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tv   Cross Talk  RT  September 2, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm EDT

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rescued the rescue operations do continue. into hong kong where tensions remain high with police and protesters facing off in a 14 consecutive week of demonstrations earlier on monday thousands of students boycotted classes on the 1st day busy of the new school year city workers joined the protest over the weekend there were violent clashes between police and demonstrators. and hurricane dorian made landfall in the bahamas on monday one person was reportedly killed the storm is now on a collision course with florida a state of emergency is in force statewide wind speeds are reaching 350 kilometers an hour experts say during could be the strongest hurricane to hit the east coast of the u.s. in nearly 3 decades. thanks staying with i'll take you out of today about with more . than.
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a low and welcome to cross talk for all things considered i'm peter lavelle continuing brags that saga is boris johnson a friend or foe of democracy and another saga russia gate is the way to treat peered justice system one for the protected and one for the rest of us. cross talking some real news i'm joined by my guest glenn days and he is a professor at the higher school of economics as well as author of the decay of western civilization and resurgence of russia we also have dimitri bobbitt she's
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a political analyst and editor and you know so many internet media project and in london we crossed it marcus papadopoulos he's the editor of politics 1st magazine right gentlemen cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate let me go to london 1st here let's talk about boris johnson i asked in my intro is he a friend or foe of democracy because some people are making very strong arguments on both sides of that proposition go ahead marcus. well these are exceptional explains the president the likes of which the country has not experienced since the 2nd world war and directs it which is a cool idea not as claimed the scalps of 2 british prime ministers david cameron and the reason mate and there is no reason as to why brics it could not end up claiming the scalp of polish johnson however what is different now is that boris johnson has pledged has promised to deliver direct sit with or without
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a deal by or on the 31st of october but now people who are criticizing him at westminster for his suspension of parliaments they're claiming it's democratic well on the one hand in the context that britain is a parliamentary democracy yes you could make that argument but on the other hand a prime minister in the u.k. has the power to suspend parliament also the deadlock the impasse over bret's has to be broken because it is an excessive will be for the u.k. economy to go into 2020 with bricks it's still lingering and let me at this is well regarded in the politicians at westminster who are claiming both for instance is that in an undemocratic wait this is what i say to them and indeed once parliament's returns from the summer recess i will be sayn this to them so the ones in the house of lords labor and conservative cheese in the prime minister will be
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in undemocratic well what don't desa to see if they have because members of the house of lords have not been elected they are appointed minister to. the house of commons who achieves an all stance on it being undemocratic i say this to them when they took their seats in the commons they swore an oath of allegiance to the queen well excuse me the heads of the british states the queen has not been elected so. this argument always johnson is acting in an undemocratic way can be turned on the very people who are choosing it. and secondly glenn glenn i mean one also i mean again irrespective if you like boris johnson's tactics i will even agree there a bit devious ok but it's within the bounds of blogs and tradition here and war and it's as mark is quite correctly pointed out that his claim to scalps prime ministers boris johnson now is and i think he's saying the people voted for briggs
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and i'm here to implement it because the last 2 were not were able or are unwilling to do it and he is doing the people's will ok has nothing to do with circumventing democracy today and most of the you know devious ok i think that's fair you know but it is a good question whether or not this is the democratic because what is effectively doing now is sidelining a parliament because the parliament is trying to undermine or reverse a referendum so keep it there the same parliament couldn't decide on how to move forward another of enough of this argument i mean they can't move it forward ok we've proven that to astoria so may i wonder if she's out with hillary clinton in the in the woods taking a walk ok something has to be done and i think that's you know where this problem is always have the same root as the people voted for bricks it however parliament was overwhelmingly remain so this is where yes mark is correct this britain is
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a parliamentary democracy that is usually sovereignty rests with parliament however in a referendum you hand over sovereignty to the people who allow them to make this issue but when they made the wrong decision the parliament decided to take back to take back control so whether they for or against bracks that you have to recognise a bit controversial to take back that decision making and walked or stones and i was trying to essentially cut off parliament because they're trying to. well he overturned me but the parliament had its chance to. prime ministers have their chance well i think it's just a travesty when people vote at the referendum 3 years have passed and nothing has been done and then in order to feel the will of the people to fulfill the referendum the parliament has been suspended so i just had a look before coming here there were quite an article by boris johnson for the telegraph that he planned to on june the 30th this year object into putin's
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criticism of liberalism and their article is headline who proved wrong by leaving the you by october 31st i think according to the news the telegraph should redefine this the one s. who will prove what you are putting the right by suspending the parliament until october the 14th and just one cold from this article from boris johnson ovadia mueller but there are some countries where capitalism is believed to be in the hands of all the gods and very few who were doing this i'd been short and the liberal values are derided but i can't respond to that that there is a country where referendums are not full field where the 4 years of the destiny of 20 years where the destiny of the general elected parliament is in the hands of an individual with fluffy hair who was north elected by the general who hooked and were actively doing this i've been handed i've been actually it turns for pre-season from foreign embassy it's where they take the future then say good odds
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in that article ok let me go back to marcus one of the interesting things there is there is still time i guess or suppose in total about 5 sitting days for parliament to actually do something to react legally i mean either they have to get a new new law or a new government both are very unlikely here the interesting thing is is how is brussels particularly the germans reacting to this because they have believed all along that they'd be as either a 2nd. referendum or article 50 would be revoked ok but now they have to sit up straight and listen to boris johnson because he's putting it out there a deal is still possible though it's rather unlikely but it's incumbent upon the europeans now to face up to the tactic this they've been using is not coming to fruition and it's not going to work out the way they want it what about this european angle go ahead marcus. well i am no friends to the european union me
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neither have their but i have to be fair there is nothing else the european union can do the european union and so he's a made. a withdrawal agreements it wasn't great britain wasn't that it was ok and british industry and british business sense so there is nothing else that rustles can do the ball is firmly in the cold all of london out boyish johnson's survival as prime minister depends solely on delivering preface it by on the 31st of october he will script it he was propelled to power by the direct since he is in the conservative party if he does not deliver grex it then they will bring him down so i cannot save how bush johnson will secure a deal with the european union it is now more than likely that britain to woo exit
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the european union is no deal the main issue is the irish backs up back out now he is not going to give any more concessions on that i understand that but bush johnson is not going to give any concessions on that one of the races is because if he gave a concession on the irish backstop that he risks losing the support of the day he paid in the commons and added one way one way the opposition could bring down the conservative government or stocks it is holding up well it's of no consequence because as it stands the government would win because it's handed the pm pays well i'm going to say what i want to say with the european angle here glenn but even what do you think the possibilities are because i think there is a you know there's a little bit of room there on the on this point i would disagree slightly with marcus because i don't think the backs of the. tourism a was particularly good so i thought it was voted down 3 times for good reason for good reasons and part of the
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reason this one's britain said ok we'll take no deal of the table and parliament affectively commit itself to we're going to block it no matter what that's a very clear signal to the e.u. which is you know now it's either we can either give them a deal an awful deal or no deal or not necessarily on day one of the deal that works more in the use favor so obviously in berlin and brussels now they have the impression you know brics it's not going to go through at least no deal because parliament will find a way to stop it so i think miscalculated well you know that didn't you know. but i'm not sure it will so i think. they're panicking a bit more now because if this is a language sort of example they're more willing to try to find some compromise but where i would agree with marcus of course is that the u.s. has boxed itself in a little bit as well because they've been insisting that there is no way to
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compromise over ireland or there can be a recount in the other deal and essentially they all that if there's going to be a deal may go to him if there's going to be a deal i say the ball is in the european court right well i think it's again chicken coming home to roost you know the e.u. has been using brutal tactics with so many countries until now and it always worked out so they're so used to not having a compromise that it would be the 1st time in many years of the other guy to blink exactly and that's what the 08 writes in their comment they write that the e.u. kind of got so used to having the other side blinking 1st that they're simply unable to compromise maybe johnson's brutal strategy may. be making the europeans and over the variance again. it is for the u.k. to play their bread should be all that terrible. in return for a trade arrangement well basically you know what it reminds me of it reminds me of
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the situation before the ukrainian civil war how it was basically brought to the point of civil war by you because voice on that note they were going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on some real news staying with. this is is a sticker from a water bottle found in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has promised to reuse the plastic.
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on. the mountains of waste only grow. a max keiser one for my guide to financial survival this is. a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right this has clearly not accountable and we're just getting more and more to the. destabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself and get informed as we. welcome back to crossfire all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing some real news. ok glenn in my introduction the start of the program i talked about the saga of
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briggs it now we have the saga of russia what is with russia gate now because we have the mobile report no collusion ok we but it still has a life of its own and it doesn't seem to be going away what accounts for that was the question and also it much like the exit that's been going on now for almost 3 years and it doesn't seem to go away even after the mother of pretty much disappeared from the news keep in mind he was the hero of the resistance he was going to bring everyone in handcuffs and now we see this isn't really panning out and now he's suddenly disappeared so why are they still holding on to it i think because it's been almost 3 years now and the they decided to completely go after that into challenges policies there so that's their biggest mistake they just went after him and what was the main thing or well he's an agent of the kremlin now. so
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effective it will have to go against the resistance focused on him being a russian i just wrote this fall in line everyone has bought into this the problem is we're not tough enough on russia you can't sit down with them so essentially criminalizing diplomacy and now they all again they will put himself in this one position even though it turns out all of the story was a flop how do you reverse 3 years ago is a month and so i've said that on this program so many times and we go to markets is that you know when you sometimes it's impossible to take back the words that you say because you said with such force and you just don't want to admit that you were wrong i mean the interesting thing here is that you you have jim call me the former f.b.i. director essential given a slap on the wrist and his. associates around him may not be as lucky because we have more investigation into the investigators but the remarkable thing is is that you have the assistant. the f.b.i. and the mccabe he's under investigation but now he's a contributor at c.n.n.
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you know james clapper is others are our contributors with the mainstream media and they continue want to continue to want to control the narrative in a fact free environment go ahead marcus. well hostility towards russia suspicion off russian racism towards russians hasn't been going on for free it's it's been going on in the west for hundreds hundreds here if you have a look at hand sought which records all the discussions in the house of commons in the house and in the house of lords if you go back to the 1600s to the 1700s the 1800 it's almost identical to the language that's coming out from westminster today about russia indeed if you go back to america and see what was being said about soviet russia in the 1920 s. and ninety's 1st season in the 93 states in the 19 $160.00 s. once again it's almost identical to what's coming out of americans
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a day concert in russia now to go to george bush jr barack obama and donald trump with those 3 individuals sincere when they say they once it's we improve relations you know we don't know we really don't know but what we do know is this that today in 2019 because of let the mere coincidence lead ship with russia is a certain a power game last year is a resurgent force and americans know in washington that russia is not just the only country capable in the wells of literally destroying america but russia is capable or limits in american expansionism or defeat an american aggression therefore what we have seen in the last few years is just simply a continuation or great power riflery between america and russia and remember american generals and the hopes of support and be the conservatives on the liberals
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on capitol hill they need an enemy you don't see that that's the point that the friends budgets you know what it's just like place in one place or the number of hours ago incidents or streets or banks in country today. yes let's just. then. but i think i think there's also another element here demon is that this is a form of projection everything that they say russia is doing in the world they are doing the misnomer and i think that's the it's the inability to any kind of self reflection i mean we saw this with the political classes in the media as a result of the 2016 election presidential and brags it will go to mars also in the u.k. i mean this is just a glorified form of projection marcus is absolutely right it justifies the defense budget so there's a material end of it but there's a there's a deep psychological thing because you project all of the negative things that you
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were doing under someone else absolutely. i think now it's march towards the end in the 19th century or even during that there are differences in the great there's a you know we have to define our terms great power politics you know that's up time in memoriam now and but now it's being held what ideological ideology being weaponized because of the star and one of the great powers namely the states and the tool of the great powers believe that they represent a very progressive for your dear that is destined to win that has proven itself to be better than anything seen before they're basically acting like the soviet union you know you know the century and then fall of the enduring legacy of russia just days ago again the line in the guardian russian how close ally target to order to gain in 2000 claim to be and there was a good mom did you find out about it you know what is interesting is that there is a brand and santa for justice which is provide which is iranian and election reform
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at the state and here is a call from one of their experts or british look for it will be a critical state in 2020 and 40 election officials should this you they would be targeted to gain. said larry norden who professionally runs this election reform program but our viewers there is no evidence that was a need meddling absolute russian mentally and florida election 2000 you know i would i would i would refer our listeners our viewers to just a great conversation between glenn greenwald and our own martin on you tube the great it's always a great zone gray zone and in there you know that is headlined very rightly rush to get skeptics vindicated but conspiracy theorist on russia gate our reward it let me remind our listeners that the new york times about 2 pulitzer prizes for something that actually write in a bold can be doing trump and russia something that the military well you know
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existed our viewers should take a look at google it about the answer to link editorial just one fact just one interesting fact in this conversation between greenwald and our own mike there 15 former u.s. intelligence officials are now working as analysts at c.n.n. and ice and b c not only james clapper who rightly said is now hired by c.n.n. also also will. keep all sort of you know talking about previous experiences jeffrey goldberg who was very important in spreading of the law that led to the iraq war about weapons of mass destruction he is now rectory not us on the most important issue remember there are plenty so these people there is complete impunity these people who lie who basically perjured themselves like james burgett before the congress they gave him a position in the debate that goes back to my introduction this is 2 tiered justice system here because you know we we have someone like jim comey for now off the hook
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but the new you have papadopoulos in union you have. mr stone roger stone i mean it seems to be i mean what would be equitable when this is also. when done if there's any kind of ending as it gives trump should give immunity to all these people give a pardon to everyone and get this behind us. i think is a triumph. when it goes into the election because it's so many. weaknesses there wish they wish the democrats build so much of their legitimacy and so i think one consequence of this will be they might as well be handing 4 more years. by following this strategy they. have to be it's the deep state it's hollywood it was academia the media they elected donald trump in 2016 by insulting half of the electorate ok and they're doing it again and again in fact it was a very good point i think another guard in the article came out
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a week or 2 ago it's just the. proposal to buy greenland put in have put him up to it to get the distance in the guardian and of course the needless to say there's no evidence there but even more important there was no logic here like why in the earth would the reporting want donald trump to the degree that i was wrong to the smallest and then walsh important role this week that it was. their help to build he is inadequate all of you are going to go back to the earlier time to go back there if you go back to marcus in london i mean this has a life of its own and it seems to be part of the genetic code many parts of the political left right now it just it is gospel right now because it unifies their side ok it's a very important element to keep their side of the aisle intact because you all have to be anti russian that keeps them unified it's a unifying element unfortunately markets go ahead. as long as.
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the mains the country it is today an independent sovereign one which will battle down to america then these accusations coming out of washington and will continue to go for. ever has laid a lot mikhail gorbachev or boris yeltsin and then the accusations will stop but very quickly the soviet union was a russian states and remains the most powerful russian state in history and secondly it's already does it's worse today what's coming out of america and structure than it ever was was untenable you're forgetting mccarthyism you're forgetting this is not here let's it really is a continuation of ingrained hostility yeah and the one thing it did that's very much part of the d.n.a. the political d.n.a. of how that can be can be it's very interesting here you know i think you know very quick you know in the conversation by greenwald and marty they wrote that with basically weakness in a repeat of the cold war when no one is allowed to advocate for better relations
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with russia for feel being accused an apologist for russia or russian agent but they say that before it was their prerogative what conservatives accusing the democrats and the liberals will be rational split now illegally if it completely and that justice moore motto you know it will give us some seconds to go and go now also being a bit of an optimist i thought maybe good russia good could have maybe changed the narrative a bit in us not because they don't learn from their mistakes but whether other yes it's true that russia has kind of been the other now for centuries however there's a new development which hasn't been around for centuries and thus the rise of china and obviously seems that america is waking up to the fact that china will be their main rival going forward so in lieu of that i thought maybe you know i would start to really see that glenn let's why you're an academic because you think logically incoherent is my curse you would expect that from politicians all the time we have many thanks and i guess here in moscow and in london and thanks to our viewers for
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watching us here in our d.c. . remember. i. ready ready ready ready ready am sure i just need to stop at the continuing to grow. i just never know very good about the idea of bringing children into the world because i didn't feel like things were in very good shape that a life was just going to be a lot of software programs. there's no reason the more. you take
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things that are to me the nose on the move something else that. everybody's scared to talk to that is certifiable is truly dependent on us addressing this issue and if we can even talk about it if we can even have a conversation of that it then. we're in trouble. centuries trysting along but mostly this or that the british and the bill of books had out yet the will to. stop the show was to make you see that the statistic is easy to see which quite oshawa. which is enough time and i know what you mean in a response to your current me for shit. or to talk to me short of yours or my it's
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your bonus for each of you. it's a mistake of the word support i'm still with spirit for $36.00 to be arguable that it's a stupid surely the 1st person to be wrong or should stop them spinning. she . was. good i thought broke. your her borrow. a little.
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for. us immigration officials have been granted permission to use fake social media accounts to moments of people seeking to enter the country flying in the face of the rebel mind networks of false profiles. terms of a germany polity celebrates 2 of its best local election results yes with the anti immigration euro skeptics coming 2nd did both. brandenburg unsexy. for a 2nd day of vigils and commemorations sort of thing most deadly terror attack in modern russian pastry we speak to survivors and relatives of the victims.


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