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tv   News  RT  August 20, 2019 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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italy's prime minister resigns and accuses interior minister imitator cell vini of pushing the country into a political crisis. u.s. attorney general william barber moved the acting director of the prisons after the suicide of jeffrey epstein we discussed the conditions at the jail where epstein took his life with his former lawyer. is fundamentally wrong with that is that jeffrey actually did not long enough to salute again. and the u.s. military and that's his plans for a new intermediate range hypersonic missiles so after pulling out of the i.n.f. treaty with russia and test launching a new cruise missile. silo
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you're watching international i'm rosana lockwood thank you for joining us. more than a year of tensions in italy's ruling coalition have come to a head with the italian prime minister just sepic on to resigning that's out of the country's interior minister must call for a vote of no confidence it once again leaves italy in a deep political crisis. well that resignation over its lease prime minister said because they had been widely speculated for the last few days and now it's happened to force plunging italy into a fresh political crisis in his resignation speech on tuesday often he notes that blistering attack on the deputy prime minister mean to you in the stomach to you is so be me over the leak basically accusing him of doing everything to profiteer
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himself and prophetess party but the government and he accused matel you so binney of being the one who's driving the government to crisis you make it all up to the poll mantra debate is over we'll go to the president of the republic to officially communicate then to this government intended in my resignation this prime minister well salvini had cooled 2 weeks ago for snap elections amidst the summer holidays in italy saying that the coalition government as it stood was simply not workable saying that he just couldn't work under the constraints of that government. on the world of business of the man as those that produce things but it's really demands action so the only thing that is really canada forward is to waste time anyone who is wasting time is doing say because they're afraid of losing the seat we are asked that we vote as soon as possible the italians will choose a government. a coalition government was formed back in june of 2018 and
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it was put in or pretty or coupling between the left wing party of the 5 star movement and the empty immigration anti establishment party over the believe the 2 coming together to form that government back in june of last year following the elections in march since then what we have seen is a rather rocky road with the partners having several disagreements including recently about a rare willing. between france and italy what also has happened is there's been a reversal in the fortunes of the 2 parties since those elections about 14 months ago back then we saw the 5 star movement taking the lion's share of the vote compared to the league and now it seems to flipped on its head with poll suggesting if a vote was held today that the league that's material being his party would take some 38 percent of the vote significantly higher than what the polls say would happen to the 5 star movement so what does this all mean for italy now well that's perhaps
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the $1000000.00 question there is the chance that the feinstein movement to last through the biggest party could now go on to form another coalition government with of the parties including the democratic party led by italy's former prime minister material renzi and that was something that the materia sylvie actually hinted about today when he launched his own attack in the senate we could also see a technocrat government or a national unity government or of course there could be those snap elections will research the italian center for electoral studies algebra parra believe such a coalition never had a chance of long term survival. it was the 1st government formed by these 2 parties that by some woman never been in government and the league previously in government backed with certain right governments so this was a new experimental coalition governments we have problems that clearly show governments that these unique one was not expected to last a bit longer regardless of what that they would mean is there is hope to end the
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clearly beginning but of course nobody expected these to fall are. so close and pull their balance to be a little but this is a little surprising and even from the league you can really understand why salvini moved to so fast in this very moment. in other news this the u.s. attorney general william barr has removed the acting director of u.s. prisons from his post after the recent death of disgraced millionaire geoffrey epstein some lawmakers have praised the decision to make concern over the conditions at the jail where epstein took his own life. epstein was convicted of paedophilia back in 2007 at the time he was sentenced to 13 months in prison as part of a deal signed by then u.s. attorney alexander acosta epstein had many friends in high places among the donald trump bill clinton and prince andrew at the time of his death the financier was
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awaiting trial for sex trafficking offenses he was being held at a facility reserved for the most dangerous criminals among them the drug baron el chapo epstein had been taken off suicide watch despite having made a recent attempt on his own life we spoke to his former lawyer mark furnish he thinks conditions at the jail may have pushed him to the edge. the conditions to which he was subjected would buckle even the knees of the strongest among us it's this is one of the toughest federal pretrial detention facilities in the country and the conditions are inhumane epstein was subjected to conditions that were similar to those of guzman but not remotely justified by his character or what he was accused of because he was not. a violent individual like chapo was alleged to have been he's not a guy who has escaped from prior facilities like guzman was alleged to have done so
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one would be comparing apples and oranges to liken the 2 to each other but yet their conditions of confinement were strikingly similar and there's something fundamentally wrong with that and what's fundamentally wrong with that is that geoffrey abstain did not belong in that facility to begin with. just my own personal opinion it wouldn't surprise me to learn of anything that might have happened with jeffrey epstein and in my view at that in that facility the real story the real miracle is that we don't hear about these sort of things more about murdered pretrial detainees or suicidal pretrial detainees because the facility. is barbaric and it's a whole it's it's it's like i don't use the word lightly lightly but it's sort of like an american go log for people who have not yet been convicted of anything so
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the real shock here is that we don't hear about deaths at pretrial oppressive onerous pretrial detention facilities like the m.c.c. more often. any of us could one day find ourselves rightly or wrongly on on the. business and of of the united states department of justice and nobody nobody sued should be subjected to the conditions that abstain was exposed to for many reasons one of which is it compromises your mental and physical functioning and you can't assist adequately in preparing your own defense and it crushes people we don't really know what happened to mr epstein but but certainly i believe personally that being a locked in a facility like that under extraordinary conditions would logically wreak havoc with one's mind and body so i certainly i certainly believe that they
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personally that they could have played a role absolutely i mean i think we would be foolish to to deny that but again one doesn't want to treat the symptom while ignoring the disease and the disease is. how people are routinely denied bail with a shocking ease given the laws that congress passed allowing prosecutors and judge to do that abstain did not belong locked up pending trial and he didn't belong in a hellhole like that before he had been convicted of anything. the u.s. military has announced plans to develop new hypersonic missiles with intermediate range they would have been banned under the i.n.f. treaty with russia which was recently scrapped by washington and it follows the test of an american cruise missile which was also outlawed under that agreement russia's foreign ministry claims the us was preparing for the test long before the treaty expired on the 2nd of august. the survey is being known from october of last
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year when the us national security advisor john bolton visited us he said that donald trump statement about washington's withdrawal from the treaty is not an invitation to dialogue but a final decision but it pays that then will maybe even earlier us started preparing the missile. tests conducted on sunday and banned by the i.n.f. treaty the department of defense conducted a flight test of the conventionally configured ground launch cruise missile of the us west coast sunday the test missile exited its ground mobile launcher and accurately impacted his target after more than 500 kilometers of flight or the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty was signed between the 2 rivaling superpowers in the cold war in 1907 it banned certain types of short and mid range missiles and it expired on the 2nd of august with donald trump saying he had no willingness to extend it due to alleged violations by the kremlin russia denied the
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claims and repeatedly invited washington for talks but some parts of the us establishment were not welcoming to the idea the united states must regain the strategic advantage by exploiting the development and deployment of a new generation of ground launch missiles now the department of defense will be able to conduct those research and development activities bent under i.n.f. treaty so the department of defense will start durst have some building though system they couldn't before. well now we can cross live to former u.s. diplomat jim jatra for more on this jim thanks for joining us let's start here the u.s. now intends to bill hypersonic missiles as we heard with ranges previously banned under the i n f treaty and these missiles will be armed with ballistic warheads that ousmane came from acting secretary of the army brian mccarthy jim glass q are you surprised about the speed with which they're moving ahead with these plans. no not particularly look president trump has said he doesn't want to new arms race in
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this range of weapons he said he wants to get together for a new and better agreement on that big beautiful room and he also includes the chinese i don't think anybody else in the administration has any thoughts along those lines president trump says he wants russia back in the g. 7 making the g. 8 again i don't think anybody else has administration thinks along those lines i believe that the decision to pull out of the i.m.f. was made of bad faith with the idea that we can attain strategic superiority over russia make russia's security situation and annabelle and that report provides us with political leverage which ultimately will result in regime change i think that's what these people think and i think of the speed with which this test was made is indicative not not dispositive not prove but indicative that that was the agenda all along. let's talk a little bit about motives then decision making because the russian foreign
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minister who we heard from a moment ago said the u.s. missile tests were planned long before washington withdrew from the i.n.f. treaty what do you make of that bullet i know i'm not a technical expert who can say how long it would be necessary to make these these preparations whether it was only oh only when we discovered the russians were violating the treaty and we were forced to pull out do we even begin to think about taking the steps or whether they'd been have in the works for a very long time were simply waiting for the green light when the treaty was notified i don't know the technical answer that question and i think mr lavrov is is quite intitled to ask that question and wonder whether or not this was in the cards to start with. russia has accused the us of escalating at minute change tensions given the context of all of this just how dangerous is this situation in your view. i think it's extremely dangerous there was a piece written i believe in foreign policy recently by former senator sam nunn and
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former energy secretary moni is saying how close we are to some very dangerous. breaking out of hostilities with the russians perhaps by accident by missed signals and it seems to me that whereas those things were very much a concern during the poorish cold war on both sides that there's almost gleeful cavalier this regard reckless disregard for how close we can push to the edge here for so one side or the other bishops reads the other signals and we end up with a military exchange maybe a nuclear exchange that nobody planned well let's take another view on this because the chinese foreign ministry has accused the u.s. of engaging in cold war mentality and 0 sum games how do you see the situation with china developing unfortunately i think it's very similar that as we're pressing china in the south china sea and in other regards let's live to talk about trade
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and whether we're monkeying around monkeying around with the protests in hong kong as i believe we are not i think right the united states establishment not necessarily mr trump but the if that was going to see china as another adversary to be eliminated i think they were on deck after the russians but nonetheless that's the way they tend to look at that they don't see it in terms of your other powers in the world with their own interests their own legitimate spheres of influence how do we accommodate that how do we come to a balance of our but rather there's only room on this planet for one hedge on that and these people must submit or be subdue foam a u.s. diplomat jim jatra thank you for your insights thank you. in other news or flora tease in southeast turkey a cracking down on kurdish protests these are some of the latest pictures from the city of d.r. back here where riot police used water cannon and tear gas to break up the crowds
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the region has been gripped by on rest since the firing of 3 kurdish mayors who were elected back in march the interior ministry has accused them of links to the p.k. k. which ankara considers a terrorist organization $400.00 protesters have been arrested in southeast turkey since monday and the government crackdown comes amid fears of a cross border military operation in kurdish areas of northern syria. well still to come in the program but china and the u.s. are at loggerheads over the sale of fighter jets to taiwan but story and more after this short break. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic to follow can only really i'm going to exist
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i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. interest rates are gapping in the spread is widening and what i call the interest rate apartheid if you're in the wrong side of the friends of jeffrey epstein you end up in m. bantustan of extortion ery credit card rates if you're a friend of jeffrey epstein then you get the insider rate of negative and you get paid to lend money or to borrow money excuse me from from the bank.
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welcome back social media platforms twitter and facebook say they've blocked a number of chinese accounts for trying to undermine the protests in hong kong. we are disclosing a significant stayed back to informational creation focused on the situation hong kong this disclosure consists of 936 a cancer vegetating from within the people's republic of china over all these accounts were deliberately and specifically attempting to sow political discord in hong kong including undermining the legitimacy and political positions of the protest movement on the crash we removed 7 pages 3 groups and 5 facebook accounts involved in coordinated in authentic behavior as part of a small network that originated in china and focused on hong kong the protest movement in hong kong started back in june of a draft legislation that allowed the extradition of suspects to mainland china the demonstrations have since borden 2 other political issues and over the last 11
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weeks rallies have frequently turned violent with police using tear gas and rubber bullets against protesters artie's done of course it takes a closer look at what is motivating the protesters freedom fair elections democracy it's words like these you'll find throughout the western media coverage of the protests in hong kong but the reality of it is all much more complicated was . it's not just politics motivating the violence racial slurs against people from mainland china can be heard throughout the crowds and seen graffitied on official buildings protesters have also been seen brandishing the infamously racist pepe the frog me an internet hate symbol and this is enough phobic violence has even spilled over to protests in other countries. was.
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this anti china extremism comes from a concept called hong kong exceptionalism the idea that hong kong has more in common with the west. then with china because of its british colonial past and then ideologies it here in sa are not exactly shy about their love for all things anti china 6 6. despite all the american flags and anthem singing donald trump says he had no idea why protests were being blamed on the u.s. but his cabinet might have an explanation since they've been meeting with one of the opposition's main icons jimmy lie. appreciation lies a self-made billionaire who's made a huge mark on hong kong's opposition movement he landed himself in hot water with beijing back in 2012 when his newspaper published an ad portraying pregnant chinese
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women as locusts and he's very open about his feelings for american values we need to know that america is behind us but back in our some america is showing more rule 30 because we are the only place in china which shares your values and is fighting the same battle you have with china but there's another younger and not so rich rebel leader at play here too joshua wong a fresh 22 year old face of revolution a face loved in many corridors of washington to marco rubio was so in all he nominated wong for a nobel peace prize leave it to washington to nominate a leader of violent protests for peace when it suits him agenda the u.s. is very determinately supporting these protesters every arm of the corporate media. radio television social media is is raising them to and always referring to them as pro-democracy protesters where they're not at all
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this has nothing to do with democracy and they are determined to sabotage in every way that they can any normal relations between china with hong kong and it it is creating intentionally a great deal of confusion among young people who have been pulled into this against their own interests and we asked the u.s. state department and leaders of the hong kong protest movement to comment on the alleged links we highlighted so far we have not received a response. tensions between beijing and washington are also high over another part of china taiwan beijing is furious the trump administration has approved the sale of fighter jets to the island and is warning it will take action if the deal goes ahead china has made numerous solemn representation to the u.s. on the sale of the f. 16 v. jets to taiwan the u.s. just about all the consequences triggered by the sale it's $8000000000.00 u.s.
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dollars it's a lot of money that's a lot of jobs and we know they're going to use these f. $16.00 responsibly they deal still needs to be approved by the u.s. senate but if it goes through it will be the 1st sale of best 16 fighters to taiwan since 1902 previous requests for jet spying taiwan were rejected by the obama administration last month the u.s. state department approved another arms deal with taiwan it includes one $108.00 tanks and more than $200.00 missiles and the deal is worth some $2200000000.00 at the time beijing also accused the u.s. of meddling saying it would cut ties with every american company involved in the deal. well time on is officially recognized by only 18 countries but the u.s. has unofficial been supporting the island's military since the 1980 s. china seas taiwan is part of its territory china experts and leigh sales beijing will point the finger at washington if tensions escalate. there is some unity in
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washington to go hard on china and some of these folks who are elected they're basically elected with the same funding or the people who got people into the trumpet in a stretch gratian and who fund the think tanks in washington and so it's all basically representing the same elite interests china sees this as an aggressive move by the u.s. to try to provoke them into war the chinese basically up and say that the u.s. is going to be at fault here because there are not being consistent and not honoring promises that were made in previous administrations and so this big departure is going to be on the u.s. and that's where they want to place the blame here if there is any military escalation that happens. see the a u.s. democrats have been accused of abandoning some of their core values in that bid to
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get rid of donald trump in 2020 that's after they collaborated on a book on how to defeat him offered by someone accused of sexual assault. given him a book once again put him in the position of authority and that is a slap in the face to all of their woman that she has a gift to myself. for the 1st time many women felt empowered to speak about their own experiences because society took them seriously and to their claims to be credible as an awakening taking place across the country women and yes men to
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a well aware of the sexual misconduct and harassment that has gone on for yes i seen the policy has been quite equivalent and strong in saying we have a 0 tolerance policy. well they forget you can had to call them for more and all of these stories and i'll be back here in around hall from our time with your next round up of world news headlines see about. his community there are people who believe that it's ok to sell for actual food
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only it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids that ask and as a parent. i can come up with arguments and there's a lot of conflict within the game between the 2 teams most of the conflict i would say. is maybe. close one on the children's each other is good business the state of california makes $6000000000.00 a year of prison complex just to get some $25.00 where. you don't care. anything. give me. just that.
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there's enough. but i'm also the most companies you know so i'm going to give those to see if they. come. to me nobody goes from didn't you know just to see. you i'm sure. someone. will see. you. they. come to your list.
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hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things considered i'm peter lavelle the legal saga of jeffrey epstein has become a spectacle that is lucrative for the media and of course. against are being used to in his social circle through guilt by association but what about justice this is on trial to. talking predatory elites i'm joined by my guest brian joyce in chattanooga. he is host of the brian joyce show in west palm beach we have dr jean allowed in she is a psychology expert as well as a trump 2020 media advisory board member and in athens we cross to alex cruciform he is the director and writer for the duran dot com all right jet gentlemen and
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lady jump in anytime you want that's the whole point of the program alex let me go to you i'm going to ask probably the broadest possible question you can about this whole saga what is this story about and why now alex. i don't think i can answer that question peter because we're still finding out so busy much but i will tell you that this story is about a mysterious man that we really don't know nothing about and that is jeffrey epstein i mean we're just now starting to learn who this guy was and one thing is very clear peter he is not a billionaire hedge fund manager i think that's becoming obvious now what we have and what we know is that we have this guy who was a 20212223 years old he was a math and physics teacher at the dalton.


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