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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 1, 2019 11:30am-12:01pm EDT

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owns that special projects funding me. o.t. and i knew that that is the end of it for the team but for now the mountains of waste only grow. a low and welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle us china talks are back on track but a 2nd front has opened up the us europe trade is heading into a storm iran is again in the center of the debate also the circus has come to town and it's called the democratic primary.
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cross talking some real news i'm joined by my guest here in moscow dimitri bobbitt she's a political analyst and editor at you know smee internet media project and in london we cross to marcus papadopoulos he is the editor of politics 1st magazine our gentleman cross-talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate let's go to marcus 1st in london the the resumption of u.s. china trade talks is taking a lot of headlines as it should it's a very important issue on the back of the g. 20 but we have this special purpose vehicle being established is established now in europe to bypass the american swiss system for the europeans to trade with iran i wonder when the donald is back in washington how he's going to respond to that because i think we all know how he will go ahead marcus introduction. payment system. as a way of trying to circumvent the american restrictions on countries trade.
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if iran the intersex payment system is not only a goodwill gesture by the europeans to iran it is also the europeans trying to keep it on in the j c p r a do you and it is also a way of the europeans let's hang in access to the iranian markets which after all is an important market for europe in particular for countries like germany and france but it's paid for the insteps payment system to be sustainable and effective it must apply to all who purchase and because don't trump site sanctions on iran which are complete the most dangerous that america has has placed iran over the last 40 years ago in free wrongs jocular and that jocular is iran's ability state to export oil or if the european payment system does not apply to purchase the purchasing by other countries also it rainin oil then i do strongly suspect
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that it ran or will eventually leave the j.c. you know a and also the iranian economy will be in serious trouble because donald trump doesn't want us fix the iranian economy and that you go for the joke about which is it wrong or mark is it me for i go to game here how much is this also in a sense of the european union claiming some form of economic sovereignty i mean it wasn't the last time we had a country dictating other countries trade policy was the soviet union with its eastern european satellites i mean this is a very very authoritarian dictating to countries who they can trade with i mean this also is a sovereignty issue yes. i agree if you look at the european union wast it is a strategic ally to america it is also an economic zone if all and all the way that lynn. are you term it in exchange for trade in we have it on the
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way that the germans the french and the j.c. but the american representatives on iran has recently said they don't have a choice the traits of america what straits of iran and piece of the problem is this is a rerun you know market even though it's lucrative of course it can't compete with the american market and that's where my concern is that when push comes to shove businesses in germany and france it could very well ditch iran for the american lance the intimidation here you know demon one of the one of the rings i wanted to do this topic is because in a much broader way the united states is using the dollar and the swiss system it's been weaponized ok. this is remarkable that the u.s. is going to leverage the swiss system against its allies against its adversaries here i mean what i see here this is devaluing the currency the global currency the
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u.s. dollar and it's the u.s. that's doing itself it's very self destructive in it's self inflicted go ahead well i mean look at the statistics in 2013 less than 7 percent of the trade between china and russia was in yuan because again there were there was a lot of talk about the need to distance ourselves from the dollar but there was no immediate movement in 2013 so things were going slowly but already in 2017 already it was 18 percent of the trait that was in other currencies other than dollars so the movement is in that direction and it's interesting how their american liberal press. is reacting to that you know fareed sick or right here in the washington post writes that you know this idea of instax is it's basically one inside the can really in the core mind and of the court at least some humor for it's
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a career well that kerry in the coal mine has been there for many years now because it was not just drum corps a right it's not just drawn administrations abuse of power it's also a bulmers administration's abuse of power it's bill clinton's of use of power so things were piling up and we all remember how somehow the war against iraq started soon after saddam hussein switched their payments for the iraqi oil to to europe and we can see the same case we had then we have now with libya as well it's not only europe india you know wall street journal is right in that it has evidence that india is buying oil from iran directly at you know bypassing the american banks bypass in their federal reserve system which has this terrible system of correspondent banks you not only of the correspondent banks can transect so india is doing that turkey of all the countries after the turkish lira fell dramatically in 2018. and is right in that. regard has been blaming
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for it foreign conspiracies for for the well as it is foreigners are doing it properly is there. you know all a lot of alternative media and some of the mainstream media in the united states directly linked the fall of lira to the actions of the and i know this is there is absolutely. and evidence which to direct you know that we go back to markets in london i mean this is a very interesting trend and i think future historians will look back at this and how the u.s. destroyed its own currency position in the world because irrespective of politics it was a system where you could get busy. this is done now if it's being politicized like this that the trend is why get involved because you get you could get you don't have to be necessarily afraid of the pentagon you have be afraid of the treasury department now it's this using it as a political weapon is dangerous in south destructive and people are going to start
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using other mechanisms as we see started in europe go ahead marcus well i think it's plausible to argue that the dollar is even more potent so countries around the bend the american military i say in my opinion that is absolutely the case but i still do not see any evidence any tangible evidence to suggest that the dollar is going to collapse that it is going to be surprised by another currency in the world if we take china for example china is also has also been accused by the americans of us circumvent and seeing the american restrictions on purchase in oil from iraq but it wouldn't take that much money americans to deter china phone continuing supply iranian oil why because china's economic progress over the last 40 years been in revenge which has been
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miraculous. absolutely based on china's trade and investment relationship with america and the chinese will not do anything to jeopardize that and if that means they stop by an oil from iran then beijing will do that what's crucial to the chinese economy is america. i mean but there's this sense of process here i agree with marcus papadopoulos i mean the dollar isn't going to collapse overnight but it's starting a trend and starting a trend where if you want to avoid political problems maybe diversify your portfolio and not rely so much on the dollar and of course with the political and geopolitical events going on in the middle east i mean the petro dollar is at stake here nothing short of that go ahead well right now 60 percent of the savings you know around the world are done in dollars only 20 percent of the savings are done in europe's but that is the trend more and more savings are done in your office in
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japanese yen chaney's you on people are diversify in their investments in order to shield themselves from you know basically a from confiscation you know exactly the reason why russia has spoken so much about switching to. our own currency is between us and china between us and iran and other countries the reason is you know 12 biggest russian company is were under sanctions last year and when it was announced in april 2000 it was then that the russian central bank started watering that actually our essence in the united states throws them and this is written in the mainstream press in the west it's not a secret you know it's nature of our minister of finance you want to suggest that company us that trade with their foreign partners in their current system or in rubles that they should get tax breaks so it's becoming profitable more to trade in
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let me give only if we go back to what i want to switch gears real quick markets i mean there's an iconic picture of floating around where putin meets to resume it looked like they were in divorce court it was really amazing pig's ear they were not happy but she has a lot of reasons not to be happy i guess that that picture is putin's going away present to or go. i had one minute you. well paid surveys in may still reeling from having been forced out of power by foreign policy indeed by our own cabinets in a similar way we could all agree that markets satchell yeah. so i think that's just the reason why it's arisa may look distorted not so it sort of missed the points and indeed she actually looks distraught parliaments when i'm out parliaments and i see from the dress gallery she does look a broken person but we also have to remember that britain and russia have never liked each other and they never will like each other dream of 10 seconds go well i
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think that she wanted to be frosty and she was frosty she was the snow queen but i'm not sure that was the point that had lasting images she was still world to see if she stays in history like that she will be for always and you know that's exactly i think that was a narrow set in the worst prime minister in modern history ok i'm a gentleman i'm going to jump in here thanks marcus after a short break we'll continue our discussion on some real news stay with r.t. . join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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crashes metaphysic means crisis and they share is the as a scale a financial disaster and got this like malaysia. this neighboring country this. is an easy here when japan for the problem of you say a group. substances which had a rather being sore that governments and international organizations do not have enough time. during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember that it was most of my family were unemployed working. there wasn't it was bed you know much worse objectively than today but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduce democracy
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at tax so low down engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to no on. one set of rules for the rich opposite set of rules for. that's what happens when you put her into the. narrows sector of will switch will is dedicated to increasing power for 2 just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. welcome back to crossfire where all things considered i'm peter lavelle to month we're discussing some real news.
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ok and now we're going to go to athens and we're joined by alex priest of our oh he is the director and writer for the duran dot com alex in a go to you 1st here. i watched i have to confess not all of the 2 democratic debates ok i wasn't willing to give so much time away to that show and i was trying to discuss. think of a catchy phrase for them and i would call them maybe like the free democrats because everything is free everything is free except for american citizens so it looks like when they were really can't get on the road campaigning canvassing for illegals to get to participate in it because that's all they seem to talk about free healthcare free education. no longer criminalizing breaking that of the law by crossing the border illegally i mean this was really a circus wasn't go ahead alex. peter was it was a cloud show and you're exactly right i think i think the 2nd night of the debates you could watch it was watchable the 1st night i mean was just i think trump some
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good up best with one word it was boring very very boring because i mean they all said the same thing. that they all had the same script it was awful it was impossible to watch the whole thing impossible i don't even know those people you know the actual lot of torrijos actually got through the event but peter you're right the democrats are moving so far left i think democrats people who are going to be voting in the primary democrats in middle america in the heartland they don't understand what party this is anymore and the democrats seem to be addressing a voter base that either one doesn't even live in the united states and can't vote or number 2 basically lives in hollywood or somewhere in park avenue or on wall street that's it i mean their whole all the policies that they were discussing peter was all about open borders coupled with hair health care endless war aren't
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man bad russia did it 50 percent tax rate infanticide i mean these are positions that even even the most progressive america kid is unrecognizable for the democrat party al and alex and all of the issues you just mentioned not even 50 percent of the of the population agrees with those positions it's not even close to 50 percent and they're running with it. ok alex and i have poured enormous cold water on these 2 primaries primary debates. when you probably know which 7 minutes one person spoke in the 1st debate that was made sense it is the congresswoman from why exactly. said this very simple thing nor war with iran. that kind of that was the wisest thing that they heard from that show in which she pushed back against the establishment position. endless war.
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the openness that the president can have to declare to wage war i mean they really really. on that one issue they were all exactly on the same page and it took one brave person to say it was a failure it doesn't work we have to stop it well. charles also pretty good when she said well tired of being 10 minutes away from a war one tweet away from a war with iraq iran and short of his demand this situation when trump actually said that i just asked our generals how many people are going to die they sent 150 and they canceled the strike 10 minutes before we went ahead well if indeed iran had been a terrorist state if indeed there. to start terrorist actions in the united states in response right then trump would not be asking how many people are going to die in the run he would ask them how many people are going
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to die here right so when they say that we hire firm evidence iran is involved in terrorist activities they're lying because he never even mentioned you know i don't even i don't know maybe they're lying ok that's possible but i they're just plain ignorant is going to say you are absolutely there is no interest in this although there's let me go back to athens on this issue because i mean this is something that's very close to our heart all 3 of us here i mean we were watching the democratic party essentially become the war party and how dangerous that is. when you have the american public that is so poorly informed on these issues all of these candidates with the one exception is grossly uninformed and not even interested because endless war is become part of the political fabric and the and the deep state the arms manufacturers the media are all in on it here and we had as one brave person stand up they've been trying to smear her but that 7 minutes is
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the only thing memorable enough purse to bait the 2nd debate was a complete loss out. yeah i think the main point of both debates peter is that no one looked presidential except for tolls he cowbird and you know you're right they only gave her 7 minutes i mean they didn't give her any time to actually you know introduce herself to america andrew yang had his mike cut off and now there's rumors floating around that n.b.c. did it deliberately they didn't want andrew young to get his policy across to the american people so n.b.c. did a very very poor job during these debates for towsley gabbert she was the most searched person after the after the debate that no one is really reporting that no one is talking about her peter the trump meat to fire bolt in tosi gabbert needs to step in that would be a killer move and put 2020 yet but you still that idea from whom because as i say
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i'm happy to write a stack you write that would be an awesome awesome outcome and trump would win 2028 without a doubt if he did that let's go back to the debates alex i mean i thought the moderators were supremely awful i mean this was the most the ultimate softball debate that i think i've ever seen in my lifetime no hard questions at all i mean the i said they're in cahoots here they want to maintain this mano political culture this mano political conversation. here they're asking questions where they had the candidates actually raise their hand yes. listen it was like like you were in school or something you did it to you one was really a heads and on top of it and we could not talk a little bit about joe biden joe biden would look around to see who was voting this t.v. would put his hand out i mean there is there is conviction bar you go a demon. in russia there was some criticism over this debate brain matter only
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because it looks like no one actually took into account the past or there of the candidates and all of that or the moderators i mean rachel maddow to hear us all of these tweets hanta for. you know that collusion between trump and russians now she's asking questions and no wonder one of the candidates named that. is telling her that basically. drawn close been unable to stand up to vladimir putin who attacked in the way he did oh democracy in 2016 and was invited to do so again by trump well you know trump said don't meddle in our elections with rory and you know he he smiled and all of the american media concentrated on that smile with you does focus money going to be just good work out in spanish i mean. because there's no knowledge of international apparently stand there and of all
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rourke statement you know trump has embraced dictators at the expense of grey do more christmas with great democracy is probably. right on exactly all of these people yes and people in russia asking ok can you just forget can you just forget that maddow has been saying it all of these 2 years m.s.n. b.c. is a ratings went down because of because of these you know this and this whole you know instant should mean it was a hoax a bug. and the same thing with the russians are asking or gay she's saying nice what's now but she went to that war which was profoundly just you know at the very wast moment when when you know 82005600 50 dollars will get a look at both of those debate stages was only one person that had any kind of dignity you know alexander of course for example the right she was a presidential likes i mean i have to think trumps flight back to the united
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states is going to have a huge bucket of popcorn i mean. where is that gravitas on the democrat exactly that not been there and on top of it bernie is looking more moderate i mean think of 2016 he was on the edge now he's in the middle i think middle america is that it's going to be they're not going to recognize this this kind of politics and it's a politics that begets them the democrats have learned nothing from 2016 the heartland continues to be dismissed as deplorable zz and they want to replace the population so they get the vote they want it's like the e.u. one vote fails you keep going over and over again till you get the result you want go ahead yeah i think bernie was the big loser out of out of this and just joe and joe and i'll get to joe biden as well bernie was a big loser because he has a front runner and he just looked angry and his policies are just not radical at
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all they're not radical enough actually and he came out just looking really really poor the optics are really bad but i didn't actually cut himself off as he was speaking. i've never seen anything like it it was on press can you imagine biden going up it gets trump i mean there is no chance there is no chance you have bedo and you have cory booker speaking in spanish peter and they don't have any translations what about the people who are watching the debate and we're trying to understand what these 2 guys were so. n.b.c. didn't have anyone translating no one i mean it can you imagine trump taking the the abuse that howard was giving to biden q. magine a debate where trump is actually sitting there taking that no chance when it's a no chance that these people can go up against trump trump is going to eat them alive again and will get out but we'll be talking about this a lot in the future but it was camilla harris interestingly enough she's the one
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that's going to play the race card she started playing the race card 40 seconds alex go ahead and it was staged peter the whole thing was staged she talked about an issue that no one has talked about for in 20 years she had a photo article here this girl 40 years 40 years of a little girl you know ready to go on twitter right away after this whole thing you know went down the whole thing was staged and it wasn't it wasn't fair for biden but biden did not look presidential because he just took it he didn't have a response for it he looked weak he looked confused trump is not going to be that easy to deal with not at all. and 2nd well it's interesting that the accused all embracing dictate us but they all forgot that joe biden when he was only in your great help in the regime change there he shook hands with me will who happens to be the fall of the over the national socialist baggio of ukraine ok
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thank you now if you want to be continued many thanks to my guests here in moscow athens and in london and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at the scene x. i mean remember. the great. thanks. thank you thank you good thank. you. thank you.
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thank. you. thanks. so. pleased.
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and very well might continue watching us in just. my son was doing drugs my nephews was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse started going after the users in the prison population who are we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill recently became convinced that the war on drugs was on the stand there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for inconceivable sentences for minor minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in wave and say by day as you're walking out of this it's just it doesn't get easier.
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calls his meeting with kim jong un in north korea a great honor but is accused back home of squandering american influence. hundreds of protesters in hong kong a storm the legislative council building raising a former colonial flag and demanding the withdrawal of an extradition bill it comes as the territory marks the 22nd anniversary of attend over from britain to china. the e.u. commission is in deadlock as its chief. to laze the bloc summit and member state leaders divided over who should get the top chops. and in germany 3 men.


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