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the politics. i'm sure i'll see that. in the stories that shaped the week here on our genes are national the russian and chinese president speak out on america's attempt to dominate international trade and russia's northern capital st petersburg for one of the biggest events on the business calendar. breaking cover while the u.s. hits venezuela with new sanctions the audio recording suggests washington is failing to unite the country's opposition against president majority. leader but just to keep the opposition has proved devilishly difficult to get of people who
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want some. journalists warn of a threat to press freedom in australia after police raided the country's national broadcaster following the disclosure of classified data in the media. and a german serial killer who murdered 85 patients while working as a nurse was given a 2nd life sentence on thursday but police suspect he may have killed hundreds more . broadcasting live from our studios in moscow broadcasting the week's top stories this is international and the weekly. right business leaders and politicians from around the world gathered in st petersburg for the annual international economic forum this week president putin and china's xi jinping took center stage at the conference on friday putting on a show of unity and back to back speeches and offering their thoughts on trade
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relations with the united states archies sophie shevardnadze moderated their q. and a session she joined our correspondent go to discuss the highlights. but why wouldn't you need him without any conditions or. did i refuse i wasn't invited. we know what kind of negotiator trump is he's a wonderful businessman a fast system contract and he stops playing by the rules then there are false negotiations and in the end he gets a deal which is favorable to him it was the same with nafta something similar happened to japan what will happen with you. maybe i have an answer to this question in my notes i. received it's good i asked it generally it's good that you hear and asking
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questions but now i was here last year the year before that this event was always moderated by western journalists this time though when it was you know questions about russian meddling or russian interference but you had many other things to talk about that are very important for this world right now right holly willoughby had one plenary session that was dedicated to the russian heavily into the american elections and it was worth going into that one more time and the time passed and we had the reports it was obvious that to talk about that was that. there were a lot of things that we could have discussed in terms of china russia cooperation road balco. persecute them presidency they were forced their diplomatic you know my question state what answer me straight forwardly. when i was asking them about the trade war because i do believe it is the most important economic topic of today
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between china and america they were sort of hitting hinting at the. american side starting war but they wouldn't get the blame the americans are a very diplomatic but both of them pretty much agreed that. they could not be the global war on the global economy and free trade with protectionism and isolationism and if you want to weave together in one world that we better do it together you were talking about trade wars that was of course the number one topic because you were sitting right next to vladimir putin but chinese leader she now i just want to play you a segment of that discussion when the leaders. they were quite metaphorical in the way he answered so peace question let's take it was. but you know if you're unhappy with fleas in your fur coat you can simply throw a fur coat into the oven it's that's in c. of us natural 30 new chairman she has explained the tariff as
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a fight between globalization and within my station and the question is why does moshe stand and fight for economic superiority what you get this ship is a good chinese proverb when the tigers are fighting in the valley a smart monkey sits out of the way and watches how it then. so you see the presidents are not giving me but it's clear who they're talking about it's clear that they are not the war and swore initiating this called flip when it comes to the economic international battlefield play that's what i meant that were very diplomatic in their answers because both of them are a way to bring. to actually point fingers at anyone in particular but i think longer stand that they meant america and they meant that we didn't start the straight for america started and it's best that we need to clean up together because it is not a good thing for the world economy and then the we went on to talk about russian
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sanctions we got to the anti-abortion sanctions so we got to that point a bit later and the line up of the panel was very interesting as well because we had the leaders of. the biggest country russia the 2nd biggest economy china of course there's no disrespect to the smaller countries but the e.u. members that were there on the title there are perhaps not the most important voices in brussels but still they have something very important to say and it was great to see how you dug into the matter with them they were saying that in many cases. even though they support the common * position of the european union. in many cases they're against the and for worse and sanctions and this is not the way to go right but actually i wouldn't agree with you when you're saying that the
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oysters don't really matter in the u. because the sanctions they're actually reenacted the latter so their voices do matter if either of them like i pointed out voted against the sanctions that the sanctions will be so that was a very important point to to to to ask them and i mean you could tell that their hands are tied and they couldn't say that we really want the sanctions to be off that we are part of the european union but that's like the usual answer that you european representatives give and i mean we can understand them right because they're not in a position to go against the whole union but they're very clear about the message that it's crazy that even the people who are actually putting these sanctions in place. 5 minutes are looking for ways to trade somehow with russia and this is double standards that shouldn't be taking place and it is better for everyone involved for the sanctions to be off and i believe it's very important that you were able to get this kind of answer from them.
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for there's some relief for the people of venezuela as the crisis there continues to drag on thousands have crossed into neighboring colombia to receive humanitarian aid with the border now reopened after being closed for 4 months the colombian authorities say more than 30000 people moved across the border it was closed back in february by venezuelan president nicolas maduro as opposition leader one wide open pared to allow u.s. backed humanitarian aid into the country meanwhile washington's standoff with krokus is not letting up new sanctions were slapped on one of venezuela's state owned oil companies on thursday but it seems u.s. is still unsure about the future of president majority leader to audio recording suggests the u.s. secretary of state is finding it difficult to unite the fractured venezuelan opposition into a cohesive force archies that has more. bike pompei always been caught making some
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comments about venezuela that were not intended for the prime time viewers apparently he's not sure who would replacement there oh if his regime change efforts are successful. just to keep the opposition. groups devilishly difficult the moment certainly. everybody's going to the present and says the next president of the us will be people who believe they're the rightful heir if you're going through. pompei i was pretty clear about the fact that this discussion was not meant for public consumption so we got a favorable response. this is what america's top diplomat said at the united nations when the lights were on and the cameras were rolling now we have a new leader. in venezuela who has promised to bring elections and constitutional order back to venezuela and security back to the region we cannot delay this critical conversation which has the world's attention for the sake of venezuela and
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the region we must support the venezuelan people and do so right now but my pompei o isn't too concerned about what happens in venezuela after the current leadership is overthrown now let's not forget that the us meddling in the country's internal affairs is motivated purely by selfless humanitarian concerns about the people so after regime change there are 40 plus contenders who will then fight it out for power now does that remind you of any recent events take for example the us invasion of iraq dick cheney said that it would go well my belief is we will in fact be greeted as liberators but there's been nothing but chaos and civil war in iraq since the usa invaded there are 288000 deaths so far and counting and dick cheney wasn't completely clueless listen to what he said in 1904 when she got to iraq and took it over and took down saddam hussein's government the money going to put in place for take libya hillary clinton was delighted to hear that gadhafi had
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been put to the sword and we came we saw our died but now even barack obama admits that toppling the libyan government didn't come with a game plan for what happens next what he considers his worst mistake as president probably failing to. plan for. the day after. what i think was the right thing to do in. intervening in libya but who needs play . right after all the people of venezuela would probably love to have their homeland go the way of iraq and libya nothing says freedom and liberation like having regime change followed by civil war and thousands of refugees fleeing for their lives it confirms something that we you know long suspected but you know now you know is out of the open that the opposition is so internally divided washington you know would take over the figures like marco rubio favor a radical regime change scenario which involves the effectively destroying the
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existing the institutional structure that has been built in but as well also in the words of john bolton that to open up venezuela's oil sector to us and you know to really were charged as well to the pre $999.00 status quo where it was a reliable ally in the region and you know a reliable agent of the us and opec to maintain you know low oil prices as the u.s. diplomatic cables and selves acknowledge. concerns over press freedom have reverberated across australia following a series of police raids the 1st on a prominent journalist and then on the country's national broadcaster a.b.c. now the cases are not linked police say this week's searches are based on the disclosure of classified information. the criminalisation and crackdown on national security journalism is spreading like a virus these sun precedent is already having effect journalists must unite and
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remember that courage is also contagious this police raid against our partners at a.b.c. is an attack on press freedom which we at the b.b.c. find deeply troubling the australian federal police rate race serious concerns about freedom of the press they could have a chilling in fact on the right of journalists to carry out their chops the scene might be expected in an authoritarian country but not in a democracy. both stories were released over a year ago with the help of leads a.b.c.'s afghan files were revealed in 2017 and exposed possible war crimes by australian special forces in afghanistan based on classified defense documents while the home of smethurst the political editor of australia's sunday telegraph was rated in relation for a story from 2008 team she disclosed the government plan to expand its spying on australian citizens that article relied on secret correspondence between ministries
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obtained from a whistle blowers. and an australian radio host revealed that the government is also now investigating how he obtained authorized to data that boat filled with refugees had tried to reach australia and fordham said the focus of the probe is not on him but rather his source about an hour after we shared the information we were told that the department of honda phase will investigate this disclosure i was told by high buffet's that i'm not the target of this investigation it's about the people who was supposed to keep this stuff confidential last year australia widened its scope of 4 rating media organizations related to leaks of classified data and australian free speech activist we spoke to thinks it is more alarming that the government is targeting those behind the leaks instead of those allegedly committing crimes. scientific tools are very dedicated to the what the best engine ossie from stopping but this is very dangerous thing this general us will have to
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consider. those in this force as whether this will soon be part of las vegas the genesis question won't necessarily go to jail but the sources that they i view saying in terms of the people's lives that they are very much at risk which is the agenda behind these arrests of these 2 investigations the particular release of the files and house and something you know some of the dissolution and sang for all those in the. district and military a sense the revelation of this has fanned all 17 to be the drafts fencers rather than actually saying the s.a.'s as having crimes the issue has been more than those revealing of those crimes committed to doing the right kazakhstan is getting its 1st new president in decades we report on sunday's landmark election after a short break through the.
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you know world of big part of the new lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. what is it calling the coin is magic internet money the new type of digital currency the centralized digital scarcity chancellor i'm bringing
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a 2nd bailout for a bank that's called the genesis blog for reason to calling it civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can control my own financial destiny it's just a new way of coming to consensus is a game changer in the human history this is columbus discovering a new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo 11 landing on to the max and stacey. with no make this manufacture consent instant to the public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the final merry go round lifts only the one percent of. the time we can all middle of the room sick. to leave the room for the real news room.
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this is the weekly on r t international now voters in kazakhstan have cast their ballots in an election that will produce the country's 1st new leader in 3 decades the exit polls are indicating that the nation's interim president has considerable lead with details here's artie's off. 2 independent pollsters have given their prognosis have given their full custis to who's going to be the next president of kazakstan and well both of them give an overwhelming lead to the all time favorite of the race assumes that amount to ca of the 2 pollsters give them just about a 70 percent lead so well it does look like a landslide but well just to give you a an idea as to who this person is well he's the appointee and
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a protege of the previous president of kazakhstan. and it does seem that a lot of people that the majority of kazakhs they put their trust in the candidates are wrong because our strong there are so many challengers who situation the wrong the war is becoming increasingly too mild heroes so we believe that hearing goes down we need to our words reduce and pitfalls we need to meet our challenges to come from outside or you know from inside but only we we are believe there due to the we work with almost the people our cover star will be successful parents we will all account now just to give you an idea as to how big of a deal this election for the people of kazakstan is. by it has been the president of this country since the fall of the bewas aside yeah it's been that long and this is the 1st election he hasn't taken part in so really the 1st new face at the
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helm of this country in decades and now it is really the numbers as to how many people showed up to cast their ballots they speak for themselves it's of a number of the the show the people who have chosen to spend their time and to cast their ballots has been that over 77 percent and it amounts to the 12000000 of the catholic people here people here. the german nurse who murdered 85 patients was given a 2nd life sentence. on thursday neil's whole goal i had earlier said that he was endlessly sorry back in 2005 hogle was caught tampering with a syringe pump and administering a cardiac medicine without cause that led to a series of investigations he was initially convicted of attempted murder in 2008 and then sentenced to just over 7 years in prison then in 2015 a judge sentenced him to life for 2 murders and 2 attempted murders he's more of
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a notion was that his latest trial. oldenburg festival hall this is where court proceedings had to be held the regional court hole was simply not able to accommodate all those people who wanted to attend and massive trial huge public attention the case raised many questions but gave a few on servers and one of the biggest questions was what is the exact number of people that mr her girl killed we heard from many including the main geology of the process that it is still unclear this is he entering the room packed with people he's caused so much harm to someone who is supposed to relieve the pain and prolong life but instead brought death to his patients this is where news her girls started playing his german version of a russian roulette oldenburg clinic working as a nurse here for 2 years studying 999 mr hurdle would pick up a patient could be any race so done there any age or health condition or social
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background to make an injection that would cause complications so that later mr hurdle could calm and quickly and professionally revive the patient getting everybody's admiration he's calling us at that clinic or so impressed with his skills that they even gave him a flattering nickname resuscitate rambo without of knowing that the person they praised. was in most of the cases behind the patients complications in the 1st place not all of mr her goals victims who were able to survive many of them died the clinics personnel suspected nothing until the statistics came out showing that the number of deaths in the clinic almost doubled since mr hurd who joined the team but instead of investigating the cases henri paul to their fears they simply decided to get through to the nurse before they gave him a very good recrimination letter that he would hear it to this hospital in the
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neighboring town of delman horst mr her go get hired here and. these deadly game continued for another 3 years until he got caught in 2005 how did this all happen we have been able to talk about that with so many people and all of them almost agree that there reason a complex of reasons behind this terrible situation it's not only the system of hospitals and and. people who are working in those hospitals but i think it's almost a problem of each person just to look away don't want to see what's happening we have several problems the perpetrator who is completely without feelings and empathy and then we have a culture of looking away if people had paid more attention to the information to the details then things would have been different. successive canadian governments have been responsible for a race based a genocide against the country's indigenous peoples this is according to
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a long awaited official inquiry which concluded on monday the findings of the investigation into the murders and the disappearances of the aboriginal women were made public at a ceremony attended by prime minister justin trudeau and while he conceded that many mistakes have been made his initial reluctance to use the word genocide caused anger in the audience. here many decades. indigenous women and girls across canada have disappeared suffered violence or been killed. and our justice system has failed. was. this is an uncomfortable day for canada well the report which is in titled reclaiming power and place took more than 2 years to write the inquiry heard more than 2000 witness testimonies and says that the abuse of indigenous peoples stems
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directly from canada's colonial past now it also argues that they struggled to find legal redress due to difficulties navigating the criminal justice system the report states that the disappearances and deaths of thousands of indigenous women have likely gone on recorded some estimates put the number of victims at over 4000 for the period between 198-2012 the 1200 page document includes numerous statements by victims and their relatives here is just one of their accounts. i was he child and this was literally just a month and i have before my sister loretta was murdered she was texting me she was like what are you doing delilah this is not just one abrasion a woman or girl this is being considered a national epidemic there's a whole bunch of really you know problematic criminal activity as
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regards to indigenous women and girls and it's been on addressed for all of these decades until this inquiry on a light on it i am calling on all canadians and in fact others countries around the world to put political pressure on both our federal government and all of our provincial governments to to do something and to actually investigate state actors who are complicit or directly involved in the murders exploitations and disappearances of indigenous women and girls this state has done nothing about it so they've been very complicit in the ongoing sexualized violence and murders of indigenous women and girls but she needn't have been able to put all of those pieces together until now. so take a swing around the globe to look at some other stories making headlines this weekend hundreds of thousands attended demonstrations in hong kong on sunday to voice their anger over a proposed extradition the draft bill would allow fugitives to be sent to other
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jurisdictions including mainland china protesters carried signs calling for the resignation of the city's chief executive carrie alam who has been a driving force behind the bill hundreds of riot officers sealed off hong kong's legislative council which is taking up the issue. one woman is reported dead in a crane collapse in dallas texas on sunday local fire rescue says several people have been injured with some in critical condition one person has been released from the hospital with only minor injuries the crane fell on a 5 story apartment building and parking garage. during a thunderstorm authorities have not yet confirmed if the severe weather conditions were a factor in the accident. also on sunday thousands of people were seen protesting in the haitian capital demanding the resignation of the country's president. reports 2 are dead and several more injured protesters burned tires blocked roads
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police dispersed the demonstrators using tear gas such an arrest has become commonplace in haiti field by perceived corruption and lack of government transparency. it doesn't for me this hour but i will be back in 32 minutes with another full look at your weekly you are watching r.t. . if. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so you want to be president and you. have to be right to be this is what the full story of the m.p.
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could get. interested in the water out of. this city. part of the country has long positioned itself as an independent player. capable of putting its foot down and standing up to brussels when it comes to foreign national interests but when dealing with the trump administration is the government equally forthcoming in putting. to discuss that i'm now joined by the country's foreign affairs minister. this it's always
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a pleasure seeing you in russia thank you for your time and your half of the river now judging from your recent interviews one of the most popular words in your vocabulary is hypocrisy involved almost every time you are asked about hunger relations with china russia with the e.u. itself is really so prevalent in your line of work well actually if you look at. politics recently especially during the. elections you will see a big big portion of the political correctness and the double standards and the specially when it comes to cooperation with china comes to cooperation with russia and when it comes to internal issues. as well sometimes you do have the feeling that some smaller member states. for the same things some of the braised you know and this is something that we have to change.


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