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i. think i. do u.s. sends an additional $1000.00 troops to the middle east in a growing tensions with iran as a recent report claims the american military is more environmentally polluting than the whole country. for the headlines to this lunchtime new social media platform set up by controversial right wing figure jordan peterson ignites the baby says they both sense any content with authorities border it to. how the canadian reaches his people in the public sector car where religious symbols at work but rights activists say the new law violates religious and personal freedom.
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i get off near the start international live from moscow h.q. just turned 1 pm now this tuesday afternoon 1st and the u.s. has organizational 1000 troops to the middle east amid an escalation in tensions with iran washington says the forces are for defensive purposes to address threats in the region i have authorized approximately 1000 additional troops for defensive purposes to address or naval and ground based threats in the middle east we have received credible intelligence on hostile behavior by iranian forces and their proxy groups that threaten the united states personnel and interests across the region it comes after u.s. central command reached new images it claims are of an iranian crew removing an unexploded mine from a tanker that was attacked last thursday in the gulf of oman what washington is accusing iran of plotting the attack to run still vehemently denies all the claims branding america statements sabotage diplomacy kaleb open takes a closer look. the u.s.
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navy has released photos of the incident that took place thursday in the gulf of oman just off the shores of the islamic republic of iran the incident happened and we now have these photos from the united states navy and these photos are in full color and they purport to show the same as what earlier black and white footage released by the pentagon also showed they intend to show essentially we see in the image a speedboat approaching the ship and removing an unexploded limp in mine now this matches the earlier footage and according to the pentagon this shows that iran must be responsible for the attack because they say that the iranian speedboat was on the scene fast enough and removed the unexploded limpet mine with such precision that therefore that proves that somehow iran must have been responsible for the attack this is what we've heard from u.s. officials iran is responsible for the attack based on video evidence and the resources and proficiency needed to quickly remove the unexploded limpid mine the
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pentagon took the very unusual step of identifying the aircraft that actually took this footage apparently these are still from footage taken from a m.h. 60 our surveillance helicopter that was flying above the scene and apparently imagery at lower altitude drones were involved we have p. 8 maritime patrol craft also involved in the surveillance so essentially on thursday june 13th about 40 kilometers or 25 miles off the coast of iran we have this attack taking place roughly at dawn the 1st ship that was hit was a norwegian craft the other craft that was hit was a japanese own petrochemical tanker and apparently the craft from norway that was hit was can to it was carrying a flammable hydrocarbon mixture that it was traveling between the united arab emirates and taiwan and the japanese crap that was hit was apparently hit twice into. 3 hours now the united states has said based on its photographs and video
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that iran is responsible for the incident however job feeds the reef the foreign minister of the islamic republic of iran says the opposite he says that iran is not responsible for this attack and did not carry it out and he cited the fact that iran was 1st on the scene to rescue the sailors and take them to receive medical treatment and he has alleged that it is possibly the enemies of iran in the region that are responsible for the attack in an attempt to derail negotiations that are starting to take place as iran works to preserve its nuclear deal so it sounds as though there are some american accuse ations towards a run a failed to go to much support across the globe especially in mainland europe a special advisor to the east foreign policy chief believes it's not donald trump losing control of u.s. policy towards to run right now but came from monthly told she spoke to its use of the you watch the full thing on one of 2 don't comb. unfortunately at the moment it
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seems to me that the u.s. as iran policy has a very clear author and that author is not the president of the united states unfortunately on iran he's actually been led into a very different direction as i said particularly by john bolton whose positions on iran date back way way way or you know further down sort of back the line you know in the bush 2 administration even earlier. we'll continue to track the potentially big developing story everything is going on in iran the persian gulf and the ramifications of it as the military buildup continues but side from via the hard news side of it the pentagon's military adventures around the world in the way they affect the environment around us and spoke very often not just in war zones or the studies revealed that the u.s. military produces more greenhouse gases than entire countries like sweden most of emissions are directly due to what's termed defense related consumption i use
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a jet diesel fuel all court has got more detail. forget single use straws and plastic bags there's a much bigger problem wreaking havoc on mother nature its war the pentagon's wars to be exact i . 59000000 metric tons of greenhouse gases that's how much the u.s. defense department spewed into the atmosphere in 2017 alone brown university says the d.o.d. is both the largest oil consumer and institutional polluter in the world there are entire countries that don't emit as many fumes portugal finland and sweden to name a few how is that possible well the u.s. military does have a presence in over 150 countries it's 560000 buildings worldwide make up 40
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percent of its greenhouse emissions the rest is from military operations which in 2016 used up 86000000 barrels of fuel that's in afghanistan pakistan syria you get the picture and it's not like americans are electing people who understand wars environmental impact the department of defense must do more than simply acknowledge take piecemeal action to address climate change while it increasingly threatens in homs oh militaries infrastructure and operations even the pentagon itself says it's worried about climate change the facts of the changing climate are a national security issue with potential impacts to department of defense missions operational plans and installations the top brass might say they're concerned but their words certainly are not matching their actions in fact the u.s. military budget may see its 5th consecutive year of growth in 2020 despite spending more than the next strongest militaries combined the d.o.d.
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is not cutting back it's actually preparing for more military ventures and considering u.s. iranian tensions are escalating in the persian gulf there are few signs of any turning back. the last 4. major national security threats both all of them i didn't shoot as being one of those huge threats and yes it's soon activities are leading to exacerbate but there is this serious threat to global security i didn't mention which is crime and yet rather than doing serious to. problem to expenditures do seem to be oriented towards crew to global. climate change and in many other words. controversial psychologist and author jordan peterson has launched
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a free speech platform called think sport and it's got one key principle that's no censorship the alternative social media site will only remove content if awarded to do so by u.s. authorities only all is not your cup of fully running it all so ready caused a stir as art is probably bhojpuri explains. if they won't let you in the club just to set up your own that's the philosophy behind a brand new anti censorship social media platform that's hitting the web this think spot will be an intellectual playground for censorship free discourse that's according to its founder controversial academic and bestselling author jordan peterson the canadian professor is a divisive figure hated by the left and della fide by the right earlier this year he was snubbed by the most intellectual of british institutions cambridge university he was supposed to have a visiting fellowship there this sought him but that offer was rescinded after
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a backlash from stars and students this was jordan peterson's response to the decision at the time what do you think it says about free speech. in britain that cambridge university made an announcement this week saying they weren't going to invite you to speak i don't think it says more about the nature of the universities in general than about free speech in general i mean i don't see all that my decision been taishan has compromised more in free speech ability because i have so many platforms on which i can discuss my ideas according to peterson's latest video think sport will be a subscription service where controversial creators will be able to monetize their free speech once you're on our platform we will take you down unless were ordered to by a us court of law that's music to the idea so we're trying to make an anti
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censorship platform one of the b. to test is of the site will be anti feminist youtube or call benjamin his you tube channel saga on of a cat was recently downgraded after he made offensive comments about raping a british politician he was also banned from crowdfunding site patria and last year old right poster boy milo yet not police suffered the same fate for jordan peterson and his community patriotic actions to block these prominent commentators was the final straw doesn't look like moving to an alternative provider an alternative commercial product provider that's out of our bailiwick out of our control is going to be viable critics argue that an anti censorship platform could in practice turn into a safe place for extremists and the person who most publicly to test the platform
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is somebody who's not only joked about raping somebody but then doubled down on it saying well if i was junk enough maybe i would you know they said this man is very dangerous because i mean he's interested in much overlap with mine and i mean to student of you and many others that you and pete. and is interested in but because he has that learning and speak something that this is going to but there is who support the creation of peterson's think sport say that western society need somewhere to exchange ideas without fair of reprisals and clampdowns the major point that we have to. cultivate prioritise while in gauging and the robust discussion in public life is that no situation anywhere as an adult is free of risk in that we enter into these things to try and get something out of it it's hard to argue with the numbers alternative thinkers like jordan peterson and the rest of his self-styled intellectual dark web have attracted millions of
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subscribers that suggests that audiences are gagging for their free speech care rose not to be gagged. it's 30 minutes past one moscow time on the but mexico introversion burner when religious symbols has been passed in a canadian province for some people working in the public sector lawmakers have called the move the right to have secular public services and separate state and religion the legislation will affect government employees like police like teachers and it will apply to muslim headscarves jewish skullcaps and of the various symbols last minute changes to the bill also included the introduction of inspectors to will be tasked to ensure that people of these new laws but something called burke of criticize the move for violating basic rights the prime minister has once again suggested the quebec's values are incompatible with fundamental rights the 16th of june 29th teen is a very said date that has just entered the history books of quebec
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a date that will forever mark a vision of quebec that divides rather than brings together that excludes rather than includes that stigmatizes rather than reconciles. will there be police officers going off to people to check if they have religious signs we don't know it's not clear we didn't even have time to analyze his modification clearly they did it in a very undemocratic way well in some or all these plans you suppose university lecture to or an amateur and travis patrol the leader of the canadian nationalist party on the rabbit hole we go because what is religious and what it's not i tend to believe that politics and religion are intertwined necessarily to a certain degree and at the end of the day when you say wedding rings could be seen as a religious symbolism the next step out of that could be the pair of people where not just talking about face veils that dresses women wear
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or their clothes men wear and what this is really pointing to is a code back that is known in canada to be fierce about protecting their identity and that is where the combat voters voted in a nationalist populous government with the ca q and right now as the premier missile a guy out himself says they're getting exactly what they voted for. well the problem is whenever you're prevented from doing something that you feel that you should have the right to do or that something that's so important to you on a very fundamental level like some as many muslims say about their religion you are really setting it up for a lot of i think both demonstrations and likely physical clashes because people believe that their existence is on the line and they feel that they're justified to
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use any means necessary to fight for what they feel is is their right so that anybody feels that their rights are being taken away from them then we can expect there to be as i said i think physical punches and it's going to all be under the rubric or the guise of islamophobia they're going to say it's a blatant attack against a particular group and when you're fighting for that cause this has you know potential ramifications globally where people say oh we thought that it was such a welcoming diverse country but it seems that at least part of it back is islamic phobic and who knows what kind of repercussions we can expect moving forward when people from other countries might decide to make a statement beyond a simple protest this is all it's international life issues they think should be with this coming up a mental health crisis that has to be addressed a police commission this speaks out about a series of suicides in the ranks of new york's finest.
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you know world's big partners. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart or we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other. it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now watching closely watching the hawks. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race in this spirit dramatic developments only and. i don't see how that strategy will be successful very
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critical time to sit down and talk. again good afternoon police in new york city for a chain of suicide deaths of all offices in the latest case a 29 year old officer killed himself right outside the precinct where he worked he is then the 3rd death by suicide in the city's ranks in the last 2 weeks the police commissioner described the situation as a mental health crisis that has to be addressed. and depression is real and people need to understand that this is that ok i don't feel i don't feel myself i feel down i'll bring myself out of it sometimes it's a downward spiral that unless there is intervention from the outside it's not going
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to stop and something bad is going to happen you need to talk to someone one nonprofit organization that collects data police suicides says indeed the number of officers who kill themselves exceeds the number of deaths. it also says the numbers have been on the rise is 2016 a former policeman told us they face simply too much pressure in the u.s. . police officers are the single most treasured tested men and women on the planet everything they're doing is criticized by the public their personal problems are being criticized by their off families and then their behavior on both calls which is a mixture of both personal and private or private and professional actions are being criticized by the command staff the public doesn't understand the pressure that the street cops have that for the 1st responders do and that goes all the way it's up to the detectives but for the most part it is it's a basic concept that these men and women are in
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a daily pressure cooker from every single angle of their lives and they have no they have no escape from that. the former head of european football's governing body away for michel platini he's been taken into custody in france reports to say in the last it's made known going investigation into alleged vote rigging during the selection of which country would host the next football world cup in 2022 that's cut show the. sports correspondent hopefully as wide of an heiress. michelle pretty denies the wrong doing what are investigators working on here than. well. as we know right now michel platini was arrested this morning in paris along with. persons from nicolas sarkozy's president administration and the main allegation right now is when the standard is that michel platini and 2 of these people may have been involved in bribing now the core of the contention is
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the meeting which michel platini who was heading the way for back then back in those days before talking about 2000 he held a meeting 10 days before the thief a ballot on the world cup which was eventually awarded to 2022 so the meeting was between himself couple of persons from you could also because he's administration and the then prime minister and foreign minister of qatar so the main allegation now which the french police is looking into is whether the highest ranking football official in europe at the time michel platini may have been told to vote for her because initially he was supposed to vote for the united states and he voiced this opinion numerous times but eventually he voted for qatar something he admitted to so now it would be treason to see whether this leads to any more serious concerns about you know a possible bribery from the qatari officials when it comes to the highest football official at the time in europe michel platini as you said and this is in this
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investigation is focusing on the $22.00 world cup but is it. you know every time there is a world cup or a big football tournament going on there's a 3 plethora of scandals going on ukraine and poland back in 2012 russian 20000 there was a lot of noise about you know the safety standards in the country but we know how it all found out qatar is no exception this investigation has been running since 2012 you know mired in different sorts of scandals but the numerous officials that i've spoken to from both of you way for over the last couple of years they have little concerns about the events taking place after all there's also you know a host of. spirity theories should i say a political conspiracy theories rather that neighboring countries surrounding qatar may be blotting brain to derail the world cup in the country but the last i heard from the highest ranking fee for officials is that the event will take place moreover the president of jan in france you know recently said that you know there
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was a plan to expand it to $48.00 teams but it stayed with $32.00 and he you know reassured the public that the event will take place but this latest scandal is one of the you know in the chain of scandals and we'll see what it leads to and whether it can actually be detrimental to the world cup in this middle eastern middle asian country it was just gave thank you for the update thank you for the story for this lunchtime in japan victims of 1948 sterilization program are appealing a government compensation offer saying it didn't cover the gravity of the harm the victims suffered the law which was suspended in 1996 allowed the government to forcibly sterilized disabled people to prevent hereditary transmission of diseases but compensation was only offered in april this year just last month a court rejected victim's demand for more money because the statute of limitations and past spoke to a relative or one thing to move told us about the torment the sister in law gone through.
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my sister in law was sterilized when she was 15 years old while susan started going . to the shops and suffered from terminal when i 1st saw. that was when i knew something was very wrong in the old track which i found it was written that my sister underwent forced sterilization due to hereditary. intellectual disability because. i didn't believe my mother. consent the operation because the disability was not inherited.
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to you so did the chief judge declared that the old eugenics rule was unconstitutional he also showed it was impossible for us those who suffered for star in isolation to demand an apology and compensation from the japanese government back that i feel is their parliament's lack of interest in the problem affected our trial and that we couldn't get a good result of the 20 victims who filed the lawsuit it's only my sister and one other woman who have managed to obtain official records relating to their star lies ations the others don't have them it was a member of the japanese diet that introduced an education means the government is responsible for the matter i think the japanese government should offer a proper apology to the victims. but runs are published in the so far this half hour here in moscow one is covered only thanks ever so much watching you news here in half an hour's time for the war stories at r.t. dot com.
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i asked what guy i'll fly if i was on a few years. of the flight. at the last of my actual future track or watch house or. we had one man 3540 years old. he lost this child in the water. some 30 fisherman nature in his nets. i guess to some. that he's going to want to do something and i thought my feet will stop when and then i want to.
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thank you that this is one of the therapy is to. tama that absurd to really harsh things that happened in life. thanks. ringback thanks. thanks. thanks thanks i. was. thankful. i thank. you.
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greetings and sal you taishan. a short while ago in the winter of 2016 just a few short weeks before donald trump would assume the presidency the newsfeeds were awash with apocalyptic headlines declaring that russia had attempted to hack into the vermont power grid upon hearing the news the vermont congressman. hearing that news vermont congressman peter welch declared its systemic relentless predatory they will hack everywhere even vermont in pursuit of opportunities to disrupt our country for months senator patrick leahy also joined him exclaiming this is beyond hackers having electronic joyrides this is now about trying to access utilities to potentially manipulate the grid and shut it down in the middle of winter that is a direct threat soon after it was discovered that poor performance power grid was
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not in any real danger in the russia actually had made no attempt to hack it whatsoever now let's flash forward to today when this weekend the new york times revealed to the world that the us military has hacked into russia's power grid the times reports that american strategy has shifted more toward offense officials say with the placement of potentially crippling malware inside the russian system at a depth and with an aggressiveness that have never been tried before so hard watchers it appears that essentially the u.s. government is now freely admitting to doing to the russians exactly what we accuse them of doing to us in 2016 but unlike 2016 this isn't some madcap russia gate conspiracy theory courtesy of rachel just left of alex jones maddow this is a very real cold war 2.0 escalation with very dangerous implications and potential
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real world catastrophe on the line which means it's time we start watching the hawks. you know what would you treat the bank like a real treat this would. be analyzing the plot of. your life would it be like you lie down i got. sick we. would get a deal. well good we're going to watch in the hearts i am so i roll bunter up and i'm top of the lot so one of the things i find most interesting tyrone is the times also reports that the you know president donald trump wasn't briefed on the operation because they said the possibility that he might countermand it or discuss it with the.


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