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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 9, 2019 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. told trump launches a furious attack on the british ambassador describing him as a. very stupid softer leaked diplomatic memo creates a rift between the 2 countries. the short music festival by members of the black community spock's control the sea by charging people double for tickets. in the u.k. government challenges a court ruling blocking exports to saudi arabia. the latest on those stories head to stay with us now from cross-talk discussing identity politics.
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hello and welcome to crossfire we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle so when you hear the word diversity it's at the expense of unity then there is inclusion but only inclusion when you agree with a certain political and world view and of course we can forget about identity politics if you disagree then you're called a dog whistle how did we get here. political correctness i'm joined by my guest joe concha in new jersey he's a media reporter for the hill in charlottesville we have david swanson is the executive director of world beyond war dot org and campaign coordinator for roots action. dot org and in washington we cross to our been for a he is
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a libertarian party presidential candidate as well as author of pull out men modern life and mutiny are gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate let me go to joe joe very broadly speaking speaking has political correctness just simply poisoned political discourse because what we've gotten down to is people only talking to people that agree with themselves and and what it's done is it is it's really completely corrupted any kind of debate i debate people all the time with different political views and i learn something and i enjoy it but i don't see that happen it's happening less and less where people of different views speak to each other because when they do their call they call the or interlocutor amoral or go to some historical reference a nazi or something like that they go very quickly to that point without really any kind of goodwill discussion and when you're talking to
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a person that disagrees with you go ahead joe yeah we call it safe spaces here in this country and not just on college campuses anymore it happens in the way people consume news as well they will watch certain channels or read certain publications that validate their own worldview without trying to do your point learn about anything else hear a different perspective we've become more closed minded than ever before and to your point about political correctness as you're asking the question fortunately for computer right in front of me i googled it because i wanted to reference a poll that i read recently 52 percent of americans and clipping a majority of independents said they are against the country becoming more political politically correct and are upset that they are too there are too many things that people can't say anymore about a 3rd said they're in favor of the country becoming more politically correct like to meet those folks and like you're going to people are being more sensitive in their comments about others so yeah you're not you're not alone on this a majority of americans say we're becoming a way to pull out of the correct and as. result the discourse is being muted and
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we're not learning anything we're simply just staying in our safe spaces as i mentioned and probably just getting more and more angry or even let me go to you i mean it seems to me instead of a substantive political debate it's basically purchased legally if we go google we go back and look at the democratic the for the 1st 2 democratic debates that's all it was ok i mean everybody was like the red guard everybody has to get lined up and agree and put up your hand and and if you look at a lot of the issues that were discussed during that debate the polls show go back to joe here that the american people don't even have a 50 percent support for many of those issues for example late term abortion and that it's a very small group of people actually support that but it's basically turned into a plank virtuous signaling is also poisoning the discourse or even in in washington is signaling is going deep we see it even in the libertarian party leadership and my views often involve taking something away from somebody that they didn't
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rightfully earn that's why i oppose ending the entire welfare state because yes it could be seen as mean but welfare is wrong it damages the people who give it it damages the war the people who receive it i believe in open borders and no welfare where you have so many people who just stick with the open borders busy and keep the welfare state intact side because it's nice or nice and this is not a good way to create a reasonable effective public policy public policy needs to focus on what a person actually deserves that's why we need to end programs like affirmative action it's why we need to end the entire welfare state and we need to make sure that people keep every single penny they earn unless they choose voluntarily to give it to someone else ok well i agree with you on ending the welfare state but i'm not an open borders guy let me go to david right now i said in my in my introduction you know the we're talking we're told about diversity diversity.
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versity all the time i'm not really sure what that's supposed to mean it sounds like a quota system to me but you know it's at the expense of unity and i think that's what we're lacking so much in the country in our politics there's so little that unifies us and if there isn't aren't things that unify you and your country falls apart quite literally go ahead david. i suppose so i can certainly disagree agree with the previous speaker on opening the borders and disagree on destroying the welfare state so much as it is little that it is in the united states but i but i do think that the way it's done in the united states with huge bureaucracies and identifying the word of the worthy is a disastrous way to do it and turns people with certain bigoted attitudes and other people as well against it if you look at countries that are doing better in terms of prosperity and happiness and health and life expectancy and and environmental sustainability and so forth what they tend to do is give things to everyone equally
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as basic human rights if everyone has health care and full education and retirement and transportation and and clean energy and clean environment as basic human rights then certain groups of people don't get to resent other categories of people for having them and that's divisible just as you know this sort of tokenism in these in these presidential elections is the is if there used to be it used to be in people were ashamed of the stupidity of tokenism of wanting some you know new disastrous walking catastrophe of an elected official but a black one or a gay one or a female one now that's just openly advocated with no shame as if it is somehow substantive and it's not regret it in the case of obama it's never been regretted joey i mean i i it's really interesting there's a lot of views are. express in this program that i agree with and strongly disagree
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with but this is the whole point of the program is to get this kind of mix in play here i mean david brings up a really good point and a lot of people are afraid to speak the truth what they think and sign but you know again you know we're looking for the ideal democratic candidate i mean all of these elements you know you have to you have to put check all these boxes what about competence what about a competent person would not be refreshing in politics instead of looking at their attributes that they were born with go ahead. yeah i look at people to judge for example right boy he checks a lot of boxes does any he is in the afghan war of that that's good harvard grad that's good rhodes scholar that's good classic pianist speaks fluent french also openly gay hey he's a mayor of over there in africa you take away all of those other things. ok. well i don't know if he murdered them i think he was an analyst i don't think actually shot anybody but i hear you're saying but the point is i would just look
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at that last part mayor of south bend because that's him actually governing actually managing something from an executive perspective so to speak and he hasn't done a good job if you look at the way south end is running how much media coverage have you seen a buddha judge in terms of his record in south bend you hardly hear about that all you hear about are the boxes that he checks off from a social perspective and that's just not good enough if you want to be president and states but we focus on the sizzle instead of the state too much in our media and we end up with the kind of candidates that we have b running on the democratic side some very qualified some not so much ok david you want to jump in there go ahead and. qualified you know in a debate is qualified in terms of speaking skills and appearance and issues lining up with the biases of the corporate media and their commercial sponsors during the commercial breaks i'm looking for policies i support i don't care whether the guy wears
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a ta i don't care whether he speaks well and you can learn vastly more by looking at these candidates websites in less time than you would spend watching one of these idiotic debates and if you compare their policies here you're looking at a guy in booted judge who is you know a corporate friendly military friendly were supposed to praise him for having participated in the disastrous catastrophic war on afghanistan that even donald trump right knew enough to run against even though he didn't mean it apparently this is this is not what i'm looking for you know we don't need another walking disaster who speaks better than trump everybody speaks better than my kids better than a trump as long as it's you know as long as the guy's a gay or female or black it'll be an improvement no it won't you will regret it you know that they're the best. that form among these candidates is is bernie sanders and you know he may not be the best debater i don't really care that much of
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a new you know jump in there because i guess again you know we're all right kind of we're all going around the same thing here in different ways here is that we were lamenting the lack of substance in politics over the form ok i mean you know what i mean if you were but if you were a victim of busing in the 1970 s. is that a reason to vote for you i'm not sure i get that ok it was very well choreographed i must admit go ahead in washington. i agree on one part which is that public speaking skills they don't matter one of the most electrifying speakers that i've ever seen is ron paul and he is not a great speaker in terms of technical skill but his ideas are so powerful and so we're trying to find that they spurred an entire revolution and you know even bernie sanders i don't agree with him on almost any issue but the substance of his ideas is still significant but i want to go back to the idea of universalizing welfare making it somehow fixing the problem you can look at near universal welfare in america through things like government schools and there maybe you don't have
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the same level of resentment although i think you actually do among people who don't have children being forced to pay for those who do but you do have is a staggering level of incompetent government mismanagement leads that kind of incompetence and when you have government taking it a step further and mismanaging something as complex as nuanced as race relations there's such bludgeon stupid ideas as affirmative action or effort of action or quota system you end up using a dumb tool to fix a complex problem and we need to get away from that you know who's the least racist private business is because they only care about the color of your skin not the color of your money. the other way around so the other way around i want to tell you that all right well. i'm not kind of on that middle. on that misstep here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on political correctness stay with.
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max keiser financial survival guide stacey let's learn a salad feel like let's say i'm not sure i get your piece. of the fight straight scott thank you for taking. on the story that's right. the debt slavery. is not pretty you would not a movie but in your circles one of the few. you know for
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so many much for that was a little bit more about the. look. at. the white english sort of when you're already in the sims but yeah you know it may seem strange. to be. welcome back to cross talk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle remind you we're discussing political correctness. ok let's go back to joe one of the interesting things that i find is this trumped
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arrangement syndrome and this is really fuels on this political correctness and virtue signaling because if you can just prove you're a better person you're more virtuous than the resident in the oval office then you should get the votes ok i don't think that's a good game plan because i don't again i think that using virtue as a prism for politics is a gross mistake and it will end up very very bad and it shows that they have not learned the lessons of 2016 go ahead joe. precisely remember if you're looking at a stock right and sometimes they say when you're buying a stock in the stocks but on the the market on the board for a while that things are built into the stock right that things are already embedded and with donald trump things are built into the stock for 40 years and i grew up in new york new jersey area and he has been in the gossip pages going all the way back to the eighty's he's been married 3 times right he his. affairs with women
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are very very clear there's obviously the access hollywood tape any other candidate that access hollywood tape and what he said should have destroyed that candidacy most i would think probably candidates would have dropped out he ends up winning and winning quite easily from electoral perspective despite that tape despite everything built into the stock in terms of who donald trump is as a person people don't want to you know hire a priest for president vote for one they wanted a president they want to somebody who is very definitive in his ideas you can disagree with those ideas but to the guest earlier talking about bernie sanders at least bernie sanders has the honesty of his convictions so does donald trump he doesn't waiver from them and he is authentic in terms of who he is and that's what people want imperfections and all because we're all imperfect i'll bet you if somehow all of our e-mails were hacked that we would be all proven to be pretty bad people and we talk about what we say so yeah i think that being the perfectly
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polished to modernize candidate like hillary clinton to be in 2016 that doesn't fly and i think joe biden is going down that same exact path in terms of being risk averse and being morally superior when we although that just ain't the case and it's true david let me go to you on that i'm going to go to an area that you and i completely agree with her how very close overlap is looking at trump's foreign policy and again if we lose this to arrangement syndrome of people that would nominally be against an intervention or against a war and being for such things because trump is a. against it this is what's really dangerous in our our politics right now because even you know trump pulled back the last 10 minutes that's the story maybe it's a fairy tale but he didn't strike iran which i think was the right thing to do how we got there in the 1st place there's his problem he painted himself into a corner but you know this trump it when he's put in the center of everything it really short circuits you know straight thinking calm rational thinking go ahead
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david well i totally agree with you but i think it's only a small part of the story i mean someone like kaamelott harris thinks that peace in korea is the big danger because trump might be involved in it exactly exactly volved in is evil and so we must have war in korea that's insanity it's partisanship gone haywire but nobody brings up the question of all the wars that trump inherited from obama and escalated and the military spending records that obama set that trump has shattered and heightening of the drone murders that we so opposed when obama was president you know this is someone who campaigned on ending the war on afghanistan on on scaling back the insane militarism and yes he could have done worse and he has moved dangerously in the direction of doing worse to the point where it may no longer be in his control whether a war breaks out in iran and it will be largely his fault if it does but you know
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nobody nobody is going to ask any of these candidates in any of these debates do you think over 60 percent of federal discretionary spending good should go into militarism which wars would you end how many of the wars are you aware of which bases would you close which foreign dictators would you stop arming and training their troops none of this is going to come up unless perhaps they have a war and peace debate as well as a quiet debate doesn't seem to be on the agenda it certainly doesn't in unfortunately but it's on my agenda and i will continue talking about such things on this program here let's go back to washington your one topic. and it is very close to my heart because i was trained as an academic historian teaching modern european history and that was many many years ago let's put it that way and the undergraduates at the university of california their knowledge of history was pretty scant now following what's going on in education that's probably even less now ok and one of the things that the mantra on the left is taking down the statues
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of historical figures particularly in the south and i don't like to talk to david about that but if we destroy the history away as if it didn't happen how are we going to learn from it you know i'm very very sensitive to people white washing history history is painful and one of the reasons why we study it is to learn from it go ahead our event in washington that that's very true i want to speak on one other issue very carefully which is the idea of virtue thickly signalling shaping our politics and once a large enough group can convince people that a group of people is automatically good no matter what they do we end up with terrible policy and are seeing this with militarism where there is this near universal belief that all soldiers busy are heroic no matter what they do when the simple fact is the actual action being done by actual soldiers today is anything but her oic but we've decided that they are opera very virtuous therefore we need to support the troops no matter what and what that creates is basically a p.r.
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shield for the worst foreign policy imaginable and i agree with david we need to shut that down shut down foreign military busy bases stop dealing with other nations with threats and violence stop being involved other people's civil wars wars and bring the troops home now when it comes to history you're right you need to have a unvarnished and complete history we need to see for example that most of america had a at manny's part of america had a much higher and much deeper literacy busy before government involved in education and we need to see that when we let partisanship go. crazy we ended up with things like the civil war we need to see what were the actual motivations for those wars and how can we learn and not do that same thing again because the direction we're going right now the extreme hatred we're seeing within our country rather than debate we're seeing this all out psychological warfare that is problematic and those are the lessons we need to learn and we actually need those lessons right now more than we've ever needed them you know that joe is what really bothers me is
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that you know when you know i'm obviously a conservative and i'm very open about it you know and if i question policies about race and quotas and things like that i'm instantly called a racist you know a dog whistle comes out but my observation is watching c.n.n. and m s n b c i know you have to do it for a living i do it just to kind of keep up my feel sorry for you you're a hero then but you know what that what they do is they kind of criminalize and weaponize questioning questioning you know the the mantra of the day because it's so mano political culture to me and i find it very very disturbing exactly what we heard from our guest in washington i mean a certain number of people they get together and they the they own the truth they own the truth and you must be converted i don't need to be converted i have my own ideas joe. if you disagree with someone now it's no longer about well i think you're wrong because of x. y. z.
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and the variable of the argument it becomes to your point peter personal you are a bad c person for thinking this it is your upbringing it is your white privilege it is all of these things instead of the fact that you have one idea and someone else has another i spoke out yesterday on my radio show about equal pay in terms of the women's world cup and the women's players and i'm not a massage and isn't a capacity my wife ran track in georgetown all right so she's an athlete and i totally get it but here's the thing and just to use this as an example i made this argument i had a caller company called screaming that i was massaging this world cup in russia in 2000 and for the men in 2014 generated $6000000000.00 that's a big pie $6000000000.00 and then got 9 percent of that on the u.s. team when you look at the women's team that generated the last world cup 73000000 ok so $673000000.00 that's a big difference and the women got 13 percent of that pie but yet people are saying that the men in the women should be paid the same and no that's not how it works
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because one pie is much bigger than the other and by me making that simple argument around math i became a massage because suddenly i'm a bad person that's the thing you can't just or you know anything anymore it's all about your moral compass yet it's not my moral compass it's math yeah you get you get do you get in a lot of trouble when you use facts these days so you use them very carefully ok because new facts are really alien to the political discourse right now david in charlottesville and i've been there all go go ahead that's the point of the program jump in just to speak to that point i'm not white and i've been called a white supremacist on numerous occasions because either i've spoken on white national shows to try to convert people away or because i oppose affirmative action and all forms of welfare i mean that's how bad it's gotten that a nonwhite person who used to usually takes a little bit longer through a t.s.a. checkpoint is being called a white nationalist it's a meeting he leaves you speechless go ahead david.
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you can be falsely accused of massage and you can be falsely accused of racism you can be falsely accused or suspected of anything but when people came to this town in charlottesville 2 years ago to march for racism they were marching for racism when you look at the impact of historical racism of all federal bank loans for white people of discrimination by banks of discrimination by police and prosecutors and judges by that the legacy of slavery if you look at racism in the united states today discrimination in job applications in in prosecutions and sentencing and so forth it is a major problem and when we say in charlottesville we don't want to have monuments of a guy in the act of committing genocide threatening native american men women and children with guns we don't want to have these racist advocates madame you are saving you only monuments in order that it will space if you want those people while i thought
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he was already a melted because i wait i think we have to remember the legacy of racism racism and 9.9 percent of our history ok we have 5 big monuments and only 5 in central places in this whole town i don't have a single market so when we had children i mean i have more at a time education we're going to a hard break generally that's all the time we have many thanks to my guest in washington charlottesville and in new jersey and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.c.c. unix time and remember stuff. lead
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. that's geysers fine it will survive until they say money that the delegates pledged and it is it this is a central plank support of the elements of the problem right now so stop the. you know world of big. law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than
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ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. learn a. little a little. bit. about.
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this is casting around the globe and combine the world emphasis on finance and impact upon us i'm christiane and i'm daniel pearl you know in washington here's a look at what's on deck today the choice of bank continues to slashing jobs as part of its restructuring. could there be an eerie pattern unfolding naylor a public citizen is on hand to sort through what's in store for the banking behemoth. in the wake of the constant terror threats auto exports from mexico to the states have spiked lauren fix the car coach joins us today to break down the boom of cars coming across the border we have patches that i thought let's go out and dive right in. a legal fight that could set major global precedence on data
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sharing and privacy leads our global report today as the irish data protection commission takes a case against facebook to the european court of justice on tuesday the e.c.g. the top court of the european union began hearing a case that began with revelations that a u.s. spy agency the national security agency was compelling facebook and similar companies to turn over private data from users in the e.u. the 11 specific questions that spun out of that case are now before the court and center on the rules that govern tech companies sharing data from users around the world so-called standard contractual causes or c c's if the e.c. j. finds that as he sees fail to protect the privacy rights guaranteed by e.u. laws companies like facebook and its peers could be forced to sequester that lucrative trove of european consumer data and rewrite their rules for sharing what is arguably their most valuable resource a decision from the court is expected before the end of this year.


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