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tv   News  RT  June 30, 2019 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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i. think you're. making history donald trump becomes the 1st ever sitting u.s. president to enter north korea was that for a hastily organized meeting with kim jong un sanctions on the reclusive state do remain for now i mean it's previously to a stalemate in negotiations. i'm looking forward to taking the long haul like sanctions bring on this country i'm looking forward but the sanctions remain yours . also in the stories that shape the week a trade war ceasefire between the u.s. and china and positive steps in relations with moscow and washington d.c. 20 summit in japan was a few points. the meeting was good in business like we discussed a whole range of issues that are of interest to russia in the united states and we
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had a discussion we had a great actually we had a great discussion the president put the most of it was really a tremendous discussion. and a last ditch attempt to save the raw nuclear deal european signatories launch a new payment system to bypass u.s. sanctions on the islamic republic. thanks for joining us in the weekly here not the international on daniel hawkins wherever you are to act thanks for joining us. donald trump has made history this sunday by becoming the 1st sitting u.s. president to enter north korea he took the momentous step while meeting with its leader kim jong un for talks partly proposed just a day earlier the pair 1st shook hands in the militarized a buffer area between the 2 careers before crossing the deal. all together they
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then spent the best part of an hour holding talks the chairman kim said he was surprised that the american president suggestion to get together was initially made on social media the added though that he did believe the meeting was important mr trump for his part said he was delighted to have crossed into the north. since my honor. i didn't really expect it to be repaired at the g 20 we came over to take over here i want to hold him until. we get to really step think of course that was agreed on a lot of credit. to the president has just walked across the demarcation line that made him the 1st u.s. president to visit our country i believe just looking at this action this is an expression of his willingness to eliminate all the unfortunate past and open a new future. or you know neal discussed the implications of that meeting with our senior correspondent war against the. trump said to himself the speed is no longer
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for the essence they're now talking about progress rather than speed so in that vein they've now come up with working groups negotiation groups from the north korea from the united states to get together and they to try to find common areas whether they agree they're going to start meeting in 2 or 3 weeks so we'll see if progress comes from that but of course sanctions sanctions are the thing that really everything they're saying on memory or something look i'm looking forward to taking them off i don't like sanctions being on his country i'm looking forward but the sanctions remain useful but at some point during the negotiation things can happen and that's what we'll be talking about it is exactly because of sanctions that the last meeting between the 2 leaders north korean leader. trump that it came to nothing talks ended 2 hours early and afterwards this is politically quite
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depressing because there was this completely nothing that came out of that. as for north korea they have got the coup of getting a sitting u.s. president on to their land the 1st ever time what else what do they want to hear well donald trump said the north koreans wanted the sanctions to be lifted the completely and he said that there's there's no way that that is going to happen and now the north korean foreign foreign affairs minister came out and said no we are asked that we asked for sanctions to be lifted partially and that the united states demanded something extra. to denuclearization to to go ahead and begin lifting sanctions which he said is unacceptable this is a manifestation of the most extreme hostile acts by the united states all these speak clearly to the fact that the world dream of the united states to bring those to our knees by means of sanctions and pressure has not changed at all but grows
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even more undisguised the u.s. senate and thursday passed a bill that would allow for the strengthening of sanctions with the with regards to north korea soon so you know there is a trust issues well sanctions is the issue that this is the overriding theme is that is there any sense do we have an idea when they may be lifted or otherwise they're looking for concrete details concrete achievements before they begin lifting sanctions and they want them verified but again it's going to take time so denuclearization efforts progress to be put in place and then verified by the united states will then take that but as i said trust big issue we don't expect. to of the truth that's where we're going to verify any denuclearization that takes place that's why we will ensure that we see actual on the ground on the ground outcomes we're not going to take anyone's word for it this is going to take time
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and a lot of effort and they need to keep talking. but it's a goal commentator and journalist john white thinks a significant step has been made but the trust issues between washington and pyongyang will remain. and i think when you see the wrist politics of gesture rather than substance the north koreans will be mindful of that really the believe they were trapped after a single fortunately began to dismantle some of your text nuclear testing facilities in the south testing to sell these on the premise that there would be a quid pro quo running out of the from the americans in the form of the lifting of some of the sanctions north koreans only thrown into their course and that was not the case in the tent sanctions will actually create and to do something north koreans can afford to trust these gesture politics in the fall and we'd like to see some of us forces to secure for just nation the treaty and 2nd in vietnam in earlier this year and out of these summits or come to think of come up to ground 0 thus far so the north koreans will be mindful of that law to be mindful on the way the level of the americans are are going after the iranians in the lead it's been
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advocating a regime change and actively openly agitated towards reaching regime change in venezuela and well actually a conference of the ilk of john bolton and michael by prominent positions in the trump an illustration trust is the key issue. diplomacy effort certainly coming to the fore this week moscow and washington are also edging towards slightly better relations that as presidents putin and trump agree to hold new arms control talks as occurred at the g. 20 summit which wrapped up on saturday in japan in about franco was in a saga for us he talks us through that and the other big developments as well. you may like it or not but the 20 year round table isn't the biggest summit attention grabber the reality is that everyone is keen to know what happens at the so-called buy a last and the one that the media was hungry for the most happen on friday the face to face between donald trump and vladimir putin's one and
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a half hours behind closed doors or wait the journalists were there just for a little bit at the very beginning not to the delight of mr trump. and to a cleese trying to make american journalists leave him alone on one particular matter donald trump said this. was. going to bring a very. soon after time after time the president's kept repeating how happy they war with how they got along the meeting was good business
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we discussed a whole area of issues which are of interest to russia and the united staes we spoke about their economic relations russia sees that american businesses are interested in developing better relations with russia we had a discussion we had a great actually we had a good discussion president putin most of it was really a tremendous discussion i can see trade going out with russia we could do fantastically well we do very little trade with russia which is ridiculous frankly so from now on the top diplomats of russia and america will be working together on a new framework for global arms control plus the administrations agree. to join afterwards to boost mutual trade and donald trump is considering coming to moscow in may next year he was invited there for the victory day celebrations another leader who got an invitation by the kremlin was emmanuel macron and we found out here and saw mr mccraw and won't have
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a problem with saying hello when he comes to russia. so as you can see great vibes that that late night meeting to like when putin was with you case to resume a for the 1st time in 3 years london is said to remain and cold war mode with moscow the good news though is those who were in panic mode because of us china trade wars can breathe with relief for now we're going to continue the negotiation we agreed that i would not be putting tariffs on the $325000000000.00 that i would have the ability to put on if i wanted to have a tremendous relationship with president nobody else would have the deal that we were getting tens of billions of dollars from china coming in indeed donald trump
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xi jinping bilad worked its magic no new import tariffs for the time being and further talks to try and and the trade wars all together now everyone who is really making this planet spin angle maracle shinzo abi mohamed been. remote and aired on who by the way heard for the 1st time from donald trump that washington wasn't treating fairly sometimes got their fair share of headline making and we as journalists got to know. quite a few amusing moments here and all soccer. in .
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the european union has launched a new payment system aimed at helping its firms bypass u.s. sanctions on iran brussels is at odds with washington after the u.s. unilaterally ditched the 2015 landmark nuclear accord and reintroduced strict trade restrictions the sanctions busting tallest called the european financial settlement mechanism or instead washington has threatened to sanction any country of the boys oil from iran to iran responded by saying we'll increase production of low enriched uranium to near weapons grade levels if it's not guarded from the u.s.
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sanctions. americans campaign of maximum pressure on iran doesn't and there iran's foreign minister has accused on trump of violating international law its threats to obliterate iran. president trump should remember that we don't live in the. united nations tried to force. on tuesday mr trump threatened iran with obliteration if iran attacks anything american when asked about the possibility of a war with iran he boasts that it would be a quick affair but also added he doesn't seek conflict. on friday. the u.s. has sent more stealth fighters to the persian gulf increasing its military presence there the president of iraq was among those to speak out against that and you warned the u.s. won't be allowed to use his nation to launch any kind of military action against neighboring states the american troops the coalition troops in iraq again at the
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invitation of the iraqi government for the specific exclusive mission of fighting isis we do not want to be a staging post foot any hostile action against any of our neighbors including iran and the u.s. secretary of state says it won't be down to anything the united states has done if war does break out. america's done everything it can to deescalate if there is conflict if there is war if there is a connecticut kennedy it will be because the iranians made that choice of course europeans have their own grievances when it comes to donald trump and nato but the when it comes to iran they share some of these concerns or alleged concerns with regard to iran's nuclear industry missile in this regional power and so on so forth it is widely believed that you're all peons are not going to take action and they just want iran to continue providing you know playing this role and complying with
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us on the takings in a win lose game on their didn't clear deal you know the nuclear deal was to be a win win game but what we see now is this 0 sum game with iran paying the costs europeans and americans you know living their merits and iran believes that it should either be a win win or a lose lose game therefore if you are all do not rush to provide to iran with some whole i believe busy eventually. there will be a will have you know of a problem in their ties with iran. sparks outrage in pakistan by challenging traditional values on promoting gender equality we'll have that story and more still to come after this break.
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you know world of big partisan movies. and conspiracies it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. crash just meant if it's i mean crisis and they share it it's as a scale a financial disaster in contest like malaysia. in neighboring countries. indonesia here when japan will care for the problem of you say a group of substances which if they were being so flash in governments and
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international organizations do not have enough damn good tools that. the programme and washing powder advert has triggered a gender equality in pakistan after consumer goods john proctor and gamble opted to show women taking on traditionally male roles. to eat. nothing to eat. lots advertisement drummed up plenty of reaction on social media some people even calling on authorities to take action against the brand. boy could ariel we're
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muslim and we love our culture or religion and no rituals the government should take strict action against ariel brand and it's my request to all my dear pakistanis that please boycott ariel assoon as possible because religion comes 1st and this is our responsibility to protect our religion boycotts ariel prime minister of pakistan we want ariel cloth washing detergents banned in pakistan immediately for driving and spreading anti islamic campaigns through media we ask them where of social commentators whether the detergent was right to push the boundaries of religious and cultural norms and backers thought. us company's job to insert themselves into pakistani culture if it was women speaking up against their own culture that would be one thing but i feel that it's very wrong for a western company to come in and insert themselves in a culture that maybe isn't adapted the same way that american culture has in a lot of these women it has been their position and their desire to see
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a change within their country their desire has been for women to have more rights to you know education to financial stability financial empowerment that's come from within the culture so for these women to be on the commercial simply gives them a platform to add enhanced their voice that they've already been using this kirshner may set back that agenda this commercial may set back that initiative for these women this commercial may create children are you married at the age of wikia galba can it be i understand how much but we're not sure brady and. it is an american company and tailgating them said are willing to you know why you keep saying how i see any women i think they're really pushing the envelope when they're dealing with sharia law and just like i don't want sharia law to come here to america and take over my western american values i don't necessarily think i think it's very confrontational to go into
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a country that does have shari'a and insert western values there has never in the history i'm just curious if you're going to acknowledge that any type of knowledge that without women in america who are willing to speak you're not going to acknowledge if we were in america in the 1928 if it were not about women sitting up there is not america up against not america if we were in america at its peak you would tell that it is not a merilyn to speak up against slavery because it would put people at risk of being lynched. the un special rapporteur on torture has once again haunted his concerns. over the case of julian assange this week you can use the media of ignoring the alleged inhumane treatment of the wiki leaks founder by refusing to publish an article he wrote about his findings kneels meltzer argues that julian a science has been slandered to divert attention from the revelations that wiki leaks helped expose he also says the whistleblowers been deprived of his
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fundamental rights and suffered fully fledged psychological torture during his time in the ecuadorian embassy in london mr meltzer told us why he thought many media outlets had refused to publish his article some of them said it wasn't high enough under news agenda some of them said bad it was not within their core area of interest but you know there have been reporting all of them on the case of julian assange when it was about his cat and his skateboard and kind of the allegations that he smeared excrement on the walls but when you have a serious piece that actually tries to damascus. this public narrative to actually show the facts below it then the modern interested. in science is currently serving a 50 week sentence in the u.k. for skipping bail back in 2012 is also expected to face us extradition hearing in february next year. last month mr meltzer highlighted
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a sign just prison conditions as a major concern whistleblower was said to show an alarming deterioration in his mental and physical state the u.k. responded by saying meltzer was wrong to interfere and should leave it to british courts to make their judgments is once again on the suffering julia science has faced. i knew that i was going to get into a very politicized environment when i visited julian assange i didn't know him before so i took with me 2 experienced medical experts a psychiatry and a forensic expert and have worked for decades in examining torture victims just to go to the objective scientific and medical basis for my assessment and what they found is a person who shows all the symptoms that are typical for a person who has been exposed to prolonged psychological torture he has been exposed to public more being now that's a slippery slope you know we're going to be in a debate when it's 2 side it's been more being basically is something like mudslinging that's not torture yet but when you start exposing
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a isolated individual who cannot defend himself to a sustained campaign of shaming of humiliation or ridicule of even death threats and calls for his assassination and he's completely isolated then that can cause severe psychological trauma. in these media listed vinyl smelts get to respond to requests for comment from the meanwhile if you want to read the article for yourself head to com where you can find the full material. that's it for this hour back in 30 minutes at the top of the next hour with all the new global news headlines. as we speak large organized care of our own the march to the united states.
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then 70 and a player coming out for a caring. beings remains. this is a virtual invasion of our country. but i meant. no. in the form of. you know it's going to be. nice. if you can do is you know we're going to see a more little girls you know to society she. was saying the reason that they have now the time to run so far it's not that they
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didn't want but i would say that they couldn't do it thinking of as short and quick war with iraq but i would say that that would not be the case trump said that if they wanted to they would have killed about $150.00 people in the rain and sides but the question comes to me is that americans a country in the past by nuclear bombs do they really care about killing 150 people . that are owed to the barracks or their. mobile phones or the feehery. so. out of our group. of it is that people. just believe the images of these small molecules. limited to fish oh my gosh because.
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there are holes in the way and i live in a god since we live. in the now but i need. me the name of. the scale or to. give. you the fish. was a company that says he doesn't mean it because the head minister of the new ship was . just so. i did. see close.
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to my hearing a mechanic it is. nobody's work but if you make it all back in. a week you can. my good thing and that is that you. know. that against murder me really we talked about when your resources that we talked about mom smothers brothers sons you know different situations this or the streets because it's hard to take some from somebody if you don't have something to replace
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so i'm going to tell you stop selling drugs if we all share some of it was the money in a box how can we tell them we don't want you to be dealing with violence you know if we're going to be the ones this going to make sure what are they going to have some protection. this job is a job that you love golf every useless to you can get up every day and go there with a smile on your face and do you should. want to be able to wake up like yesterday to go to work now when you're working a job where you're doing songs attitude all day then he rubs off on you you're giving them air too because you're giving us a limb they're happy you're happy happy life happy wife the same thing as happy customer happy happy joy. i'll be going to this interview
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today the whole denise market my resume on me or them hoping that i will be able to be successful in this interview today that i would be able to make good money and gain a new responsibilities in life for myself from a preacher. yes sir. i do but it's at the other store where you know. whichever one could i can just take a bus if you want to. because i think that. they're. the ones. that. shipley they said they will be getting
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a call back. for an interview that i have to today and. i'm hoping that they take me. just let me know this is my family right he you know brother key you know he said by. this young boy right here he was off to guard changed his life this is brendan this is my god sex money murder the start of work with him he changed his life and these are brothers that i trust the type of things that we've been trying to take our stories and share with people and let people know old that life past mistakes let people know that people can change current situation don't have to be a final destination feel good to be able to stay and he make a crazy but i can also stay here as dr to somebody who is gone.


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