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tv   News  RT  July 5, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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online your best bet is year and vote for the t. but for now the mountains of moist only grow while. the russian president vladimir putin meets italian prime minister you said picante in rome with the pm implementing that sanctions are preventing italy and russia from undertaking a number of joint ventures also to come tell me trump is accused of militarizing us independence day celebrations after the plane fly overs and tanks were put on display and contend for the british premiership jeremy hunt sparks a storm of controversy after tying opposition leader jeremy called in to anti semitism and concentration camps and also to become a child impersonator of america's youngest ever congresswoman deletes a social media accounts after receiving death threats from supporters of alexandra castillo courts.
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good morning welcome it's 11 o'clock here in moscow and you're watching r.t. international how europe and russia should return to normal relationships without sanctions that's the message from the news conference of light emitted and. talking about the harm to the economy by those restrictions is lee's premier stressed the good that could be achieved if they were lifted. approach the time the sanctions could be lifted or extended i'm always sad because so much could be achieved and the situation could be sooner. than you may wish to believe we understand that italy is bound by certain obligations within various integration structures both in europe and in therefore we have no special claims to italian friends box we hope will consistently fight for what was repeatedly said publicly namely for
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a full fledged return to normal relations between russia and europe as a whole well it was no secret that the euro skeptic forces currently in power here in rome are no big fans of europe's anti russian sanctions to say the least but as you've heard prime minister conte's message is getting more loud and more clear especially when he's standing shoulder to shoulder with the russian president who once again reminded about the enormous amounts of cash that both sides were losing just because of this sanctions war. in 2013 we had a trade turnover of $450000000000.00 now it's $270000000000.00 if i'm not mistaken where are these missing $150000000000.00. these are lost profits not only those we could have and but also those that european countries including italy have suffered
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. several times during the press conference we heard the words i absolutely agree with my colleague which is aware thing when president vladimir putin meets western leaders however the taste is definitely an exception and even when the top politicians were taken questions on such an important and troubling issue for italy as libya and the new outbreak of the civil war there the leaders were on the same page and. mr putin began with pointing the finger at nato will show you let us remember which will start to destroy libya as a state. it's one of the few countries that assist the situation a military decision could not lead to libya's unification on the contrary today we're witnessing a dramatic situation. now for a while we haven't been getting any major updates from going as well as the ongoing
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political crisis there and the last question at the press conference was whether the 2 beaters brought up the matter during the talks and whether they had anything new to say about it well president vladimir putin once again pointed out how exactly the conflict began and also i had something particular to say about the opposition leader one. opposition leader mr walked onto a square looked up to the sky addressed god and proclaimed himself president it's all well and good but we never heard back from god on how he sees this proclamation so i think we need to come back and start operating on the democratic procedures and rules which boil down to dialogue to the need to talk to the people you need to put your candidacy to the vote so clearly this visit does show that russia is trying to benefit from its close ties with its only under its new euro skeptic
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government but when it comes to the e.u. as a whole the kremlin doesn't really have any illusions as usual and they are not willing to go too far. thank reporting that there has been plenty of control u.s. independence day celebrations which so protesters set the american flag on fire. from. supporters in the lead up to the salute to america parade on thursday. in a break with the gnome a military parade was staged in the country's capital something trying to show of a lifetime although democrats and the media have slammed the appearance of tanks in the capital accusing donald trump of militarizing the events and using it for political gain ahead of next year's election. we're going to have planes going over it the best fighter jets in the world and
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other planes to. have some time stationed outside. kilo. clear. to make it into work seems to be hard for a combination trump railway. storrow a military parade of hardware and of course but it's just obscene. c.n.n. has learned that some military chiefs have expressed reservations about politicizing the july 4th celebration concerned about the tanks and armored vehicles on displaying. the.
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sites he will. want to. meet someone that makes sense. well armed heavily armored highly mobile take design for a modern armored ground warfare. but while people were upset about the tank parade then on independence day few do raise their eyebrows about the sheer extent of american military might the u.s. has been involved in 7 conflicts since 2001 and the army does have bases in over 30 countries last year in fact u.s. military spending swelled to $649000000000.00 meanwhile it does seem though that
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feelings of patriotism in the u.s. are on decline and according to gallup polls they have been since 2003 for example this year the number of people who say they are proud to be american has dropped to 70 percent so a founder's head of the international action center says the theme of this year's parade is in keeping with washington's policy priorities everyone know this and why. and it's also what casting more than $800.00 u.s. military bases around the world outside us that threaten countries one after the other and an artist cost the us more than 65 percent of all knowledge of all u.s. expenditures less expenditures federal government low keyed the military machine i don't vary time went into structure health care education is on the klein and when
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the gap between rich or just fire that any time in u.s. history. well another thing the u.s. military has been showing off is a special phone to alert the head of the us air force when there is going to be a nuclear war he assured americans that the country is ready for that eventuality referencing russia to make his point. should war with a nuclear power happen and i'm going to primarily use russia as my example today as the most dangerous nuclear threat we face i fully expect free lights to lights up on my roots which phone in the office the 1st step in the nightmare scenario would be to team up with nato which he called 1st and foremost a nuclear alliance to send bombers next would be to order the u. north american aerospace defense command to intercept incoming missiles and then finally the deployment of nuclear submarines for a massive 2nd strike journalist martin summers though says this is
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a pentagon point you've got to remember the military industrial complex in the west is is is a money making machine primarily. as they know that russia has upgraded its nuclear arsenal because it had to really because of basically the got you know short range nuclear weapon straight in their face if you imagine if the russians were were to put a similar weapons into cuba we know what happened in 16263 when that happened. so that they they are basically wanting to spend more money or more nuclear weapons so they're basically this is a basically a sales pitch the real threat of nuclear war is definitely there but talking about it like this is more for public consumption than anything else it's supposed to reassure people but if you read between the lines it's not very reassuring that all it's going to suggesting that it's come before these wars can be fought and won a lot thought would realize years ago that's that's impossible. and one of the 2
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people in the race to become britain's next prime minister the current foreign secretary jeremy hunt is facing a backlash after making remarks connecting opposition leader jeremy corbin to the holocaust thousands have signed a petition demanding an apology as party boy kaye reports. a petition calling on the foreign secretary to apologize to the leader of the opposition jeremy corbyn has amassed over 16000 signatures because a lot of people are angry over these comments that really boil down to jeremy hunt making a link between the leader of the labor party and the atrocities perpetrated by hitler and the nazis. rather complacently said to myself thank goodness we don't have to worry about that kind of thing happening in the u.k. and no if i myself with the leader of the labor party who has opened the door to anti semitism in a way that is truly frightening to me corbin has been
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a lifelong campaigner for the rights of palestinians but he's also been accused of failing to root out anti semitism from within the labor party but these comments by jeremy hunt have managed to offend even those people that are natural corbin supporters take a listen to just some of the reaction on twitter that someone would visit auschwitz and use it as a means to attack the mainstream political party in the. german home 20 auschwitz when he came back he was so humbled by the experience he needed he used it as complaining material to solve his political opponents because that's the truth isn't it jeremy the whole cause then might win you a few votes using auschwitz to score cheap political points has to be one of the most despicable things i've ever seen even from a tory but also the chances of
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a general election here in the u.k. before the year is out is really creeping up for something jeremy hunt i've been doing the campaign trails and paris lee trying to out brags at each other by pledging to both leave. by the end of that halloween deadline even if there is no. deal in place and that could lead to an election where reg's is weary vote is to look to labor as some sort of alternative to all of this and so there is a genuine fear right now i think in conservative circles of the prospect of corbin government and supporters of labor jeremy corbyn they will see these latest comments by jeremy hunt as sort of just another installment of this plot to discredit the labor leader but we really think tank begins center for strategic studies it does warn against using the holocaust for political gain. believe that
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this competition might be in such a high level. whatever it is against corbin who might be the next prime minister would use any means in order to gain some more votes this is very dangerous because when you try to minimize the mug me due to the holocaust to something which can be used. for political issues it is something which makes the holocaust happen again because if it was not such a big think that we can use it to the good we can use it here and there for with the like. the beginning. of a young girl who became an internet hit with her parodies of u.s. congresswoman alexandra castillo cortez has deleted all of her social media accounts after she and her family received death threats from supporters of the
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politician. right. here again this time from washington before the break i asked him to look into socialism because socialism is so anything like socialism it actually saw it 1st ocean media know that thanks i say social media yes i'm a socialist and take 3 of the most successful countries in the works. there is really. a vote will not be doing any more many arrows see content the left's harassment and death threats have gone too far for our family we have been getting calls on our personal phone numbers for our safety and for our child's safety we deleted all many a o.c. accounts the an impersonator started to make videos with the help of her stepfather and also her uncle and she became famous too after doing impression on fox news a twitter account in fact 87000 followers before it was deleted some of her
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followers are outraged by what's happened. when you claim to be an advocate for children that you threaten the life of a child makes he larry acedia use of the dumbest person in congress who just might be any take leftist stay safe you'll always be our meanie. what do well do we leave no problem making fun of harassing threatening our president but if you make fun of a you see you get death threats this isn't even american anymore i love this little girl's death it is sick that people have been docs in her and threatening her life janice and commentator chadwick moore says that some people just lack a sense of humor. but videos were so sweet and harmless and so cute there wasn't possibly anything you could buy the parents were about it this child was just so sweet having a bit applauded at one of the most laughable characters in american politics it's unfortunate we live in this world where the left works so hard to silence people
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and to intimidate them and this is all about imitation the left has controlled the culture for 405060 years they dominated and they cannot handle it that the right is beginning to wade in culture they can't handle it the right is being funnier than they are no one in america has ever gotten assaulted or attacked or kicked out of the cell this meant for being liberal it's never happened and it happened or for wearing something pro level it only happens in one direction only one direction and that's against conservatives and the right. still to come disney's remaking it's become the night film that some are unhappy they have given the lead to a black actress we'll have a look at that and debate it to yourself to the.
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something wrong with being rich and being rich is nothing wrong with it people work hard they make a lot of money and for a lot of people that's very satisfying but when you become a rapacious monopolist then you are heading up like a pharmaceutical industry one or 2 or 3 major. collusion colluding monopolist and all of our plus pricing that's not right that's tight around the.
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globe again a group of conservative m.p.'s are rooting the u.k. government to ban fracking and to adopt more environmentally friendly policies public opinion seems to be going that way to you but will it have an impact. reports. frak off that's the view from an influential group of conservative m.p.'s who are calling for the extraction of shell gas to be banned however they may face more than a little resistance when trying to drill the idea into colleagues to resume a has previously given the practice her full backing this is an important potential new source of energy and i think it's right that we ensure that we use this and
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take the benefits of it for our economy for jobs and for people's future yet that seems to be at odds with the public opinion which has been going through a seismic shift in recent years a recent survey showed that support for the practice has caved with only 12 percent backing the controversial practice meanwhile the number of people who oppose fracking has risen to 40 percent they cite concern about destruction to nature risk of earthquakes and contamination of water supplies as the magnitude of mt fracking opposition grows protesters are standing their ground.
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the outgoing prime minister says issue legally commit to ending the u.k.'s contribution to global warming by 2050 before she leaves 10 downing street both the contenders for her job have also promised to advance the green agenda but climate change activists argue that you can't have it both ways this is just the tory politicians. action hearing mode to make making promises that they probably will have no intention of keeping which is what they're all trying to do when they're in election mode they tell you whatever they think you want to hear and then as soon as they're in power they do is exactly as they please which is what this tory government has been doing for the last. 9 years. they've rewritten the law regarding fracking to make it easier so why would they now back off and it seems even
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a former government advisor agrees you can be in favor of fixing the climate or you can be in favor of exploiting shale gas but you can't be in favor of both at the same time it is a core principle that economic growth and respect for our planet are not 2 opposites just as it is irresponsible to build growth on debt so we must use our resources profitably which means the next generation does not have to clean up the mess that we have made as the government continues to resist calls to stop fracking and fully backs the practice the shock waves of opposition are only growing stronger. r.t. london. the entertainment giant disney has announced that its remake of the children's classic the little mermaid will star black actress halle bailey in the lead role although that has sparked some debate but after an extensive search it
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was abundantly clear that halle possesses that rare combination of spirit heart youth innocence and substance plus a glorious singing voice all intrinsic qualities necessary to play this iconic role . but in 1990 released its adaptation of the famous fairy tale written by the danish author and christian andersen not version of the always a blue eyed redhead white girl some argue that the new version should stay true to that 989 film but others do say having a black lead is a win for diversity. the actress cast is areal can sing act dance and is beautiful but racists yes that extreme irritation you feel is racism or like mermaids can be black wool crabs can talk so we're all stretching here shut up fat box the little mermaid lives on a tropical coral reef with a calypso signal with a strong jamaican accent when you think about it it's bizarre she was white the fos time around there goes my favorite princess can't believe the just 3 my favorite
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princess she has a beautiful voice but if she's playing ariel i'm going to be she doesn't fit the look at all could you imagine the uproar of the cast a white actress to play tiana in the live action remake i just don't understand why is this necessary and we put the issue up for debate. well that what people are trying to do is trying to bring people back to a certain kind of reality that we live in a very diverse society and to try and present if you like to try and normalize 1st because what happened before was that we had a society which those people were excluded or if they were presented they were presented as before they were prevented of course in the translation which was derogatory to them we bring race to the forefront and make it an issue when it really isn't an issue i think it's a very dangerous precedent and i think it is think it really is not i think it's really not about the inclusive idea that your other guest discussed discusses i
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think it's really a leftist agenda to divide us and keep us from working together and i think the people are over concerned about his presentation are trying to as they said they want something they used to hate but any challenge. challenge is if you challenge is what i think in the they think they think they should be like a princess can be black and what we want to do weird is not a lie not that so every every single hollywood movie made from now on must have a gay person a jewish person a black person hispanic person and all we probably better represent all the population so let's make a puerto rican person a human person and i don't know there are people here from from our other countries too should we should we just make sure now that every single group has every single race religion color size socio economic level where do you draw the lying if you look at the history of hollywood with birth of a nation it started off really badly with the original 1st feature film been
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a racist film which used skin color in a negative way of course they should be a good story line but also a film can do multi faceted things and i think we have to move beyond being obsessed by the fact that we live in a society that is proud to support diversity we do live in a society that does have problems around racism in american society has that and i think that the people who are denying. it people are not willing to begin to really talk about challenging it we had some because dylan roof to walk into a blood shot of the body i'm sorry there's been a number of shootings in on the places these a tragic tragic things we had black president black billionaires all over the place all sorts of hispanic people and in positions of power i would hope that no one would not like this character based on that they might not like the idea of it being imposed they might feel that it's a little bit racist to say oh well we have to have a princess be a certain color i don't think that makes them
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a racist i think that makes them somebody that just wants the best person for the job to be chosen whether it's a movie or a corporate venture i think the best person should always be chosen regardless of their skin color or anything else. you're watching our say just coming up to half past 11 in the morning here in moscow we're back again with. this is this is a stick from the water bottle phone in the stomach of the fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there the litter bugs are
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throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. that's. their plastic. special projects funded. on the. fun now the mountains of waste only grow while. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the 1st one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand down on the news business you just need to ask the right questions and demand the right answer.
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questions. my son doing drugs my nephew was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse started going after the users in the prison population who are we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill. then the war on drugs. there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for. sins for owner minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in wave and say by day as you're walking out of this it's just it doesn't get easier.
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hello and welcome across we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle a new foreign policy think tank will start business challenging foreign policy orthodoxies it's called the quincy institute for responsible state this is not an ordinary think tank it is funded by charles koch and george soros among others talk about strange bedfellows can these establishment billionaires take on the foreign policy blog. talking strange bedfellows i'm joined by my guest on the bar in new york he's host of the c.p.r. news a daily radio newscast in london we have been he is a professor.


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