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was doing something illegal they wouldn't have just walked away and left him there . a 2nd call was made anyhow. and the officers actually came back up to us and they said hand there's nothing to enforce he's not broken clock please stop calling. and honestly i even forgot to tell mater when a 3rd officer showed up. and well we were tell when the call k. though days fat it went to the beat cabs. and enough of the message on the beat cops. truck. parked this officer called in the news just there something on the board already here old parker. just sort of 46 nothing and his friends told him that it was clear over real park aren't
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you going to create a trouble with. this officer then when you told him to get up off the ground and the officer began to pet him down. i heard them cracks on the sounds of kind of fighting into the grown man like wrestling essentially the officer apparently backed up and drew his top tier individual twisted away from the officer pulling the toilet out of his crib. the obvious or did they kind of lunge for the weapon once missed and then what happened on 3 swung at the officers hands didn't hit him i never saw any contact with. any kind of went back to where they were so the officers back here their fight again 15 feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled out his gun and he did it on 3.
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i knew it was going to happen so i turned away. after i counted drawn for more shine it's. very very hard hard hard hard on. me neither of my very. own my own way i mean i'm wired door to door down right now i'm . not a 100. 1000000 nor do i want to. ready write only when i was. gone i mean. ringback every day day i didn't see the new subject the good that beat the officer with the wouldn't be taught striking him in the head the officer with you was the police detectives came to my house put me in a car end of the about all my son. you know in the course of my mobile
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in his car from like 30 to 45 minutes i was puzzled like what do they won't 12 was the problem and i tell them the navy has is down this. trade you are saying they are trained as world with a couple of temp agencies because of his illness he has it been able to keep. the doll so they were sitting next to me for this year now and i asked him well what's going on maine is that well that was our vacation where they are all part. and i'm sure i was in a scalpel when a police officer in that tray is the same. way you tony were brother did just not tell him this. and here's where it's where
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you thought you. could have to do the deceit is a 31 year old male by the name of don tre hamilton now in the course of our investigation into his background we have learned that this is not his 1st experience with the walkie police department as recently as last year and moves on thursday afternoon chiefs lives 1st words were i don't want to demonize this man. but he is. homeless or robber and all these type of things that he was one other events he's been arrested for armed robbery for disorderly conduct he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and until recently according to his grieving family they've been acting strange and they stick to this mental health issue because when you hear mental health you think crazy so if they can put in people's mind said that this was
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a crazy person who attacked the officer then they feel that they have leverage within the community we have violently mentally ill people whose violence is a direct result of their untreated mental illness. they are on the streets of our cities because there is no place else for them to go and their families cannot control them. and intact then why did they take so long to tell us what happened and. they said the name. this is in his wallet. and this writer see. assange on this and they have closed all the time in this case there with oil.
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she flynn said that we need to do a better job in tunis that is something that is very true. adultry have limits will is to not kill him that officer murdered my brother. as they didn't know one way or another if you had a mental illness until it was questioned in their car for 5 minutes. no matter i believe damien was 2 years old. that. they may grow up to be the overseer of his brothers jr he always was there. before one or
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you know. contrary was more quiet. he had to get to know. and you didn't see any of the sickness coming in that tree as he was brought up a struck. me with a different turn it is 6 or is. whether he's going to charge offs or not and they are just been trying. to step in their way. and so today i want to argue i mean what i know now. that there are lots of these days. i use another run around. it is hard to put into words the turmoil at the screen
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right now they are just having a tremendous time dealing with the fact that there hasn't been a resolution charging decision is not we had believed that it was going to be the day for that decision. and they're not going to make any mistake any time you're looking police use of force to use the results in the field tell the that's a homicide investigation. you're determining whether they had a legitimate subjectively reasonable basis to use force under those circumstances. this particular case is complex because of occurred in downtown milwaukee you know late afternoon work day and you literally had hundreds of witnesses and those have to be interviewed you have to look at the forensic evidence. that train never showed any. any kind of noise or frantic he was only drive. home. and no one in my family
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no one gets more every day you know. when they even have a. little bit with schizophrenia and what do we call them. again with house and he would always. are or he will say just like they do if. you don't leave. them. in the order. that. that was. and he's gone to rest now with the same guy big creative there.
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is that illness is nothing to be afraid of is not then to run from is nothing and. they anybody's to die for. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that.
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when it comes down to it no it is no actually that i think one can say oh well the russians are all bad to say it was not the case of the west he's only good there are absolutely things that the west needs to be doing and what i would like to say is much much less all the totally counterproductive rhetorical struggles we see against russia that it's you know if it's become an easy way off getting set in the audiences to approach it is to come up with cheap russian bashing that helps them. during the great depression which are old enough to remember that it was most of my family were unemployed working class there wasn't it was bed you know much worse objectively day but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america where shaped by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy
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attack solidarity engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to no i'm trying to get one set of rules for the rich opposite. that's what happens when you put our. to the. narrower sector of will switch will is dedicated to increasing power for chills just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. a topic that we have selected is titled a collaborative response to crime and violence in the community and the others in the audience who were on the committee . she did. all. get it limply
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the don tree hamilton chase for the better part of 6 months was agreed by everyone including the family to have been a tragedy arising out of untreated mental illness in a public space the result of violence yet which is what this war was dealing with the upcoming wars of the southeast with the mentally ill you're the guy you're the all the services have you any other big cities we've got a problem with untreated mentally ill people who have no options. it's just gone. back on your meds and it was a mental health issue in april once ferguson broke suddenly as a racial issue. and says to the shooting of michael brown. we're hearing that there may be many more and there were a lot of bald faced opportunists who latched on to this family and decided it wasn't a mental health story anymore it was
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a race story. started to call is for justice started because we were at a rally. we. have culminated in. and i was kind of i still just get new talking this. process but i saw a lot of courage in a new clue those men. i will say i'm a non-confrontational person but they're not taking a serious. even though john is hurt. just won't try to play the move all of his life. and there are a lot of good you have forgotten troy what happened that day that will. never be there. no i asked everybody else. just the way almost by my after man was not my son.
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with the car for her for. her. cut out of her. looking at life the 1st shock of working protests causing such a also on the scouts an avenue cars are not able to get by these demonstrators they are upset over the shooting and where they are one months ago the trade hamilton. was the likely to support the bill that passed i'm now i am i. when i 1st heard initial reports on my were down trade i have a robbery on his record you know but i think they just had it tangled.
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i think i just turned 18. but had a baby. so me and robin some older guy and some younger guy and i think we've got a couple lottery tickets and i watch for something like what is no more $50.00. but the next morning 2 detectives came to the house they basically handcuffed me right in the liberty. and i ended up doing 18 months in the corrections to 16 years they sent us. some of those life lessons right there needs to be a better person. yes i made mistakes but i don't think anyone came home to the standard of what i was 17 years.
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after. i have the opportunity to speak kind of his mother and his brother and one of the things that he made clear to me that they're interested in is restoring the dignity of their son to name their son's name and in particular several items one tree was not homeless 2nd he was not an armed robber. and so i want our community to know that he was neither homeless nor was he an armed robber. my understanding there's a team. i'm foreign to time for he's. just 15 and it was rough for you know single parent you know working every day it was cool and it leads to some stuff that i didn't know. to ask to look at my days i
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still have my nights it is good 15 years right you know brianna walked into the mental health on his neck was broke his back was broken 3 places he laid in a diaper for 3 days begging for his life so. i'm still i still on the way. her son was shot 14 time i was just that your your of them was just it's somebody is worse than we make right but i'm glad to be a part of this because i want to see something happen. and then why are our want to go this cabo i think it is. i had a son his name was michael bell who was killed on november 9th 2004. he was coming home with a night out with friends designated driver he came intoxicated. michael so like
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you're too drunk to drive i'm going to drive michael was under the influence of alcohol but you can look on the dash cam video he's driving perfectly straight pull up in front of his house and just then a squad car pulls up behind him and my son got out of the car because he was that his own home but the officer pull up said get back in the car get back in the car. cording to offer testimony it saw this other guy in the front seat and he grabbed michael and he took me on the back of the car off camera. under getting down. the tase multiple times ran to the back of the house. michael was accused of bull rushing an officer here and this is actually a car that was here it was hasn't moved in in 10 years and sadly that's that's the
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area where michael michael died. you can see. michael was shot in the morning of november 9th 2004 on friday they really really it was justified before crime lab reports are complete before autopsy risk complete before witness statements or even taken they were they they held their own thing in the world is justified. here's a picture of michael i'm a veteran and i always felt that i was really a brother with law enforcement. i was a captain this was my copilot navigator for my parents time for 23 years i go out and believe in a democratic principle just to come home and have a police officer killed my child and then think i'm going to get a fair and due process and the doors pretty much shut in my face. this data is there news reports throughout the years we have to go to governor doyle at the
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time ready to go to the attorney general they don't even bother taking the call but this is the contract for billboard that owning the already ran it had to resort to full page ads in newspapers and the boards to get her june justifiable but the city settled out of court with bell's family ready mychal bell's father use the settlement money to put up billboards around the state calling for a change in the way these investigations are handled backing a bill that would require officer involved deaths to be reviewed by an independent authority. to see what. what profession is fine and asking yourself you cannot have colleagues and asking colleagues and think you're going to get an objective report you're not and there's no profession nurse who can do it so why would we expect that of law enforcement when the stakes are so high.
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the law had just passed and the john tray hamilton case happened a week later and i don't think the city was ready for the new laws require that it be an outside agency other than the marquis police department to investigate the evidence to interview witnesses collect the evidence that would then be provided to the district attorney's office what we found pretty early on in this case is what really was walking police department detectives the did the investigation. only investigations that get there fast freeze the scene identify witnesses and get a preliminary idea of what happened and this is mid-day downtown ok we can just stand around for the 100 some possible witnesses were all gone home. when d.c.i. got there it became their investigation. that outside investigation was done by
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d.c.i. a criminal investigation who is has a lot of different agencies on him but the ones that investigated entrées case was ex milwaukee police officers special agent david cook bundy spent 25 years at n.p.t. and collecting a city pension of $5000.00 a month special agent gilbert hernandez spent 35 years in it and even less hours here of course in wisconsin as were the only big city. there was in the state is overwhelmingly a world and service might go walkies where the homicides occur i can't get a copper from dram to come here and know what to do about a homicide investigation i think challenge quite honestly is the what or how many levels of review you read for some folks that review doesn't result in a police officer under arrest it's not bully. i live with the mental health issues do i look like
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a criminal. i'm here because i want your support i want your help but i can't do that if i'm afraid. to. shack or 13 times sounds like something went wrong in did she call these all this officer wish they would be these good reasons is a man so i am saying they are siding with a russian. prison for me this is a hassle it is not really rosy time. thank you very much thank you. be having my. boy this is a vicious. time stop. we have to look at more detail workers for man came from. worse to burn it worse he
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raised it did he have black friends did he have mexican friends. and when you look into his record more and you know that he had a communication problem. yes 17 other occurrences where he either use excessive force or he used language he had a sexual assault on his record we say the client was starting to get an out of traffic here going up to cars were work i was trying to even beat up a white cloud grandstand and that's when things got heated in the incident is all caught on camera. what politicians do. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some wanted us. to be for
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us as the wife of a 43 a boy can't be good. i'm interested in the waters in the house. i said. during the great depression which i'm old mr remember there was and most of my family were unemployed. oh that wasn't it was bed you know much worse objective listen to day but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo doubt engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to no i'm chomsky one set of rules for the rich opposite set of rules for
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. that's what happens when you put her into the hands of a narrow sector of will switch will is dedicated to increasing power for itself just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. she stressed to make sure that the british wasn't at the bottom of the trap that was 10 times. south asia was so you she didn't taste the taste fisheries which. i thought at which she death i'm not what you. can understand future career woman a man for sure. what you thought of you should be required to build
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a ship should be believe you. mr hazlewood supporters are still with them to. all 3 of you seem to be what you believe these to to be it's a studio actually that we're supposed to be wrong or should stop them speeding ready ready ready ready ready. i am sure they need to stop but the continuing to grow. i just never know very good about the idea of bringing children into the world because i didn't feel like things were in very good shape that a life was just going to be
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a lot of software programs. there's no reason. to take things that are to me the. movies on the move something else that. everybody's scared to talk about it certifiable is truly dependent on us addressing this issue and if we can even talk about it if we can even have a conversation of that it then. we're in trouble. ready this. was. such.
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a bow is wrong and thus long as the country commemorates the victims of a militant siege 15 years ago and i must 1000 people are going hostage we talked to survivors of the deadliest terror attack in russia's modern history and they revisit the site of the massacre. and go to the show for the march your bonus from c.b.s. the you from officiously it was over the shores of the world most people that are truthful i stick with mr james show bulletstorm for your. replies check with the why i wish person a personal burglary broker or should. stay in spain.


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