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i believe. the military. which is. calling him.
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a broadcasting live direct from our studio. thomas. has arrived in japan for the g. 20 summit the russian president touched down in. a couple hours. let me just give you a feeling. for the main events of the roads are all. very . well there something that explains it easily this area is filled with. people who say they want to get together. what's troubling the world nowadays is i'm very
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happy to be here for the g. 20 where the challenges are great but let me be honest with you for several previous g 20 gatherings in a row journalists were really hungry for formal round table discussions for how the president and the prime ministers were reading out their vision for global development what mattered most back then and what matters most right now are so cold by last when to the leaders sit right next to each other and deal with what piled up between their 2 countries by the way the japanese prime minister shinzo abi will be welcoming some of his guests because medieval summarized house. so what are these so to say golden by lots of this year the american president and the chinese leader everyone wants to know what's going to happen with the trade
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wars next especially after what happened to chinese tech giant wall with another highlight well that's easy to guess donald trump together with the russian president vladimir putin by the way i was told that we are approaching a hotel where one of them is staying the raul hotel. yes indeed this is the home of lot of marble and also go. head doesn't look that cost to me let's see if we can try and get in. well obviously the special type of i.d. was required to get in there. of the face to face was also meant to be one of the highlights. it's but let me
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remind you what happened just before mr trump got on his plane i'll have a very good conversation whether what i say to him is none of your business obviously everything could change at the very last moment here too but compare that to walk mr trump said before he had to also go. based on the fact that the ships and sailors have not been returned to ukraine from russia i have decided it would be best for all parties concerned to cancel my previously scheduled meeting in argentina with president vladimir putin so the protesters that traditionally gather in the whole cities for these kind of events might want to change their agenda a little bit the g 20 summit isn't any longer that much about the group of 20 itself or globalization right now it has a different twist to it what you experience seeing is in your. psych your. job projects in that ward it means new power emerging
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very great power rivalry which dominates the scene and one organizations are less and less the center of. attention of great powers. and meetings who would be more important g 20 summit said if. we've for the new american don't treat in america 1st on the eve of the g 20 summit the russian president gave an interview to the financial times speaking about key threats to global security. to put it bluntly the situation is definitely become more dramatic and explosive in the sense the world has become more fragmented and less predictable which is the most important and regrettable thing well this interview was particularly extensive and he touched on almost every major topic i
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mean g. 20 summit coming up putin donald trump said to meet of course the question was about putin's relations with american presidents and he said he's met many during his years as president as prime minister from bill clinton all the way to donald trump and he said usually he has a good solid working relationship with the united states leaders he also added that donald trump is an odd one out he's not a career paul politician he's a he's a maverick he's someone from the sideline sidelines not a politician at all and he said he doesn't agree with many if not most of donald trump's decisions his problem solving but at least he gets stuff done he will soon ridiculed again allegations that russia interfered in the u.s. election he said donald trump didn't win because of any collusion which was
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disproven donald trump won because he felt what the american people wanted to know what is happening in the west what is the reason for the trump phenomenon as you say in the u.s. what's happening in europe is where the ruling elites have broken away from the people the obvious problem is the gap between the interest of the lees and the overwhelming majority of the people russia has been accused and strange that may seem it is still being accused despite the minor reports of mythical interference in the u.s. election what happened in reality mr trump looked into his opponents attitude to him and saw changes in american society and he took advantage of this year the thing he talked about is the square pulse poisoning in the u.k. essentially here that. look we can spend an eternity blaming each other compiling lists of the other side has done without any sort of proof just just talk he said this group owl poisoning should be investigated solved and resolved by intelligence
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agencies by. agents and spies and they should look into what happened they should the professionals they should establish what to do about it he said that politics has no place in the script poisoning and in the whole affair. also added that while traitors should be punished this isn't the way to go about it. listen all this fuss about spies and counter-spies is not worth serious industry relations this spy story as we say is not worth 5 complex or even 5 pounds for a matter as a matter of fact treason is the greatest crime possible and traitors must be punished this gentleman script had already been punished he was arrested sentenced and then served time in prison he received his punishment for that matter he was off the radar why would anyone be interested in him he got punished he was detained arrested sentenced and then spent 5 years in prison then he was released and now
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was it things like me and putin talked about is the death the liberal idea he said the liberal idea which has been dictated to the world for the past 10 years as liberals progressives dictating what to do how to go about various cultural policies immigration about multiculturalism he said look what's happening in europe look what's happening all over the world the right wing parties are rising because people have spoken out against the liberal idea it is now obsolete he mentioned angle of merkel letting in a 1000000 syrian refugees as one of the mistakes that the liberals have made in the . plenty says. with regards to russia. there is no there is no problem with the. community said let people live as they want but it will never be a replacement for traditional family but to there is also the so-called liberal
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idea which is outlived its purpose our western partners have admitted to some elements of the liberal idea such as multiculturalism and no longer tenable various ideas various opinions should have a chance to exist and manifest themselves but at the same time the interests of the general public should never be forgotten but you also spoke about building budding arms race that i would says already begun a nuclear arms race he. he he blamed the united states he says it was the united states that pulled out of the antiballistic missile treaty it was the united states that pulled out of the. treaty their building their arsenals modernizing their asses now the situation now is worse than it was during the cold war because journalists old war there were rules there were things that neither side would do now apparently there are no rules which makes the situation so much more dangerous
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said russia for its part is ready to work together with with the west with chinese said we're ready for another treaty arms limitation together with china's a trilateral but he says that the united states must also show a willingness to get involved. nevertheless this is this is you know this is a huge interview a lot of a lot of stuff covered obviously we can't go through it all now but the big meeting between vladimir putin and dong trump is imminent he'll be meeting with terrorism is well which is a pretty big step forward considering how awful russian british relations are so i expect much more interesting interesting stuff to come. at the moment. the u.n. special report tour on torture has once again highlighted his concerns over the case of julius saatchi and is now accusing the media of ignoring the alleged inhumane treatment of the wiki leaks founder the guardian the washington post and reuters
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have reportedly all declined to publish the u.n. officials latest report mills meltzer told us the reasons he was given for the refusal some of them said it wasn't high enough on their news agenda some of them said that it was not within their core area of interest but you know there have been reporting all of them on the case of julian assigned when it was about his cox into skateboard and kind of the allegations that he smeared excrements on the walls but when you have a serious piece that actually tries to do you might ask this this public narrative and to actually show the facts below it then they're not interested in the special repertory earlier highlighted the songes prison conditions as a major concern he is currently serving a 50 week sentence in the u.k. for skipping bail back in 2012 mr meltzer also brought up on other issues last month saying well your visits have been limited and to short and access to case
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files and documents have been lacking here is mils also once again. i think it's very important to point out i knew that i was going to get into a very politicized environment when i visited julian assange i didn't know him before so i took with me 2 experienced medical experts a psychiatry and a forensic expert and have worked for decades in examining torture victims just to get a objective scientific medical basis for my assessment and what they found is a person who shows all the symptoms that are typical for a person who has been exposed to prolong psychological torture he has been exposed to public mourning now that's a slippery slope you know we will be in a debate when it's 2 side it's done more being basically is something like mudslinging that's not torture yet but when you start exposing a isolated individual who cannot defend himself to a sustained campaign of shaming of humiliation of ridicule of even death threats
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and call for his assassination and he's completely isolated then that can cause severe psychological trauma the foreign secretary jeremy hunt is my counterpart in the u.k. and i asked him for authorization to visit during our sanjay in order to examine the situation and the risk of torture and so he knew precisely what i was going to do and when obviously they didn't like the result of my observations now all of the sudden this should be meddling in the judicial process it is my mandate to examine whether to digicel proceedings are fair whether they are in compliance with human rights and whether or whether we have come to come to the conclusion that rather we are observing judicial harassment that are designed to put under un due pressure and to actually break him psychologically. we also spoke to swedish programmer and a digital privacy activist all of beenie he recently spent 2 months in prison in
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ecuador for allegedly trying to hack a government computers binny told us his case was politically motivated and that prosecutors tried to link him to a songe but he says he has never worked for me kulaks i feel persecuted because public official from going on t.v. lying about my case and then giving conflict in after moment i feel persecuted because my legal rights have been broken repeatedly and many many times over this process i can't tell you what the reasons are behind it but i can tell you that it's politically motivated and there are 2 main reasons why i say this the 1st one is that during the 1st 3 hearings the reasons the judges gave for keeping me in prison were not actually compatible with ecuador law my initial detention was illegal which was confirmed by the heaviest corpus tribunal last week i'm finally the precedents and the minister of interior has repeatedly gone on television shows . saying several different strands about my case that they didn't contradict and
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when they gave witness testimony 2 weeks ago. bahrain has recalled its ambassador from iraq after protesters stormed the kingdom's embassy in baghdad dozens of people broke into the embassy compound on thursday night taking it down the bahraini flag and installing of the palestinian flag they were protesting against the recent u.s. led conference held in bahrain promoting washington's plan for israel and palestine the iraqi authorities have condemned the embassy breach and arrested $54.00 suspects. the u.s. president claims that the chinese economy has been devastated by u.s. tariffs and that beijing urgently needs a new trade deal. so they want to make a deal that they want to make a deal more than i do let me put it that they want to make a deal i've only done phase one phase one is 25 percent 250000000000 i haven't done
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phase 2 yet now phase 2 doesn't have to be 25 percent it could be 10 percent which people can absolutely and all of us have so far impose tariffs on 2 $150000000000.00 worth of chinese imports over what it claims are unfair trade practices among washington's concerns are beijing's subsidies to chinese industry restrictions on competition and alleged intellectual property theft china has had back with import taxes on $110000000000.00 worth of american goods and that has dealt a blow to the u.s. agricultural sector as artie's came up in comments. one section of the u.s. economy is certainly on edge and that is the agricultural sector farmers have long been upheld as almost sacred in americana from the writings of thomas jefferson idealizing the yeoman to the iconic speech of paul harvey delivered in 1978 and on the age they looked down on as planned paradise and said i need
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a caretaker so god made a farmer god sent i need somebody with me to get up before dawn milk cows work all make in the fields milk cows again eat supper then go to town and stay past midnight at a meeting of the school board so god made a farmer now you would think that farmers would be a central focus of drums promise to make america great again after all it was the agricultural states like iowa wisconsin and minnesota where trump won big however at this point as the trade war with china continues farmers aren't winning they're hurting bad. farmer. trade war i think they are one of the casualties they are the trade disruption yes but trump says the farmers should just take it after all it's for their own good in the long term we were going to help out a farmers we will ensure that our farmers get the relief they need and very very quickly. it's a good time to be a farmer this claim doesn't match the actual numbers look at soybeans corn and wheat production at this point the midwestern heartland of the united states is
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already suffering from dust realisation and now it's seeing its agricultural base plummet income of american farmers has dropped to half of what it was in 2013 and the rate of debt of farmers has reached $427000000000.00 the highest it's been since the farm crisis of the 1980 s. farmers are also defaulting on their loans left and right the highest rate that it has been in 7 years and 3 months a lot of us were forced to take loans to keep our businesses afloat but yet some businesses were so far and the banks wouldn't give them their operating loans for the your prices for greens and stuff of gun violence and if we can't leave that we're unable to pay most of our bills and get the banks paid off to get our loans back in check with the banks that they don't threaten to shut us down the mood's a nigger culture community are very stressful it's theirs angers everything else our plaything window of this year has been so long from the wet spring that we've had at the farmers don't even have all their crops they need to feed their animals
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to make the livelihood this year imma grow and it's very stressful and very irritating now farmers received a $16000000000.00 subsidy in the hopes of making up for what they cannot sell to china but it was only a drop in the bucket the bread basket at the center of the american economy seems to now be on the chopping block as trump plays his art of the deal game with the 2nd largest economy on earth a lot of voices have to be asking how much longer. r.t. new york. a british waste management firm has been convicted for attempting to send contaminated materials to china artie's a child to be has more. ever wondered what happens to your rubbish at the end of the day or where those carefully placed for cycling in several bins actually ends up well for you is much of it was being shipped off to less developed countries
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china in particular but now it looks like the tight is turning. now it turns out that the u.k. firm has been caught red handed trying to use this as a loophole to export contaminated with cereals this company a big waste services has been convicted after a spot check discovered a host of unsanitary items amongst the $725.00 ton load contain this that would do you it to be shipped to china instead of waste paper the investigators found
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human waste used not bees condoms and summitry towels amongst a host of other don't pay pal items such as plastic the u.k. environment agency described the smell from the container as a moment like its welcome to the 3rd act the regulations we use were brought in to stop the west's marilee pos and the problem to other countries it was commonplace in the 970 s. and eighty's for developed nations to send vast amounts of waste to brought the waste contains offensive material likely to have been discarded by the receiving contrie at great risk and cost to the environment and people the guilt of your digs justify our decision to prosecute be. bissette remains adamant that he did nothing wrong and says the real problem is actually down to a lack of clear guidance for the industry over the long sceptical levels of purity all we strongly contested this case and are very disappointed with this outcome the
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materials we supplied commanded market lead in prices and we match ballot international industry and customer standards the environmental agency has been continually asked to specify a required level of purity by both the industry and in one instance to court of appeal and the failure to do so is a breach of its responsibilities to the market in the absence of any guidelines our products always met the standards set by our customers and provided a route to recycling in an environmentally sound manner so as countries like china cracked down on taking care of the west's inability or unwillingness to deal with its own rubbish the question is what. next challenge even ski altie high with. a longer detergent ad has triggered a gender equality rally in pakistan the brand own to buy american multinational
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procter and gamble opted to show women taking on traditionally male roles. commercial has drummed up plenty of reaction on social media with some people even calling for the authorities to take action against the product. boy could ariel we're muslim and we love our culture or religion and no rituals the government should take strict action against ariel brand and it's my request to all my dear pakistanis that please boycott ariel assoon as possible because religion comes 1st and this is our responsibility to protect our religion boycotts ariel prime minister of pakistan we want aerial cloth washing detergents banned in pakistan
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immediately for driving and spreading anti islamic campaigns through media we asked some media commentators whether the detergent commercial was right to push the boundaries of social norms in pakistan. i don't think it's a big u.s. companies job to insert themselves into pakistani culture or if it was women speaking up against their own culture that would be one thing but i feel that it's very wrong for a western company to come in and insert themselves in a culture that maybe isn't adapted the same way that american culture has and a lot of these women it has been their position and their desire to see a change within their country their desire has been for women to have more rights to you know education to financial stability financial empowerment that's come from within the culture so for these women to be on the commercial simply gives them a platform to add enhanced their voice that they've already been using this kirshner may set back that agenda this commercial may set back that initiative for
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these women this commercial may create children are you married at the age of would it be a gala can it be i understand how much how we're not sure brady and peyton are going to have marilyn company in jail getting them said are willing to you know why why you came saying how i see any women i think they're really pushing the envelope when they're dealing with sharia law and just like i don't want sharia law to come here to one merica and take over my western american values i don't necessarily think i think it's very confrontational to go into a country that does have shari'a and insert western values there has never in the history i'm just as if you're going to acknowledge that i'm type of knowledge that without women in america who are willing to speak you're not going to acknowledge if we were in america in the 1920 if it were not about women sitting up it was not america up against not america if we were in america at its peak you would tell
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that it is not a marilyn to speak up against slavery because it would put people at risk of being lynched. companies have challenged and at times overlooked conservative values in other countries as well coca-cola came under fire for a video showing a woman driving in saudi arabia critics described it as ignoring the oppression women face in the gulf kingdom but an advertising specialist told us this is simply the nature of the industry. brands need to find a way to cook through the muscle humiliation. by one woman doing that is to be controversial and that means no objective if they don't cook through. accounts and see it in consumers to make choices and. they will offend a number of people going to be so but it's very attractive. to me and potentially increasing sales which. when you get down to it then runs on the attributes why
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they exist they have to make profits and so we humans i'm. trying i'm not what we're doing great thank you but. an exhibition of all things military the annual forum army 200-190-2001 extension 000 took place on thursday outside moscow. your stuff was there for us army 21000 it is the event for russian and international manufacturers alike to take their brand new weapons and technologies and showcase them to the world i mean look just here we have dozens if not hundreds of pieces of military equipment for you it's position where houses and this is just the geographically central part of the exposition you can take a bus and check out the naval part of the expo you can check out the military drill sites and see some of these pieces of hardware in action or you can take another bus and go to a field and enjoy the show it's an international event so companies here are often
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not competitors but partners friends. representatives from russia and from abroad are side by side it's a battle of brands for exposure here manufacturers resort to all sorts of tricks to attract more attention to their creations from looting solutions like this one to a life sized iron man mask right over here and something with a clear appeal to children as well because tomorrow already this place is expected to be swarming with families with kids. right next to machines of war and put your section where you can not just try something on but gear up to. the hour those are not what they see and this is the latest interpretation of an
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unmanned drone i mean apart from a clearly only theological disguise this thing can pinpoint narrowed down the location of a target to 10 meters something clearly worthy of the attention of the commander in chief. it seems there's nothing military you can do here you can go window shopping you can buy something for personal use on a corporate scale you can play around with various interactive models or if you get impressed enough i guess you can even enlisting the armed forces star to international be back at lines in about 29 and a half it was. written in the st petersburg international economic war.


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