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it. was the. social media giants are getting ready for the 2020 u.s. elections with facebook creating special groups to monitor hate speech infalling to ban content that tries to put people off voting also to come in r.t. the british home office sparks anger after suggesting that trafficked women from nigeria can go on to lead wealthy lives back in africa after working as prostitutes in the u.k. and donald trump accuses iran of playing with fire after taran breaches its uranium stockpile limit under the 2015 nuclear deal. good morning welcome just gone 10 o'clock here in moscow you're watching r.t.
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international social media platforms are preparing for the 2020 u.s. presidential election with facebook announcing a pilot program to monitor hate speech and says it will ban advertisements to discourage people from voting but there are concerns about the platform controlling just what people can see as artie's it explains. yes the world is a scary place lots of different views and opinions out there but don't worry silicon valley is going to keep our mind safe from being contaminated by bad ideas they know what's best for you and me facebook has come out with its 1st major announcement of 2019 and as part of its ongoing civil rights audit it's going to have a team of hate speech reviewers civil rights groups have been concerned about us mistakenly taking down compton meant to draw attention to and fight discrimination rather than promoted we're taking steps to address this including a u.s.
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pilot program where some of the people who review content on facebook only focus on hate speech instead of a range of content the can include bullying nudity and misrepresentation and it's not just those hateful nasty comments they're going to protect us from in addition as we have the 2020 us presidential election and the upcoming federal us census approaching they will protect us from inappropriate comments about them so you think the vote is rigged against say bernie sanders like it wasn't 2016 well facebook says you best keep that analysis to yourself to protect elections we have a team across product engineering data science policy legal and operations dedicated full time to these efforts they're already working to burn ads that discourage people from voting and we expect a phone line as the new policy and its enforcement before the 20000000 teen gubernatorial elections and it's not just facebook that's concerned about what we might choose to read other high tech overlords are in on it too even donald trump
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has noticed he says that's an attempt to insert bias and hurt him in the upcoming election twitter is is just terrible what they do you saw what happened yesterday with google google is totally biased to trying to rig the election that's what we should be looking at now which and the phony which and which is proven do you row and trump does have a point if you. look at twitter's new rules they say that they will now be hiding tweets from world leaders and politicians that have been left online despite violating the rules due to the public interest now these tweets will only be available in rare cases there are certain cases where it may be in the public's interest to have access to certain tweets even if they would otherwise be in violation of our rules on the rare occasions when this happens we'll place a notice a screen you have to click or tap through before you see the tweet to provide additional context and clarity we'll also take steps to make sure the tweet is not
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algorithmically elevated on our service now of course twitter did not mention any particular president but mainstream us media has read between the lines and they are overjoyed. to see lays the groundwork to finally some for trump but will executives that ever pull the trigger on twitter won't sense that trumps rw breaking tweets but who will make them harder to find is this the fix to one of twitter's most delicate problems trump tweets have gotten so bad that twitter to my stunt giving the morning labels so in the lead up to a us presidential election we've got gigantic tech monopolies basically announcing that they will be deciding for us what we are and are not allowed to hear and read and why well they've got to protect us from election meddling after all and make sure we choose to vote in the right way caleb mopp and r.t. new york. crowdfunding campaign has been no one trait conservative in this stuff
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but he was assaulted at a far left anti from march in portland it quickly raised over $160000.00 in donations more than 3 times the go. well the anti the rally was staged to counter a far right march taking place in portland organized by the great pride boys who are named violence did eventually meet resulting in multiple clashes and arrests don of looks at how the gloves are off when it's. this is what you can get if you don't have a ticket to ride the leftists train for this conservative journalist it went from threats to violence pretty quickly it seems the attack on him had been planned for them he wasn't a journalist he wasn't an equal diffuse into an islam of a white supremacist fascist because before trying to cover their rally no had
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covered one from the other side of the political spectrum and in goes the far right activist and blogger who writes bogus scare pieces to incite hatred against muslims he is not a journalist and the capacity whatever your opinion on the far right activist getting punched in the face please describe his actual profession correctly until you 1st jigsaw puzzle is complete and if you are a piece that doesn't fit you're just not welcome. i believe. we believe survivors there are chanting that was senator ted cruz and his wife heidi being forced out of a washington restaurant by left wing activists in america in the u.k. and the rest of europe it's a discourse in which fists and kicks speak louder than words any opponent is
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painted evil regardless of whether or not they have any history of engaging in far right violence and if the left can deal with you physically they will discriminate against you. as happened to white house press secretary sarah sanders last year when she was refused service at a restaurant they will publicly ostracize you like when eric trump was harassed when eating out the left will even track you down and come knocking on your door. news. the left is on a search and destroy mission and progressive outlets will give plenty of outrage to announce the new rules when the goal justifies all means so when the day comes that the world feels return to its normal axis i expect we'll see fewer
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highly charged encounters making headlines in the mean time the new rules apply if you're directly complicit in spreading hate or pitcher waiting suffering maybe you should consider dining at home now showing a set piece or nigel farrar should wear the braggs a tear gets a head shot from the sniper is fine well it's a joke after all except imagine a conservative channel joking around killing a leftwing i can for instance but as an undisputable force of good you don't waste your time talking with the enemy this is. emblematic of the ocracy of the last that they absolutely cry foul when there is any source or negative techniques used against them when they use the same techniques so now she goes further and employ violence to malaysian and harassment on a mass scale
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a lot of cases using social media. so that they believe that there is just this is not justified that needs to be called out for what it is which is actually very close to trash and the left is in forcing a new order and by the new rules the gloves are off when dealing with dissidents. or shut down of their now the british home office is sparked anger after suggesting that traffic nigerian women can go on to lead a wealthy life when they return to africa after working as prostitutes in the u.k. challenged minsky looks now what prompted the statement. it's been described as at crisis level the number of nigerian women trafficked into prostitution across europe thousands of women and girls every year forced into the sex trade often in a bid to pay off the debt that they think could in paying transported to the
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continent according to the when these women are sexually exploited their raped. they are subject to all forms of human rights violations including torture rape extortion forced labor sexual and labor exploitation amounting to trafficking and contemporary forms of slavery if they were turned home there is also the risk of violent book price the un has described that we have been a taishan in full social inclusion of trafficked persons back in nigeria as being particularly challenging however the u.k. government appears to be painting a very different picture one that's crazy trafficked women who return from europe wealthy from prostitution enjoy high social economic status and in general are not subject to negative social attitudes on return they are often held in high regard because they have improved income prospects this is part of an official
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policy and information it's used by the home office decision makers who handle any protection and human rights claims that includes trafficked women who may be seeking asylum that's sparked outrage this is a face by the thousands of people who are trafficked from my injury to the u.k. i'm one of destitution i'm a they are bought by traffickers do have a copy of their free will and imply that on the return back home they'll be welcomed back with open arms and community and from the hardworking people it is difficult to return back there are cultural stigma. because of the society in which religion plays a big part of it and put aside by your family or even just the vision the community also shot in them so these are negative aspects of africa fighting i mean the food on the stone there is also a huge issue for those who do return to nigeria and getting access to the support
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that they desperately need percent of people who are trafficked to europe from nigeria with i'm 53 to 500 of them actually face for the future especially the fault of their p.t.s.d. . or mental health issues and all the time but me the local authorities and government itself do not have the required for the teachers to teach help ingrained issues within the population to have these issues it's not the 1st time the home office has found itself questions sized over the way that it deals with victims of trafficking lawyers have accused of showing disregard for this safety after it emerged victims were being released from immigration detention back to the addresses where they were enslaved in 2018 it also emerged that under the hostile environment policy victims of modern slavery and human trafficking had been jailed
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in breach of legislation while others had been deported in a statement the home office said victims of modern slavery shouldn't be prosecuted for criminal or fast as they were forced to command as a result of exploitation just months after backing a campaign urging nigerian women and girls to find jobs at home instead of risking a life of modern slavery in the u.k. some might argue that this latest advice that prostitution can essentially equal wealth could actually encourage more women and girls who might geria to try their own luck and risk their own lives. r.t. london. in other news roman berlin have clashed over the captain of a german rescue ship docked in sicily with a boat full of migrants the italian interior minister mattis al feeney branded escapists decision to head to an italian port without permission an act of war from
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justice or expect severe penalties for those who have made an attempt on the life of italian soldiers and repeatedly ignored laws from the other european countries germany and france above all i expect silence and respect we are however ready to expel the german outlaw the captain corona rocket has her supporters in germany hundreds marched in new nick dubbing her arrest unfair and also just a portion of the foreign minister a mass also weighed in calling her treatment unacceptable. was he able to rescue at sea is not his group of friends it is unacceptable to us that what happened and what we consider to have been a human a terrorist acts is criminal why it's pretty well the 31 year old was arrested on saturday after she docked with 42 migrants on board rockette allegedly steered the vessel in the direction of a government boat that had sought to block her from entering the port she apologized explaining her decision is being motivated by
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a fear for the migrants health she could now face up to 10 years in jail or the german public has already raised more than a 1000000 euros to cover her legal costs while a similar italian campaign has raised another 400000 but said italians and germans are divided over the skipper's actions. we think that people should be saved anyway but the history of europe has been a big start making for centuries and centuries and centuries well and significant men who are trying to start these things board overcome between not i wouldn't call it an act of war i imagine that if there was war here and if i were fleeting and desperate for help and then they rejected me that would be so terrible. and i mean that i think she did agree thing but italian laws shouldn't be broken let me i'm sorry for the 42 lives i think she needs to leave italy like salvini says because
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we are already full of immigrants i think germany did a great thing helping grow with the immigrants could also go to germany. watching r.t. donald trump has lashed out at iran after it exceeded the amount of low enrich uranium it is allowed to stockpile under the 2015. minute of it as i have been informed iran has crossed the 300 kilogram limit but based on his plan earlier we had announced our plan to exceed the limits therefore based on our previous announcement we made it clear what we were going to do we see it as a right based on the disappear way. they know what to do and they know what they're playing with i think they're playing with fire the trumpet ministration has vowed to apply maximum pressure on iran over its nuclear ambitions it's also suggested that iran was already producing high amounts of enriched uranium before the deal was signed the iranian foreign minister has responded to that with a simple tweet one word question seriously he also said that the latest enrichment
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was justified by the fact that america had pulled out of the nuclear deal the u.n. nuclear watchdog has since confirmed to you that iran has breached its limits under the agreement it is the latest twist in iran's long running difficulties with the west. iran's done with dialogue at least it seems when it comes to washington. the useless sanctions imposed by the desperate us government on iran's supreme leader and foreign minister has the effect of blocking the path to diplomacy the trumpet ministration is destroying all the established international mechanisms for maintaining bulled peace and security. for years iran has attempted to rebuild relations with the u.s. without any tangible results in 1988 u.s. military shot down an arabian passenger plane that killed $290.00 civilians including $66.00 children and although the incident was considered an accident the
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pennsy could never apologize. i believe that given the operating environment captain rogers acted reasonably and did what his nation expected of him and the defense of his ship and crew is regrettable accident and it was an accident it was a byproduct of the iran iraq war and saddened and if pos presidents are anything to go by shouldn't hold its breath i'll never apologize for the united states of america ever i don't care what the facts are still ready to reconcile iran helped organize the release of u.s. hostages in lebanon but this goodwill gesture wasn't reciprocated by 995 even harsher u.s. sanctions were being lined up for iran i am formally announcing my intention to cut off all trade and investment with iran.
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and to suspend their way all other economic activity between our nations the 2nd round of reproach came shortly off the 911 i was one of the. right. and. as a human as a muslim and as an iranian i stand before you to bias again express my deepest sympathy we need to families of the victims and be to all the great american people across iran candlelight vigils were held to mourn the victims but the diplomatic progress didn't last long 4 months later came president bush's axis of evil speech which included iran this is a regime that has something to hide from the civilized world. states like these
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and their terrorist allies constitute an axis of evil. finally in 2015 iran signed a deal with the international community including the us agreeing not to pursue nuclear weapons the united states together were international partners has achieved something that decades of animosity has not a comprehensive long term deal with iran that will prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon it was celebrated but short lived dubbed a bad deal by donald trump he walked away without any confirmation to iran was in violation so perhaps it's no great surprise iran is tired of talking. the united states does not seem to be very much willing to talk to iran otherwise they would've kept the nuclear deal and built up on that at least they could have given to try but they've not done that they have ruined the former deal and this shows
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they reimpose sanctions to the harshest level possible this shows that they are after iran so run that if the united states removes the sanctions gets back to the nuclear deal to show that it shows respect towards the wall even actually the case could be different until then there couldn't be any kind of talks with the u.s. no matter who is in office still ahead american anti-tank missiles have been found at a militant base in libya adding to the list of cases where u.s. weapons have ended up in the wrong hands we'll have a look at the details in a couple of.
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hard money fashionable again and that halo back as felt all her goal if you work for a client there would be no current rally. magic mushrooms down to the contacts used in the wrong way carrie carrie. sure arms like any any psychoactive substances. but used in a right way they seem to have quite a. profound 30 to potential and quite a good safety profile as well. so
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again our american anti-tank missiles have been found at a militant base in libya according to a local arms research group for javelin missiles appear to have come via washington's ally the united arab emirates according to markings on their casings the u.s. sold them to the u.a.e. back in 2008 javelins are now in the hands of libyan opposition general belief or hafter the pentagon says it is investigating the findings. we take all allegations of misuse of u.s. origin defense articles very seriously we are aware of these reports are seeking additional information we expect all recipients of u.s. origin defense equipment to abide by their induced obligations or u.s. weapons have ended up in the wrong hands before him 2015 for example the al nusra front released a video featuring u.s.
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missiles in an attack against syrian forces in italy and then in february this year an investigation found that al qaeda linked fighters in yemen had obtained u.s. weapons to the report pointed the finger at saudi arabia with yemen has been pounded by u.s. made arms since 2015 when riyadh launched its incursion into the country a bomb that killed 40 children in august last year was reportedly sold to saudi arabia wrist part of a u.s. arms deal today washington remains the biggest arms exporter in the world we spoke to investigative journalist reece erlich he says that washington is unlikely to get a grip on how the weapons are used in conflicts. i don't think it's a new era the u.s. has been selling arms to the middle east for decades now it's pretty clear violations both of the terms on which the u.s. sells these weapons as well as the u.s. embargo against sending arms to libya the u.s.
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ships had shipped arms to its allies knowing that the arms would be used by these other rebel forces the major powers sell arms to make money in the larger their arms deal less likely is the u.s. to criticize them the u.s. could stop the saudis from bombing yemen for example it could stop the u.s. aid from shipping arms clandestinely to various rebel groups but the u.s. chooses not to do so because it would run counter to the economic interests of the arms industry and the geostrategic planning of people in the state department and of course might interfere with the oral business the u.s. runs throughout the region. finally woman has been kicked off a british easyjet flight for wearing clothing that was too revealing. a 31 year old mother of 2 was heading home from her holiday in spain when a flight attendant that left didn't that are on board wearing miss the attendant
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said she needed to put a top i've seen 3 blankets but also a pool and say she complied with the request and still wasn't allowed on board having to spend the night at the airport as a result. i know the show my buddy the tome but i feel spontaneous as i wasn't home it made me feel so self-conscious the crew and mainly through cheap she sent you are not coming on my plane like that you need to put it. then she ordered me on the plane so of course. when i tried to get become she turned to the ground and said she's not coming on my plane i was in shock it was so sexist easyjet however claims that the passenger was kicked off the plane for quite behaving disruptively towards the flight attendant we spoke to t.v. and radio host about the situation i think the situation is pretty hypocritical i
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looked up this airlines policy on breastfeeding and they seem to be very open minded and i don't think it was right for the airline to kick her off just for having the revealing top on i definitely think it is sexist you know you can say that a woman can breastfeed out on the airplane and that it's not offensive but yet her bearing some cleavage in a revealing shirt is that that sit you kind of can't have it both ways but i also don't know what her reaction was to this flight attendant calling her out i don't think the flight attendant should have called her out at all but i think somebody who is wearing a shirt like this obviously wants to be noticed seems like she might have been a little disruptive to the flight crew absolutely think that that's unacceptable behavior on an airplane that's not something that any airline tolerates but i don't think the she should have necessarily been called out publicly there could have been a way for the airline to handle this tactfully and there could have been a way for the stewardess to handle it tactfully that's how things are looking so fast today here we're not see we're back again at the top of the out of the
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headlines of most. when the whole make this manufacture come sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling classes to protect themselves. in the final merry go round. the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. i mean real news.
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my 7 years doing drugs my nephews was still in drugs my system just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse started going after the users in the prison population sewer we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill i increasingly became convinced that the war on drugs was a mistake there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for. a long sentence in this for whom minor minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say by daddy as you're walking out of a business it's just it doesn't get easier. sure
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this is the guys report we are in san francisco going 2019 fantastic event put on by a big client magazine some fantastic speakers meeting a lot of interesting folks a new products you know we always like to bring in new products before anyone else hears about it we've got something coming up for you take a look at so you see what's happening i have a new product which is my new sweater. and sam is the scout but you know i while we've been here of course gold and silver have. have been on a tear in his kind of like really going to the moon just as our series to consume and gold extend their gains as investors flee currencies due to global central bank madness well i think that's an important point you know when the central bank of america the federal reserve bank indicated that there.


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