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or assurances very short term in government it's a general election does come to pass that his statement you mean or say the commons and i'm saying is plan for elementary procedure to ascertain whether he will get as we get bricks that delivered on it at it for support or what it reminded me of neglect church issues and to missed last speech in because. the illusion that years of the protests was almost succeeded in germany and. this is a tory establishment complete and utter traces unable to loot and the all we and i think the creators know maturity but it's beyond directional remain and even bigger you don't know about this corny a relic of the british state and i don't really stand on the ground of socialism or solidarity with jeremy corbyn john mcdonald at all or only you know. john i mean it respect about we feel about it it's still on the agenda here let me go to reno and paris i mean what what could boris johnson get from the europeans from brussels that to resume couldn't ok because he's saying he's still open for
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a deal even if that window is only a matter of days that are open go ahead in paris. no i don't think that he will get anything because for 2 reasons number one the big countries are really fed up with this brit this is it the sions that is it isn't that you know like 60 years old so they're really fed up and 2nd thing it's too complicated to have like 27. countries agree on the new proposal because for foreign affairs matters you need the. so technically these are techniques of a european union it's too complicated so boris johnson well not get anything more he has been told that by america and by. emmanuel court in paris
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ok the same thing to you i mean it respective of how democratic or undemocratic the tories gambit is here it is ramming it through it but boris johnson and his associates will say but this is what people voted for and he's just doing the will of the people irrespective of well it's a bit devious but then politics and being devious are synonymous so go ahead alistair in london well yeah i think that's that's correct that he's he's acting on a democratic mandate and he's trying to get to a situation where the u.k. actually leaves the european union the problem just now and the problem that he's got in terms of concluding any of these arrangements by the 31st of october is that steadily uneven and rapidly the rulebook has been torn arpan terms of how politics works there's all sorts of constitutional issues being arranged with parliament grabbing hold of the order book and determining the order of business
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the legal challenges to what to his capacity to get us out so i think all bets are off just now in terms of whether he can get us out by the 31st of october and you know you could argue that and indeed i would argue that those people who want to delay breaks it in fact want to do much more than that they want to actually stop that and right from the outset the mechanisms to stop breaks at those are have always been posed in a kind of democratically friendly way but the mass the real intent which is really to stop rex it's all the other let's say with intentions i like that look this go back to admiral john i mean to resume was the worst person possible to negotiate because she didn't believe in it ok she wasn't she was a remainder now we have boris johnson which with very kind of a checkered past. he's really kind of grabbed this thing and made it his own and
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he's going to fall on a sword one way or another when it comes to brags that here but least he's in braced it and it seems to me and you gentlemen in the u.k. are more familiar with it than i am but then it seems to me legally there's not much live out there that can actually really stop him he's going to get this done deal or not go ahead john well that owen is out there to straighten the nation's political issues under way ready right no action is being wished to test the legality or at least trying to quotes. so we don't know that question egypt to be determined and of course the senate has added a bit of dynamism a book oddity of girls there are also a color to a caucus that was severely lacking and not contrast to any realm that was treaties or me with his base but given what he's trying to do in the last week or so you will try to use a queen to give them permission to suspend parliament for 5 weeks early and get a new rx it that's all changed and i think. that opinion is an issue shall be
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against them i don't think there's huge appetite for going back to the me and i certainly someone who supported me in an election in the referendum purely because not because i support you but because i believe this is a case of computer be worse than it is east but i think there's a shift towards a new khushi a brics a rather than an x. i think that it's a tuple which most people are standing on this issue at this current moment take but of course there's a huge amount of bricks at the cheek in a country people want to see this resolved one way or the other tired of talking about it and i think he's i mean there's a lot of criticism for the raid that she did rebelling along with 13 or these past 3 years and he's dealing with the why or let me go to you in paris i'm sick and tired of talking about brags it is well i mean from the president's position in europe i mean if this bill a delaying 3 months 6 months i mean you need to cut the gordian knot ok and i would suspect since. boris johnson and his supporters are determined to have
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brakes it executed didn't make it the 31st and be done with it i mean why i keep delaying it ok i mean uncertainty is the worst thing in politics go ahead and paris yes i think it was thing and put examine the united kingdom is admired throw the world for its old democracy but on europe and that is british policy and british. democracy is a total failure they didn't want to go to the beginning you know in the confidence of missin the. confidence of rome in $57.00 they didn't want to draw on the common market they tried to do something a competitor of the government which didn't work so when they realise it in work they are asked twice. too for a while they're going to enter a common market solve the goal refused twice then they insisted again and again and
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finally the and then they needed a new refund and and then thatcher came and said oh but i don't like the rules i have to change their own and so on and so we made you know they didn't want to tell you though so it's a wavering. now they decided by rifat under them to leave but even to leave it's complicated with them i mean after 3 years they don't know what they want and the house of commons does not know what it wants and so i think at least with boris johnson we have. square policy i don't believe that it is the interest of britain to leave the european union but it is britain's problem and britain's decision but at least. in my view is doing square and the stand a bold. politics norms let me go to our dear i reflected by what we just heard from
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our guest in paris interesting go ahead yeah yeah i think the thing to understand here is the shift that's taken place over the course of the last 3 years we have the referendum in 2016 the political class were overwhelmingly for remaining within the european union and the vote went against them so it came as a real shock to them the initial response from to raise the mayor's as been say it was one of the mentally damage limitation in terms of how the britain withdrew from the european union she wanted to moderate the way that we withdrew so that we could retain as many links as possible and stay in sync with with our european partners the problem that she's hardened the problem that boris faces just now is that the damage limitation that he's faced with is the very existence of the conservative party because the people have taken against to raise amaze. poor attempt to leave and have continued to exert pressure on us to have
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a break from the european union so boris is forced into the situation of desperately trying to leave in the 31st of october because he has he has the challenge of keeping his own party together personally i'm not convinced that he wants a new deal breaks that i think this is a ploy for him to come back with some sort of moderated version of the withdrawal agreement which i don't think will be overly different but which he can hold up and say well this is what i've won we're going to leave so i think you know his his problem is a tricky one and the situation we're in just now is that in a way the middle ground the more moderate positions fall apart you remain as have become ever more confident that they can push towards a situation of revolt and those that one breaks that have been forced by the remain pressure to avoid leaving to go for. ever more radical solutions which has ended up
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with the desire for a clean breakfast or no bricks or however you want to phrase it ok well it's there it's very interesting here i like what you said you went with the you have the in the moderate views on both sides of the issue kind of fading away but that's what makes october 31st day or do were die in a many ways for both sides here are a gentleman after a short break we'll continue our discussion break stay with us. she stressed to us take this or that the british and the books have it here for us to. stop the show so here she then taste a tasty dish she's a series which pushed. you into cook i thought of what you see that i'm
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not what you. and i must do to recover moment in the orchard. or to go to the show if you don't mind if you're going to be. it's a mistake so it's a court of honor to welcome to the spirit of jesus interview where you go to these to teach history to actually the person who goes to revoke for sure they're still stuck in spirit. expressed shock. welcome back to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter we're discussing bragg's it. let's go back to john in edinburgh ok let's work under the assumption that brags that occur as a result even if it's on october 31st or january 31st of next year it's happened
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outside tahrir supposition right here there's a lot of talk here that the you know we the u.k. will drift into the u.s. or bit because we have people like secretary of state mike pompei i just essentially drooling over the possibility of a new trade agreement with the u.k. which of course will have all those political attachments to it when they deal with foreign policy i mean is this something that's going to happen because i think a lot of people on both sides of this issue say britain can't stand alone it's going to have to choose one side is that really an outcome that a lot of people that voted in the referendum are interested in seeing happen go ahead john. no i don't think it is and i think that's why there was a lot of opposition over into boris johnson's attempt to root through you know direction because of the trump ministration you know the trouble michigan has been in both antipathy towards multilateral institutions and multinational trade in blocks and it prefers to deal and by lead to the on
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a bilateral basis no the all singles that only the strong can compromise and all of the ready equals can reach agreement look good and does come cold and shivering out of the e.u. are there any deal that it will be vulnerable to any day tasks that don't trump then closes on and you see from this past week he slipped out as not only on america's adversaries but also written on his allies canada and france so everyone's greatly worried about what this would intil for britain going forward clearly what is about the future of the n.h.s. a national health service which is a free health service at the point of need was introduced by the course for liberal government and is a shining example of social solidarity and action and people are worried about how this survived in the trunk gets his hands on it because we know that the us health corporations are see the n.h.s. as a glittering price and boris johnson has 6 give get given get into the spare will guarantee that the n.h.s. would be see it but how can we do that for sure conditions on the cheap deal with
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us in the u.k. the cost for x. . future will be imposed by us more than we buy and so yes i think people are rightly concerned about donald trump's. intentions towards britain in the event of a new direction and i think that is feeding a lot of the opposition even on objects that sent to the prospect of in one direction of course or no let me go back to paris here i mean i really appreciate how you characterize the u.k. sublimation ship of the year you were european union for during and i want to go out after what kind of relationship what kind of constructive relationship do you think the e.u. will have with the u.k. post bragg's it. i mean i'm sure that between france and britain the defense corp will go on because it's very important you have to realise that britain and france are the 2 only nations in europe that are ready to fight
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that have soldiers ready to get killed to kill because an army is done for that you know and we saw it everywhere was to it in bosnia for instance and other. armies in europe unfortunately use that for for for some foreign operations if you like you can rely only on britain and france who are 2 nuclear powers who have a corporation in all fields of military including the nuclear field so i think that britain will remain a very strong partner in defense 2 fronts as far as the special relationship with america of course it will go on but you have to remember remembers something that they's a big difference between some and boris johnson that you saw in bed it's
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boris johnson said openly that is pro free trade when of course is a protectionist and then also boyce would have to remember that british people is a proud people and they don't like when it's too open to clear that britain is the pool of the united states and when it became too poor to clear you know in you remember this summit in some part of the book when when w. bush called blair or your boss asked him to come like a poodle to his seat you remember that scene and because of that. the labor party actually and britain fired tony blair as the prime minister because they cannot business people are proud people and they will not be the poodle of america and you have seen that in the d. brought our prices in this grace one and sip
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that. america for another you know. british accident again the iran in britain well you. will not be the top of the dance of mainly it's a really good example let me go to our excellent example but if and as i mentioned if a new trade deal between the u.k. and the united states is dictated by the united states then you're not going to have that kind of freedom here i'm thinking about iran for example where france has the european position and the u.k. would be open to a lot of pressure by the united states to side with it when it's a very unpopular policy around the world the british the british would be reduced to having to have to follow orders and i think again that's something that's not really been discussed very much i'm on the brakes it's i don't get me wrong ok but there are a geo political implications of it go ahead allister. well yeah the huge geopolitical
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implications i mean i think though the thing is that if we come out of the european union with anything approaching a clean break where we have the ability to make our own policies are and then to enter into negotiations then we're in a better position than the decisions been handed down from. which we're part of but which as a people as a demo swedes never really hard any possibility of contributing to the making of so there's lots of scare stories yes but i think we should take. 6 6 should look at the positive side of this of being able to. interact on something approaching our as a starting point on our own terms and obviously compromises will need to follow in all of these things but ultimately if you're talking trade then we've got companies in britain and companies in america and throughout the european union that want to
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make products and want to sell them at a profit so there's a certain logic in that which will lead to compromise as we shouldn't be afraid of that on the political side i think we have we have some big decisions to be made but the important thing i think to remember is that even within the european union just no it's not all harmony is good from parts of the european union the think different things it's a league wants with china germany more that's exactly where i want to go here that's exactly where i want to go john what the what are the things that brussels is so infuriated by briggs that is because it sets a precedent and always a tappy in the european home ok and i think all of us would agree with that but once one gets out it creates a model for others to think at least start thinking about it and i think that's one of the reasons why brussels was so rigid with the u.k.
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and they were actually quite fortunate to have such a weakling is in may so but the president will be there and it's something that the mandarins in brussels certainly have to be thinking about go ahead joe. oh yeah touching on woman nor scent of a grown b. in our akun initializer where in europe over the last 4044 years of us involvement in european union it's been a mutation brussels' us completely also mishandled this process because us stuck to a rigid of shooter lane and not making any alone and for the little skepticism crush it up as noted become a mainstream political current. when it is always on the margins only the savini course in government she just ended in italy or buying or only the rise of marie le pen give rollers and all and then of course bricks or so brussels has advanced norse anal of willing to reform its institutions or forest practices and democratize and sorting is a castell full and well well monetary and absolute right you don't suffer
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a lot of damage if you came or to leave the 6th largest economy or 1st but largest economy 34 percent of all you key imports are from the e.u. $46.00 of our own you can export judaea so that would be a sizeable chunk taken and specially in germany come manufacturers who have a big stick and what happens with this breaks it process so and also has a lot of prestige around the world and has and its potence would be under we we know that people at macro want to see the e.u. politicized and to move towards being a super state i think it's part of the reader never largely because of the e.u.'s handling of this process and the us for the units on which we're not to touch the point that was one of the best things that britain did was not to enter you know who that ended up not that's testament to the foresight of golden brown who was the limit chancellor 10 years ago and made that decision not to enter leaders on your contradictions that are you know one does not lead in order to begin but is that if you have a little model that sustains your opinion that is incomplete and not ok russia
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let's talk about that little or no that's go back to you in paris what is the biggest lesson from this whole breakthrough it's for experience from the continent perspective go ahead. you know. i interviewed the friend secretary last he had was when he go in on the lawn of his embassy in paris and you know what he told me at the end of the individual finally. charles the gold was right yes they bothered us like 60 years of that i finally saw a little was right. i'm not. you know it's amazing. when you find other jobs ago was right but. no i think that. the. your opinion is not in such a bad state you like it or not you know is a really good competitor for dollar it's a very strong currency it's used by everybody is getting stronger and stronger
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people said 5 or 10 years ago you know will die i don't see the death of you at all you are you are telling us that. europe is not united yes there is fights among you know but not so so such big fights because i remember that the italia in the said funds and on the on the on the sanctions was russia that they would they would they would they would vote against the sanctions and you need only one you would have been a country to say we don't want the sanctions to go on and you have no most european sanctions against russia they the talents did not do that so you still add some kind. of unity and politically i think that the your opinion union is actually in a vegas thing that you like and doing the right reverend gentleman would by running
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out of time who sparked a run out of town i don't want to realize i want to repeat the most important sentence of this program goal was right ok many thanks to my guests in paris london edinburgh and. thanks to our viewers for watching us here in r.g.c. unix time and remember. i. ready ready ready ready ready am sure to stop it for continuing to grow. i just never
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know very good about the idea of bringing children into the world because i didn't feel like things were in very good shape that a life was just going to be a lot of software program. there's no reason in the world you take things that are to me that. there's no reason to make something. to everybody's scared to talk about it certifiable is truly dependent on us addressing this issue and if we can't even talk about it every chance even have a conversation about it then. we're in trouble.
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eh. eh eh. eh eh. eh eh. eh eh eh. oh. please. let's just say lists.
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lists. and very well might continue watching us and see us. well you know the fires they were kind of adopted because we were called pirates for so long. i mean they're in the small ball of sticks in a hard pool of chips and it's. not something. the little self did big cold fish already 90 percent of the dart got any blown connor. concept 15 scoops 75 tons and they do it several times a day with
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a big fleet so no you get an idea on why. we have to understand we can all stay still and just. be witness of the deal going on because. i'm doing this because i want the the future world to change and can generations to have and enjoy the ocean we have. joined me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sport this list i'm showbusiness i'll see that. during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was most of my family were unemployed working pushed there wasn't it was bed you know much worse
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objectively isn't today but there was an expectation of the things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america where shade by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack so low down. near election manufacture consent another prince holds according to. one set of rules for the rich. that's what happens when you put her into the. roof will switch which is dedicated to increasing power for chills just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america.
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millions of serbian made munitions reportedly end up in the hands of terrorists in yemen and syria. according to make documents obtained by journalists. right there. if. they are. british prime ministers no deal brecht's it is in the balance this wednesday in london as the u.k. parliament read itself for a critical vote on blocking elements all the plans of it's expected he'll call for a general election. and jewish and muslim community. decides to.


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