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and some dog owners so heartbreaking stories about. streets the larger corporations are not very interested in proving or disproving the value of their food because they're already making a $1000000000.00 on it and there's no reason to do that research. the u.s. and russia agreed to a new arms control to. improve trade relations as the g 20 wraps up in japan the president came away from the summit in an upbeat. meeting it was a good. deal or a very businesslike and we had a discussion we had a great actually we had a great discussion. over the it was really a tremendous discussion and back on track the g. 20 announces a cease fire in the ongoing trade war between the u.s. and china. are just economies.
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plus a video showing in danish school children being taught how to take part in. a public backlash debate the story. is important for most kids to know the jewish christian faith yes i'm. about what goes on after the red sox a violation of their right. it's midday here in moscow and you're watching out international live from with me welcome to the program. agreed to a new arms control talks called for improved trade relations as the g 20 wraps up in japan while we'll cross live now to. been following this.
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break all this down for us what can we take from this is that. hi again well want to a coincidence almost simultaneous press conferences by president vladimir putin and president donald trump here in osaka well they have different styles different toys of languages mr trump loves simple words so we even heard him say. as a grade mr putin is much california with what he's saying but the bottom line is still that both heads of state are very glad about how they talked here in japan. that meeting was a good. very businesslike and we had a discussion we had a great actually we had a good discussion president so some of that was really a tremendous discussion. if it was so good does that mean that
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after osaka moscow and washington will stop behaving like geopolitical foe while history shows that this is a very very unlikely but the kremlin and the white house did agree to take a few steps together in the future for example the leaders tasked their foreign ministers with working on sorting out all busy of the differences and difficulties when it comes to arms control so this could be the 1st step to potentially a new agreement to the to replace the previous ones that were abandoned by washington both presidents also said that how much russia and the u.s. trade we've each other leaves much to be desired and perhaps they even agreed to come up with a way to fight. this possibly some kind of inter-governmental panel and finally
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president trump during his prior press conference confirmed that he is seriously considering a visit to russia in may next year that's after of lot of more putin and him to take part in the celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the victory in world war 2 but in the past we remember how similar assessments followed putin putin meetings that the conversations were good everything was businesslike and productive but we remember that anti russian sanctions followed suit and one of the journalists during the lot of our putin pricer asked the russian president whether he wondered whether the story's going to repeat itself when he was speaking to donald trump and maybe he asked him not to do this here's what mr putin replied
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to that. we definitely won't be asking for us to leave sanctions something. another highlight of this g. 20 was of course the big talks between donald trump and the chinese leader xi jinping in the midst of a vicious trade wars between the 2 countries where here at well here in osaka we actually learned that there is going to be a cease fire and donald trump decided to call off new tariffs that he was planning against 300000000000 worth of chinese goods so things are looking to be quite positive here. and i'll get back to more of the g. 20 outcomes in the next hour ok great thank you. reporting from osaka
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and we're going to straight to our world affairs analyst. to discuss this further thanks for coming on to the program now the trade war with china seems to be in a ceasefire now what do you think is going to happen next do you think that there's any likelihood that a permanent solution will be found. now the you know it's complex because they were likely to have. to reach some kind of a settlement a few months ago and then it broke down who are american demands and both some of the changes needed to be enacted in chinese law with the chinese were not willing to do it so now they're saying they want to restart the pox and most experts i think concur that the issues are sorely in need and so many sectors you know industrial go to you know the way sector they have been talking i think the
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you need to take time i mean this is a long term think and act least is not going ahead with the 2nd set of our sanctions on the $300000000000.00 more sword that's a kind of far and incentive because i think for the chinese it has been an economic slowdown partly as a result of the of from straight war so there will be welcome this city before we do anything and as part of the u.s. side because when we take a lead you know there are stages in the u.s. that have been hit by chinese retaliation especially agriculture exporting states in the u.s. we had from has a water base so as the u.s. most towards. the next presidential election season this may also have an incentive to finally maybe the hatchet and signed a deal with them but i think it will be a few months down the line if not next year but at least leave the hording fired for the moment that's good news which not only these 2 countries that are african
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by this their entire global economy has been dragged down and g 20 was wearing what it will be sold on and you know that has been a result of the trade protectionism of the 3rd was these are not good and they don't have any money just like sanctions did was a barrier for all sides and therefore are sooner better since prevents the better yeah i mean both up many points have. and yes you know the global economy have been very worried but if you say that the there's a restart of talks 1st they have to get rid of animosity surely because they have been issuing to fatah terrorists china hasn't backed down you say it's going to take a while for things to change what happens in the meantime. yes all the initial data to me in place and the. excess cassady of china has been brought up at the g 20 and of the us will continue to block chinese student of the
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medium and of the products sold that remains in place and that can continue the effort the chinese economy had mostly but i think the chinese are looking good i would swear and export elsewhere which bit how it's all you know implications for other developing countries that don't want it a motor be shrouded by chinese imports as a result of the loss of the u.s. market that i work in of these products so i think overall the issue either remains tense and i think trumps or trump it's a political issue as i said and he's looking at his water beers and looking at the reactions he wanted to show you know what course industrial workers that i'm fighting for you on behalf of you against you know another superpower china but the question is how long for the firebrand on and how long will also to be able to sustain losses so china had made something serious not you know in the past are trying 400 more and that's his style of bargaining you know argument really he
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wants to sign off saying i want the best possible be lower so low he's looking for a win even are not looking for agreement i believe the chinese are have been behind the scenes for that so i think the troops should hold our peace for some time and one would expect that i do maybe they will 2nd because it is in the chinese interest also not to let this escalate beyond a point because that would hurt their g.d.p. growth rates and they don't predict the severity and say yeah ok well we'll live on sarah to. some of the at the. meetings that we saw that the president vladimir putin he met with the prime minister it was very obvious if you just saw the the photo cole there that relations on the best do you think though that the fact that they met is a single let the relationship will full or not we've heard some very strong rhetoric from the u.k. haven't way. now they've got to know him. to be some easily i'm not going to prime
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minister she's on the way out there and it's a last few days in office so i think it's good for continue to be there heads of government and state of the 2 countries might do what actually it will be up to criticism a successor is what is johnson becomes a prime minister maybe a relationship or even cruel because you know johnson is a kind of a nationalist he may be on a similar relend example of president putin on some issues you know the joke is that don't voters johnson is like donald trump with better hair so you know no i think you have reason to take a listen at sarah. and i and i don't need to point out that you know he may not become prime minister as. yeah so i think the europeans. i think we need to rethink the relationship with russia and i would like to see actually you know it's hard between now and you know merkel and president ford you know because
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mali britain leading the really the warmest years on the rest of the e.u. member worse to retain their ties with russia i know that he dili under my beside me is already looking positively towards russia sorters hungary are no victor or one so if you know there is a rethink and innovates link to trump's you know approach to russia as well as you mentioned. there are. only silver lining i don't the clouds and then the clouds come back and then it comes to us russia but if us russia progresses then i think the europeans will also slowly fall in line and into the league in this order to be normal opposition to president putin that the e.u. has been trying to mobilize saw there are look i think we should look at better relations transatlantic relations are not so who themselves and better relations with the europe and russia into the future ok again we will look at another
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part of this summit and we'll do this very quickly because we haven't got a lot of time left at the summit trying to said that he will go to the demilitarized zone on the border between north and south korea in your opinion can diplomatic efforts be revived. you know from all of us being surprises you should expect the unexpected from him and you know their years you know again stolen the march over everyone because we taught them this problem with an article you should become still major and the north koreans have become good becoming be going to becoming restless and were testing shuttering to be science and on their side i think good sense of spirit trump says it was totally spontaneous and that he just started about it and we did have already writing the meeting for it happens on b m z symbolic it's important because d.m.z. american presidents use images of the d.m.z. as a show of you know solidarity for their pretty isotta korea and the show that we would be for in south korea is not that used to the kitchen it being cleaned down on
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george w. bush out in obama they used to happen to be mc visits during times of high tension with north korea but now we have it in a different you know our face mirrored actually that cool presidents of the 2 leaders are. are exchanging letters and our students will be more feeders to resolve the long standing problems so if they meet on the d.m.z. it sends a message bustling diplomacy may not always work you have seen the kind i summit coffee the previous summit between the 2 leaders where they look at the positive side 3 some mix between the leaders of united states and not go against quick succession means that at least that diplomatic trust at the highest level continues the man and we should she have put it because we don't want to walk and we don't want to instability in any solution ok we'll leave it that will defies unless favre thanks for coming on the program and sharing your thoughts thank you. they want to the summit was packed with high level diplomacy but there was
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a cache election and all could limits. right president he's tough but i get along with we get along great but what happened with turkey and i will tell you one of spare one is not for he wanted to buy the patriot missile.
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i had 20 twentieth's actions in the united states democratic presidential candidates have held tonight so bruising debates joe biden bernie sanders and visit with warren were among the 20 candidates that took part and also takes a close look at what they had to say. so with too many candidates for just one stage we have now seen the 1st 2 democratic presidential debates and it was quite a show or should i say shows and among the tactics used to get off to a good start with voters spanish ness is almost. gone the persona and the exit poll is to economy this president to. be one of the most immigrant places in except probably would welcome be honest and when it came to the issue of minority rights
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the candidates outmaneuvered each other with identity politics growing up my sister and i had to deal with the neighbor who told us her parents could play with us because she because we were black as experience of being in a marriage that exists by the grace of a single vote on the u.s. supreme court over the last 21 years i've been raising a black son in america and a clear star on the 1st night sigebert often dismissed as a fringe candidate got a lot of applause for her antiwar stance and many say that she actually swept a victory in round one we have got to have some presence there is this is how was it we were out there long before we came in the end there yeah well we us and they were going to afghanistan now you could declare tells the gathered the victor by one clear metric she took the trophy for the most google searches that night after the dust had settled but that's after she claims she got less time than other candidates and even got attacked by
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a moderator she says that it's clear bias you were the only one who was essentially attacked personally by the moderators what do you think that was. look at it shows that there's a clear bias now the format of letting candidates just jump in it will certainly made for a rowdy evening one candidate says that he was treated unfairly andrew yeah right is that the talking. as i mean there in my life is the. yeah this is the thing where he does all the user talking well you know all the sudden the seeds of the fight over is i was i being like the others out of the. al the candidate who seemed to disappoint almost everyone was the so-called perfect centrist joe biden he didn't live up to his fighting joe reputation and that taking blows from almost everyone without much of a comeback do you agree today that you were wrong to oppose bussing in america do you agree i was 6 years old when a presidential candidate came to the california democratic convention and said it's
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time to pass the torch to a new generation of americans back and it was then senator joe biden deal that he talked about with mitch mcconnell who is a complete victory for the tea party it extended the bush tax cuts. now despite the smoke and mirrors and t.v. lights the audience seem to actually be concerned about progressive issues it seems that despite the fact that the media is focused on personalities the audience and the american public is actually more concerned about platform when it comes time to take on trumped up and r.t. new york no matter which candidate the democrats choose and they'll have to go up against donald trump a republican said us have it in black and white my chances. are i don't think the way that most of them said anything that really was. a practical suggestion to real world problems they certainly didn't seem to are
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excited anyone there are so impractical in trying to to get the support of the most. left wing elements of the party they're being driven into the arms of people who are just so extraordinary that the american public is just i don't think going to go for them so at this point are unless something dramatic happens in the foreign policy arena i don't see any of the democrats posing a credible challenge to the president and days had most to face as a right wing backlash after a video of schoolchildren being taught how muslims pray it's the internet i have a so animal after this prank. yes.
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what holds as. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and should. want to be rich. but you're going to be close this is what before 3 of them or can't be good. interested always in the water. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy for them to you shouldn't let it be an arms race is often spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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and. welcome back to the program days had lost a house received hate mail after a video emerged on a danish jonty migrant website in the footage a muslim boy can be seen teaching his fellow pupils how he prays the video was not intended for the public. the guy. who feel. the principal said his school was holding a get to know your classmate a week aimed at promoting friendship and mutual understanding that it's also true reaction from a number of rightwing politicians. i am deeply shocked at the answer from the school principal he obviously believes that danish students can learn about the
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basics of islam and its teachings by learning all of the muslim prayers in this way they learn nothing about the nature of islam. contrast in views on the story from stephen morrison a member of the english democrats and 100 feet chief executive of the ramadan foundation they spend to my colleague. by thing in the multi society should we learn about each is faith so we can have cohesive relationships i could he said societies i think most people would say yes it's important for muslim kids to know about the jewish faith the christian faith the hindu faith yes i'm vice a versa is one thing be made aware but this is a different thing actually sit down and pray and in doing it it's a so mark i want experts of muslim to take. the the catholic. rituals go to a church it's one thing to ciccio and to show them well actually get him to do it that's a completely different thing and that's out of order i think the reaction has been
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where you over the top alleys from the usual suspects people who like sean to anything negative and any way that they could attack the islamic faith or the muslim community what they should have been doing was teaching the peaceful side of islam and yes there is a peaceful side of islam we agree but at the moment it's the extremist part that's taking over to celebrate the festival or a jewish festival i think that's fine because it doesn't say you know i don't think our faith where you where you are going but things were one of only 2 different things are. actually very different really sent in the school's fault in trying to teach people about different religions it's one thing teach them about what goes on but get him to actively pray that's a violation of their european human rights and it should not be gone. so that these very clear issues here under schools reaction they were wrong i just find their irony if i mr stephen that you are referring to the european convention of human
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rights in your campaign of the. leader your opinion in so sorry i just couldn't resist. just because we don't agree with the you're on your human rights doesn't mean we don't we. just because we want to leave the you we want to pull out of your pink or human rights doesn't mean we don't want human rights in england by far what your suggestion is we don't know what i would we do just just come down my friend steve and reality is no more we same as a school and still are you at the school and there was sex education why don't you use it you could even mix for that as well here let's pick consistent and talk up our history i'm not saying my faith is not immune from criticism or challenge but you know if you're targeting just this topic community then this book a bit further i look at all our history we've all got a dark history that's news i'll be back in around 30 minutes time with more global updates so stay with us.
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good food descriptions sound up even for the owners so how to choose the pet food industry is telling us what to feed our pets really more based on what they want to sell us than what's necessarily good for the pet turns out food may not be. people believe we have animals that have you know diabetes in arthritis they have auto immune disorders allergies we are actually creating these problems it's a huge epidemic of problems all of them i believe can be linked to very simple problem of diet and some dog owners so heartbreaking stories about their pets streets a larger corporations are not very interested in proving or disproving the value of their food because they're already making
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a $1000000000.00 on it and there's no reason to do that research. as this is a sticker from a water bottle phone in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad was there the litter box or throwing this away industry should be a boy and for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. that's. their classic. stay on your phones at a special projects funded. on the. teacup but for now the mountains of waste only grow higher. you know world's big partners move
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a lot and. it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. max keiser this is the kaiser report a sponge bath for your mind. so i think that's perhaps what we are about right now you know i notice i'm wearing white and black which are the 2 colors of morning east and west and right now there's the g 20 meeting going on
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over in osaka japan and you know the big stories of course that tree war going on between the u.s. and china as china rises well china has apparently risen and power and now we've only just noticed and we're trying to stop it so is the end of this period of globalization there will be a period of the globalization i believe that's the morning for globalization then there will inevitably be another period of globalization whether a look like the past 40 years 3050 years of globalization is yet to be seen yet not when i see that africa think of a giant ice cream sandwich. now you got me thinking about that you know that awesome yeah no morning versus morning in america versus morning at the cemetery you know take your pick the globalization period that we had is that
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all over they'll be a new globalization period it will be network driven i predict that america will become a subscription service like netflix you will subscribe to america and they have to offer you a value proposition to keep your subscription alive and they should we should be able to figure this out i think i would happily pay a monthly subscription fee if i got access to america the enterprise and they could pay the occasional didn't like andrew young is suggesting if $1000.00 a month that's a dividend from my subscription to america that's fine there's no coercion involved as a course of taxes involve that we happily pay my monthly america subscription for the value that it offers me well you should be able to have a subscription to which every nation on earth you want in whichever one has the best policies because i'm going to skip ahead to the other story i had here about the united states and what part of the reason why i think it's china has ina reliant is that what inevitably happens in this sort.


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