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we don't know this is true because. of this storm we. still love no children. a u.s. federal judge condemns the justice department unsubstantiated claims that a russian. was bankrolled by the kremlin saying they could sway a jury. a u.s. official to fans the use of the margins of powers to sell position guided missiles to saudi arabia putting up part of the rule to at that sport human rights. the u.k. ambassador in washington resigns after furious about the top president over
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a leaked e-mail criticizing u.s. administration. free media both to protect society from the abuse of power. helps release the full potential of a nation. and a global conference for media freedom is underway in london r.t. and russian news agencies but nick from entry. live from the russian capital this is national with me south welcome to the program . and fast a u.s. federal judge has told washington must stop alleging that a russian pharmac used of election meddling was funded by the kremlin all face of range of potential sanctions the court found that such unsubstantiated claims against. the internet we such agency which are not included in the $20008.00 stat
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risk prejudicing a jury. reports the mueller report the us investigation the media everyone accuses russia of carrying out a sweeping systematic campaign meddling campaign in the us election into in 2016 they did it via 2 methods the 1st one was. intelligence agency hackers g.r.u. had his who broke into the d.n.c. systems they allege stole a bunch of embarrassing democrat e-mails and then released them causing again embarrassment for the democrats all again allegedly russia denies all of this the 2nd part of the operation is the scribe william burns the special counsel report outlines 2 main efforts by the russian government to influence the 2016 election. first the report details efforts by the internet research agency
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a russian company with close ties to the russian government to so social discord among american voters through decision from asian and social media operations he said russian operations or russian state the russian government operation the internet research agency they're called the troll farm in the united states in the media they're accused of spreading disinformation of backing trump denigrating hillary clinton spreading fake news meddling in the election they're currently fighting a legal battle against the united states government and the judge has ordered the government to refrain from linking these companies the internet research agency and the russian government because in the mueller report william said in the new no report that they link this company to the russian government they're carrying out orders on behalf of the russian government they offered proof saying the head. this
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internet research agency is an ally of lied to me of putin that they've had a number of government contracts and they leave it at that that's supposed to establish that the company was acting on behalf of the extension of the russian government in the indictment the legal document with the charges with the accusations they make a new search link they call them a private entity a private company a federal judge now ordering the government to stop trying to link these private companies the internet research agency which they've called troll farm and the russian government because it is significant and prejudicial until a trial in the future stablish is otherwise if it does so. new york based china stunning us are believes the ruling cast doubt over the findings of the media report on allowed to. the court has pointed up a great contradiction or
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a weakness in mueller's mueller's whole methodology the americans assume that russia and russians are the same thing but they're not the half of that mueller reports thesis is now been invalidated by the other half of the special counsel's. case also very likely untrue because the scenario that mueller outlines in his report just doesn't make sense the chronology does not add up so essentially what happens is we have the 2 parts of mueller's case now really dissed don't add up to anything at all they're both equally weak. the u.s. state department official has defended the trumpet ministrations use of and much of the palace to sell arms to saudi arabia that's despite concerns over civilian deaths in yemen. was grilled by senators an expert paid $1000000000.00 worth of
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precision guided missiles weapons which have repeatedly been used on schools and hospitals and he came up with some surprising justifications as more reports. well there is a heated exchange on the floor of the u.s. congress before a hearing of the senate foreign relations committing now at this point we saw a state department official being grilled about the fact that the trumpet ministration decided to press ahead with the sale of weapons to saudi arabia despite objections from both houses of congress now the state department official was actually an assistant secretary of state r. clarke cooper and he was the u.s. secretary of state the assistant secretary of state for military and political affairs and he argued that essentially the sale of weapons to saudi arabia fits in with an overall strategy from the united states for promoting human rights around the world this is what he said our policy is not just limited to arms transfers it
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is an expression a manifestation of what else we export open society human rights that is a part of our policy. we do export the best of america with our arms transfer policy however as the exchange escalated at that point he said it was more about business and basically admitted that it was about making money this is the follow up we do not suspend our security relationship with a partner that carries so much weight for our interests and our equity in the region but you're saying that the u.s. conventional arms transfer policy can be sacrificed if we have an important relationship with a country no it should not be sacrificed that's what you're doing because you're transferring weapons if you have knowledge that they followed international norms now it's important to note that the weapons sold to saudi arabia by the united states have been key and it's ongoing attack on yemen saudi arabia continues to wage a military campaign in yemen and the result has been roughly 70000 people losing
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their lives it's important to note that in 28000 alone roughly 100 civilians were killed every week now at this point people will recall that on may 24th u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh he put an invoked an emergency exemption in the arms export control act to push through a sale of $8100000000.00 worth of weapons to saudi arabia jordan and the united arab emirates now as that was moving ahead we saw congress object very strongly and we saw congress ultimately voting to block that deal now there has been widespread questioning in the united states of the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia in most particularly after the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi who worked with the washington post jamal khashoggi visited the saudi embassy in turkey and his life was taken it was an extrajudicial killing
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essentially an assassination and in the aftermath of that there has been quite a bit of questioning of the u.s. saudi relationship in american media and it seems that this heated exchange we saw today before the senate committee is just the latest articulation of this disagreement in american politics. and 2 activist medea benjamin told us the state department's defense of arms sales to the saudis lacks any credibility. it was comical today to hear the representative from the state department say there the united states is exporting opuntia saidee and democracy by selling weapons to saudi arabia i don't think anybody any of the senators who are listening could believe there are any of the people in the audience but it is really quite tragic there that the u.s. representatives gets away with things such ridiculous things the trumpet ministration is going around congress to sell these weapons by calling it
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a national emergency and as the senators were asking what is this emergency and it's a very dangerous slope when the administration can go around the congress. even give them notification of weapons sales do so much money to be made these weapons manufacturers are very powerful they have strong lobbies in washington d.c. and the other is the american people don't know very much about this because it's not our news media and so they don't care very much about it. the british ambassador to the u.s. to kent iraq has announced he's stepping down after a series of highly critical comments he made about the trumpet ministration when he looked to the press in confidential cables sent back to officials in london the diplomat had described the white house as dysfunctional an apt and even chaotic. since the leak of official documents from this embassy there has been
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a great deal of speculation surrounding my position and that you ration of my remaining term as ambassador i want to put an end to that speculation the current situation is making it impossible for me to carry out my role as i would like britain's most senior diplomat has been forced to resign and that comes after donald trump the president of the united states that he no longer be able to deal with him he's e-mails to the united kingdom they in fact were leaked and they describe donald trump's administration as inept now this political scandal has been on ruffling over the last few days prime minister to resign may and the labor leader jeremy corbyn they were able to publicly back human fact they said it was regrettable that he was forced to resign and theresa may went a step further in the house of commons earlier today explaining that british diplomats and politicians should be able to stand up for the principles they believe and if indeed they feel they're under attack this is a matter of great regret that he has felt it necessary to leave his position.
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the. whole cabinet rightly gave its full support to the kim on tuesday so kim has secured has given a lifetime of service to the united kingdom and we owe him an enormous debt of gratitude. now it must be said that these robust assessments are in fact routine in secure diplomatic communications but of course donald trump has taken to his favorite platform of social media of twitter to vocalize his anger in fact calling for kim a stupid guy now it must be says that number 10 has tried to distance itself from said kim derek's assessments and communications by saying that they do not really support the u.k. government's opinions having said that it's all up to number 10 or theresa may and what they have to say in fact all eyes are now on boris johnson or jeremy high. and of course one of the 2 will become the next prime minister and both of them have
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very different opinions when it comes to this political saga the wacky ambassador that the u.k. for we stood upon the united states is not someone we are thrilled with a very stupid guy he should speak to his country and prime minister may about their failed breaks in negotiation and not be upset with my criticism of how badly it was handled donald trump friend speak frankly so i will these comments disrespectful and wrong to our prime minister and my country you said the u.k. u.s. alliance was the greatest in history and i agree but i need to treat each other with respect as threes i'm a is always done with you i've got a good relationship with the white house and i've had no embarrassment in saying that the united states is has been will be for the foreseeable future our number one political military friend well there you had the gaffe prone guy boris johnson with his usual explicit flair and of course this has angered many in the house of
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commons who are deeply critical of boris johnson stance in fact that also includes the foreign 1 office minister sir alan duncan and he's accused mr johnson of throwing the ambassador under a bus now we do know that the british government has announced a full scale investigation into how these unvarnished thoughts of kim derek ended up on the front pages of a national newspaper over the weekend following that many really are enraged and they really do believe that this is a very bad day for british diplomacy a very bad day for anglo-american relations because they consider the former now ambassador of the u.k. to the united states as a man who has been hailed with the height of professionalism and class. in the latest edition of going underground which you can watch an article com a former white house communications director tells afshin rattansi he believes the british ambassador was the victim of a political hit job inside the foreign office we our staff who if anyone might stand to benefit from so kim's departure. well of course boris johnson presumably
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the new prime minister of this country into weeks time was the foreign secretary and had access to all manner of the intelligence operators but of course in a sense this is also mysterious and i did ask anthony's car and we g about this we know through edward snowden who is taking asylum in moscow that the 5 eyes project indeed the national security agency they have access to encrypted emails all around the world why did it take a leak from london to a british newspaper to inform donald trump that britain's man in washington had such a low opinion of donald trump do they not know these things without people here for whatever political reasons for whether whatever hit men reasons they can they just get it from surveillance do they really need it leaked because of internal politics here that is about the succession after theresa may in downing street.
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being barred from attending a conference on media freedom in the u.k. that story more after a break. but politicians do something that. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so if you want to be president. or somehow want to. get it right to be trusted this is what the 43 in the morning can't be that. interested always in the waters about how. they see it. and you try and be professional you try and leave it outside the door you try and put in the come up compartmentalize it's new brighton and so you can forget about it but little by little these. these little whispers come and for me
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it was actually putting some ice into my wife's glass of gin and time i saw it on the sound of the ice cream to the glass reminded me of how we kept the bodies clean in bali which was with bags of supermarkets are. still. going. well kobach day one of the global conference for media freedom has been held in london co-hosted by brits in canada however not all media were allowed through the doors as r.t. and russia sputnik newsagency were on the potty. a free media both protects society from the abuse of power. and helps release the full potential of
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a nation signing pledges and making speeches isn't us enough they must make sure that their laws respect media freedom the formula to reduce journalese is simple and effective and government in many countries are getting better at destroying the free press. the gun that was used to shoot a majority still lives is. and that's. the use against the politicians if we don't stand up and fight for media freedom 60 minutes thousands of reports and thousands of esteemed members of civil society and academics are all due to attend this in-or grewal conference on media freedoms around the world it's hosted by the u.k. in the canadian government here in london one of the special guests is a certain a mole clooney the international human rights lawyer also the wife to the hollywood
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actor george clooney she's been appointed britain's special envoy on media freedoms here at this event the gates to which is just behind me but guess who isn't going to be inside that's right it's me here i am billy no mates outside left out in the cold because myself and my artsy colleagues i'm also colleagues at sputnik which is the other russian news organization that broadcast in english we've all been banned from attending the global conference on media freedoms we applied in good time for press accreditation like all the other media outlets and we received a pretty standard stock reply i said unfortunately we have been unable to approve your application to a credit as media i think that should have been a warning sign but we thought maybe we just they've run out of space there's
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nothing specifically about us in that reply but behind our backs other news channels got a very different message we have not accredited our team or sputnik because of their active role in spreading disinformation well it's not possible to accommodate all requests for recruited fiction journalists from across the world's media are attending the conference including from russia the russian government is. impressed with this lack of hospitality to say the least the russian embassy here in london has written to the foreign office to express its expressed resolute disagreement with what has taken place and russia's foreign ministry spokesperson maria zahar of are also weighed in take a listen the organizers demonstrated their true intentions in 2 to media freedom by turning the event into the means of achieving opportunistic political and we believe other countries and responsible journalists will draw their appropriate
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conclusions and we hope the human rights n.g.o.s who are relevant international actions he's will not shy away from stating their position. and the r.t. news organization itself has released a statement take a listen it takes a particular brand of hypocrisy to advocate for freedom of press banning inconvenient voices and slandering alternative media. the world has learned to expect just that from the u.k. foreign office are not the only journalists that can't attend the global conference on media freedoms i don't want to compare myself to julian assange but the editor of wiki leaks is currently incarcerated in a prison. and there is a small demonstration here calling for his release chanting freedom to julian assange and now julian the songes mother found out about r c not being allowed to attend and she's tweeted her response take
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a listen to why she thinks we haven't been allowed maybe r.t. will still listen practicing media freedom by reporting the facts of the political persecution of my son journalist julian the sunshine nor to north don't you realize you are supposed to get us government clearance 1st then and only then are you free to publish one more important thing to note here which i think is quite curious. is that although russian state funded news outlets which broadcast in russia so some colleagues of mine here in london have been allowed they have been accredited and they have been inside attending their conference as for me i'm out here i've got my eyes on this case a restaurant. a former british i mean stephen walt says the b.b.c. and r.t.e. aren't all that different part london a sending a clear message to moscow well i think ortiz been singled out of the sea because
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it's seen by the foreign office and many politicians both here in the united kingdom in europe and the united states as being the voice in vehicle of the russian government will want to argue the b.b.c. in many ways is the voice of the british establishment particularly if you look at the way that the european union and the referendum and the brics issue is being discussed upon by the b.b.c. so i think what it is is the foreign office is very clearly making a statement to president putin and the russian establishment that we will not have your voice listened to in europe and we will try and stop you we can. increasing numbers of people with diabetes the united states say they have no choice but to go to town into to get affordable insulin a group we spoke to spent 15 hours on a bus trip to buy their medication where it costs just a 10th of what it does in the u.s. . so this is when i just went just c.v.s.
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in minneapolis minnesota and the retail price of that vial is $340.00 when i went to london ontario to pick it up at the wal-mart pharmacy there. in us dollars the retail price was $26.00 so there is a huge price discrepancy and so 1st so many americans they just simply can't afford it i have never had to personally ration insulin but from the high cost of insulin i have had to go into debt because of it i've had to put it on credit cards i've had to reach out to family members to help me pay for it because it has gotten too expensive that i can't cover. because that astronomical cause but i also realize there are people that are not as fortunate as me and they don't have family members they can reach out to that can help bail them out. according to diabetes to say
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station in the us the team in a current living with the illness while more than 7000000 went on insulin now insulin remains the main treatment for diabetics to control glucose levels it was fos produced in 1021 in toronto in canada but then the page was sold for just one dollar with the hope of making treatment available to anyone who needed it but a spike in prices between 20122016 has full some rationing that medication nicole smith from the diabetes charity international told us about the tragic consequences of having to limit doses. the price is raised to over 1200 percent the past 20 years and there's just no reason why it's been increasing to the point where people just they're dying because they can't afford their insulin my family has paid the ultimate price of the pharmaceutical companies price gouging their
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patients in 2017 my 26 year old son passed away. from diabetic ketoacidosis from rationing his insulin and he was rationing it because he couldn't afford it the monthly price for his insulin and diabetic supplies was $1300.00 is going to such an extreme that people are resorting to some really drastic measures to be able to get affordable insulin and people are traveling outside of the united states and going to other countries to purchase it where it's actually affordable. the director of the washington pain management center told us he's quoting the fact competition and the u.s. pharmaceuticals industry. sometimes it happens the united states the f.d.a. requires pharmaceutical industry to have a certain standard of care and standards are great but sometimes small businesses cannot enter that market because it's such a barrier by making a 1000 dollars or $3000.00 a year in a product when i as
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a company want to get into that maybe we need 6 companies maybe you need a company and the way that you do that is again make sure there's a less of a barrier to make this product if you use competition then me as a patient i'm empowered to understand how much is this medication cost is this product equally as good why would maybe you know take a lesser expensive medication than the other that's how the news roundup looks for now i'll be back in 30 minutes with the latest but don't go anywhere because up next it's been lost. when it comes to. saying great clarity that the position all couldn't some drug among the government is crystal clear that it is a business project it is not the political approach as we understand that the
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americans would like to sell them natural gas instead but it is among the dove the federal republic of germany crystal clear that we stick to the plan to let the drome and european industry go ahead with this boat. after country for that's part of it's a country of some of calda you've got. stock markets that are owned by let's call 10 percent of the population most of us. and there are what else is more and it's a condition that the core americans don't want to cop to it's targeted at the core but the fact is now you've got 150000000 more people america.
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this is a pretty you know to move through it in your circles most of. the new pope would be much for the call it was a total of 3 minutes to do it when they're. pointing goodbye to produce here already in the eastern seaboard you know but you know maybe it seems to trace the city. now that.
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this is boom bust broadcasting around the globe and covering the world of business and finance an impact upon us all i'm daniel prieto in washington here's a look at what's on deck for today's show that is on the verge of rate cuts on the markets have been listening professor richard wolfe and peter schiff the c.e.o. of euro pacific capital are standing by to delve into the details and what this may mean for the global economy moving forward what it's almost cabinet in mexico has seen a shake up as a key economic figure has called it quits or in war carlson of the center for international policy joins us from mexico city to break down the latest move and how this is shaking the nation we've got a show today so let's go and dive right in. strong indications of an impending interest rate cut in the united states lead our global report today as federal reserve chairman jerome powells congressional testimony pushes markets higher around.


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