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has been listed as a foreign terrorist organization by the u.s. state department from 1970 about 2012. though now most of what its activities said is considered nonviolent obviously it's writing articles. most of the consider political activism lobbying towards the overthrow of the reigning government so. what you're seeing in these large amounts. that may or may not be so the group currently is said to operate out of albania. and a lot of these articles one of the things that i thought was interesting is. the reason you have to look at it in that it being propaganda is that they always are on the side of denouncing around government. and also specifically point it out which is odd to me that people didn't really look into this when they're reading this author's work is saying that it should be replace the whole government sure replaced by by the. rajavi their leader so that should
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tell you something that this wasn't just i'm in a radio and i want my people to be free that there's a different if you're specifically pushing this kind of a threat that this kind of a organizational change within the government you have to look at who's saying it yeah and that's the thing that really blew my mind. story this morning is assuming you're looking at a time like this is insane this many publications and all over. the. organizations a big organization on the terror what. do you think this kind of manipulation we're going to see more of this kind of manipulation by governments and organizations the public because clearly that's what this guy was meant to do these articles are meant to do or you see more of it we see it all the time i mean we. seen it for as little for anything. but our
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say the united states has a voice of america and we've talked about on this show you there's a number of books well documented how they went in and had famous writers that you know and love writing anti-communist anti-socialism propaganda for the paris review i mean you had already writing propaganda for the u.s. government not even 50 years ago the idea that oh we didn't. even have to grips with the pain may come up but i think the us i think anybody in government of any country using a forum article as your source for government information is already failing to fail i mean look at look a new list of the list of the media organizations. diplomat or daily caller america page magazine a bunch of others would like references tweet. big twitter following
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this guy always the same profile picture as well. between forbes as one of the biggest offenders in fact between april 2017 and april 2018 a lot of the public 61 articles for the forbes website that's a lot of articles coming from apparently this group of 3 writers another person that's pretty incredible. i think there's a lot # to be said for just. there's all of these fact checking machines and all of these great things making sure that we here at our day don't put out an ad on propaganda or lies or anything to make sure and even if we do correctly report something it's going to freak people out and. through the federalists that the diplomat i mean we're talking about a wide range of both. i think for everyone on the. on the wild
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right and of the spectrum you're going to find another one on the left and this is what happens when you have an echo chamber it really really is and the other go trimmer of the group the problem because it's like no one wants to park took something to reproduce. well you know there's some very want to agree with it if it fits their narrative yes or narrative. well. since 911 the patriot act and the creation of homeland security u.s. citizens of the face an ever increasing invasion of privacy in the name of security a great example of this invasion takes place at major airports all across the u.s. today since 2000 when air travelers have been poked prodded felt up and x. rayed every time they seek to fly the friendly skies watchers and peers soon the days of the pat down will be coming to an end but before we all jump with joy and dash over to terminal a to catch that evening flight to nova scotia there's a catch and this catch comes in the name of biometric boarding programs and facial
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recognition r t america's train travis has the story. there are over a dozen airports here in the u.s. using facial recognition technology and more are expected to follow this a part of the government's effort to try to get the 20 largest airports here in the u.s. using the technology by 2021. here basically be your next boarding pass this after president trump issued an executive order in 2017 expediting the deployment of biometric verification of the identities of all travelers crossing u.s. borders including u.s. citizens in the top 20 u.s. airports by 2021 now the department of homeland security rushing to get those systems up and running at airports across the country even though the technology is unproven and largely unregulated i think it's a great idea because it's going to save time and it's not going to have to be fumbling for documents to save you the tech last year scamming faces before passengers fly jet blue all. so followed suit and many more airlines are expected
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to sign up meanwhile the date is used to verify boarding passes before travelers get to their gate but it's also passed on to customs and border protection to check passengers against their watch lists and also to crack down on those who overstay their visas says i think it's a great idea it'll save a lot of time and privacy i have no concerns at all many fearful of the privacy and legal concerns and since it's not customs and border protection collecting your facial recognition data directly it's the airlines and they can pass it on to the government what's going on with the information that's being collected by these private companies that are working with this technology you know there was an issue in china where the records of 2500000 chinese citizens were compromised from a database that was storing this type of facial recognition software there have also been questions of the accuracy of the technology according to a homeland security watchdog the facial recognition systems used at airports only
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worked 85 percent of the time in some cases the a.c.l.u. the american civil liberties union noted did actually facial recognition software wound up getting 28 positives when they ran the pictures of members of congress now there's only about 435 members of congress and they had 28 false positives that's a poor percentage and not only that disproportionately the false positives occurred with people of color although airlines say that they do not store passengers data it shared with federal agencies that are able to store it a spokesperson for the u.s. customs and border protection said it retains biographic and set records for u.s. citizens for 15 years and non-citizens for 75 years photos are only kept for 12 hours the agency told r.t. in a statement a c.b.p. is committed to protecting the privacy of all travelers and has issued several privacy impact assessments related to entry exit and. strong technical security
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safeguards and has limited the amount of personally identifiable information used in the transaction now if you are traveling internationally you do have the option to opt out of using the facial recognition program however you may be asked to stand in a line that's a little bit slower and your documents will be scanned manually reporting in new york turn of the job as our take. and as we don't forget to let us know what you think of the properties facebook twitter and you tube i'm sure our poll shows that our dot com coming up we go to the historical monster to better understand the monster you're joined by adam seltzer author of the new book homes the true history of the white city stay true to watch the whole.
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what is it call in decline is magic and the new type of digital currency decentralized digital scarcity chancellor. of 2nd for bankers call the genesis blog for reason because being a civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can control my own financial destiny it's just a new way of coming to consensus it's a game changer in the human history and this is columbus discovering the new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo 11 landing on to the max and stacey. just manufactured and sentenced to public will. when the ruling classes project themselves. go
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round. the room see. the. officer. told you to get up off the ground the officer began to pat him down. and then freeze on the sounds of kind of fighting him soon i mean grown man like wrestling essentially the officer who. drew his. wish to away from the officer. out of his group. the obvious or did they kind of lunge for the web in one's midst and then when it happened on trace one as observations didn't hit him i never saw any contact with. any kind of went back to where they were so the officers back here there try again 15 feet apart at this point and
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that's when the officer pulled out his gun and he did it on 3. join me every thursday on the alex simon short and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. seal welcome you start. normal guy called. a memory a little you know well you know what if in your motion comes your. spirit was a more. important was to be with someone that. was not what. you would need a new york city but. lead
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you to surround us. but i've learned something you really do believe there are these which. you'll see in the local police which is based on markos moulitsas floyd your own work or lose your words please leave there's a chance to start to look at your bullshit a little you look there's a lot you. that everyone. you know would you like it was a. joke for ourselves. the legend goes in the shadows of the flickering electric like the glowed from the site of the $8093.00 world's fair in chicago a monster looked herman webster mudgett more famously known as dr henry howard is
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widely regarded as america's 1st serial killer who personally claimed to have murdered over 20 people them. he claimed he took over $200.00 lives during the months of the world's fair holmes was executed on may 7th $896.00 for the murder of his friend and business associate benjamin pipes however that wasn't the end of the tale of h.h. holmes it was just the beginning for the better part of the last 125 years tales of his hotel of horrors nicknamed the murder castle have persisted despite the fact that it was never really a hotel there's no evidence to support that hundreds of people were murdered by holmes in the hotel this is because many of the tales of h.h. holmes are just that tales devoid of fact and often based on mere gossip exacerbated by decades of retelling the tales of ha tomes continue to induce nightmares intrigue psychologists and surprise historians as the true story of herman webster mudgett is actually
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a lot stranger and more interesting than the fiction so what is true here to help us better understand the world of victorian chicago that were allegedly the 1st killing fields of america's 1st serial killer agent holmes is noted a.j. holmes a story and tour guide speaker and the author of the book h.h. holmes the true history of the white city devil welcome so my welcome from the windy city of chicago adam selzer thank you so much for joining us adam thanks for having me. you've been featured on a number of documentaries including the history channel's investigation into the 3 that h.h. holmes was also jack the ripper what is it about the story of holmes that captivates was so much over a century after the man's death. but really the legend is very intriguing here is this guy who supposedly had a building full of hidden rooms and torture chambers how do you not get interested in something like that but even at the time there was something about the guy that just captured people's imaginations so that the just encourage people to let their
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imaginations run off screaming no he wrote and published a convex confession of sorts some of which is often misquoted because it was reprinted so many times. in one that i actually had to say it one of the things that i read through i noticed it seems that he almost killed the reader for questioning if the police found all his victims and crimes he says to those inclined to think of us meaning there's all these other bodies that he had and said i will say that the the detectives have gone over my entire life hardly a day or an act has escaped their closest scrutiny and to judge that i am guilty of more than these cases which they have traced out is to cast discredit upon their work which do you think is more likely that he was a prolific serial killer of the cops just didn't catch everything or that he was a prolific a liar but a little bit of both he did kill a number of people yet it's not 1 as many as even he claims to have and that
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conversion he claimed to have killed 27 people one of the of them were still alive at the time right. so what is it about chicago at that time that made that kind of because there is there is you know there's a story that he found a little bit about how much of that mess reporting as happened over the years. quite a lot of what happens i think the newspapers in chicago did a very good job of tracing the whole story at the time and they got as caught up in the rumors as everybody else but they were fairly good at backtracking like when a guy showed up saying hey i used to buy dead bodies from this guy that cern into skeletons to sell to medical schools of course they reported on it would it turned out that this was a guy who would say whatever the police told him to if they poured enough whiskey down his throat they reported that too but a lot out of town papers didn't really publish the follow ups you know it's interesting because the when you look at the story of major age homes and i think you know historically it really is a story of chicago it happened right you know in that era when chicago became the
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boom town you had the world's fair all those before as crimes became known there was a lot of fear mongering about crime in the city of chicago itself what was unique about chicago in the $809.00 news that you know truly made the tale of a cherry jones not only plausible but totally believable to the average person and why do you think he became this kind of great bogeyman of chicago. but part of it is no city had ever grown quite as quickly as chicago was growing in those days 50 years before we had a few 1000 people living here now all of a sudden we had over a 1000000 it was growing faster than anybody could keep track of or that anybody could regulate also we did happen to have a mayor at the time who was known for of just kind of letting things happen in fact the very 1st day that the tribune wrote about age old that all one of the other papers said if mayor carter arison is reelected every criminal murderer and thief in the world will converge on chicago well they weren't wrong. we can also point out just the way the police worked at the time you know the guy
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who was in charge of investigating the holmes castle building at 3 months before had been a flower infeed dealer he had no experience as a cop no legal training nothing in forensics or criminology the new mayor just like the cut of his job you know it's interesting too because i think of your book you also talk about that building as well as as you noted. tabitha you mention that it wasn't really the murder castle but it's kind of being hyped out of them and when i see every documentary about archer jones with murder castle we built this thing to trap people about what are what are some of the control conflicting theories about what exactly this place was actually used for. both there's all kinds of stories about it being built specifically to murder people with everything you could possibly need to kill the person that kind of came out of a tight with the police were going through there and saying oh we found a rule people have been hanging people we found a bench maybe this was a dissection table really imagine if you walked or rode anybody's house you could find a lot of ways to kill people just with the things you find in a hole but he did have a couple of rooms that were all papered over so he could hide stolen furniture in there a couple of hidden staircases so there was
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a lot to excite people's imaginations in this place but really it had been retail in the 1st floor apartments of the 2nd floor that he had of the 3rd story that was supposed to be a hotel but really it was just something to swindle insurers and investors who did not want that omega is one of the things inventor thing is there is the supposedly best hotel and the hotel is really maybe long term rentals hartman's but it's not really are it is a hotel or an affront death no you know there was a he was he did say that he was going to add a 3rd floor that was going to be an actual hotel space during the fair but it was never finished or open for business he used it as an excuse to buy up all sorts of supplies like furniture bedding flooring anything that people would give him on credit that he could sell for cash and then of course he took out 5 or 6 inserts policies on it and strangely enough it caught fire and that's i can imagine that you know how did things hit by around sometimes cern's and i mean that jews go out is were not full for one second somewhere i mean he seemed to be
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a prolific insurance fraud you know and certainly it was a swindler 1st and foremost a from what i was able to fire and there were at least 60 lawsuits against him going in chicago wow that takes some real skill that's what i could fight to as he was usually putting somebody else's name on top of the paperwork so i had to look at. like his mother in law's name it is a friend's names and his lawyers names in his company names of his various aliases there's probably plenty more in the legal archives that i just didn't find. so obviously one of the things that's come up recently is the idea that h.h. how this was all jack the ripper. what do you say about what did you find about some of because there is a lot of there is no hard evidence proving me as however there is some interesting evidence that says he could ever. how do you feel about. stabbing random people wasn't really old style to begin with he seems to have favored ploys and in for killing people it was always people that he knew got plenty of paperwork that
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suggests that he was almost certainly in chicago during the time of the ripper murders he registered to vote while he was in chicago his father said that he visited new hampshire in late october of $888.00 so odds are i'd say he was around the united states anyway i want to ask who is it you know in chicago is do you still feel the legacy of holmes and that world fair on the importance about a period of time in chicago today like what is now you have people come and make a documentary about this guy and all that how does chicago feel about a church home today. what we are is fascinated by it was a new place else i mean i don't think something from the 890 s. would really reflect on our reputation today certainly you can see a lot more evidence of the world's fair itself you see it in the architecture all over the place you see it in the way that cities were designed and really in the same way as other cities of the fair was sort of like a preview of what the 20th century was going to be like for people. so what's next in the research of sort of the lives and deaths of towns and and and what can we
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find out now because you've seen so many things that have you know cases that have been long lost thought that they would never be solved are missing people never be identified and we're seeing every day new cases solved with d.n.a. with that how does the holmes case or these cases like this how can they help us sort of understand the crimes of today and better better catch the bad guys before they become yes. it's hard to tell most of the evidence from the holmes case disappeared decades and decades ago we don't have any bones that were supposed to be from his victims that are still in circulation today though you never know what might turn up you never know what else we might find there are legal archives and probably st louis and texas that i didn't get a chance to look through that might have some more clues for us but really it's just kind of a matter of like looking at the way the story grew older time it's not so much an indictment of the media as how we react to the media and how what parts of the story we remember to colored our understanding of the case for years how often do we see that today average you see that kind of same mistake now being repeated over
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and over but it's what we remember not what was actually reported oh imagine that happens all the time. it's incredible to me that we still keep making the same mistake over and over going to specially with these fascinating monsters i mean is there you know what i want to ask you you know what. what can we expect next in your work that you're doing were guarding the homes or of your you put this one to bed now you're moving on but still to research occasionally what i feel like i've been reasonably thorough with boldness as that is going to come. new things as they come up right now work out of the projects i'm working on a big who's who book for graceland cemetary who was founded by a guy who happened to be holes as big as swindling victims so he turns up everywhere. in a while. so what do you what do you think it is that. well i you know i mean when you think about it like i think you know a little bit of time left but what do you think is the biggest thing we could learn from this as on the whole with the homes case moving forward what what what should
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people who you look back for the curiosity you have a but what should be a more forward thing what would you recommend they move forward and look at homes as life and how we can better prevent them to better. but one thing is going back to what you were talking about earlier in the program is check your sources see where these stories are coming from to see if to make sure we're going to be getting primary stories one thing i felt that was really important in the research was finding the articles for reporters who were actually on the ground working on the story not the ways the ones that had spread around so check your sources that's one of the big ones that is a big one continues to be a big one and i don't think that is going to battle checking an investigative saying is important you know really fair i want to thank you so much for coming on today and obviously as a historian it's one of our favorite tales of midwestern lauras the story of age a.j. chums the true history of the white devil by adams out there thank you so much adam for joining us today oh thanks for having me. this skies of
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southern california were graced with the 1st successful test flight of the highest capacity electric aircraft on june 6th resting the aviation industry into a cleaner future the company behind it ampera says the combination combustion engine and electric motor will work together bringing not only more power to the plane but also reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lowering operating costs and power plants to test the plane throughout the summer in preparation for each pilot program using the planes for short haul flights will be based out of the hawaiian island of maui they're also working with a regional airline in puerto rico to start a pilot program there here's to the skies getting one test flight closer to clean that is a. i am so looking forward to the idea of. you know electric planes in the sense that i think then you won't ever have to worry about a plane flying overhead like every neighborhood never has to worry about airplane
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noise pollution up about going to sound that well and that's a lot of cross i mean one of the biggest cost inhibitors for short term travel the sort of rural areas that have short term flight even things of delivering packages all of that is the gas it costs so much to feel these planes but if they're hybrids if they're cheaper we could be doing the right things up the road level pollution down. good stuff all right that is our show for you today everyone remember in this world we are told we are loved wall i love you are with downtown keep on watching all those hawks out there another great day and.
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you know to the 2017 the german newspaper defense published an article claiming that the european union have lost 30000000000 euros as a result of its a very anti russian sanctions. particularly affected eastern. many polish muslims broke and he committed suicide. sometimes i can't recall that i was i was on there just a moment. we'll talk on the political front on the. elect. these are young to be almost all going to dolls and on to other kind of unknown. doesn't then let's see in the. defeat of the smiths. on
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done told all the folks in the us was an. inconvenient truth time we've never been off the gold standard. people say we left the gold standard but in fact central banks clear all their. dealings with gold and now after this period of experimentation with a purely wrong currency i think for a season the globe various countries are recognizing that it's all nonsense they need to go back to pure gold standard is a show. officer of the road to get up off the ground or begin to. hurt them freeze on the sounds of. a grown man in the christening essentially.
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wish to do away from. the obvious or did they kind of lunge for the web in one smiths and then when it happened on trieste one and i didn't i never saw any contact with. any kind of went back to where they were so the answer is back here they're trying again 15 feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled his gun and even turned 3. thank you. i. live thank.
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you. for. all charges against the russian investigative journalists who are dropped with authority saying those responsible for his case will be suspended. also this hour leaks messages suggest a corruption case against brazil's former president of the silva wasn't designed to destroy his reelection. and we look at the controversial figure whose death in syria is being mourned by parts of the mainstream media outlets are dubbing the man to condone jihad against president assad and praised the $911.00 attacks and the rebel.


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