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tv   News  RT  June 20, 2019 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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very dramatic development only closely. i don't see how that strategy will be very critical. to sit down and talk. it's not time of the year again for a president. public. session are approaching it's our. talking these are live pictures right now from the forum speaking on the effects of u.s. pressure. on sanctions as a means to curb. so ahead on the program. evidence used to accuse russia democratic party emails in the run up to the 26 the presidential election the f.b.i. never saw final report by
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a private security firm which makes its conclusion. on breaking international law thus the verdict of britain's appeals court on the u.k. sale of weapons to saudi arabia the landmark legal case. being used to wrongfully . one of the past 4 pm here in moscow this thursday june the 20th a very warm welcome to our to international i mean and only. let's get straight to q. and a with the public and president putin is always just about every conceivable subject being touched upon so far it's still ongoing by the way he said there will be for one tighter control over the actions of russia's law enforced. that follows the
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controversial case of a russian investigative journalist which caught the attention of media run the world after he allegedly had drugs planted on him and was jailed he was later released due to insufficient evidence social issues salaries sanctions also coming to the for it today let's get an update on where we are right now from our correspondent. it really is a fascinating for in this it gets to gauge doesn't it that the pulse of the russian public just what's on the minds of people in russia what's affecting them what's affecting their everyday life what did you glean from today what's the big subject being talked about. unit hi again i'm looking at my watch right now and yes. a session has been underway for more than 4 hours and putin is still there and that room he's picking questions up from the text messages that are peer on the screens is answering phone calls we're also
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getting live updates from correspondents russian t.v. correspondents from all corners of the country there were also video messages he was in touch with some of the most popular you tube bloggers of russia and you've already named some of the important issues that are worrying the russian public after this moment at the very beginning a lot of our putin was addressing the issues with wages with poverty with health care waste also the so-called whale jail that was organized in russia's far east but now we understand that the animals are being released and this is also done with the help of the russian administration as well but we just have to interrupt we're going to cross live to president putin where
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he's speaking on a topic he may just have spoken about there let's listen in. on this including into the height of the economy which is. very. important infrastructure which includes. with the help of such companies as you were. we needed to ensure those domestic. but. everyone even through no means that that well what. the corporations. really. miss not just the. board for those who purchased just needs to force them ok not for not coerce them but to multivariate them to borrow to purchase russian made products so we've been thinking about it even instructed the government to do that's. being sold and the governor came to this area.
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problem area ok we can see now wants happening. let's listen. as for schools and nurse serious and kindergarten. well we have a squall. as 100 and. $1100.00 places and then. the hospital well this. this place right here it's very beautiful but i don't i'm not sure they can hear us but apparently something is happening. so what are we going to do short questions or questions from the audience. thank you good people. you got
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a better way of here. i am an actor and one of the calls founders of sherry to cold fusion i am. here. we're helping families that have children with down syndrome and other. learning from them out of disability. so as forge special schools for them such people well they are the service provider and the garage. service is provided. they provide this service. to the client also won't they provide everything. which came from out of. it's who takes care of
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the children living there it's a very corrupt system and in 1007. 27. years of. let's just reiterate what we're actually seeing here in case you're just joining us this is the 7 things you all presidential q. and a with the public hosted by president putin feeling a whole range of questions as you can see our correspondent there has been following developments and we really don't know what subjects going to be breached from time to time you've got the big issues talking about international relations but then you've got the smaller sony and issues that really affect people you're talking about the likes of pensions etc what do you think is going to be the main asked in all of today when we leave this finally when plummer putin stops with the questions what do you think is the big topic of. well you know not going to judge but what i was about to tell you about before we started listening to
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vladimir putin once again was the fact that somewhere towards the end closer to the end of this year on a lot of our putin started being asked and he began talking about how russia deals with the rest of the world and many things that are happening outside this country we understand that the g 20 summit in japan is just around the corner it is going to start in just about a week from now and there the reason possibility that the russian leader could. the american president donald trump and these kind of things are always in important one of the questions for the russian president was whether he believes that something could shift or change in washington moscow what vladimir putin said in response to that was that he isn't really respect expecting much to
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change because there are no changes in the sense that donald trump and the way he cooperates with russia the way which deals with russia is taken hostage by the many things that are happening in the u.s. when it comes to the internal politics we understand that the next presidential campaign has already begun and mr putin believes that you this will be the reason for a number of new fakes when it comes to russia that's the way he put it so let's listen to the segment of the q. and a that was devoted to that. the current president will always know. the. presidential race that he's in right now. some of the american establishment. the russian and u.s.
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relationship trying to find something in that because those muddy waters. that are not. proven but once the partners in the us are ready we would respond in kind. another big story that was brought up during the q. and a was potential turmoil in the gulf and the incident with all tankers lot of was asked whether he thinks a war could start between america and iran miss. who said that he was the right person to ask but he did say that this situation is very very dangerous for our entire planet. like to say straits without would be a disaster at least for the region. would be
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a burst of violence those who would. such an option that. would lead to a mix of consequence it's really hard to calculate what the backlash would be ramifications would be. another story a bit earlier from about a week ago was when the american media came out with a report that the u.s. cyber. cyber teams were trying to attack russia is an energy grids and this was something that was happening in the course of the last few months this was never confirmed officially and donald trump at some point even said he even blamed the new york times for publishing this story and called. act of treason but
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mr putin also has to respond to a question about this and he allowed to a little bit on the way he believes the cyber threats from both sides should be dealt with indeed he thinks that the 2 countries can work together on that but unfortunately this isn't something that's happening at this point according to mr putin. we have to respond 1st we proposed to our american partners to start a dialogue on establishing certain rules in cyberspace includes. would have an impact on. critical infrastructure including in the media but so far we have not received any sensible response diffidently we need to make sure that the system is safe and sound we need to protect it from any attacks and we're not just thinking about it that's what we're doing well if any of our viewers.
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are interested in the many social domestic issues that were discussed during this q. and a i'm sure that you can head to our website and you can had on our you tube channel to check them out but of course there were some other important international things that were brought up besides the u.s. that is the european sanctions against russia vladimir putin pointed out that in terms of potential revenue the e.u. lost much more than russia because of these economic restrictions he also compared and how worsened sanctions that were adopted a few years ago with the tariff that are being imposed on beijing at the moment mr putin how to few things to say about ukraine and most importantly he believes the new government in ukraine with their newly elected president has to get involved in
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direct talks with the breakaway republics the self-proclaimed republics of dawn and and the gods in east ukraine now one of the big headlines coming out of russia lately it was the case of. the journalist that was accused of attempts to sell drugs and also the possession of drugs however reportedly it was later revealed that it was the russian law enforcement that stashed his back pack and house with drugs and then due to the lack of evidence his case was dropped a lot of more proved. was asked if it's worth liberalizing liberalizing story sections of the russian criminal code that. have to do with these issues mr putin said that there is absolutely no chance that these things will be liberalized however he is in favor of more strict control of russian law enforcement
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which may end up getting involved in these kind of dirty tricks when they are after someone. yes 3rd brick done of what's been spoken of by its 50 plus questions over the past 4 hours plus we've broken through that barrier thanks very much for bringing us up to date. yet we'll be crossing in an hour to all of the q. . to news with a lot of but for now let's get a check in more global world news 15 minutes past 4 pm here in moscow u.s. government documents have revealed don't say but the f.b.i. is conclusion that russia was behind an alleged attack of the democratic party servers in 2016 the agency never got a final report from private cyber security company crowd strike which was hired by the party to investigate that the report was the core evidence for the russian
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hocking investigation with more in the story. faith is a remarkable thing it can move mountains if you believe something hard enough heart and soul it doesn't actually matter if it's real or daughter faith in god in family or in russian hackers russia also who now after having hacked into the d.n.c. russia hacked into the pillar of our democracy is hacking and hammering gas currently and we did not mention exactly that did occur nobody is debating that that did or did not happen it did happen faith no need for evidence proof friends ex or facts but as with every religion there are tracks is doubt has one of them is roger stone a former advisor to the trouble now indicted for alleged witness tampering and making false statements all related to wiki leaks as part of his defense he has
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requested evidence that russia was behind the d.n.c. hacks of 2016 so the government gave them all they had a redacted draft report from a cyber security company it is clear that the government has relied on the assumptions made by a source outside of the us intelligence community that the russian state was involved in the hacking and that the data taken from the various servers were given to wiki leaks the government does not have the evidence and it knew it did not have the evidence when applied for these search warrants crowd strike the d.n.c. cyber security contractors what is amazing is that the draft report was redacted by crowd strike itself they gave the f.b.i. a rough document with parts blacked out the government does not possess the information the defendant seeks and that's all they gave them neither the f.b.i.
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nor the government gotten under a doctor. version why for the security of the d.n.c. of course can't have the f.b.i. knowing everything at the time of the voluntary production counsel for the democratic national committee told the government the redacted material concerns steps taken to remediate the attack and so hard in the d.n.c. and democratic congressional campaign committee systems against future attacks so here's how it is a private security company that was hired by the d.n.c. writes a draft report never getting around to finishing the final one crosses out and that a bunch of stuff because they're worried that letting the f.b.i. know things might for some unexplainable reason hurt their security and this is the chief evidence of russia's role and the hack of course dowd has might ask why on
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earth a private security company was carrying out the investigation in the 1st place why it wasn't the f.b.i. our friends expose would always prefer to get access to the original device or server that's involved so it's the it's the best evidence were you given access to do the forensics on those servers we were not we were a highly respected private company eventually got access and shared with us what they saw their remarkable faith really can move mountains transform believes politics countries you don't need prophets and miracles all you need is a private cyber security company to blame russia the new democrat testament russia did it of course that is will be doubters and beulah may be one of those heretics you need 261650 you officers appear to have stolen thousands of emails and attachments which were later released by week or weeks in july 26th seen now odd
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hate to be accused of blasphemy but perhaps a little more investigating would be helpful alternatively russia did it so it is written blessid be the word of crowd strike men. europe stepped all efforts to preserve the 2015 year reunion nuclear deal the u.k. france and germany are seeking to unite in a diplomatic push to persuade iran not to pull out of the agreement for the latest on this let's go to our correspondent paula sneer who's been following developments hi there paula so these countries were speaking about perhaps not exactly united when it comes to all things the euros we've been hearing for quite some time but how are they working together to get a run back in line over the nuclear deal as it were. all this i think is an effort by these european countries to try and salvage what they can in
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terms of the 2015 nuclear deal that the united states withdrew from last year that also stepping up efforts to try and deal escalate the recent tensions that we've witnessed in the gulf region the japanese prime minister was in the rain in capital recently for talks as was the german foreign minister and france has announced that it is saying to a high level delegation all of them off committed to on the one hand trying to preserve the deal but on the other hand also trying to reach as the european leaders have stated some kind of peaceful solution to prevent the situation in the gulf region from completely deescalating. we want to unify and foods so a process of deescalation starts there's still time and we hope all the actors will show more restraint there's still time but only little time. but the fact is that time is running out and one cannot discount the possibility of war
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breaking out and this is the spite the fact that the united states has said that it does not want to go to war with iran having said that though the recent shooting down of an american drone over the strait of hormuz was to quote the americans are not provoked but it is just the latest in a series of incidents. everybody have seen an increase in tensions in the region the american saying that they have been previous ukrainian attempts to shoot down its drones you remember that a little over a week ago there were 2 tankers in the strait of hormuz that belong to japan and norway that what also hit now the americans have pointed fingers at the radiance but they still there's no conclusive evidence that iran was behind that and indeed the radians have denied that they were this also comes as the americans are sending roughly a 1000 troops to the region the u.s. secretary of state had this to say. president does not want war and we will continue to communicate that message while doing the things that are
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necessary to protect american interests in the region but we can't do that without making sure that we have the capability to respond if iran makes a bad decision. how the americans assessed that the drone was shot down while it was over international waters however the radian say that it had already entered the rainy and airspace be that as it may the head of the iranian revolutionary guards says that their action in terms of shooting down this drone sends out a clear message that the iranians to do not want to engage in war with the united states but if forced to do so they won't back down paula thanks very much for the bring this up to date policy or are 2. now as we've just been hearing with tensions over iran's nuclear program gripping the globe a swedish think tank has released a report warning against the modernization of nuclear arsenals regardless of
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decreasing warhead numbers not is in contrast no at the start of 201919 states were in possession of a total of 14 thought isn't nuclear weapons the report also noted israel having up to 90 nuclear warheads a country which has a long standing policy of no. not commenting on its arsenal. let's go live now to the director of the stockholm international peace research institute don smith for more on this dan if we could just perhaps start with the latter point we were speaking about there how did you go about estimating our finding i the the number of nuclear weapons in israel's position given the country silence on the matter well for a long time we've been a business that us military nuclear weapons to do with the amount of nuclear material which we. can identify from public sources being available to individuals we actually just have to interrupt if you just bear with us for
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a moment we have to i believe cross bach to the q. and a session blogger putin is speaking to the russian public down just hold on for a moment. to those who are willing to receive citizenship concerning are there ukrainian citizens who would like to get to you russian citizenship we will streamline our procedures to provide students ship in a simplified way. so. what's russia's reaction. showing picking up this sort of our weakness sort of strong we want to give. the ship a chance. to put it. to find a solution to. the situation. you should take to give we still i see it up. do you believe that russia
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should take responsibility for the downing of m h 17. and one more question mr president this year will mark the 30th anniversary of the berlin wall falling. and there are enough occasional germany so. after that a superpower ceased to exist the u.s.s.r. was dissolved do you believe 30 years later russia is a superpower again now bowing on may 7th. flies to russia's never dodge responsibility if it is responsible for something what we saw or presented as evidence of russia's guilt is unacceptable we believe that there's no proof. whatever they present it doesn't say anything we have our own syria we have presented it but no one wants to listen to us unless there is dialogue we
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will not find the right response to the questions that still remain unanswered related to the tragedy of 17 related to the deaths of people and we mourn the death we believe that these such incidents are unexceptable we need to go back to what we said who were. who opened the air space in the place where there was military action in the trash or not they had certified says ukrainian fights is there is is there definitive proof that it was the self-defense forces in dawn of us there are so many questions that i want to reply to those questions just chosen one scapegoats are we it's not acceptable for us. now in the fall of the berlin wall came. down the collapse of the soviet union. russia is the superpower we don't want to have that status it's not our a separation to become a great power. people often.
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see as a country that tries to impose its own will to other countries and other regions we do want to go back to that state we didn't want to be the soviet. when it's impose its will to its neighbors including countries of eastern europe their way of life political system. this is counterproductive this is costly and it's not promising it was going to help the u.s. in the longer term you cannot force people to leave according to your own values but that negative experience of the soviet union is ignored by some of our partners in the west they repeat the same kind of mistakes. when you. say. they believe their parties themselves when they pursue their policy in the
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imperialist way. i. just want to thank you mr peterson sentenced for taking over this is not my area 3 cases of. of russian serviceman killed final russia. it's just been reported. so there was. a huge crime. company involved and the relatives and to their families of those killed wanted them recognized as people who took part in military operations the listening private security companies that used them and the might be people who operate. with those companies this is not the russian and states then all part of the
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military activities so. fortunately or unfortunately they're pursuing some economic interests. all production. world exploration. that's the interesting. those companies and even if they pursue these economic goals they risk their lives. and that's a contribution and that's their contribution to you fight for peace because they. see so but it's not the russian state they're not part of the russian state. last question please see it's once or for our colleagues shinseki is in jail he's been in jail in ukraine for a year and i guess that you're not meeting mr zelinsky anytime soon is there.


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