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tv   Going Underground  RT  June 10, 2019 2:30pm-3:01pm EDT

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in 30 stay close enough for some more great programs beginning and moments. now imagine a time they were going underground as u.k. conservative party leadership nominations dominate mainstream headlines while ignoring u.n. figures claiming 14000000 people here now live their lives in poverty coming out of the show. governments commit to the un charter is supremely war crime we speak to a former shadow minister who has just tabled a written parliamentary question about a possible staged justification for last year's british aerial bombardment of syria and was new york born donald trump right before meeting the queen he blamed russia syria and iran for the indiscriminate killing of civilians in the ad lib donald
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trump factor supporting those who would have supported the 911 massacre in his birthplace posable coming up in today's going on the ground the 1st 8 years ago the i.a.e.a. reported syria to the un security council over suspected nuclear weapons barack obama's state department quickly followed up to be using the iraq war w m d playbook serious apparent attempt at constructing a secret. under clear tony in production reactor reactor with no credible peaceful purpose represents one of the most serious safeguards violations possible soon a u.s. politician who could have begun world war 3 had donald trump not been elected doubled down on w m d claims to justify war on syria i really believe that we should have and still should. take out his airfields and prevent him from being able to use them to innocent people and drop sharing gas.
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so called. stream media is fully on board with w m d claims worldwide reaction today to a dangerous move in syria chemicals deadly sarin gas loaded on to weapons near an airfield there one drop of sarin can kill within minutes and on u.k. t.v. up popped alleged war criminal and former labor pm tony blair advocating yet more war in the middle east we've had probably what 12 different instances of the use of chemical weapons so if the world doesn't take a stand it it sends a very clear signal blairite anti jeremy corbyn m.p.'s would then support dres amaze aerial bombardment of syria last year and here is how the war was justified in the face of accusations that she had committed what the un charter calls the supreme war crime the crime of aggression let me set out why we have taken this action. last saturday up to 75 people including
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young children were killed in a despicable and barbaric attack in duma with as many as 500 further casualties. we have worked with our allies to establish what happened and all the indications are that this was a chemical weapons attack but was the chemical attacks staged joining me now from darby is now live jeremy corbyn chris williamson who submitted a written question to the u.k. foreign office run by jeremy hunt to know if his election by tory m.p. is to be britain's next prime minister chris welcome back to going on the road just before we get to the w. and foreign affairs what went wrong in peterborough where the mainstream media seems to be suggesting you should have won with the i don't know who won with a bigger majority well i thought it was it was an excellent result i mean given the circumstances that we're confronted with at the moment and the attacks that we were subjected to in the room into the election on thursday i think we've got
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a really good result i mean the truth is we've increased our majority of peterborough isn't really a traditional labor seat but because of our organization i think also because of the strength of the message that we were putting out there a message of hope a message that we can transform the country people turned out and voted labor and as i say we got a bigger majority than we achieved in 2017 so on the really delighted with the result well arguably mainstream media narratives on syria have never been more powerful these past what 10 years nearly tell me about the written question you've written to where the foreign secretary well come very concerned only did i express those reservations at last year about the decision to launch strikes against syria based on very flimsy evidence and i got pilloried frankly in the mainstream press and by some of my parliamentary colleagues but it now looks like the concerns that i have. a word certainly by
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a number of the p c w investigators who looked into the question of a chemical weapons attack in duma and what the c.w. report said at the time after they concluded their deliberations was that yes it looked like it had indeed been a chemical weapons attack and that there you know they're a bit actually launched from the air as it were robert fisk who spoke to people shortly after the attack said that the doctors that they thought the people were suffering from the effects of something called hypoxia which is a shortage of oxygen created by a big dust cloud which was created by as a result of a military bomb bomb them but not by a chemical weapons attack now it turns out there was a minority report suggesting from the a peace deal be you that the the canisters the couple were chemical weapons canister was actually placed there by somebody on the ground as it were robbed then
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dropped from the sky we've invited the o.b. c.w. on it seems you're busy w. . despite the redaction is now seeking out who this whistleblower is a leak the document the working group on syria propaganda media is us was we have to be grateful to you mention robert fisk i mean he said i witness is a claim no gas used when he visited duma after the staged attack is it worth the alleged stage attack but who could possibly benefit by the r.f. bombing there i mean only al qaeda and i says they asked presumably. well that's that's the concern of course the you know the kind of military conglomerate the shady organizations which benefit from cells but as robert fisk in self has said that when you read a report from the o.p.c. w. you expect the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth and the fact that they've you know redacted a key element of the report which is now come to light i think you know draws
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people to the conclusion that well maybe we can't trust the a p c w after all and that is very very worrying indeed this is one of the organizations that you know should be all impeachable in that sense this doors it seems to me bring into sharp relief the need for people like julian a song chelsea manning to actually shine a light on these matters the hysterical mainstream media the time a year ago who seem to be clamoring for military air strikes have been incredibly silent about this i remember having a very rough interview one channel 4 about the whole issue and yet they seem to as far as i'm aware of failed to follow up now with this. i think you know damning that revelation which has been brought to light by whistleblower but before anyone thinks that britain committed the supremes war crime in the u.n.
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charter by bombing syria. because it wasn't self-defense and didn't have a u.n. security council resolution surely our prime minister relied on and the government relied on their own independent intelligence aside from the o.p.c. w. your leader jeremy corbyn or here we go with the leader of the labor party privy council that would have seen the intelligence there must be more to it although i should have you recall we know he didn't support the airstrikes now jeremy certainly didn't support it and the point i was making at the time 12 months ago it was that the that the intelligence was was very very limited i mean when he make a. into the house and spoke a minimum she was relying on was hearsay and goodness knows how many civilians died as a consequence of the of the airstrike that she was responsible for you mention whistleblowers the shadow home secretary diane abbott was lampooned for her support of julian as against what tourism inside job it said about the capture of julius
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and you the un claims as being tortured in south east london do you see whistle blows as key to trying to trying to find out the reasons why britain bombs other countries well without these whistleblowers then much of this information simply wouldn't come to light and welcome to light in the in the future and you know they've provided an invaluable service it seems to me to the public interest and what is very regrettable is the tradition that we used to in a way i suppose take for granted that you know best addictive the journalists you know serious journalists like john pilger and so on seem to be something like in these days i mean robert fisk is a very unusual animal these days but arguably the house of commons didn't take much notice of robert fisk article he said about duma that a doctor he interviewed heard someone shouting gas and it was
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a white helmet to go to is why i witness we don't hear b c w report it they said someone shouted gas but the they remove the idea that it was a white helmet the white helmets of course are funded by the british government what did you make of that what i think that again is very troubling information isn't it and it's going to call into question future reports of the o.p.c. w. is responsible for other thing wrong that indulging in some sort of witch hunt against the whistleblower inside the organization they should be you know venerating honor and honoring that individual and using it really as a way of you know repairing the day. homage to their reputation and given the public if you like the trust of the future reports that they deliver are trustworthy well as i say we invite the o.p.c. w on this show we haven't been able to get them to try and get a statement from them let's just turn quickly to the 2 year anniversary of the granville tragedy or catastrophe that so many saw was emblematic of post $28.00
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austerity what do you make of the kids who didn't tell the m.b.m. event code claiming that the attitude of the council there was futile that racism let alone classism is now evident people talking about the area around grandville is a africa down there well they were absolutely shocking revelations from there and you know to hear that kind of language in this day and age particularly in view of what happened there 2 years ago is really spine chilling actually and you know i said at the time the grenfell is a direct consequence frankly of of decades really of deregulation privatization and cuts it we've seen the fire rescue service hacked to the boat i think so 20 percent of frontline firefighters have gone you a shadow fire in emergencies minister any fears that it's going to be the firefighters they get blamed or not the property developers and private contractors that may have been involved in this tragedy well that seems to be the tenor of the
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of the inquiry and you know i did express some reservations at that so i am about some out in the more big the the chair of the inquiry was seen as a pillar of the establishment and it made some very juby asst rulings on the key legal cases previous to that and we need to ensure that this report that eventually comes out those have the confidence of the local community but to try to you know push the blame onto the fire fights is absolutely shameful and that seems to be the tenor of some of the the discussion and the questioning that was being port you know during the inquiry where firefighters. giving evidence that he's absolutely not the firefighters what they all heroes say you know they risked their lives i know that people some of the firefighters went in so that building busy on 3 or 4 occasions and i know some people who are friends who lived in the in the tower and they they nearly perished they they were their lives were saved by the fire fights
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as they were they were they accepted the advice and they somebody came knocking on their door and said we need to get out they said no no the advice is we need to stop but they said the situation was getting desperate smoke was coming into the flat and they decided to get the families together so that we can have to try and get out if they the tells over their heads they got down 3 floors and collapsed from smoke inhalation it was thanks to the fire fight says that saved their lives and busy so many people's lives were saved on that night be you cannot blame the firefights is the responsibility for this lies with those political decisions that were taken and it goes back a long time he goes back really frankly to the implementation of neo liberalism in this country chris williams and that gave after the break 37 years to the day israel was defeated by syria in lebanon we question major nation reporting of the war now hydrated live with the m.p. for aleppo and the founder of the syrian network for human rights all the civil coming up and going underground.
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and greece has long positioned itself as a sovereign player within the e.u. it can stand up to brussels and put its foot down when it comes to its national interests but when it comes to dealing with the trumpet ministration is the government just as ready to put under a 1st. welcome back this week chemical weapons used by the assad government comes under scrutiny at the u.n. security council could britain again join with the u.s. and france in bombing syria because nato nation media is again full of news of
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alleged war crimes being carried out in it live in the northwest of the country one of those calling for urgent action is the chairman and founder of the syrian network for human rights for their loved will ghani he joins me now via skype from istanbul in turkey have at all thanks for coming on the show what is the situation in libya right now is i think the people being is continuously taking to play you start getting a lot of financial centers and this in which are we documented more than $360.00 civilians being killed including about like 100 children and $65.00 woman so this is a very high level of his religious actually it's taking place since $26.00. of april so they know lots of people have been injured all 1000 civilians as well docking all of the meeting maybe go facilities we did it we recorded 27. and
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54 schools have been targeted 34 place all of warship as well that's pretty i.d.p. camps that's need to people to be to fight and to to be displaced. to further from the border all of clashes go further to the north of syria i'm just one drink whether you think that there shouldn't be really be any action at the moment against the people that control it up higher terry or else around it . yes of course that cern the society that the syrian society is expected to much from i hate to have the assurance from isis the extremist group that's that's right actually but we don't think that this is the way to defeat or to actually get say out of sham byte by byte targeting the civilians and bought up by
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that are getting everyone actually. i think that strength of the will do it syrian fighters in order to make themselves feel who are the moderate syrian fighters actually this is this different issue and also need to be very much important but dogs actually are available always fighting a forum with us for examples but also are there for i would the people who is the is or are the local people who is the don't effected by their their mind by. and who is fight for civil rights i made it clear sham and isis as well and also they fighting the regime they brought fighting those borders both sides as as well those are exists actually there and fight alongside the al-qaeda linked formerly illness or group. normal they will not fight with that with them
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i think maybe now if it maybe so they are of the united against because they consider it a set of them all but the worst site of their own kind of thing and then we just be clear they consider the president assad of syria is worse than groups that supported the 911 massacres on washington and new york i don't think that this illness are similar to all those who support the use of what's happened in washington but of course weak on damn all. the extremist group but i think is committed more crimes than what hate at the head is that in syria killed like further maybe trouble or or other herbals ready volition than what's the other side is is committed is committed about 85 percent from top
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solvay richen what's happened in syria so i think no one is accepted at all and they will be united but who push people to be extremists actually the luck of intervention to protect the civilians so they pose a girling you not calling for intervention you're a neutral engineer and not actually we are objectively not a neutral neutral is i.c.r.c. but i actually the international law considered the a responsible to protect us once rosabelle and this is exists by the general assembly in $2500.00 have you supported british bombing of syria last year we didn't support the any any part of syria in general we support intervention to protect the civilians that's very specific we are not supporting general bumping for anyone actually by not calling
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for any outside military intervention we are calling for intervention to protect the civilians outside i think of medical humanitarian not military. military and medical and if that any any measures this is and this is very clear call for military intervention your advocating for the supremum war crime as as in the un charter because military intervention is illegal as the supreme war crime under the un charter yeah as you all when they were in security council failed to implement the charter saw what to do no 8 years of failure and killing off civilians and crimes against a gay partner i mean obviously that's illegal under international law it is the supreme war crime i mean you are saying these figures of 320 killed in need lip and of course we have a problem that your advocating i mean arguably for the supreme war crime are you
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actually connected to the british government we are not linked to the british government or any government actually we are and we could use a lot is the international coalition very rich and as well as we criticize the russian armed forces very rich so the british government is lying the foreign office is lying when in their report from 2018 they quote the syrian network for human rights they say that in the footnotes you quoted quite a few times and it's called save syrian schools the british government says they work with you and they footnote russian atrocities that you've claimed their videos . they are not lying if they courting or are several government courting us a lot of government because we are really all about source we provide our local national organisation will provide the government with information with is it so it's it's very obvious that state department be putting the ask the dentist to
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farms the york although even the are a bit some of our big government as well that the turkish authority so what we are open source we are publishing we haven't is funded because they there are claims that there are the british government has been providing spence's this if this project but we are just part disappeared with this school project as one offs of our source or so as well so we are not funded for this project we are not getting fund from. government at all but maybe they fund this project is committed to with the i.c.t. issue a lot concerning me of course is that there seems some circularity here because if you work with british and think the organizations who advocate regime change in syria and then provide the statistics the british government uses for us the public to want us to go to war with syria. this is just one big soko isn't you know but
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you are you didn't allow me to complete my sentence and so a lot you up talking may be more than what i want to talk i want to explain my mind opinions if you're allowed to me we are not i'm coming to repeat again this project we are participate with this project only this maybe i.c.t. shit is funded by by the u.k. so let's finish from this point how are we going to war to transitional or stability for syria i know that we want or if you or ready we want before this year . once you get to be moved from this circle this is going to happen by political process not by keep killing people keep pressure people to end this will lead to the violence and this will not going to end at all for your hands bombing just to be clear the syrian network for human rights is not advocating for
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bombing meant well you just said a moment ago that you want a military intervention. military intervention i told you specifically to protect the civilians do you do that fairly are all that you and security council conduct shocked or $41.42 we're not after the it's in the chapter they mentioned when the political things fields and it's filled in so now that there is nothing in the un there are only 2 ways in which military intervention works under the un charter i think of and they believe it's the supreme war crime for larger ghani thank you well to respond to those accusations as the m.p. for aleppo and chairman of the syrian federation of industry faris xabi he joins me now via skype from aleppo virus thanks for coming back on so why are serious all gers russian soldiers why are they bombing hospitals and killing civilians in the. well according to these and these false allegations we have more hospitals in all
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of europe and united states combined every every school square inch we have 10 or top 20 hospitals while the other guys here said we're going to 5 the u.k. guardian said 25 hospitals and something called civil defense rescue centers have been bombed by c. c. . the civil service and centers were dick al qaeda flags and al qaeda troops one of these locations it was underground in a remote area and you know of course you would find the white house let stuff inside of it as long as it out and you can't missiles and the seaport explosives what about the fall of them as you go all over the 54 schools the places of worship the 326 killed between 26 and i 2nd june we do a 100 injured look we've heard these lies in the when we liberated east of the eastern parts of aleppo and when we went there to see it was a big light as a matter of fact these 40 to 50000 put in there terrorists there there are the ones
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who are targeting our cities the city of my how did the christian part of my how did a christian town square you be here with rockets every day and we have martyrs civilian people killed every day by these terrorists sky news kankar sky news award winning reporter alex crawford after her coverage of libya. she's been to your country she came under fire when she was with her terrier al sharm who do you think what do you make of higher terrier because we just heard from the syrian network for human rights that they're not as bad as your president. well if they're not so bad why hardly anything what i did working with i mean i'm talking about pictures and videos i'm not talking about allegations it when you when you promote such groups did the chopping groups do it to guys who do not believe in a multi-ethnic society multi-religious society do once will only believe and shout it out on the religious law in syria well i say that if i say sky news the british guardian britain's channel 4 news they're all claiming that your government is
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committing atrocities trump of course just before the day he met the queen here in london said russia syria to a lesser extent iran targeting innocent civilians some people saying we're prepared for more bombing of your country britain is what did you make of the o.p.c. w leaked documents suggesting no chemical attack in duma which was the premise of why britain bombed your country last year of course because we know we knew before day that the leak was you know the office you know but you leaked this we knew it was serious would be to do in a hospital staff the ones that were that were shown one individual and big video they said that there was no bombing there was no chemical bombing they said it was a speech by the by did but the white helmet gang which is which is funded by the british foreign office these networks these news networks are collaborators with either they are funded by promote the idea they are just as guilty in shit in shedding syrian blood as al-qaeda you know turkey won't as agreed with russia last
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year appears not to be abiding by the agreement doesn't want them back in turkey what is going to happen we saw 25 years ago when genocidal militias in rwanda they used hutus as human shields we're going to witness that kind of thing and they do. look turkey is using its monitoring points as basis for training arming ok i don't just days ago date i'm talking about a lot of support they just aren't al qaeda. with tons and tons of weapons including the towel and the missile tanks we we don't trust the government they don't just government works and use this these gangs in order to as as a tool in order to. syria land they want it live to be part of turkey we know that your real intentions and we don't trust them and we will liberate the 3000000 or so
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civilians thank you and we invite the turkish ambassador london on the shoulder about those claims we'll be back on wednesday ahead of the 2nd anniversary of the news grunfeld out the task claimed the lives of 72 people in one of the poorest areas of europe one of the richest parts of the world until they can touch my social media i went. on this edition of the program we discuss what drives the russia china relationship critics claim it is a marriage of convenience proponents say otherwise it is the pivotal relationship of the 21st century.
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how can we help citizens become healthier and happier for the 7th of july is our business program interactive exhibition open health congress 1st of all the movie tells them to also been forum dot com 16 plus. headline stories this hour saudi arabia faces a. push to sentence a teenage boy to be crucified over his involvement in an government when he was just 10 years old. i mean for the industry big german voters to shun an empty establishment that was a favorite to become. a location for hollywood blockbusters. videos face the child. line extremism.


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