbage market now no none of these countries are taking america's garbage anymore that's offloading back to america right so that's ok that's why we have l.a. and we have someone says that we just dump it there right excellent point let me ask you about this we've got a situation right now one number sometimes can cut through a lot of a quarter tell us about one number and how it relates to all this the number would be a household formation constantine well household part formation in the united states as follow and even more so it's falling on the demographic lines so in other words
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the younger households that used to be formed in their late twenty's early thirty's and now formed in their early forty's and late forty's so as a result of that is that he just the comparative germs of the numbers look at americans under the age of 22 sargon still with their parents it's used and compared with equal interests if you shoot a 5 proportional it's probably possible to rest in the lead used or the 4 seventh's will stay around 40 percent they did in the united states it used to be about 10 percent while it is. or for the same. reason that mom or what they call in italy they call a mama a problem bonamy where you can no longer for move them because they won't or can't afford movement their social mobility is declining in the future they cannot as. much as and their interests in terms of their development that reduces available
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they therefore stay in their communities where they really don't have much of a future in terms of their career progression of any development then moans position slows down and so forth it has a knock on effect with the promise across the bar lifecycle of a fossil so yes. when you take out for example the additional logic possible families the months the migrants in the united states will look at the want them a profit if the marks it's the route he was warm holds the number of children is the blind in terms of in those households. the age at which families start and have children and so forth is also a rise and as a result of that the relative education bond or this probably quality software was that. those children were at the area just as the laws were on the rise this is one
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of the major blocks of the idea of the cycles that nation but that also beats and really. all this is though it straight causes for divestment bodes well weaponization of the us dollar and the us it's far more on the policies. because in the nation in the united states into into the me and intimately linked. in or feel of copy from all around the world the largest are those the war the likes of yams or this will all rely on mock national work force working not just the united states. also outside of the united states and artwork from things in terms of consumption while we're needs that that will that's the reason the oscars and we have a limited mom please for. the united states but also people who want the multinational open is appalled because all sponsors aside wants the united states the image of united states in the united states opens inside the software locally as well as
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a result of huge cost what it is also a loan so as out there i want to change and social mobility is changing over that period is not growing as well so that solution in 1 o'clock a m bomb or anything else that will meet united states crowds and more growth and productivity of the people is no longer painful because it won't all the cheese and then it won't. cost of attainder. website as macro view dot edu thanks for being on the cause or report thanks marx my pleasure all right not going to dare for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy harvard i think our gas cosseting macro view dot edu if you want to catch us on twitter if guys are important and i stand by you off. the phone.
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a glimpse into wiki leaks founder julian assange his life in a high security prison in love the audio agency ruptly has a paint exclusive footage. of the international monetary fund the mistakes were made when trying to resuscitate argentina's economy saying it failed to tackle the country's key underlying troubles the party goes deep into the decades of errors made by the i.m.f. . and the new york times.


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