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it's a fight for the middle for the troops the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. all the good stuff our wrists our eyes i mean these guys have a british prime minister boris johnson is defeated in parliament as m.p.'s block no deal breaks it now is demanding a general election. the u.s. unleashes its military to develop the means to try to fight fake news or misinformation in the media tells king computers to decide what's real and what's not. and muslim communities are infuriated after a region of belgium decided to ban kosher and ritual slaughter methods.
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by their good afternoon just in midday now here in moscow life marty's world news h.q. this wednesday september the 4th is kevin owen with you for this half hour headline round up in a bit more detail but 1st focus on the u.k. and breaks it once again and the british prime minister boris johnson is demanding now a snap election after suffering a humiliating defeat in parliament opposition members along with $21.00 conservative rebels back to motion to take control of the commons agender away from the government means they can now put forward a bill to again delay the u.k.'s departure from the. the ice to the right 328 the notion left 301 yes i. have it along thank you i think you're on a point of order i welcome tonight's vote that's what they want yet another point
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is this is a government with. no morals and as of today no majority i follow it is on the brink of wrecking any deal that we might do. we live in a parliamentary democracy i do not have a presidency but a prime minister so in brief just to recap what's happened last 24 hours the opposition leader $21.00 conservative rebels defied the prime minister's plans and chose to take control of a common agenda away from it all this for a chance to delay yet again boris johnson is already fired back as mentioned that those rebels there are expected to be removed from the party to leaving the pm with a minority in parliament the u.k. leader adamant however on the liberal breaks it also said he's not going to ask the e.u. for more time it's called a snap election because the thoughts of formerly peace steve walford thinks his current situation is the result of what he described as continuous attempts by
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remains in parliament to try to overturn the democratic result of that branch that referendum back in 26 days. there's been a determined. of democratic remain as who over the past 3 years sought to damage. and finally deny that has been their goal it's been there since the referendum in 2016 they're attempting to be the voters of britain and push them into a direction they didn't want to go we're not facing an economic nightmare in fact we've seen the economy grow jobs grow we've seen new businesses coming into britain so the. project fear argument has fallen away by the wayside a long time ago that is why the remaining years who are seeking to traduce the democratic arguments of parliament and pushes into the situation that we've got and they've left boris johnson with no recourse if a general election occurs it will be the people against parliament leavers against
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remain democrats against anti democrats. the pentagon's research agency darpa is proposing a new way to fight what it calls large scale automated this information attacks notably software with automated algorithms it'll find out whether or not information is true or false darpa or even claims to be able to identify the source of news the alleged intent be earned it and the impact if it's bred senior correspondent were gadgety of takes a look at the potential pitfalls. it's no secret how far machines artificial intelligence have come recently face recognition cameras worldwide battlefields filled with remote control drones i even have it on good authority that siri will soon be able to differentiate between lunch and launch that the forefront of this technological revolution is darpa the pentagon's super secret research arm best known for being mentioned in farfetched headlines they're working
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on a new program that will be able to differentiate between fake news and real news so long as there's no mention of the word large in it the semantic forensics program will develop technologies to automatically detect achieve and characterize folks of old multi-modal media assets to defend against large scale automated disinflation attacks now i know what you're thinking and i agree that it can be difficult to think up new ways to drain the u.s. military's 600000000000 dollar budget but points for creativity on the other hand this may be an honest effort the pentagon out of the goodness of its heart protecting people from this information that is when it isn't spreading fake news itself like when the secretary of defense had to shut down an entire department dedicated to dis information and then there was the office of strategic influence you may recall that i went down the next day and said fine if you want to salvage
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this thing fine i'll give you the corpse there's the name you can have the name but i'm going to keep doing every single thing that needs to be done and i have i also know your next question yes a computer which can shed tell apart whether that's a smile on your face or whether your crying in agony will now tell you what's real and what's fake scary and probably impossible stanford university recently created an algorithm that tried to separate. 8 lies from the truth they said it worked 82 percent of the time and that's putting it kindly the possibility of actually detecting fake news from the written word i would say at this present moment in sign is almost impossible it is possible if it is the spoken word if it is a printed word it will be very very difficult because if you do not have.
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the ability to write grammatically correctly then i imagine this system will then detecting consistencies and resume it is machine written and if these machine algorithms would they would take years to develop you would have to study each individual area and program everything in the road to these algorithms the difference between the northeast of the united states and the size of these 2 united states. there are almost different languages let's be honest this is darpa we're talking about the people who wrote off billions trying to create such wonders as an army a virus spreading insects weaponized be robotic elephants and a live polio virus just for the heck of it apparently never cease to amaze when it comes to creative ways to get to the bottom of another multibillion dollar budget
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and who need stream the unlikely off chance that they succeed while our future could climb the saarc. true you can't handle the truth. reporting elsewhere region of belgium has passed legislation that bans traditional ways of slaughtering animals for muslim and jewish faiths allowing kosher slaughter requires the animals be alive and healthy at the time they kill by having their throats cut priest earnings not always use which is why the practice has been banned in several e.u. countries now this new law in belgium has prompted much debate then but animal welfare groups say this law is not about targeting religions per se it is absolutely not a ban on religious slaughter not at all it is a ban on slaughter without stunning even if you follow all the rules and use a very sharp blade and you do everything according to religious tradition even then the animal will suffer i think that the bans have more to do with 2 legged animals
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that with 4 legged ones if there is one positive thing that comes out of this latest attempt to tail religious freedom is to bring in closer jewish and muslim communities everyone will just do our home or in some corner hidden from view i don't think that's what they want to achieve. well we put this controversy to a puddle of experts this is what we came back with. is the horton debate the issue to see. whose death is quicker historically for millennia jews have been more merciful towards animals the eat well i'm sure no one really is cruel to animals on purpose by the fact remains that killing an animal when you really don't have to is always going to be cruel so no matter how you're going to kill the animal there is no nice way of taking away or a life which we don't have to take away well from if you're going to spect of a cause if it is a step in the right direction to be
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a bit less cruel then to be more cruel if you like but the fact remains that we don't need to be doing this all together so it is it is progress you know it's about it out there animals are stunned before they die but slitting anyone's throat you know it can never be done in a kind way. a standard in arabic it's a law is what is lawful and clean and day of a standard for you to call it organic in our days so we need to have better standards for production of eggs out of a husbandry animal welfare animal slaughter we can have the unregulated use of slaughter and industries we have people who have been incarcerated for mass killing coming out and then becoming swordsman just to get their kicks out snorting animals well i think there are issues in their way how they killed and a lot of slaughterhouse workers you know they come from poor backgrounds and they have no other choice but to do a job like this i mean even all of us children if you were asked what do we want to do as adults no one would say i want to kill an animal after animal for 8 hours every day it's just not a job that anyone wants to be doing so by eating everything that is actual of
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fascism thing that is a form of fascism is not to you to tell religious minorities or minority groups around the world how to live ultimately this is a test of tolerance and well fact in telling me freedom. of religious beliefs fine then don't eat animals but those who want to should but those standards should be of the highest order people working. in dos slaughterhouse a sane in those industries they are suffering us well when you watch documentaries interviewing dolls work as they are suffering from mental health low perry horrible working conditions day get a lot of diseases they is very very minor turn as wore a good they they cause that he get over under paid for millenia now we have seen really just slaughter accepted as long as it's practice you maybe on in accordance with is religious pranks is the cunt be any of think more humane that the most deaths the than animal is is going through and you can only say something is humane it would be willing to swap places were these animals but i don't thing and i'll be our interviewees or any of your view with in 5 it would like to swap places were of do dis poor animals whom we kill by did 1000000000 you know 56000000000 animals are
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killed every single year whenever i see a chick the truck load of chicken the goals to this log or housed in winter all roun the heart days of summer the says the paying but i would need to were have the it's 2 wks to come as far as as to see there the it should be bent because if it true it would be banned that's this is all this will solve parts of the problem of saddam a leak and would definitely will not go always mount on fully see how much discussion we have to how about things that are less croll less this less that how about we just aren't harm animals all together which is actually the natural instinct that he won its have you know when we grow our us children we laugh to play were animals will off to cuddle them was well one 3rd those chickens come of to stun sorta process makes them forbid in for people at muslims induced to eat even some practicing christians now the question is religious freedom are you ok
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with religious groups having the freedom to eat and kosher or not bollywood stars a come under fire of to suggesting a guests liz for a trump fundraising event could be uses a guide for who never to work with men he saw the black this suggest as a dangerous move oh and his kill of mowbray reports the prevailing voices in hollywood consider themselves to be woke progressive's extolling the use of tolerance and liberalism but not so much tolerance when it comes to conservatives actors debra messing and eric mccormack are calling for the list of attendees at double trump's recent beverly hills fundraiser to be made public because apparently celebrities should not be able to support the president please print a list of all attendees the public has a very to know haiti a charmed kindly report and everyone attending this event so the rest of us can be clear about who we don't want to work with blanks conservatives are calling it totalitarian liberalism i don't blame you i understand i wish i could denounce
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trump as i was offered quite a bit in return and it would make my life easier but i have refused to do so as i believe he is great for on nation and people you are entitled to your beliefs let others have that they're pushing the case that falls apart from the sheer weight of its own lunacy is low very hollywood community needs to be purged of this social and intellectual hygiene problem called conservative thinking but to be fair if people are taking a political stand going to a fundraiser shouldn't they be public about it aren't political donations a matter of public record well if you only would stars have found out that leaning the right word is pretty bad for their career james woods was declared to be a racist when it became clear that he supported donald trump furthermore stacey dash who is a mexican was declared to be racist when it turned out that she was a fan of the donald what's the nastiest thing someone in hollywood has said to you about your politics everybody tells me i'm racist i'm
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a black mexican it's absolute white cursing people have actually said to me you're not black enough is the same mysterious having white people with ugly sweaters at christmas and grandma drunken i'd knock the snow white people and now they say black people have to think act speak and like a certain way in order to be black enough hollywood. conservatives routinely conceal their views fearing it could be a career killer to not follow the party line interestingly susan sarandon the leftist actress has also become the target of a lot of hate not for being a conservative but for being a hardcore bernie crab who refuses to march in lockstep behind the d.m. see if you don't go to that liberal fundraiser if you're not a big girl now you're not in that era. you're not in the club and you're not being hired i mean it's a very lonely existence out there but it's a toxic environment and they they that is they react this really to the fact that you don't agree with them i don't like being with conservatives. there's a whole bunch of them that. people don't really. give in to give
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a lot of attention to it's old news that hollywood leans towards the dems during the 2017 midterm elections more than $4000000.00 was donated by top hollywood exacts and stars now 99.7 percent of that money actually went toward the democrats that's according to hollywood reporter that cites the official results and statistics from the federal elections commission and hollywood's top $100.00 list only 3 have donated to republicans and during the 2016 elections 90 percent of hollywood's donations went to hillary clinton they even made an amusing ad only way we can prove that to you is by having lots of famous people lots of famous people lots and lots of famous people just kind of famous people repeating how important poor and important or important how important it is. kollywood has even threatened to take action against those who don't adhere to their liberal values remember
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george's anti abortion law well there was a call for a boycott of the state we cannot in good conscience continue to recommend the industry remain in georgia if h.b. 481 becomes legal the movie world has always pushed back against traditional values however it also glamorizes welfare. the american dream values that are very important to american conservatives now hollywood is one of america's most powerful institutions and there is no question that it is not acting when it comes to its feelings about the donald the more you hate the more creative you hate especially in hollywood the more you. achieve and seek favor of your fellow hollywood types who in their right mind in hollywood at whatever want anybody to know that they're exercising their 1st amendment right to support a candidate sometimes people really don't care necessarily for trump as much as they do and consider this to be a good business move there are people who contribute to democratic causes
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republican and the like but it's a it's a it's a super side packed for you to openly in the hollywood or among certain areas new york as well where i am in silicon valley for you to even suggest that you support trump along with the breaking news stories from california to. reverse the convictions against illegal immigrant charged with murder though he does still face federal prosecution more details when we're back. ever since the arrival of boris johnson to 10 downing street there's a growing sense of inevitability that briggs it will be executed on october 31st with or without
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a deal i mean we get to this point what lessons have been learned. you know some people reference. let them eat cake and then you know historians have gone back and they said you know it's actually like a brioche you know that so i brought in actually my god what a mess we brought in actually this is a brioche slice there. and so this is what she suggested that the peasants be eating because they run out of. this is a slightly nicer version of there's a few in the cupboard let's throw that to the peasants and maybe that'll shut them up.
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again this is our international the next this public outrage in california after a court of appeal reversed the conviction of an illegal immigrant who was charged with shooting dead a woman back in 2050 the case became a rallying call for supporters of tougher immigration laws in the u.s. indeed police in san francisco also condemned the decision. this is yet another disgusting in justice perpetrated by a broken criminal justice system that is more intent on re harming the victims of crime and their families than holding violent offenders accountable cade staley was shot in the back in 2015 more walking along a peer in san francisco a mexican man arrested that the seeing played that he'd simply felt a gun wrapped in rags which accidentally went off he was later convicted with murder berto acquitted in 2017 the only remaining conviction against i'm in the state that of a legal gun possession was dropped after the call ruled the instant was
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a case of so called moment tree possession but according to a u.s. attorney for the northern district of california the rulings got to have no legal effect on the federal prosecution against in for possessing a firearm suspect was identified as an illegal migrant from mexico is been caught and deported 5 times before that killing happened 3 weeks before the instant of been released from the latest of his multiple sense a does for drug possession legal analysts jennifer breeden describes the decision no by the appeals called as having known legal basis but the court of appeals in california did was essentially overturn this and create their own law that states it only matters how much you hold the gun just because this person was a mexican national there is really no legal basis given for this so as a horrific decision meant to incite a political firestorm in order for california again to continue protecting illegal migrants of protecting criminals in place of u.s. citizens even those that have murdered killed or harmed u.s.
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citizens there better be accounting for this there better be appeals for this because that would essentially mean that they are so now stating that there's no problem with firearms if you only touched it for a 2nd it doesn't matter how many people you killed or whether there was a victim so we are certainly going to see judicial groups judicial watch i hope there are going to be many law abiding organizations that hold this decision accountable so that innocent people are not killed and that guilty people are not allowed to escape justice next in this rough a story from russia big news some big deals on the table today this wednesday is the eastern economic forum kicks off in the russian far east incentives but it will stop president putin has already met with indian prime minister narendra modi selling off party more than $25.00 trade deals let's get up to speed with the latest what did it all start 1st politically patrol is least. what's happening today looks like business already well and truly underway quickly.
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kevin hello busy there well day one is always intended for the special guest here and lot of all star the eastern economic forum and this year it is the indian prime minister narendra modi they've been together with the russian president all day and this is definitely a special one for that's definitely the right word friendship between moscow and. delhi which keeps improving year on the year the day for the 2 leaders began when the 2 of them boarded a ship and they actually traveled to a special seek where dogs where a submarine for the indian navy was modernized and then eventually it was sold to new delhi and mr modi even said that he was touched by this kind of special hall fatality we were able to see how the 2 leaders were trying to board the ship
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and they couldn't decide who is supposed to go 1st but when they came back here to the island called busy a risky they went straight to business as you mentioned kevin more than 2 dozen documents were sought actually saw the pall of folders and the assistant from the indian embassy he was having a hard time carrying them back to the cars ahead that the indian delegation is using so all kinds of spheres from space to environmentalists protection documents or side one after another and the ministers and the senior officials from both countries you know that the delegation was tired a bit so to say to see them because they kept walking on and on and on and just going back to the special personal relationship between the runner modi and vladimir putin when the indian prime minister gave an interview to the russian
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media here he spoke of the special chemistry but it's not only that he's saying that they have similar interests and. actually admirers of lot of our putin's the physical condition the fact that he's someone who is still keen to do sports even though that we know that he's in his sixty's and also they talked a lot of dogs and their admiration for top. we know that here in russia's far east at some point the so-called a more tiger that was a species that was in danger but now many efforts have been done to save the tiger and that is also something that the 2 leaders like talking about so this wraps up day one for the leaders ad eastern economic forum but both of them will stay here and on day 2 they will be joined by the leaders of mongolia and japan as
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well oh play to talk about the movie that goes on to the weekend doesn't it but should they have planned any patrol correspondent over there very face the update and thank you for cheap 226 minutes past midnight if you're watching the clock moscow time you can follow all the stories at r.t. dot com for us on twitter on facebook as well for now it's kevin and saying thanks for watching and have a great wednesday. you know world big part of the movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle
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for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was most of my family were unemployed working class there wasn't it was bed you know much worse objective listen today but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america where shape by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo debt engineer elections manufacture consent and other principle holds according to no i'm chomsky one set of rules for the rich opposite set of rules for . that's what happens when you put her into the hands of a narrow sector of will switch will is dedicated to increasing power for itself
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just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. hello and welcome across top were offering to consider dime peter lavelle ever since the rival of boris johnson to 10 downing street there's a growing sense have been evident ability of it breaks it will be executed on
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october 31st with or without to deal i do we get to this point what lessons have been learned floor should have been learned cross knocking brags it i'm joined by my guess were no here are did in paris he is chief foreign correspondent at le figaro in london we have allister donald he is an associate director at the academy of ideas and in edinburgh we cross inch on white he is a political commentator and writer or a gentle across type rules in a fact that means to can jump ending time he won in i always appreciate let me go to john an edinburgh 1st here in my introduction i said there's a growing sense of inevitability there we will how brags it on the 31st here and my off the mark go ahead john yeah i think was a ton of denser lame be there you need slightly be off the mark because there is one of hell of about cool to can please heat and if you kate over our well lauder's johnson or own is bond of lack of linux and trying to to shouldn oh amends and by suspend him owners are so i'm weeks in ramming will may our bricks it saw and i
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don't think it is inevitable no i think it me even be more inevitable it will she the end or laura stores shins very short terror in government it's a general action does come to pass that his statement that you mean oh say the coleman's and i'm seeing things plan for of a mantra procedure to us a teen way that he will get is we in get bricks it delivered on it it to close a virtue of what it remain the me own nickel at church e'squus into a missed last speech in bigot x. than 1889 he'd the blues an 8 years of the protests that are almost succeeded in growing boris johnson and so this is a tory establishment a complete and utter crisis unable to loot and they already and i think the creators know matured to the point where it's beyond direction or a mean and even bigger you don't know about this corner relic of the british state and i go where you stand on the ground of socialism or solidarity with jeremy korb and john mcdonald at all or only get over this but let me jump in but john i mean it respect about we feel about it it's still on the agenda here let me go to we're now in paris.


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