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whew. saudi arabia faces a massive backlash for imposing the death penalty on a teenage boy to. protest. the videos faced a child from you tube as it continues its battle with alleged extremist content but when you're crying foul saying it's just not a crackdown on. hollywood it is a picture perfect in germany to object to right wing candidate from.
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good morning just monday here in moscow and you're watching the international with this latest live will news update 1st and grossly unfair and appalling human rights organizations in the media are urging the saudi government to block the execution of a teenage boy for a series of fences that include taking part in antigovernment rallies with the activists know setting seems is not 1st time the saudi authorities are being accused of violating human rights taylor takes a closer look. this is more courageous he is now 18 years old and on trial in saudi arabia and this is him at the time of his alleged crime on a bike in his hometown and with 30 other children cycling around as part of an anti-government rally he was 10 years old with a job he spent the last 4 years in jail some of them and solitary confinement the
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saudi authorities say he's confessed but the teenager denies this claiming he was forced into an admission of guilt off to hours of torture riyadh's decision to sentence him to death is on surprisingly not going down well ridiculous exercise of brutality of starvation state authoritarianism and other human rights abuse case the prosecutor in quite a racist case is not only calling for the death penalty but for his body to be crucified or dismembered afterwards here's a chain year old kid riding his bike and somehow this is a capital offense now you'd be forgiven if you're experiencing some deja vu remember all the indignation over lost his assassination of saudi john this jamal khashoggi the media allege the crown prince was complicit in his murder something the kingdom need to noise politicians called for immediate sanctions against riyadh
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and human rights groups blasted the kingdom's constant violations of well human rights but do you remember how it and did i call the game i like the king. i should king. defending you king and you have a lot of money. yeah you guessed it minute 3 contracts to the tune of billions of dollars not of course for getting the millions of dollars of oil heading to american shores every day everything made perfect sense for trump and in fact it seems that the shanty case actually helped him dip into the saudi coffee. yes they buy a lot from us $450000000000.00 that was you know you had people wanting to cut off saudi arabia they put $450000000000.00 i don't want to lose them out so why are we now on the one hand trumps administration has just all through a top american defense fund called raytheon to couple with the saudis and build
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bomb parts and saudi arabia on the other hand the fate of a minor facing the death penalty for challenging the saudi regime to be reining in fact in gas what's next there is no pretense anymore of it being moral and of the trump administration there you the u.s. used to maybe it was worse when your prior administrations where they tried to pretend that what they were doing was the moral thing that's been very clear he brags about the deals he strikes you know selling arms to the saudis we you know just turn a blind eye to the atrocities and that say well you know it's real politik we support the arabia because they're on our side is really very honest that he doesn't care about human lives the life of a show g. or any other person on death row or any other person who's about to be executed by accident legally and by the saudi royal family now to experience these as look they buy
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a lot of weapons from us is made of gold media hype about these new gruesome executions i don't believe that the u.s. government policy makers will change their orientation towards early radio whatsoever this early 0 cash out for us that since contractors so you really is a strategic ally along with israel in the me is the us control over that resource rich period called the middle east. thousands of videos are said to be taken from you tube the streaming platforms adopting new guidelines which ban videos that promote the superiority of any group this is just the latest move in a widespread reforms by various online sites aimed at battling allegedly harmful or discriminatory content but as our senior correspondent explains next is not quite as clear cut as it seems. you tube has again shuffled about it's hate speech and discrimination policy this follows a sidestep wark to some assaults and
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a back flip today we're taking another step in a hate speech policy by specifically prohibiting videos alleging that a group is superior in order to justify discrimination segregation or exclusion based on qualities like age gender race cars to religion sexual orientation or veteran status if that was any more vague it might as well have been fog may store a cloud but it's really that vague videos alleging a group is superior gosh according to that statement the hammer of politically correct judgment is about to fall in later other animal lovers that see dogs as superior to men. or in any way to saying i'm allergic to dogs but i'd still choose allergies over another man in my life. when i started out i love my don't suppress but couldn't imagine my life without my has was.
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always very of the me as i see it comparing an entire gender to a dog could be taken as offensive by both sexes and all those in between and sexual but it does raise an interesting point who the hell are you tube facebook or twitter the platforms for people to chat on express themselves or they censors moral police responsible for how and what you say neither apparently all responsibility is yours and if you violate any of the incredibly vague rules you'll get banned no matter how funny you think it is. the stores are the words tourists there say the traffic we're going to hold. tours about all the travelers like please. they are here are 10 things russia excels at and does better than how we do it in america both consume
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a lot of vodka but as far as manufacturers the us hasn't really brought anything new to the game including adding flavor to us that was popular among russian aristocracy before the us was even a country russians is better than americans that is like oh my god so racist someone call 911 dog youtube dot com bulletin feminist your next these eat. an objective observer can see that man's life is nothing but a kind of staggering from control by his mother to control by his wife. women can both think and feel the same time man can. man can either think or feel it does sound too good to be true if they start enforcing their own policies no matter how vaguely well stop hearing about the best country in the world the freest country in the world the greatest country in the world if the
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daily wire fell is i'm proud of my mexican ancestry but i also am proud of my american nationality how do i balance these 2 things super simple celebrate cinco de mayo because you are proud of your mexican heritage believe that it is mexico's independence day because you have american ness and. let's be honest you true overlords didn't update their rules to take down america is great videos but given that the rules are now so ambiguous they can be used to take down anything what challenge even remove the political or controversial video stand or their i say it anything anti establishment. to a picture perfect turning germany next this in the spotlight over the election of a new mayor right now the likely victory of a right wing counted it's a sense shock waves where the hollywood roof and reports. welcome to girly
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wood this is how this little german town of gurlitz up the border with poland is sometimes referred to with hollywood teams frequent guests here not surprisingly look around me having survived * the allied bombing raids hain war walk to its old town has retained a special atmosphere making it a perfect location for historical and war dramas among the blockbusters filmed here inglorious basterds and the grand budapest hotel members of the national socialist party conquered europe to murder torture intimidation and tear that sackful were going to do and so my life began to lobby boy in treatment. but some no fear that this traditionally left leaning town is about to undergo an inglorious shaved and become germany's 1st to vote a mayor from they'll turn to for germany party. the f. d.
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candidate in the vehicle had 36 year old police commissioner picked up 36.4 percent of the vote in the 1st round and he has a serious chance of topping the candidates in the 2nd round runoff later this week now actors and directors both german and for in calling on locals here too for they to mean the far right as well because it is a sort of i personally think it's a good thing that the c.d.u. was finally voted out it never was and never will be good while they are in power. i don't really know but i think the previous government made too many mistakes does that mean no i don't think it's right i think the people of gurlitz a smart enough to decide for themselves i think that imposing someone else's opinion for example from america is unacceptable. it's typical for artists because they think differently they can also voice their opinions we live in
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a democratic country so everyone is free to express their thoughts if they don't live here then they shouldn't meddle in our local affairs so we do not tell others what to do they'll turn to for germany party candidate may be leading the polls right now but with 6 days to devote to the power of the film industries elite now involved the mayor race here him this town has itself become big screen material life an ocean an hour to reporting from the town of gurlitz and it's in germany. president trumbo be celebrating his recent border control deal with mexico that limits the number of migrants that can enter the us but not above other little insurance into the mix it seems to there is now going to be great cooperation between mexico and the usa something that didn't exist for decades however if for some unknown reason there is not we can always go back to our previous very profitable position of terrorists. president truman rolled out his threat of
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tariffs at the end of may due to stop monday all imports from mexico were to be hit by a 5 percent tire of rising to 25 percent of the deal wasn't struck next artie's caleb maupin this morning looks into how trump has got is virtual wall. just recently a column of migrants coming from honduras el salvador and guatemala was stopped after just being in mexican territory for a few miles saying they can't take it and give his papers so that we don't believe in their behavior is not normal it's a sharp contrast to previous attempts where caravans made it all the way 4000 kilometers to the u.s. border with mexico changes now afoot for mexican president lopez obrador he was certainly no fan of donald trump on his campaign trail he knows. the united states government would want us to do the work by blokey migrants from central america who came to live but it seems that he has now decided to assert mexico's sovereignty
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and follow the white house's lead to those most want to have a relationship a read to rate it a friendship with the people and with the government of the united states this is a position the u.s. authorities president trump of all behave well because they have not closed dialogue now we all remember donald trump's epic campaign promise we need to build a wall i will build a great great wall we're building a wall it's going to be a wall that is not nobody's going through my wallet and who was supposed to fit the bill and i will have mexico pay for that wall mark my words now a couple of years later there's not much of a wall exactly but perhaps we just can't see it the government of mexico has dismissed to sign this agreement because their wares no other way to go away all those arabs or all the products from mexico and now we have in between 2 fires
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at the fire next week on government under fire a lot from you know pushing for more control on immigration this is based on really but what our own economy and we think this is just the beginning of this commission battle mr. long is pushing for commercials and immigration at this fame time because he knows that this is good for his reelection on 2020 he's doing everything he can to gain and he's going to one again doing this kind of pressure on mexico and mexico's just saying this kind of opinion is released at. 950 moscow time monday morning this is our team's national coming up one of the stories ahead of the break for the 1st time since the fall of the soviet union because it starts getting a new president our correspondents in that central asian country as the country continues to tell you all a part of the. you
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know world big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the baths and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. make this manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go
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round be the one percent. we can all middle of the room. real new. again morning things over and what was in the story collection of the central asian country because it starts the poll that has gotten t. to elect a new leader for the 1st time since the breakup of the soviet union there's no official results yet exit polls suggest that the interim president will get around 70 percent of the vote he goes down i was in the capital it was still time for us. this monday kazakstan woke up to decisively find out who's going to lead the country in the next 5 years and well i should say there have been no surprises there the all time favorites of the race yes the interim president and the
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appointee of the previous president because sims are much is leading in the race with some the 70 percent of the votes now again these are not the official results just yet we're expecting those close to the evening here but i mean still even with such exit polls with the numbers they're giving it's highly unlikely doesn't look like any other candidate has a viable chance of getting that top job now to just to give you an idea as to who this man is he has been in the upper echelons of power in this country for quite a while and before running in this election he used to chair the senate used to chair the upper house of the country's parliament now if he caused his ballot as kissinger might the kind of cost his ballot with and the i should say quite beautiful interiors of the opera house here right after that i got a chance i got the opportunity to ask him what he envisions for the country and
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he's what he told me are wrong because our strong there are so many challenges to situation there on the war that is becoming increasingly to mild heroes so we believe that here in cost on we need to avoid reduce and pitfalls we need to meet our challenges that come from outside or you know from inside but anyway we i believe they're due to the we work with almost the people of cover star and we'll be successful parents we will all account this is the 1st presidential election in this country in which the previous leader did not run news a little kindness at a bio of skipped this race and so it means for the 1st time since the fall of the soviet union kazakstan will have a new face and. new leader so it is a big deal and really figures show i mean they speak for themselves more than 70 percent more than 77 even percent of the voters of the people who were allowed to
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vote took to the polling stations on sunday this amounts to some 12000000 people as for the what does the future holds for this country assumes are not the kind of seems to world stick to the policy line maintained by his predecessor at least his actions so far as the interim president indicate so but of course it's only the next 5 years that are going to show what really future holds for kazakstan. turkey's approach to start filling a huge reservoir the project started back in 2006 and is supposed to benefit the country's economy but environmentalist's warning of serious dangers to nearby communities and the region's ecology over it.
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well good luck fidel i think. now i just said that i think we should still. try to divert the stream. if not just cause for the people at the to get it cut out but if it. finally is 47 years since this iconic image of the vietnam war 1st grabbed the public's attention doctors gave the girl in the photograph their kinfolk little
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chance of surviving the wounds but against all the old she did although of course millions died in that brutal protracted war. the jungle napalm timeless rockets over incessant machine gun fire. the vietnam war was in many ways a media friendly conflict even decades later his image is instantly recognizable. we can the media recalled really tell us what really went down in past movie enemies wilderness what can we read from the famous stories and photographs about the violence and suffering of the vietnamese and can looking back into the bloodshed of the past teaches anything about the future. well to sophie shevardnadze spoke directly to kim folk the survivor of that napalm attack i'm going to leave you this with a quick clip of the program where she says a woman's movil but heart is not. after lunch so we get clay around and. suddenly.
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jail for the children asked us to ryan i saw on the airplane get 2 words to me so loud and so close i remember. as a child i just stood there and then i saw everything i saw the fall of bombs. landing like that and then suddenly the fire was everywhere around me and my clothes were burned by the fire and i saw the fire. was over my left arm and a in lead that and i used my right hands i wet it up and day by day i i have to go through with a lot of pain in and trauma in ny mayor and
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very low so is tim not only the scar i have from the napalm and the pain from that one there but my heart was in trouble at. the at. the moment i. am. i am. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to. let it be an arms race in. spearing dramatic development only mostly i'm going to resist
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i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. feel welcome you should all just normal guy called. a member of the real world will know what you know but in order to protect. the lord was to be with the. bushnell's. you would need a new leader to be put on the still. lead you to surround us. monday morning something being written you believe in anything that is which. you'll see in the local solutions
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based on. your own work or one group your leanings lead there's a chance to take a look at your bullshit i will get you will because i would shoot. the shit with the feeling. you don't like the last chapter. no matter times are we going underground is u.k. conservative party leadership nominations dominate mainstream had. lines while ignoring u.n. figures claiming 14000000 people here now live their lives in poverty coming out of the show did tourism is governments commit to the un charter is supremum war crime
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we speak to a former shadow minister who has just tabled a written parliamentary question about a possible staged justification for last year's british aerial bombardment of syria and was new york born donald trump right before meeting the queen even named russia syria and iran for the indiscriminate killing of civilians in the ad lib trump the fact that supporting those who would have supported the $911.00 massacre in his birthplace posable coming up in today's going on the ground the 1st 8 years ago the i.a.e.a. reported syria to the un security council over suspected nuclear weapons barack obama's state department quickly followed up to be using the iraq war w m d playbook serious apparent attempt at constructing a secret. under clear tony in production reactor reactor with no credible peaceful purpose represents one of the most serious safeguards violations possible soon
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a us politician who could have begun world war 3 had donald trump not been elected double down on w m d claims to justify war on syria i really believe that we should have and still should. take out his airfields and prevent him from being able to use them to innocent people and drop sharing gas. so-called mainstream media is fully on board with w m d claims worldwide reaction today to a dangerous move in syria chemical deadly sarin gas loaded on to weapons near an airfield there one drop of sarin can kill within minutes and on u.k. t.v. up popped alleged war criminal and former labor pm tony blair. advocating yet more war in the middle east and we've had probably what 12 different instances of the use of chemical weapons so if the world doesn't take a stand it it sends a very clear signal blairite anti jeremy corbyn m.p.'s would then support dres
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amaze aerial bombardment of syria last year and here is how the war was justified in the face of accusations that she had committed what the un charter calls the supreme war crime the crime of aggression let me set out why we have taken this action. last saturday up to 75 people including young children were killed in a despicable and barbaric attack in duma with as many as 500 further casualties. we have worked with our allies to establish what happened and all the indications are that this was a chemical weapons attack but was the chemical attack staged joining me now from darby is now live jeremy corbyn chris williamson who has submitted a written question to the u.k. foreign office run by jeremy hunt to know if his election by tory m.p. is to be britain's next prime minister chris welcome back to going on the road just before we get to the c.w. and foreign affairs what went wrong in peterborough where the mainstream media
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seems to be suggesting you should have won with i don't know who won with a bigger majority well i thought it was it was an excellent result i mean given the circumstances that we're confronted with at the moment and the attacks that we were subjected to in the run into the election on thursday i think we've got a really good result i mean the truth is we've increased our majority of peterborough isn't really a traditional labor seat but because of our organization i think also because of the strength of the message that we were putting out there a message of hope a message that we can transform the country people turned out and voted labor and as i say we got a bigger majority than we achieved in 2017 so i'm thoroughly delighted with the result well arguably mainstream media narratives on syria have never been more powerful these past what 10 years nearly tell me about the written question you've written to where the foreign secretary welcome very concerned only did i express those.


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