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a great to meeting a president to come away from the g. 20 summit in japan in an upbeat mood. and we had a discussion really great actually we had a great discussion. the tremendous discussion. democratic debates in the u.s. . televised debate his presidential candidate as. we look at sometimes questionable tactics. and a video showing danish schoolchildren being taught to take part in. the public.
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debate the story. is in paul. yes i'm. violation of. rights. with me welcome to the program. details of the productive g. 20 meetings in the. to cease fire and his trade war with china and president putin address concerns voiced by the outgoing british prime minister tracy may well . he's been across this the whole time in osaka. break oldest
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down for us what can we take from this is she 20. the whole oh well a walk a coincidence almost simultaneous press conferences by the russian leader vladimir putin and by the head of the u.s. government donald trump well i was sitting right next to mr putin and listening to what he had to say so for now let's focus on that one of our putin's style is different to that of donald trump earlier we heard him calling mr putin a great guy mr putin is much more careful with words but obviously most of the questions during that press conference were about his formal talks with the american president and here's the words that mr putin used to describe this discussion. of this meeting was
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a good. they're going to be just like when we had a discussion we had a great actually we had a good discussion the president for that was really a tremendous discussion now one of the journalists followed up on that he reminded mr putin that in the previous years these talks were also referred to as good productive businesslike but added that shortly afterwards u.s. anti russian sanctions followed so the question was did the russian president address that during the talks or maybe did he ask mr trump whether this story would repeat itself so here is what mr putin responded to that. by doing the. motions are going to do i have no clue certainly we're not going to ask for anything. there were also. a few questions about the talks with the
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u.k. with the u.k.'s outgoing prime minister to resign me we remember that she explained the british media that it can no longer be business as usual with russia even though we heard from the kremlin and we heard from putin himself that he is hoping the page could be turned to resuming saying that cannot happen because of russia's continued hostile actions around the world and one question from one of the journalists was whether russia was ready to stop whatever it's up to all around the world mr putin's answer was quite firm so let's take a listen. never had the intention of showing aggression towards anyone that's an illusion. just.
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to make things look the way there are not just. to create some external enemy which would help to solve some domestic issues we have no aggressive intentions towards any country towards anyone currently the problem which our relations from becoming should i would like to point your attention to is that we will always be reciprocal when responding to actions of our partners so the way you treat us will treat you please remember that. so definitely in this case no changes they're not just there are definitely not on the same page but it is even better to put it this way the reason may and vladimir putin are worlds apart on how russia is behaving internationally. ok. thanks for keeping across this. reporting from our sarka there in japan
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and lots has been discussed and i'll just recap for you at the g 20 they're all the leaders of met there they've been very very busy with meetings with each other we've been. broadcasting live that meeting and what came out of them was meetings discussions about donald trump theresa may and actually we're going to discuss this further now with andrew long political analyst andrew so much to talk about unfortunately we haven't got 3 hours but we'll we'll do our best here the trade or with china that seems to be in a cease fire and they said you know they're going to talk about it some more obviously that we've seen for quite a while now tariffs being slapped on china by the u.s. and vice versa. what do you think would be a permanent solution for the 2 nations. why i don't think there is
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anywhere you know anywhere near a permanent solution at this stage what we can hope for is some returners are for temporary truce at least on some of the terrorists and then also start a process of talking are worth of the talking will you venture to produce even at home brew reach truths remains to be seen and you can see the body language aboard leaders very very guarded because both understand that the problems are deep seated and the 2 models are at orts with one another and apart from it's not just trade it's not just technology is the overall perception that china's threatening the u.s. formally the normal eating normally that world order and also. american interests are of. risks and likewise for charter feeling that america is trying to contain this rise so i think it's not just trade as many.
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different fronts and we're beginning to see that the terrorists are beginning to have an effect you effect on american consumers and of course time is on china's side so i think that you know with all these dynamics we are unlikely to see an early. result of all of the basic problem facing 2 countries yeah i mean china doesn't look like it's going to back down its actions haven't certainly haven't suggested that it would back down despite all the sanctions they have been putting on to china so what what's going to be the next step for the 2 nations then if they if they're not going to find a permanent solution where is this going to take us and has it in effect the world economy. worries over the wires. in the past. couple of hours about the u.s. presidency to suggest that the new sanctions that lead to the new ones are going to
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be held for the time being and both leaders agreed to commence talks starting the process all over again back to where do they were before the talks broke down. and i think that as far as the all the main issues are concerned in fact there's a lot of ground already covered but the remaining 10 percent. are the most difficult because it goes into the fundamental. development model of china which is kind of state directed model is not 100 percent kind of free market model unlike that of the united states and of course china would never give up its right to upgrade its technology but while knowledge eating that leads to create a better level playing field protecting the actual property but the way that the asian have been conducted are perceived by china as to be kind of. bullying.
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kind of unilateralism with regard to china's core interest and the perception of china being under the thumb of a bullying united states and that would be not be go down well in china's internal politics so not all of the content of the terms. need to be looked at but also the way that the agreement any future agreement are going to be framed so as to preserve kind of the t e quality on both sides and then that's what china . persons he wants to to achieve yeah i mean we are running out of time and very very very quickly what were your thoughts about the u.k. prime minister meeting putin. well i think that the the u.k. prime minister is a lame duck. and of course it's sushi just we go to tating worse than perception that somehow the russia and china are
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a threat. with. talking about the disruption to the world order with american unilateralism so i think that you would look at the g 20 there are many many issues like these like gifts on the christmas tree but actually at the heart of it all is that the contest for the shape the world order and also the contest for global dominance between the superpowers yeah but shouldn't it be you know the international community watching this thinks it's about diplomacy surely so when you look at the relationship between russia and the u.k. and how they've been for quite a while now. how is that ever going to fall as we've been saying here. more of course the promise is much better than. war or conflict or terence but there. behind the rhetoric is always the.
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national interest at stake the national interests of the united states of a different from the national interest or russia or china. who want to find common ground but then of course the trauma administration believes that. america has. formulating strength on many fronts and is prepared to use these strains to push the envelope for american 1st but then you talk look at the whole world because the whole supply and very chain a spin disrupted affecting the only china and the united states but the rest of the world and then the kind of behavior tearing up of international agreements like the paris agreement and also trumping this kind of attitude that the strong case the policies the way forward and the weak has simply to obey does not go well
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with many other countries so that the 20 is an opportunity for many countries to stake their interests the maintaining a world order where countries bigger. and smaller will have a role to play you know was concentrating on a contest between multilateralism or you or bullying. unilateralism. i mean. we've always had a lot of controversy on different subjects here he said that washington and beijing are talking exclusive talking on excluding huawei from the u.s. department of defense blacklist obviously that's been a you know a huge topic has in it that we've seen play out. in reality is that going to happen . well of course both opportunity at that and a perceived threat because no longer is china producing the nike shoes on a t.
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shirts. dominating the. top table as far as the 5 g.'s concerned and of course 5 g. changes the way society is operating organized on the whole people interact with one another. and it's going to create the internet of things for example linking things together but also has a. military as well as a national security dimension naturally i mean even if you hold your mobile phone you use google then all your data would be for our by google in the united states and likewise that's the that's the way this. country is very sensitive to this especially amongst the western so-called 5 nations the united states canada australia and the u.k. and of course the more thrillingly the big heart of telecommunications network.
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as i said i mean any kind of. modern smartphone has has the same problem ok and to learn really good to have you on political analyst. will talk some more at some point about this so much to say thank you and. day one of the summit was packed with high level diplomacy but there was also a fair share of the nation and moments.
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i had in the 2020 actions in the united states democratic presidential candidates have held 2 nights of bruising debates joe biden bernie sanders and elizabeth warren were among the 20 candidates that took part. takes a close look at what they had to say. so with too many candidates for just one stage we have now seen the 1st 2 democratic presidential debates and it was quite a show or should i say shows and among the tactics used to get off to a good start with voters spanish ness is almost. got the persona and the exit poll is to economy this president to. be one of the most immigrant places in except
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probably would welcome be honest and when it came to the issue of minority rights the candidates outmaneuvered each other with identity politics growing up my sister and i had to deal with the neighbor who told us her parents could play with us because she because we were black as experience of being in a marriage that exists by the grace of a single vote on the us supreme court for the last 21 years i've been raising a black son in america and a clear star on the 1st night sigebert often dismissed as a fringe candidate got a lot of applause for her antiwar stance and many say that she actually swept a victory in round one we have got to have some presence there is this is how as it were up there long before we came in the end there yeah well we us. into afghanistan now you could declare told to gather the victor by one clear metric she took the trophy for the most google searches that night after the dust had settled
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but that's after she claims she got less time than other candidates and even got attacked by a moderator she says that it's clear bias you were the only one who was essentially attacked personally by the moderators what do you think that was. look at shows that there's a clear bias now the format of letting candidates just jump in at will certainly made for a rowdy evening one candidate says that he was treated unfairly andrew yang ready to start talking. as i mean there in my life is going to let you know the sort of thing where he does all the user talking well you know most of the deeds of the number is i goes on being like the others out there. now the candidate who seemed to disappoint almost everyone was the so-called perfect centrist joe biden he didn't live up to his fighting joe reputation and that taking blows from almost everyone without much of a comeback do you agree today that you were wrong to oppose bussing in america do
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you agree i was 6 years old when a presidential candidate came to the california democratic convention and said it's time to pass the torch to a new generation of americans back and it was then senator joe biden deal that you talked about with mitch mcconnell who is a complete victory for the tea party it extended the bush tax cuts. now despite the smoke and mirrors and t.v. lights the audience seem to actually be concerned about progressive issues it seems that despite the fact that the media is focused on personalities the audience in the american public is actually more concerned about platform when it comes time to take on trump. r.t. new york and want to which candidate the democrats choose that have to go up against donald trump well so public consented to richard black about that chances. i don't think that they that most of them said anything that really was
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was a practical suggestion to real world problems they certainly didn't seem to excite anyone they're so impractical in trying to to get the support of the most left wing elements of the party they're being driven into the arms of people who are so extreme that the american public is just i don't think going to go for them so at this point are unless something dramatic happens in the foreign policy arena i don't see any of the democrats posing a credible challenge to the president. the danish had most of faces a right wing backlash after a video of cho school children being taught how to pray hits the internet i'll have that story and more after this break.
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globalization period that we have is i'm all for will be a new globalization period they will be network driven i predict that america will become a subscription service like netflix you will subscribe to america and they have to offer you a value proposition to keep your subscription alive. what holds us do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and you. want to be rich. to want to be person this is what the before we in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters and my. friends should.
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join me every thursday on me all excited i'm sure and i'll be speaking to get a little bit politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back to the program dennis had lost a has received hate mail after a video emerged on a danish anti migrant website in the footage of a muslim boy can be seen teaching his fellow pupils how he prays the video was not intended for the public. it was. a principal said his school was holding a get to know your classmate a week ed aimed at promoting friendship and mutual understanding that is also
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drawing reaction from a number of rightwing politicians. i am deeply shocked at the answer from the school principal he obviously believes that danish students can learn about the basics of islam and its teachings by learning all of the muslim prayers in this way they learn nothing about the nature of islam we heard some contrast views on the story from stephen lawrence of member of the english democrats and mohammed shafique chief executive of the rather town foundation they spoke to my colleague or calls i think in the malty free society should we learned by each is faith so we can have cohesive relationships i could he said societies i think most people would say yes is it important for muslim kids to know about the jewish faith the christian faith in do faith yes i'm vice a versa is one thing be made aware but this is a different thing actually sit in on a new and down and pray and in doing it it's a so my current experts of muslim to take. the the catholic.
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rituals go to a church it's one thing to teach them and to show them will actually get him to do it that's a completely different thing and that's out of order i think the reaction has been where you over the top are these from the usual suspects people who like sean to anything negative and any way that they could attack the islamic faith or the muslim community what they should have been doing was teaching the peaceful side of islam and yes there is a peaceful side of islam we agree but at the moment it's the extremist part that's taking over to celebrate what's the 1st of all or a jewish festival i think that's 5 because it doesn't say you know i don't think our faith where you where you are going but things were one of the only early to do . things are. particularly sentence it's the school's fault in trying to teach people about different religions it's one thing teach them about what goes on but get him to actively pray that's a violation of their european human rights and it should not be done. so that it is
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very clear the issues in the schools reaction they were wrong i just find their irony if i may say so stephen that you are referring to the european convention of human rights and your campaign to leave the. leader your opinion in so sorry i just couldn't resist playing out on you and i'm alright just because we don't agree with the you're on your human rights doesn't mean we don't we i'm going let's get something just because we want to leave the you we want to pull out of your pink or human rights doesn't mean we don't want human rights in england by far well your suggestion is we don't know and i'm glad we do just just come down my friend stephen saying it's a serial it is no more we same as the school in doing good stealing at the school seems like it was sex education why don't you use it you could even write for that as well let's be consistent and talk up our history i'm not saying my faith is not immune from criticism or challenge but you know if you're if you're targeting just
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islamic community then let's look a bit further and look at all our history how we've all got dark history as a news i'll be back in around 30 minutes time with more global updates so stay with us. crisis metaphysic crisis and they sure. do as a scale of natural disaster just like malaysia. others neighboring countries. is that. you were in japan for the problem of you so good. which of the other big. governments and international organisations do not cover enough. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be
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an arms race. spearing dramatic development only and. i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. time after time say we're going underground as the g 20 in japan continues to debate in the shadow of climate emergency economic inequality and the end of your american control of the world coming over the show number 10 declines going underground to comment on allegations tereza may misled the u.k. parliament about a witness that un facilitated talks to end the world's worst humanitarian crisis
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yemen where tens of millions face catastrophe we speak to that witness and as the u.n. winds of climate apartheid the woman who could be u.k. foreign secretary before the end of the year emily thornberry on the need for a green revolution plus the untold impact of another revolution as the world hides today's 100 year anniversary of the imperialist treaty of a sign we investigate the hidden global impact of the bolshevik revolution that was designed to destroy all this and more coming up in today's going underground the 1st today armed forces day in britain is designed to encourage the great british public support u.k. servicemen and women but this year it is arguably different because of events like . this even covered by mainstream media the airstrikes for nearly 2 years now by the saudi led coalition a backed by britain america and france parts of yemen have been bombed back to the middle ages former u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson and president foreign secretary jeremy hunt vying
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to be prime minister of britain come july and when confronted with evidence of the involvement of u.k. armed forces in the world's worst humanitarian disaster yemen this is what they say about british backing for alleged saudi war crimes we're trying to help them to avoid breaches of the humanitarian it's actually about trying nor giving them gardens about how tall getting should work and our relationship with saudi arabia means that we stop bombs going off on the streets of britain u.k. labor leader jeremy corbyn took up the issue with outgoing u.k. prime minister tourism a as he prepared to go to today's g 20 summit in japan the prime minister doesn't appear to understand the depth of feeling at the un parliament's around the world and even the us senate and house on this situation the un itself has warned that by the end of 2019 if the war continues 230000 people would have lost their lives 140000
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of which are children under the age of 5 but the pm is not so concerned by the 4 and a half 1000000000 pounds of u.k. military equipment corbin claims is being pumped into war crimes let's just look at some of the relationships in the neck you know the russian one gentleman. when people were killed in so his sympathies were with russia. and terrorists were kidding. when terrorists were killing our people he simply says well we think oh i. don't know recent time to attack synagogues his sympathies were with him. he never backs britain and he should never be prime minister moments before this outburst he said this what we see the labor party to one of these days was inviting rebel leaders of the insurgency into the house of commons as the m.p. in question was lloyd russell more.


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