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millions of serbian made weapons reportedly ended up in the hands of terrorists in yemen and syria by the u.s. and its allies that's according to leaked documents obtained by. 85. they are on. the british prime minister's defeated in parliament as m.p.'s seized control of the bricks into gender and trying to deal with. another loss later it's expected he'll move for a snap general election. jewish and muslim communities are left furious off the region and belgium decides to ban
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a lot of ritual sort of. news live from moscow this is r.t. international wednesday afternoon at 5 here in the russian capital with the headline news 1st off millions of weapons made in serbia have reportedly fallen into the hands of islamic state fighters in yemen and syria after they were bought by the united states and its allies as according to documents seen by about gary an investigative journalist. this is not a most famously a. document about i'm. not i'm actively pursuing and the u.s. soccer mom tracking oh the. war or so on those contrasts i was able to identify one particular out loss of life in the sense.
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they hear it in their propaganda video in yemen. if those documents prove to be genuine then weapons seen on the islamic state video in yemen could well be said been made after being sold initially to give us military contracts as senior correspondent i guess the everleigh told me how the weapons could have ended up in terrorist hands. the shells in question 82 millimeter mortar shells marked with the numbers 418 which stands for a lot of production lot for manufactured in 2018 the letters k v standing for the crew seek arms plant actually located in value of a which is in serbia the letters. after that she the information she had with what she saw and it was a paper trail of paper trail leading from crew ship where they manufactured these
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shells 82 millimeter. mortar shells that were bored by united states arms contracting alien systems on the united states for 8000000 united states dollars. in the amount of $10500.00 mortar shells how they were then exported how they were . transported to the middle east are now there and ended up in the hands of isis and we challenge her on her confidence in these findings if. there are one or. then where. either or are the claims you've made extremely damaging of course is true for the u.s. government that based on these documents that you got ahold of how hard was it to get them and how certain are you that they are genuine. i was there i have had from the beginning of this. i don't know for the people
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or of the world some will send this word or was i 85 and i verify and you. are of course this they are of thanks in the shipping government. and on the labor . market or show this there is the name of the company are there for the us government or birth to birth the weapons on behalf of the arm and there is also the shipping of that so it's not a 0 to track. kids like he back to the us government also there is indication that information about the us thank you know. we. were. worth mentioning that she was
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identified lot of talking about. flights that repeated so in essence you can track the flights that took these various transport these various weapons because the united states use the same flight numbers erasing previous flights we're talking about the companies paying for the united states so that the united states as an entity was listed nowhere we're talking about sums that just don't match up with who came out and uses the book missing so the united states for example bought these specific shows that then ended up in the hands of isis the end user was listed as the afghan national police of all entities is yemen the only place that this terrorists are only getting these u.s. purchased with no and that is what is very interesting to me the more the shells that up in the hands of isis that is just. one example is also identified. munition shells weapons assault rifles in the hands of jarvis in syria but also the
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united states via. arms procurement contractors weapons that ended up in the hands of al qaida nevertheless we've contacted all entities involved the arms manufacturers themselves the shell companies that the united states use the contractors that it had the united states itself and we're waiting for comments on the matter from them and i guess they have their well political analyst chris bambery talked to me last hour about the appeal for american contractors to buy munitions from serbia. why would they be buying weapons from serbia not exactly an ally of the united states using croatia as the basis on which to supply them and then you know who are these weapons going to whether we know we know they're going to the gulf are they being taken over by the authorities there or by the saudis or are the american supplying them to to yemen certainly
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a lot of number of questions which have to be have to be asked here i suspect that they've been supplying weapons to the saudi arabia's allies in yemen in the civil war in that country i know they've been know they've been caught caught outs and this will be embarrassing but my expect will get bigger fish cheek in a form which is simply not responding to any of the questions should be nice to in effect a denial. the british prime minister boris johnson is demanding a snap election after suffering a humiliating defeat in parliament opposition members in $21.00 conservative party rebels have backed a motion to put forward a bill that will again delay the u.k.'s departure from the new house of commons saw another showdown during the weekend session of prime minister's questions earlier today. the prime minister his cabinet colleagues have been saying he's making progress the chief negotiator. the chancellor of germany the tissue of
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oil and say no proposals of yet been made by the u.k. the only thing that's standing is standing you know you know way is the under for any of those negotiations by this surrender bill which would be to move to that and we delayed in march we delayed a group and now we go to that he wants to delay again for absolutely no purpose yes we now have the low between 2 storms at the moment in parliament as the house discusses the financial bill the proposals the spending review that was put forward by chancellor side of it he talked about money it all went rather quiet as everybody listen to what the government is talking about in terms of cash and what they plan to do but this is very much sort of cranking up to what will be the big debate later the vote later which is going to be about whether or not parliament can stop and no deal correct 6 and whether they're also then if the prime minister decides that he would like to go forward with a general election whether there will be a vote on that but in the meantime earlier we had a prime minister's question time which as usual is always a feisty affair but it was particularly entertaining watching the spat between
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prime minister barak johnson and labor leader jeremy corbett who has government will take this country out of the european union although terrible to 30 guys are very minor areas and you know weight is the surrender bill currently being proposed by the ego of the opposition i ask what proposals have been put to the european union and the prime minister seems utterly incapable of answering any rational human being would assume therefore none of the import and there is no answer to that question we don't negotiate in public and we are making we are making thank you i know he's worried about free trade deals with america but there's only one car in a kid she came with i could see in this house was we have seized part controlled from a crime in. stern who is being a very like
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a dictator more than i do about growth in the meantime though ahead of those prime minister's questions and also ahead of all those debates that we're going to have on potentially 2 votes this afternoon the have been a couple of developments the judge in scotland from the highest court said that boris johnson's decision and his planned pro gay should the suspension of parliament was nor for very minds the opposition had said they're being m.p. saying that this is the boris johnson trying to stop the stop people discussing the prospect of no deal breaks or trying to stop that deal in the meantime as well nigel farage as well he's come on board saying thank you very much to those city is on the right wing of the conservative party who'd like to do a pact with his brics it party should it go to a general election i mean again that comes to the vote later as to whether that happens but on the flipside the parliamentary labor party they also had a meeting and they unanimously decided that jeremy corbyn should that be a general election should hold you should all hold off on doing that and after november the 1st so we've got the low at the moment they're all talking money after
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the chancellor he's discussing his spending review but it's all cranking up towards those votes and those debates later this afternoon and this evening or about whether or not they can stop and no deal and whether there could be a general election here in the u.k. . the region in belgium has passed legislation the bans traditional ways of slaughtering animals for the muslim and jewish faith and kosher slaughter requires the animals to be alive and healthy they killed by having their throats cut pretty stunning isn't always use which is why the practice has already been banned in several e.u. countries the new law in belgium has prompted much debate but animal welfare groups say the law is not about targeting religions. it is absolutely not a ban on religious slaughter not at all it is a ban on slaughter without stunning even if you follow all the rules and use a very sharp blade and you do everything according to religious tradition even then the animal will suffer i think the bounds of more to do with the 2 legged animals
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than with the 4 legged ones if there is one positive thing that comes out of this latest attempt to curtail religious freedom it's the bringing closer together of the jewish and muslim communities everyone will just do our home or in some corner hidden from view i don't think that's what they want to achieve aaron r.t. our panel look to what the new law might mean for religious freedom and animal cruelty. it is the horton debate the issue to see. whose death is quicker historically for millennia jews have been more merciful towards animals the eat well i'm sure no one really is cruel to animals on purpose but the fact remains that killing an animal when you really don't have to is always going to be cruel so no matter how you're going to kill the animal there is no nice way of taking away our life which we don't have to take away well from if you're going to spect of a cause if it is a step in the right direction to be
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a bit less cruel then to be more cruel if you like but the fact remains that we don't need to be doing this all together so it is it is progress you know it's about it out there animals are stunned before they die but silly thing and i once wrote you know you can never be done in a kind way. stand in arabic it's a law is what is lawful and clean and they have a standard for you to call it organic in our days so we need to have better standards for production of eggs out of a husbandry animal welfare animal slaughter we can have the unregulated use of slaughter and industries we have people who have been incarcerated for mass killing coming out and then becoming swordsman just to get their kicks outsourcing animals well i think there are issues in their way how they killed and a lot of slaughterhouse workers you know they come from poor backgrounds and they have no other choice but to do a job like this i mean even all of us us children if you were asked what do we want to do as adults no one would say i want to kill an animal after animal for 8 hours every day it's just not a job that anyone wants to be doing so by eating everything that is actual of
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fascism that is a form of fascism is not up to you to tell religious minorities a minority groups around the world how to live ultimately this is a test of tolerance and well fact in telling. religious beliefs fine then don't eat animals but those who want to should but those standards should be of the highest order people working in those slaughterhouses in in those industries they are suffering as well when you watch documentaries in. interviewing those workers they are suffering from mental health low pay horrible working conditions they get a lot of diseases they is very very much in his work they constantly get over underpaid for millennia now we have seen religious slaughter accepted as long as it's practice humanely and in accordance with its religious practices the can't be anything more humane the death the than animal busy is going through and you can only say something is humane if you would be willing to swap places with these animals but i don't think any of your interviewees or any of your viewers in fact would like to swap places with do these poor animals whom we
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kill by the 1000000000 you know 56000000 animals are killed every single year whenever i see a chick the truckload of chicken goes to this slaughter house in the winter or in the hot days of summer. through the paint. but i wouldn't where have the it's 2 weeks to come as far as to say that the it should be banned because if it true it would be banned that this is all this will solve part of the problem of saddam in the act and will definitely will not go always malcolm for you see how much discussion we have to have about things that are less cruel less there's less that how about we just don't harm animals altogether which is actually the natural instinct that humans have you know when we grow up as children we laugh to play with animals would love to cuddle them as well one 3rd of the chickens coming to stand sort of process makes them forbid and for people that muslims and jews to eat even some practicing christians now the question is religious freedom are you ok with religious groups having the freedom to eat and
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kosher or not. some leading american actors are ruffling a few for this for suggesting a kind of hall of shame for fellow performers who back donald trump is our next story after the break. you know so many people referenced the marie antoinette let them eat cake and then you know historians have gone back and they said you know it's actually like a brioche. you know that so i brought in actually what a mess we brought in actually breo this is a brioche slice there at the patisserie and so this is what she suggested that the peasants this should be eating because they had run out of d.c. this is a brioche is a slightly nicer version of there's
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a few in the cupboard let's throw that to the peasants and maybe that'll shut them up. ever since the arrival of boris johnson to 10 downing street there's a growing sense of inevitability that briggs it will be executed on october 31st with or without a deal i mean we get to this point what lessons have been learned. welcome back some big name american actors are coming on to 5 full suggesting the guest list for a trump fundraising event could be used as a guide for who never to work with critics see the blacklist suggestion as a dangerous move. why not ask time people did this. people ended
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up killing themselves this is not a good idea ok listen if you are all you are. who you don't want to work with is your personal business the prevailing voices in hollywood consider themselves to be woke progressive's extolling values of tolerance and liberalism but not so much tolerance when it comes to conservatives actress debra messing eric mccormack are calling. the list of attendees at double trump's recent beverly hills fundraiser to be made public because apparently celebrities should not be able to support the president please print a list of all attendees the public has a very to know haiti a charmed carnival report and everyone attending this event so the rest of us can be clear about who we don't want to work with blanks conservatives are calling it totalitarian liberalism i don't blame you i understand i wish i could denounce trump as i was offered quite a bit in return and it would make my life easier but i have refused to do so as i
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believe he is great for on nation and people you are entitled to your beliefs let others have that they're pushing the case that falls apart from the sheer weight of its lunacy is low very hollywood community needs to be purged of this social and intellectual hygiene problem called conservative thinking but to be fair if people are taking a political stand going to a fundraiser shouldn't they be public about it aren't political donations a matter of public record well if you only would stars have found out that leaning the right word is pretty bad for their career james woods was declared to be a racist when it became clear that he supported donald trump furthermore stacey dash who is a mexican was declared to be racist when it turned out that she was a fan of the donald what's the nastiest thing someone in hollywood has said to you about your politics everybody tells me i'm racist i'm a black mexican it's apps or white cursing people have actually said to me you're not black enough is the same mysterious having white people with ugly sweaters at
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christmas and grandma drunken i'd knock the snow white people and now they say black people have to think act speak a lick a certain way in order to be black enough hollywood conservatives routinely conceal their views fearing it could be a career killer to not follow the party line interestingly susan sarandon the leftist actress has also become the target of a lot of hate not for being a conservative but. for being a hard core bernie crab who refuses to march in lockstep behind the d.m. see if you don't go to that liberal fundraiser if you're not a big guy you're not in that era. you're not in the club you're not being hired i mean it's a very lonely existence out there but it's a toxic environment and they they that is they react this really to the fact that you don't agree with them i don't like being with conservatives. there's a whole bunch of them that. people don't really. give it a give a lot of attention to it's old news that hollywood leans towards the dems during
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the 2017 midterm elections more than $4000000.00 was donated by top hollywood exacts and stars now 99.7 percent of that money actually went toward the democrats that's according to hollywood reporter that cites the official results and statistics from the federal elections commission and hollywood's top $100.00 list only 3 have donated to republicans and during the 2016 elections 90 percent of hollywood's donations went to hillary clinton they even made an amusing ad only way we can prove that to you is by having lots of famous people lots of famous people lots and lots of famous people just a ton of famous people repeating how important poor and important or important how important it is. kollywood has even threatened to take action against those who don't adhere to their liberal values remember georgia's anti abortion law well there was a call for a boycott of the state we cannot in good conscience continue to recommend the
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industry remain in georgia if h.b. 481 becomes legal the movie world has always pushed back against traditional values however it also glamorizes wealth and the american dream values that are very important to american conservatives now hollywood is one of america's most powerful institutions and there is no question that it is not acting when it comes to its feelings about the donald the more you hate the more create. if you hate especially in hollywood the more you. achieve and seek favor of your fellow hollywood types who in their right mind in hollywood at whatever want anybody to know that they're exercising their 1st amendment right to support a candidate sometimes people really don't care necessarily for trump as much as they do consider this to be a good business move there are people who contribute to democratic causes republican and the like but it's a it's a it's
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a silverside pact for you to openly in the hollywood or among certain areas new york as well where i am in silicon valley for you to even suggest that you support trump. some big deals on the table this wednesday is this year's eastern economic forum kicks off in russia's far eastern city of a lot of false talk president putin's already met with the indian prime minister to sign off on 25 trade deals on t.v. are trying to those following the 2 leaders meeting for us. gamma beach yes both our countries clearly understand that now adays we need a month to achieve peace and stability and all corporation is very important to achieve this it's already become somewhat a tradition day one here in vladivostok at the eastern economic forum is usually when vladimir putin and his most important guests spend most of their time together
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getting involved in all kinds of activities and this year the number one guest at the forum is the indian prime minister and the rent drum mode so on wednesday it all began with the leaders met shook their hands and straight away boarded a motor boat to go to another town where there was a shipyard and that's a very special one because that was the location where a submarine intended for the indian navy was once modernized so that was something that would render a motor you really wanted to see and then eventually he said that he was deeply touched by the hospitality of the russian leader there was a funny moment when the 2 actually wanted to step on board the the motorboats but they couldn't decide who to lead go 1st when mr modi and mr putin came back to this island the island of bruschi they went straight to business and more than 2 dozen agreements were assigned as the indian delegation was meant by
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a team of russian ministers i saw the actual policy holders with the signatures and the assistant from the indian embassy she was actually having a hard time taking all the folders away and here were talking about all kinds of cooperation from sending in the auster thoughts to space and the future to joint efforts in protecting the environment including the tigers it turned out that tigers are very special for the indian prime. minister and the russian president because here and vladivostok there was a species of tigers that was almost extinct but thanks to the efforts of the russian government now that problem is solved and it turns out the 2 leaders do share an affection for animals but there are plenty of other reasons why the 2 leaders are calling each other dear friends here's what mr modi said in an
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interview to the russian media there is a special chemistry in our relations a special lightness in this forum we will have a lot of time to discuss a lot of issues while the east economic forum is just beginning and on day 2 neurons are modi and lattimer putin will be joined by the leaders of malaysia mongolia and japan will be there for you. that's the way it looks from moscow this out checks out on facebook and twitter for more updates and plenty more video stories as well i'll be back with your next on 3 global news and just a half an asking about. join me every thursday on the alex salmond's show and i'll be speaking to guest of
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the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see of that. during the great depression which old mr remember there was most of my family were unemployed working class there wasn't it was bed you know much worse objective listen today but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo debt engineer elections manufacture consent and other principle holds according to no on chomsky one set of rules for the rich opposite.
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that's what happens when you put her into the hands of a narrow sector of will switch will is dedicated to increasing power for chills just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. hello and welcome across top we're offering to consider time peter lavelle ever since the arrival of boris johnson to 10 downing street there's a growing sense have been evident ability that breaks it will be executed on october 31st with or without a deal do we get to this point what lessons have been learned or should have been
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learned. cross talking brags that i'm joined by my guess we're now in paris he is chief foreign correspondent at le figaro in london we have allister donald he is an associate director at the academy of ideas and in edinburgh we cross in john white he is a political commentator and writer originally cross titles in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate let me go to john in edinburgh 1st here in my introduction i said there's a growing sense of inevitability that we will have brags that on the 31st here and my off the mark go ahead john i think with a ton of answers you need slightly off the mark because there is one hell of about 2 to complete or well a lot of johnson is. trying to to shoot almonds and i suspend the moment for 5 weeks and having breaks it so i don't think it is inevitable now i think it me be more inevitable that we'll see the end distortions very short term in government
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it's a general election does come to pass that his statement that you know say the colemans and i'm seeing things planned for parliamentary procedure to ascertain whether he will get as we get breaks that delivered on a technical support or what it or maybe only screws into missed last speech and because. the boos and jeers of the protests was almost succeeded in germany and voters chosen him so this is a tory establishment in complete and utter traces unable to loot and they will be and i think the creator says no maturity but it is beyond direction will remain and even be argued over and. you know about this corner relic of the british and i go where you stand on the ground of socialism or solidarity with jeremy korb and john mcdonald at all or only get over this but. john i mean it respect about we feel about it it's still on the agenda here let me go to reno in paris.


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