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president threatens china with more terrorists while the u.s. agriculture secretary says american farmers are bearing the brunt of the trade. american farmer. in this trade war or one of the. iranian foreign minister accuses trump of violating international law and resorting to politics with his threats to obliterate iran. and the washing powder. outrage in pakistan by challenging traditional values and promoting gender equality we put the issue of the debate. a lot of these women it
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has been their position and their desire to see a change within their country to be on the commercial simply give them a platform to add in their voice that they've already been using pakistani women their commercial and their liberal american agenda. it's 11 o'clock here in moscow and you're watching all to international live from last year with nina welcome to the program the u.s. president is on his way to the g. 20 countering of world leaders in japan but before he left the white house he was asked whether he was going to ask president putin not to meddle in the 2020 alexion here's mr trump's fiery response to the c.n.n. reporter. i have a very good conversation was a what i said is not to your. the g.
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20 summit runs from friday to saturday in the japanese city of sarka and senior officials have confirmed that the 2 leaders will meet there they're likely to discuss arms control tensions with iran the crisis in syria and stability in ukraine and of course will be following the event. one of the pressing issues ahead of the summit is the trade war between the u.s. and china trump has threatened to increase levies on beijing in talks with the country's president at the g. 20 proven successful. so they want to make it real they want to make a deal more than i do let me put it like a they want to make a deal of all we don't freeze one freeze one is 25 percent of 250000000000 i haven't done trees 2 years now trees do does that have to be 25 brazil it could be 10 percent which people can absolutely and of us has already imposed tariffs on $200000000000.00 worth of chinese imports over what it sees as unfair trade
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practices beijing retaliated slapping its own levy on hundreds of american agricultural products from claims the u.s. will not bear the cost of the dispute but as caleb maupin explains it's american farmers that are actually suffering. one section of the u.s. economy is certainly on edge and that is the agricultural sector farmers have long been upheld as almost sacred in americana from the writings of thomas jefferson idealizing the yeoman to the iconic speech of paul harvey delivered in 1978 and on the age. gone looked down on as planned paradise and said i need a caretaker so god made a farmer god sent i need somebody willing to get up before dawn milk cows were told to go in the fields milk cows again eat supper then go to town and stay fashion the night of the meeting of the school board so god made a farmer now you would think that farmers would be a central focus of trumps promise to make america great again after all it was the agricultural states like iowa wisconsin and minnesota where trump won big however
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at this point as the trade war with china continues farmers aren't winning they're hurting bad. farmer. trade war i think they are one of the casualties they are the trade disruption yes but trump says the farmers should just take it after all it's for their own good in the long term we were going to help out a farmers we will ensure that our farmers get the relief they need and very very quickly. it's a good time to be a farmer this claim doesn't match the actual numbers look at soybeans corn and wheat production at this point the midwestern heartland of the united states is already suffering from d.m. dust realisation and now it's seeing its agricultural base plummet income of american farmers has dropped to half of what it was in 2013 and the rate of debt of farmers has reached $427000000000.00 the highest it's been since the farm crisis of the 1980 s.
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farmers are also defaulting on their loans left and right the highest rate that it has been in 7 years and 3 months a lot of us were forced to take loans to keep our businesses afloat but yet some businesses were so far and the banks wouldn't give them their operating loans for the your prices for greens and stuff have gone balance and if we can't leave that we're unable to pay most of our bills and get the banks paid off to get our loans back in check with the banks that they don't threaten to shut us down their moods a nigger culture a community are very stressful it's there's anger's everything else or play at the window of this year has been so long from the wet spring that we've had the farmers don't even have all their crops they need to feed their animals to make the livelihood this year in the grow and it's very stressful and very irritating now farmers received a $16000000000.00 subsidy in the hopes of making up for what they cannot sell to china but it was only a drop in the bucket the bread basket at the center of the american economy seems
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to now be on the chopping block as trump plays his art of the deal game with the 2nd largest economy on earth a lot of voices have to be asking how much longer. r.t. new york. times g 20 chipotle's to be clouded by tension in the persian gulf on wednesday and on foreign minister criticised chimes threats to destroy iran saying the statements were illegal and international. president trump should remember that if you don't do it in the 18th century you do it is the united. tried to force you to go. when asked about the possibility of a war with iran trying to boast that it would be a quick affair but said that he doesn't want one. something should happen we're a very strong position it wouldn't last very long i can tell you that it would not last very long and i'm not talking boots on the ground i'm not talking we're going to send millions old use it but i'm just saying if something would happen wouldn't last very long. on tuesday plan threatened iran with obliteration of tirana
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tax or anything american the u.s. secretary of state might compare things the u.s. has done everything it can to deescalate tensions with iran. america's done everything it can to deescalate if there is conflict if there is war as there is a connecticut it will be because the arabians made their choice america's campaign against iran includes crippling sanctions and the deployment of additional troops and military resources to the middle east the president of iraq has spoken out against this he warned that he won't allow the u.s. to use his country to launch any kind of military action against iran. the american troops the coalition troops in iraq again have been the teaching of the iraqi government for the specific exclusive mission of fighting isis we do not want to be a staging post foot or any hostile action against any of our neighbors including iran tensions started with washington and bundling the 2050 nuclear deal last year
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iranian journalist. says the u.s. is actually stoking tensions with every move. depression or the approach that the americans or their allies have had toward iran has impact that this behavior iran now we are in this collection more than the region as a result of the united states withdrawal from the nuclear deal and then followed by maximum pressure against iran on the one side we're seeing the americans talking about the goshen on the other hand they're using military threats as well as economic war against a country this shows inconsistency as well as i think ambiguity in their policies because i think donald trump is enjoying advisors who have conflict viewpoints towards iran and other international issues and this has caused this broad chaos to the white house in relation and is of iran the solution in the
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region needs cooperation and talks and diplomacy between different sides in the region this is the argument of iran. procter and gamble the consumer goods corporation has angered and religious conservatives in pakistan with an advertising campaign for a washing powder and that promotes gender equality. has. gone. down during. a campaign was launched on twitter in pakistani to boycott ariel. boy could ariel where muslim love or culture or religion and no rituals the government should take strict action against ariel brand i miss my request to all
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my dear pakistanis that please boycott ariel as soon as possible because religion comes 1st and this is our responsibility to protect our religion because ariel. prime minister of pakistan we want aerial cloth washing detergent binds in pakistan immediately for driving and spreading anti islamic campaigns through media companies have challenged conservative values in other countries to coca-cola came under fire after releasing a video depicting a woman driving in saudi arabia critics blasted the brunt saying it was smoothing over the oppression of women in the last the conservative muslim country we put the issue of the debate. i don't think it's a big u.s. companies job to insert themselves into pakistani culture if it was women speaking up against their own culture that would be one thing but i feel that it's very wrong for a western company to come in and insert themselves in a culture that maybe isn't adapted the same way that american culture has in a lot of these women it has been their position and their desire to see
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a change within their country their desire has been for women to have more rights to you know education to financial stability financial empowerment that's come from within the culture so for these women to be on the commercial simply gives them a platform to add enhanced their voice that they've already been using this kirshner may set back that agenda this commercial may set back that initiative for these women this commercial may create children are you married at the age of whitney a gala can it be i understand how much how we're not sure brady in our years here did in order to have marilyn company in jail getting them said are willing to you know why you came saying how i see any women i think they're really pushing the envelope when they're dealing with sharia law and just like i don't want sharia law to come here to america and take over my western american values i don't necessarily think i think it's a very confrontational to go into
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a country that does have shari'a and insert western values there has never in the history i'm just curious if you're going. now it is that any type of car you like knowledge about without women or men rather are willing to speak up you're not going to acknowledge if we were in america in the 1928 were you mad about women sitting up it was not america up against not america if we were in america at its peak you would tell that it is in and out america to speak up against the lavery because they were put people at risk of being lynched. the so-called trump storm is hitting the media after 2 years of media hype or top news executives admit that trump fatigue is very real interest and political coverage is down 40 senior correspondent juan castillo delves into why the president star is fading. for 2 years trump was the gift that kept on giving every would tweet absurd comments shocking revelation milked for all it was worth it all good things come to
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an end and people are getting bored digital demand for trouble 80 content has dropped 29 percent between the 1st 6 months of the trump presidency and the most recent 6 months from doesn't a craze he was and is the bread and butter for an entire industry the media all the ratings are up it means you can do without donald trump you would be lost with donald trump he says oh no that's not true see you in terms rootless would be you look toy. with the tramp did you date him because you were you hate him but you love him known liz room once to admit is that trump has helped all of you if only it were that simple this was a merciless and unforgiving rat race every page view every t.v.
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rating point had to be fought over pundit versus pundit and media arms race began and really in the. audiences with any piece of trump trivia and the crazier the more absurd it was the more people would click you heard the juiciest part of the trunk cullen tape where they don't have a definition of hey just see the big story about trump being an agent of the russian government over the weekend donald trump's personal doctor and secondhand speedboats salesman declared that trump would be the healthiest individual ever elected president the former trump insider says she has recordings of him using the one word his own words and actions are racist to stormy daniels new book about her life it's not that book wow she tells all from the details of her career going to yes being in bed with the future president of the united states it was the golden age of sellout journalism stars rose and fell on trump's name career has
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made and done made they were drunk on ratings palla but well good things come to an end now comes the hangover the commercial media in the united states is driven by profit trump has been extremely profitable for them they give disproportionate amount of airtime to anything from tweets or says or does they are driven not by any sense of responsibility towards journalism with a motor report people realize that night after night they had been fed unsubstantiated conspiracy theories there are their ratings have declined precipitously since then. so they're going to be searching desperately to maintain the kind of revenue that trump has. consistently brought in for them and which they've profited by over the last couple years. us stepping up pressure on
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a major energy project between russia and us the house foreign affairs committee is . passed a sanctions bill targeting the nord stream to gas pipeline which is currently under construction now and stream to 1200 kilometer long gas pipeline project from russia to germany the project is planned to be completed by the end of the year russian and western companies have invested $9500000000.00 to gas imports 2 you have it here as bill is likely to be passed by a senate panel next month if it becomes law the u.s. will impose sanctions on investors in the stream to european firms have invested billions of euros in the pipeline and have revisit resisted pressure from washington to abandon the project. these sanctions are counterproductive fail to serve their political purpose driven a wedge between america and europe and everyone in the long term. the e.u.
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should get started with ending its own sanctions against russia executive vice president of the you've asia center. and believe the sanctions are designed to improve u.s. competitiveness. it's not about energy security at all it's about control and in trying to isolate russia in the odd manner to actually creating more friction between the europe europe and the us europe has been importing gas from russia for the postal union they've always been reliable much more reliable than the united states international agreement. but the u.s. is going to threaten sanctions it's trying to use the red in order to improve the competitive the of the u.s. is that in europe interest all. u.s. threats no absolutely not europe should make a decision on their own with their energy security it should not be heated from washington. climate change becomes
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a red line issue for the french president as he visits japan for catherine abilities i'll have that story and more for you after this break. the answer to every single the economic problem every single number and every single statistic every single market reactions to lower rates that's the old it's
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like an alcoholic drinks when they're happy they drink when they're sad they drink because it's tuesday they drink because it's daytime they drink because they're not balling they just drink drink drink drawled how rights whether the economy is expanding whether it's practicing blue for president doesn't matter is the dog bit on his wife hates he's going to lower rates makes no difference that's the only thing they did. welcome back to the program present a manual micron is taking the fight to curb climate change to the g 20 in japan he's refusing to sign any final statement to the catherine but doesn't commit to climate goals describing it as a red line issue. you need to have a red line if we do not talk about the power schooled and if in order to find agreement among the 20 in the room we're not able to defend climate ambition it
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will be without france. in 205196 states signed an agreement on climate change in paris under it each country must regularly report on what it's doing to fight to global warming 2 years after that however president trump allows his intention to withdraw america from the agreement but even a watchdog that emanuel micron created says the french government is dragging on its promises to help the planet and measures are too weak adding that emission targets of failing in 3 out of 4 sectors the report concludes that france is unlikely to meet its 2050 carbon neutrality target and elizabeth new take the sunday telegraph columnist who believes the climate change initiative is facing a pushback from french m.p.'s. i think this is a very classic case of unvarying with being something like a trans the transfer. area it touches various ministries and then restrictions because everything is concerned by the environment and climate change the result is
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that you get on a different. route some some ministries are very committed some of the ministries feel that this is just a brother and they just slow down or basically they do not take the action that's necessary and it's not a particular to emmanuel mccall the man who organized the climate change summit in paris the cup 20 what was his previous also also and all of that he had exactly the same problem which is that in some areas there was real progress made in other areas people said you know this is going to be bad for jobs and then there would be sort of a great deal of pushback because m.p.'s do not like the idea that jobs are lost in their constituencies that they will lose in the next election. complains of a flood of migrants trying to get into the u.s. across the mexico border there's a steady flow in the opposite direction we caught up with one of the many people heading south.
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you can drive you take people you can do it you can do these 3 floors nobody knows who they are they don't know the problem you have a lot of private label that was good. i was born from a mexican mom american dad excuse from taxes when i was told that i was raised in houston texas i decided to move to mexico because i feel like i could go ahead and give a. different look into what traditionally is done in mexico i believe mexico's a very multicultural very strong but we tend to do things very traditional.
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being mexican american i think we are the best at being able to promote diversity within the mexican productive we are kind of the voice of these 2. system that we're living through. i think mexico. could create or is treating immigrants a bit better than they may be other countries why because it's been an immigrant exporting nation i would say that mexico right now it's in a moment of change. campaigns for the 2020 presidential elections in the u.s. have already kicked off and run as a looking to gain political points across many platforms u.s. democratic presidential hopeful elizabeth warren has proposed a law that would allow same sex couples to amend past tax returns and request
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refunds. the federal government forced legally married same sex couples in massachusetts to file as individuals and be more in taxes for almost a decade we need to call that discrimination and to make it right congress should pass the refund equality act immediately. before 2013 legally married gay couples were forced to pay higher tax than straight couples as they were unable to file joint returns the refund equality act which was 1st introduced in 2017 but failed to gain traction would allow married couples to claim back all of the tax that they have unfairly paid elizabeth warren estimates that the refund would total of $57000000.00. support for different groups has always been on warren's radar she's been a big defender of those who suffered mass deportation the democratic candidates also backed reparations for african-americans whose ancestors were enslaved journalist and columnist chadwick more things that democrats are trying to attract different
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groups by any means possible. she's pandering for votes this is all we're seeing with the democrats they're offering nothing but free stuff this is what they want people to believe free student loan forgiveness for you health care free free free think so lowly of their constituents that if they just wave some money in their face then they can get votes they're still relying on this divide and conquer victimhood strategy at the left want to keep doing this that's fine that's their strategy they cannot win the election unless they convince these groups that there's some horrible bogeyman out to get them and that and that the democrat politicians will protect them and be their saviors if everything that they were proposing if black reparations student loan forgiveness and universal health care for example came to fruition our nation would be crippled our economy would tank there would be bread lines it would be it would be an apocalypse in this country if all of those things came true there's no money for it. people have been
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killed and 19 injured when a small passenger plane crash landed at an airport in eastern siberia in russia we can see the craft in flames and skidded off the runway and head to water treatment plant authorities say one of the engines failed when the plane took off forcing it to return to the airport. and he's now i'll be back around 30 minutes time with global update so stay with us. i know that there are all.
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ha. ha ha. we're going to st petersburg international economic forum and the topic of our panel is are we witnessing a paradigm shift in the global economic order of the answer of course is yes it's a matter of degree. it's hard to take some from somebody if you know have some to replace. you're going to do this interview today and all these markets and then they take me. serious. so i'm going to tell you stop selling drugs if we'll have some to put the money back. they just mean the way in life has almost been basically
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mccullers peaceful for the words to you guys over at 6 in any security positions open house you know. david jack me again. you see people get all their cars you know see you coming in the harness seems like they'll hurry up and run into the house like they don't want to they don't want to talk see her get your mail or anything like that. i just want to go. and do things. just try reading. some give me. more to feel good. for because the
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people. just. because you. know my bush. will meet. you do you mean. you.
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are. alone and welcome to the party believe this showdown between washington and tehran is a lot like the united states clash with north korea 2 years ago except for one crucial difference there is no regional ally capable or even willing to restrain. the barbs traded and sanctions imposed what could stop the united states from sliding into yet another middle eastern war to discuss that i'm now joined by david morrison an author all by a dangerous delusion why the west is wrong.


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