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how many more exonerations is it going to take before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about. headlines 11 am from moscow the venezuelan opposition leaders party is accused of spending humanitarian aid money on lavish hotels drugs and prostitution. bars johnson leads the race to be britain's next prime minister despite past remarks coming back to haunt him to more days of violence will see the remaining hopefuls whittled down to the 2 by day. over the morning that live from moscow the celts internationally make heaven when
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they just live 30 minute news updates starting with this story members of the venezuelan opposition have been implicated in a corruption scandal leaked documents appear to reveal that officials from one quite knows movement about embezzling aid funds for personal use the money was intended for soldiers who defected and fled to neighboring colombia last february. humanitarian aid it is more a humanitarian robbery all the money from the famous humanitarian aid fund was stolen take note washington is not only the opposition liars but they are thieves too thousands of dollars from each other. thousands of dollars raised from an aid concert on the colombian border were apparently spent on hotels prostitutes and luxury goods but to members of why those party they're in charge of overseeing the humanitarian aid is our senior correspondent has to give. sex drugs and rock'n'roll aren't something you'd associate with
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a humanitarian aid concert wrongly it seems colombian authorities themselves a shocked and barrister to what they've uncovered and to think it all began so innocently we need to try to help those who are not getting medical help help those who are hungry and today hopefully on the back of this concert we can start maybe getting supplies into them to sway those people who are not suffering so much back then the freshly self-proclaimed president of venezuela called in the military to defect join him and top of the corrupt regime. we gladly armed forces welcome to the right side of history welcome to the soldiers who are today following the constitution welcome hundreds of soldiers did defect some with families some of the small children they scared to colombia they were put in hotels
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and by mid march we're living in the streets we are desperate we do not want to stay in colombia we want to return to venezuela but not in the current living conditions we do not know. how could this happen out of the 7 hotels that the soldiers were staying in all but 2 were being paid for by the un and the colombian government 2 hotels is all who and why do those representatives had to pay for except they didn't according to the journalists who broke this story why and why do all of this a month ago. we couldn't allow for any bad managing of money to overshadow what has been a big effort on the part of all venezuelans that's why as soon as we had the information about the ongoing investigation we decided to send it straight to every impartial of dorothy. the people who did this bear in mind were appointed by guy do
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personally and he only chose to speak with the story already public knowledge saying transparent investigation is needed also amazingly managing to somehow imply that the venezuelan government does involve culpable complicit and that guy duo doesn't cover up corruption which he kept covered up for at least a month obviously the actual venezuelan government has questions. this huge drop in corruption to divert the money that we could use both sick children instead of being spent including medicine is being used to pay for alcohol prostitutes expensive shopping trips and luxury hotels as do those allies why is his party which promises to cleanse venezuela of corruption and exercise the demons of the old regime why are these people blowing tens of thousands of dollars
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in aid money on prostitutes drugs and booze and live a concert that richard branson along with others in the us pro chant of february 22nd 23rd is a complete failure plan why those forces inside of senate and colombia have been using the money to enrich themselves for luxury staying in 5 star hotels and therefore they're really showing what they're about it's about wanting to power for personal enrichment the corruption scandal is just one small part of what the u.s. is engaging in in this enormous assault a genocidal assault against the people of venice well it's hundreds of millions it's chance of billions of dollars that the u.s. is stealing in the name of one way though stealing money from the venezuelan people . the show is to be britain's next prime minister will get just
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a little shorter later this wednesday 5 will become for the race to replace to resume a as conservative leader and by thursday's final ballot will have decided on just 2 after that it's time for the grassroots members to decide his party boy here in the u.k. looks at you still in the race this morning. the contest is hotting up and the field has been whittled down one blonde bombshell remains the front runner and these are the politicians who made it through to the next round of the conservative party's game of knockout or should it be called the contest for who gets to lose to boris johnson in the race for downing street was very still no you're really going to get out of. the house there is no negligence here in that you have the the quest for a new leader has got the country poring over the contestants and dirty laundry whatever populist charm boris johnson might have a conservative party with him at the helm probably shouldn't count on many votes in
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scotland judging by this recently unearthed quote from 2005 gordon brown as prime minister would be obsolete religious not just because you don't popping into fearing high tax and complicates of life but mainly because he's a school and government by a scot is just not conceivable in the current constitutional context their race has revealed numerous skeletons in other candidates close it to can you guess which politician took which drug in their preponderate ix days michael gove was a front runner but his campaign was mobbed after he was forced to admit he dabbled with cocaine in the $19000000.00 tees it was a crime it was a mistake i deeply regret it. should you have gone to prison. while i was i was fortunate in that i didn't when asked what his biggest weakness was at a recent debate germy hunt referred to this. my wife is japanese
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my was trying to. look. although not as terrible as this presenter getting his name wrong on breakfast t.v. steve ron you say that the man that you were back in germany i'm so sorry jeremy hunt of never said that before in my life it's usually men who say that's who i really really want to apologize i'm sorry beyond the opportunities for gaffes his name provides for broadcasters some have said that jeremy hunt is boring no class a drugs to reason may in trousers his edgiest moment siding with donald trump in the u.s. president's high profile spot with london's labor mess come on and then there's a glorious cheer what he started as the rank outsider his warts and all media strategy hash tag of glory walks has been gathering momentum up until now the
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secretary of state for international development wasn't that well known outside of westminster or isn't guys. are you happy to have a quick fill in the very very. well this for i'm filming for the i'm a politician standing to be prime minister standing room meeting people ok so i want to see what people are up to with all this dirt on offer you'd expect those competing for a chance to move in here in a couple of weeks time to engage in some good old fashioned political mudslinging but at this stage of the contest boris johnson is so far ahead that the other conservative candidates appeared to have come down. but a case of politeness perhaps looking into the future and vying for top positions in an all but inevitable boris johnson cabinet. months after
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sudan's president was ousted by the armed forces the country is now trying to find ways to resolve the resulting constitutional crisis that president bush's removal after decades in power has now led to a struggle between the military government and groups pushing for a return to civilian rule as well as internal efforts to resolve the impasse there's also help loading up from abroad to we can report this morning the u.s. is increasing its involvement weeks after a major crackdown by the sudanese military on protesters there urging security forces to end attacks on civilians and to investigate the recent violence or shintoists appointed a new special envoy for sudan than a veteran diplomat who on paper as a wealth of local knowledge and experience in the region 65 year old donald booth has not only served previously as u.s. ambassador to liberia zambia and ethiopia he was also the obama administration's envoy to sudan and south sudan and now he's back in the role but bruce appointment is not being universally welcomed the u.s.
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based dar for women actions women's action group has got doubts about that region has suffered years of conflict including genocide and ethnic cleansing. not only did both want to normalize relations with the murderous regime he actively neglected those being murdered booth failed to put forth any statements regarding the atrocities committed we cannot trust him to speak up now internally displaced individuals who talk to booth during his visits were quickly erast it without any prevailed by booth to grant them release all protection he's a point then will once again silence those who have been suffering in darfur for 17 years so as donald booth gets down to business than. caleb maupin of this morning takes a look at his track record during neighboring south sudan's brutal civil war. as the situation in south sudan continues to spiral the united states has appointed
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a new special envoy to save the day the department has appointed ambassador down on the eve booth as special envoy on sudan his appointment demonstrates that the united states has a firm commitment to the sudanese people and efforts to advance a peaceful political solution now the white house says that it's his experience with south sudan that makes him qualified however it is long record with the country that is the source of all the outrage donald booth was the special envoy to both sudan and south sudan under the administration of barack obama from 2013 to 2017 under his watch the civil war and human rights abuses escalated. this.
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breaks the angry sexual mutilation abductions and sexual slavery as well as killings that have become commonplace in south sudan there is no doubt that these crimes are persistent because impunity so entrenched that every kind of norm is broken now the role of donald booth in this mess hasn't exactly been good in 2011 the united nations imposed an arms embargo on sudan however the united states didn't start abiding by it until 20163 years after the war was already in full swing despite what seemed like strong international consensus favor going to bargo for several years the united states withheld support and an embargo was not put on the un security council agenda. seems like a pretty big fan. and of the u.s. and israeli aligned regime of south sudan he actually worked to get them
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a waiver from the white house over their use of child soldiers and he seems a little bit partisan when it comes to internal strife in the country here's a statement he made about the ousting of the vice president we do not believe it would be wise for him ashore to return to his previous position in juba so this is the man whose task it is to restore peace however if you look at his record he seems to have plenty of experience doing the opposite us never really carried out sincerely so sudanese didn't really care or could really follow policy from us because the us was against the very survival of the country the mistake that was made by the united states and most a mistake made by the students go is you cannot ignore the suffering of people for during your whole period of. lives to the few tried to go the country even though before the break up with south sudan in 2000 when u.s. government did nothing but keep punishing sudanese people you keep going you're for
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sure you keep trying policies that we. come to them for the most part time out of the program this wednesday morning of may kevin 0 in the bruising rout of a race and land ownership in south africa nelson mandela's daughters in the spotlight for some inflammatory tweets. is trump winning can he be reelected based on his record there are many other questions as trump seeks to remain in the white house will the democrats run against trump as opposed to challenging his record in office how the democrats learned anything from the electorate since they're pressuring to beat 2016.
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you know world big part of the law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. again tensions are on the rise in south dakota in the us off the state passed a new riot boosting law that was coined by state legislators to cover people that
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encouraged civil disobedience even if they were not of the rut themselves but activists say actually its aim to protest is to continue to rally against the keystone pipeline. 6. the new rules not only take aim of people who actively take part in riots then but
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also people who incite violence or encourage others to take action the keystone pipeline x.l. is the 4th part of the system that runs from canada to america 3 stages already been completed phase 4 was 1st bespoken by barack obama but environmental protests but then now president trump is given the green light for it to go ahead the american civil liberties union says this new act is not clear enough and seeks to suppress demonstrations before they even start native american activist joy braun believes the protests in north dakota what prompted the government to take action now. and the whole reason behind it it will also be we're trapped in that and iraq are we were fighting that own axis and on the united states government is greater that your read of what we were able you know and when you're exercising your treaty rights you know you know they're declaring war on us they're declaring war on the region but. we will do whatever we and whatever we have if you.
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protect. the daughter a 1000 mandela who's now south africa's ambassador to denmark has caused outrage with controversial tweets about color and land ownership do you ever tide apologists your time is over you will not rule again we do not hear you finally so those statements were condemned by the country's opposition and a white south african group both are calling for the sins of mandela to be dismissed but the economic freedom fighters party her party said they fully support mandela branding her critics racist she defended the comment saying she's entitled to her own opinion anyway behind the argument is the controversial land reform bill in south africa and the expropriation of lands from white farmers the idea of that is to restore justice after apartheid according to the government white farmers to still supposed to play a role in establishing a new economic reality there we spoke to sarah gone policy fellow at the south
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african institute of race relations about these latest controversial tweets now. she is their best sitter to a significant european country which has had very good relations with and that her behavior is entirely on diplomatic and it raises a very pick concern for us in south africa race has been used as a. political tool by various parties she either act as a stand in for not doing enough of the right thing or 2 and taken hours and tried create a split between whites and blacks the redistribution of lead isn't actually it's just leisure without compensation going to resolve the problem the problem is largely an administrative one it's got a lot of catching up to do it i think this is why it has taken this particular starts of relying on the apartheid past instead of saying look it's
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a it's a do to achieve a decent effect for people we actually need to do it properly. a journalist accused of high treason in ukraine has described the charges as absurd during a court hearing curial the shinseki is accused of using the news agency ran as a cover for a hybrid information war against ukraine he's already spent more than a year in custody and told our news agency is case is politically motivated. and he pretty much the way you do your i think my case is a national disgrace it's absolutely politically motivated it is at least silly to judge a journalist for his job. which is keep around the ukraine bureau of russia's read novels to news agency he was detained in kiev i'm a 2018 on suspicion of supporting the breakaway republics in the east if convicted he could face 15 years in prison which is lawyer says the court failed to clarify the charges brought by the ukrainian security forces because he said the court
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didn't understand them either the case is drawn concern from several global humanitarian and journalist organizations long away ukrainian authorities are seeking the maximum jail sentence if they get a conviction which is key says he hopes the new government will look at his case from a more rational perspective. well yes there is with all of will you just deal with the motive was indeed political of course i think no one wanted to find the real truth and punish those who are guilty i've stressed that no one cared for 4 years that we were allegedly destroying the cradle unity government and just less than one year before the election the authorities decided to tackle the situation and how do they do it they possess clear evidence that there was no intention of a coup in our texts and i realize that those responsible for my case i've lived longer in power so i hope the new government will be wiser.
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as well as taking on foreign media crimes also shoring up its military muscle with a turn of $50000000.00 from the us there mr bush the country's defense abilities and help maintain domestic security as has been battling an insurgency in the east since 2040. the united states remains committed to helping ukraine to strengthen democratic civilian control of the military promote command and control reforms and has transparency and accountability in acquisition and budgeting and advance defense industry reforms. the recently announced military aid is part of a series of pentagon payments to ukraine since 2014 washington's funding has now reached one of a half $1000000000.00 indeed sniper rifles and rocket propelled grenade launchers are among the lethal and nonlethal items which ukraine will get from the pentagon the u.s. says the move reaffirms their longstanding defense relationship announcement comes after a reported spike in fighting along the front line in the eastern don't bust region
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in recent days to conflict for at this time is thought to killed around 301-3000 people since that ruptured 5 years ago security analyst charles shoe bridge thinks the aid has the potential now to aggravate it once more. but what we've got here is again as far as previously early start one occasion previously we've got lethal weaponry being provided as well and of course that was resisted by obama and his administration him fearing i think that this would exacerbate the situation rather than actually improve it and that these weapons are marked as defensive of course almost all defensive weapons can be used offensively but in terms of the politics of this i think it's quite. significant because of course you've got a new recently elected president and of course it was part of the election campaign that he would like to see a reduction of tensions with russia and ultimately of course an end to the very catastrophic war that has taken place in the east of his country but on the other
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hand he's also made it clear in recent weeks that he's going to still stand very much with the west and allied to the us and of course in a way those statements are now being rewarded perhaps with the continuation of this aid program. that's why things are shaping up for the out see international news or this late wednesday morning here in mosco always more of the if you don't come for me kevin i have a great rest of the day. oh why paradise with some luck all year round turned into a round the experimentation field but agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise
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why would that the chemical company workers themselves be geared up that suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments but often in day you have many of these people who have one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental races going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president. or somehow want to. have to go right to the press it's like them before 3 of them or can't be good. i'm
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interested always in the waters and that. there should. be. i mash and hansie and you're watching a special edition of going underground from the iranian embassy in london as britain and the united states send their soldiers to the persian gulf and better thank you so much for inviting us into the embassy i'm going to ask you jeremy hunt the british foreign secretary says that he is almost certain donald trump says you
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saw the boat at play trying to take the mine off and successfully took the mind of the boat and that was exposed what did you make of the video imagery and the pictures we have here proving almost certainly that the iranian government was involved in explosions on tankers in the version gulf day nor themselves that these pictures. to prove what they are claiming in fact they or they are saying that we have an assessment but the question is the suspend should be based on facts and evidences these pictures that have been released or very distorted and you cannot get any conclusion out of it v as iran would be very delighted to be part of an international investigation that we would in fact professionally. get the matter in fact considered and to really look at the evidences because we know that
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they are indeed region they have supposed to fisty kitted equipment they can have very clear images from what has happened before did the fire after the fire and that many incidents that are not clear in these pictures so we would be very much supporting. a neutral and thought only investigation into the issue but. as we have said this is unfortunately part of the dirty politics and unfortunately the people who want to drag the united states into a military confrontation are making these kind of assessments to support a confrontation but let very clear that these are just fabrications well planned standing is an investigation is called for by many countries of the international community including germany and other countries that learn beijing moscow and so on why do you think jeremy hunt the foreign secretary of britain those as it's almost
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certain and why do you think britain has immediately reacted by sending in royal marines let alone the united states sending a 1000 troops to the persian gulf as you know this week is very crucial in the u.k. domestic policy because they are going to select the prime ministers to some of the issues that or raised here or out of some domestic policy considerations but we as a said we are fully ready to look at the evidences that are provided by the us or by the u.k. and the i'm sure that when we would sit together and consider it very professionally it would be very clear that they are not evidences the or just analyses and maybe some political considerations ok well aside from the british political leadership crisis which. is evident when this was supposed to be taking place.


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