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tv   News  RT  July 7, 2019 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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the. headline news from r.t. iran says it will boost your any of enrichment says the crisis centers a new phase it marks a further rollback of the 2015 deal after terence deadline for sanctions relief expired europe to move quickly towards terror on against furthering its enrichment program as iran's foreign minister blames the european signatories for failing to uphold the nuclear deal. also among the stories that shape the way russia pays tribute to the 14 sailors who were killed in a fire on a nuclear submarine in the barents sea on monday. and fighter jets zoom through the skies of washington and tanks rolled through the streets on july the 4th donald trump continues to come under fire for militarizing u.s. independence day celebrations.
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although there is sunday on r.t. international and that means we're going to be bringing you some of the biggest stories covered here over the past 7 days i'll be sure we've got sunday's developments to bring you up to speed 1st on iran's announced plans to accelerate its uranium enrichment program and surpass the $3.00 percentage cap that was stipulated in the 2015 nuclear agreement it says for energy reasons limit officials there have also recently ruled out any further dialogue with washington unless and further sanctions are lifted and iran's deadline for that has now passed with europe only able to provide limited relief from the effects of those severe financial penalties as part of the agreement signed 4 years ago now iran curb its nuclear program in return for a number of sanctions being removed but that accords being on the brink of collapse since the united states unilaterally withdrew from it last year reimpose devastating penalties on terror. this creating crisis has also triggered serious
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concern in the region as well as you are of course has been following the reaction force in berlin. eva's leaders are not exactly happy about iran's new plans for uranium enrichment germany's foreign ministry has already urged the islamic republic to stop any actions that might lead it into a violation of the nuclear deal germany like her a 3 in new partners is extremely concerned by iran's announcement that it has begun enriching uranium beyond the concentration of 3.67 percent we have repeatedly called on rare not to take further measures that further undermine the nuclear deal now berlin's already said that it's also been in close contact with other parties involved in the agreement and that they're discussing the possibility of a joint meeting as a step forward in ensuring compliance with the nuclear deal now other evil states have also reacted as well the u.k. foreign office called on iran to immediately stop what it was doing excusing them
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of being in violation of the treaty across the channel you have french president emmanuel macron who warned of consequences that would come out of the potential weakening of the nuclear deal and on the flip side iran's foreign minister mohammad jahvid zarif is saying that iran is pursuing these further enrichment plans within the confines of the nuclear deal and that they would reverse this decision if the e.u. holds up its end of the bargain having failed to implement their obligations under the j c p o a including after the u.s. withdrawal the e.u. and a 3 should at the very minimum politically support iran's remedial measures on the paragraph $36.00 including the i.a.e.a. the ether we have no pretext to avoid if political systems to preserve the j c p o a and council us you know naturalism nazareth also sent a letter to the e.u.'s foreign policy chief outlining the steps iran has already taken and the fore. ministry is intice
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a painting meetings with european powers to take place later this month so if it looks at least like the e.u. and iran are open to some sort of resolution to this issue israel on the other hand has had some pretty inflammatory words the iran is violated solemn promise under the u.n. security council not to enrich uranium beyond a certain level the enrichment of uranium is meant for one reason and one reason only it's for the creation of atomic bombs. the leaders of the p 5 plus one promised and committed themselves to snap back sanctions the minute iran did you just do where you. and who's staying out of the negotiations well that's the u.s. of course with washington still withdrawn we're have to wait and see if it's even still possible to save this deal and how the reaction of politics professor tyrone university we spoke to earlier believes it's europe's failure to uphold the nuclear deal that's now driving the crisis. iran waited for over a year and the europeans did absolutely nothing you know only after he won began to
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reduce its commitments 2 months ago did the europeans sort of push harder and and reveal begin the using instax or formally announcing insects but insects itself as it is nothing without money and a europe still refrains from purchasing iranian oil under american pressure they could still refrain from allowing private companies or protecting $5.00 private companies who want to do trade with iran to the iranians are. seeing their commitments little by little to put pressure on the europeans so that they take a step forward if the europeans abide by their commitments then the iranians will stay within them if you know even though the americans have left in the americans are hindering the iranians don't accept your in excuse because the russians and the chinese are trying their best obeid by the deal and they're doing far better than the europeans which have a very large economy. well the blow to the pact comes as tensions continue to rise
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between iran and the u.k. their latest dispute was triggered when british royal marines seized an iranian super tanker off the coast of gibraltar on thursday britain believes the vessel was transporting oil to syria in violation of e.u. sanctions iran in turn claims the vessel did not enter the u.k.'s territorial waters and that it was traveling to a permitted destination it's demanding the vessels immediate release. an iranian foreign ministry official described the u.k. move was unacceptable and called for the immediate release of the oil tanker given that has been seized at the request of the u.s. the u.k. navy's measure is tantamount to maritime piracy britain has no right to impose its own unilateral sanctions or those of the european union in an extra territorial manner against the other countries this is the very bullying policy of the u.s. . says the iranian tanker was carrying 2000000 barrels of oil the british overseas territories attorney general said on friday that the ship can be impounded for 14 days on its crew
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a question the city has been praised by washington which according to spain was behind the move. but i was already in to stop we have been aware of the operation civil guard petrols have been watching the area but we are investigating the circumstances under which the u.s. and its petition to the u.k. to excell news uki has detained the supertanker grace one laden with the reigning oil bond for syria in violation of you sanctions american our allies will continue to prevent regimes in turan in damascus from profiting off this illicit trade every few weeks we are seeing major provocations by the americans but they are sending drones or warship towards iran and now this incident where the british are actually acting on behalf of the marriage what gives the british the right to seize any iranian ships based on european laws iran is not a member of the e.u. just the trump government decided to lead you to your accord the americans have
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been pressuring iran putting significant pressure on iran and iran has actually been acting in a very relatively cautious manner and we have to understand that you want to not shore we strained forever and we knew such as this where you raining ships are being seized in the equally and they cannot it actually want you want to do nothing . in return if you want there's nothing in return then they will put more pressure and more pressure. russia has been remembering the 14 sailors who were killed in a fire on a research submarine in the barents sea on monday 7 of the victims were high ranking navy officers to have been posthumously decorated with the country's highest honor the hero of the russian federation with a closer look at the tragedy here's what i've got to get. on the 1st of july deep below russia's barren c. the unthinkable happened 5 a russian scientific research vessel mapping the sea floor was suddenly
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a death trap alarms bled hatches was shut and locked and the crew in the burning compartments sacrificed their lives to put out the blaze they succeeded the vessel and their colleagues were saved but 14 men all decorated veterans suffocated and they did more than save the submersible here. on the nuclear power unit on this vessel is completely isolated now and no people are being allowed there plus the crew implemented all necessary activities to protect this unit and it is in full working order the investigation stablish in what happened how it happened is being led by russia's navy head with the president personally being kept informed the dead will all be on a post you mostly the northeast a hostile place people a great task against the difficulty and hardship so just to surprise that it's
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traditionally a new day when you come up to this memorial dedicated cooled sailors perished that scene during peacetime. puts it back to the barracks it's earlier this week for 3 to see who it is. one of the crew is the blaze began i should a civilian through an open hatch shutting it behind him to prevent the inferno from spreading that was the caliber of men abroad that vessel was all those who knew them a test that it will play with the cost of coaching for 10 years we were studying in the same school with dimitri he was an example of a true friend a classmate he was self motivate. always in the thick of events that's how we will remember him and even his final act characterized just who he was me and my classmates were not surprised he didn't hesitate for a moment he did everything possible and saved someone's life political morning
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dimitri was a good man a good friend knowing him and his human qualities i say he would never have acted differently he simply couldn't. yes he was a very responsible person so it was no surprise for us that he too the heat condolences poured in from all over the world from the pope to britain's theresa may russians in the thousands lit candles and held commemorative ceremonies the government has done its duty the widows and families of those killed will be compensated not that money could replace their loss to but you see of the $14.00 dead 7 are top ranking captains 2 are heroes of russia this is a big loss for the fleet i offer sincere condolences to the families of the deceased everything must be done to help and support them and the good men perished
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on that day veterans courageous and noble the best of the best as they say in the navy and there must be justice the public wants answers which the investigation should provide so that this never happens again. the united states celebrated independence day on thursday marking 243 years since it cast off the yoke of british rule but with the united states continuing to struggle with deep divisions this year's 4th of july did not pass without controversy. the day began with clashes in washington d.c. is left wing protesters faced off against the president's supporters ahead of his address to the nation donald trump's so-called salute to america than source of military might in the u.s. capitol it will be former reality t.v. star called the show of a lifetime. and many in the media and the political world condemned the decision to
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involve tanks and jets in the annual celebrations they accuse mr trump of wasting huge amounts of money and using the event for political gain ahead of next year's election. we're going to have planes going over it the best fighter jets in the world and other planes too and we have some time stationed outside. the period to make it into what seems to be kind of put a combination from corelli. storrow military parade of hardware and of course but just of see him you c.n.n. has learned that some military chiefs have expressed reservations about
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politicizing the july 4th celebration concerned about the tanks and armored vehicles on displaying. the. sites he will. want to. that's how it works that makes sense. to. keep. it. to curious to see the remains battles higher ground that they're told i can cue. while many were
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upset about the tank parade on independence day concerns about america's unparalleled military spending seem to be somewhat more muted the u.s. has been involved in 7 conflicts since 2001 and has on. bases in more than 30 countries right now last year alone the pentagon splurged a jaw dropping $649000000000.00 on its operations despite its washington's attempts of how true it is and particularly the current administration it seems that national pride is on the decrease according to recent gallup polls that's been the trend since 2003 as well this year the number of people who say that they're proud to be american dropped to 70 percent so flounders who's head of the antiwar international action center says the theme of this year's parade reflects washington's or christmas. everyone know this and why. and also. more than $800.00 u.s. military bases around the world outside that's right countries one after the other
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and the in our midst cost us more than 65 percent of all knowledge of all u.s. senators less expenditures federal government low keyed the military machine i don't very time went into structure elf care education is on the klein and when the gap between rich or just fire that any time in u.s. history. this is r.t. has overseen some of his country's most testing times in recent history but alexis tsipras has conceded defeat in greece's snap election will have the latest on developments there and reaction after the break. the problem of the financial system calls from wall street throughout the rest of the world was so big that not just one central bank could make money cheap enough
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could create enough artificial money by itself and so the fed did did work together with the european central bank with the bank of england with the people's bank of china leader kind of separate story with the bank of japan and so forth to create enough money to put into the financial system to keep it safe for itself and ultimately what that did is a transferred all of that money into the banks into financial assets into burgeoning stock markets like like a ton of sort of crack into an attic up and up and never took it away and that meant someone else was going to pay on the other side and the people that paid on the other side was everyone else in.
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greece looks set to swear in a new prime minister all monday those exit polls show the opposition new democracy party taking a landslide victory in sunday's snap election the ruling said it's a policy currently has 31 percent of the folks trailing new democracy that's led by . with 40 officials say the prime minister alexis tsipras has conceded around a 3rd of all ballots counted as we speak early indications also predict that the ultra nationalist golden dawn policy missing out on the required part of the french sometimes national election is the 1st since greece accepted it some 3 fold internet. no bailout program but the mediterranean nation still remains in severe financial crisis let's get some insight now on what's next for greece from office and political analyst petrus are you real welcome to the program so a new leader in prospect than a shift to the center right by all accounts greece still suffering financially what does it mean and do you see this positive for the greek public. well.
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there might appear to be a chance in. but there's not such a thing. i mean. de mar in this elections was whether we were in for state ism or for. her to go to me. external. ready parts of the group. or actually the e.u. . is. very very exciting in this country that is over the 9 years. the measures leg no other european tour it is of course over before there are no no euro skeptics this part is like 95 percent of the whole. or 2 parties are committed to e.u.
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so there's no not going to be a major political ready shift in greece. say me. kind of call it what you think what do you think went wrong for the summit's a party that 4 years ago was very different prime minister separatist was voted in a way that all those promises of being able to stand up to austerity that was being imposed from outside then he became seen as a prime minister of capitulation did he just over promise or was it an impossible task. well he was lying. to begin with he made a promise about ready ready nationalizing the. ready banking system which was impossible within the firms of the e.u. he was lying and he knew that no. election results are not a crushing defeat for the season party. because if you see the recent history of
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recall if it's on their memorandum terms all the government parties work crossed over a. series or remain. sons of 30 percent 30 percent of the voters which is actually it's a victory for the series a party after all but. the crema no ready. lies that ready the us is a party has. committed. perjury actions were opposed to the syriza party will do again 20 percent of the vote. but to stoop that 30 percent will won't and if we count this was a socialist party which in the 2090 war led by prime minister george papandreou what's this point of time here governor about 40 percent of the overall . 2 parties which are supposedly progressive we retain
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a 40 percent of the vote. so actually to see in victory for and to democracy and for really better olympics in greece. and what about alexis tsipras his legacy off through all this that he did try to build bridges with brussels for positive could be taken from his 4 years in charge. i don't see anything about. ready he actually signed that. he betrayed. them or of the movements in greece. he's actually sexual standing for anything. and everything about you stupid or for invade 2014 election. could destroy the left in greece if the show didn't but it's progressive and now the group of old is like someone who served with foreign security in this in this state is and. what they believe it's whether they vote for a so-called revolt by people just don't think you can see what would vote for the
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series or group voters that are actually looking for a better day for their own selves. not for a notch against not for was says so for and for southern states it's just individual. markets some need to work he said still to be done no matter who's in charge in athens i can offer a political honest but also he thanks for joining us from a small grace tonight. the united nations security council has called for a cease fire in libya following a deadly airstrike on a migrant detention center near tripoli on tuesday night the attack which the un's envoy to libya has said may amount to a war crime killed $53.00 people including 6 children $130.00 others were wounded compounding the devastation some reports also suggest the guards of the facility opened fire on the surviving migrants and refugees as they fled at the time of the assault some 600 people were being held in the facility the u.n. has called for an independent investigation into the entered the air raid has led
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to protests over conditions in libya's government run detention centers which house around 6000 people the shelters have been sharply criticized by rights groups the refugees are also calling on the un to relocate them to safety. and libya's un back government which is based in tripoli has blamed the attack on forces loyal to the self-styled libyan national army which is commanded by the warlord khalifa haftar the other ne has denied any responsibility the un refugee agency meanwhile has said that it warned of the dangers to people housed in that particular center. this is a tragedy that was very much preventable just a couple of months ago we called for the urgent evacuation of people from this specific detention center after a similar airstrike inja to the people inside. the no action was taken in that regard people have tragically paid the consequence with their lives today warden it's of this detention center will well known to both sides a of the conflict it
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was known that there were 600 people living inside so there can be no excuse for this having been hit. and we also heard from a senior member of the un refugee rights office from libya who says the focus needs to now be on those who remain in the centers. we are deeply shocked by what happened side and now the priority is to actually take the people who remain in this center to a safer location as the other 3800 refugees and migrants who remain trapped in this area refugees are coming from conflict from countries in conflict they have suffered in their home countries they have traveled through the desert under the sun and they have been in the hands of smugglers tortured abuse along the journey then trying to reach me trying to cross the desert to the mediterranean and then send back and then detained systematically you any oppose this detention of
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refugees this is why it's important that we move fast that we that we find solutions and then we have the help of the international community to help us make this a reality to discuss and to find a way forward. for now thanks for choosing this sunday next the fountains of latin americans fleeing strife and risking everything for what is likely to be a futile attempt at a better life in the united states. doing drugs my nephew was still in drugs my sister just with drugs it was like. a drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states. drug abuse started going after the users in the prison population. we started treating sick people people were addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the. war
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on drugs. there are a number of people who are in prison for. for minor minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up in issue. in wave and say by day as you're walking out of the business it's just it doesn't get easier. so the temporary orders that i'm on or before i go to final trial actually do allow me to address them as james and you smell pronouns but i cannot do that in front of 3rd parties who know him as a girl so basically i can't go to a school i keep them away from any friends he might have at school that known as a girl at my home he's known as james and i use male pronouns what i'm prohibited from doing right now is trying to convince him that he's actually a boy. just a pretty you would know the moon through it in circles one astute.
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enough to pull the one you much for the clues of little interest minutes but it'll do. the one in good order to produce your already in the since. you know made it seems to trace. that that. the. as we speak
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large organized caravan are on the march to the united states. is this a virtual invasion of our country which so far bigger than anything we've state and it grown is it going to stop trying to censor is it going to stop that if you know it's going to stop this in its tracks a nice powerful will. simply put walls work and walls save lives.
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