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tv   Politicking  RT  September 6, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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touring looks a lot different than it used to be when i was the deputy secretary of labor i used to visit all kinds of factories i would visit auto plants as well the u.s. manufacturing balance is producing far more goods than it did let's say 10 or 20 years ago but it's also doing with doing all of that with far fewer people and in part that's because of automation and so manufacturing as a portion of the u.s. economy has steadily shrunk but obviously the trade tensions we have are creating a series of headwinds that it's struggling with right now it's an interesting conversation the one regarding productivity because of where we're producing more goods and partly that's due to automation but also the american worker is very productive when compared to workers abroad i mean americans traditionally or currently work more hours have less vacation time and so forth what's your assessment of the way american companies actually take care of employees in
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this country as compared to others for example well and that's an important conversation to have if you go back to the 1950 s. and sixty's there was a time in this country where you could have graduated with a high school degree and gotten a good paying union job in a factory that would have provided good health care a good retirement benefits in the form of a pension you could have a work there and had a productive life those kinds of jobs simply don't exist anymore they don't exist in part because of automation but also in part because of globalization one of the reasons why for instance the trade tariffs are so detrimental to u.s. consumers is that we get so many of our consumer goods right now from china it's clothing it's footwear it's electronics a lot of the things that simply don't make economic sense to make here in the united states anymore in part because our labor costs are so expensive so to the extent that we have manufacturing right now it a lot of it is assembling assembling things that come from components that come from other country. or it's advanced manufacturing that uses
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a high level of technology so the types of jobs in manufacturing even are different now than they were 10 or 20 years ago they tend to be much more high skilled jobs so if you were advising on a domestic policy for the way we attend to our manufacturing employee base what would you say because it sounds like what partly what you're saying is that due to globalization it's just hard for a menu for american manufacturing jobs to be competitive well and that's exactly right and look i'm not i'm not saying that we should not engage in manufacturing because the thing there's a lot of manufacturing that makes sense to do here in part because we have such a great technological advantage over other countries and i think in particular when you look at manufacturing here versus doing it in china where when you move in china you start to have intellectual property concerns as well you've got a higher transportation costs there are a lot of good reasons why you should manufacture here in the united states in ways that can offset the higher labor costs but i think we also need a fundamentally
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a new economic policy around manufacturing and we need to recognize and have this hard conversation we can't go backwards we can't go back to the manufacturing jobs the 950 s. and sixty's those just won't exist anymore again because of technology again because of globalization but we can have good paying high skilled jobs but they're going to require much more than a high school education they're going to require community college educations apprenticeships really fundamentally will require a greater government investment in advanced manufacturing and the technology that goes into it and those jobs will be fewer as well correct they'll be fewer they'll be higher paying but they will be fewer yes so president trump i think he issued an order for american companies to start seeking other places to manufacture prefer bully america as the trade war with china continues if it becomes more difficult for us to have u.s. companies rather. have their products manufactured in china where are the products
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going to be manufactured or are they going to come to the united states or as some say are they going to move to vietnam or other countries where labor is still cheap it's not exactly clear what the president met with that order and that his advisors subsequently said well he has the authority to do that but he has no plans currently to do that it's not in clear that he has the legal authority you that but even if he did even if companies had to pull out of china unquestionably they're going to move to the place where they labor is also cheap they'll probably move to southeast asia places like vietnam cambodia where you already start to see in particular clothing footwear benefactors moving in part because at this point as china economy develops more as their population becomes more educated and more skilled their labor costs are going up as well and that's that's where manufacturing goes it often goes to the place where you can make goods at the lowest cost you know it's china in
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a position just because of their political structure able to stall for the 2020 election in the hopes that they might get a better deal with the next president should that not be trump. well look i mean if you look at where the chinese economy right now is it clearly is slowing down there are a bunch of reasons why that is but you know for overriding of reasons their political system you've essentially got a a leader and she paying who is essentially the leader for life in china you've got a controlled market economy where the central government can make purchasing and selling decisions you've also got a currency that can be much more easily manipulated by the central government it's pretty clear that it is hard to wage a sustained trade war against china now it's not to say that there are not trade imbalances that should be addressed they're not intellectual property concerns that should be addressed as well but what is troubling here is that if the president
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thinks he can outlast china on this he's probably wrong that being said it certainly poses a issue for the next president if it happens not to be dollar trump because as i said some of the structural imbalances that we've had need to be addressed but it's hard to do that when you're dealing with a country like china that has a central economy switching gears to some of our other trading partners we've got a major item on congress' agenda as it comes back from its august work brick it's the u.s. m.c.a. which is the u.s. mexico trade agreement is that going to be approved how likely is it to be approved and what does it entail well it is supposed to be a rewrite of nafta although how much of it is a rewrite of nafta is is unclear and and what happens if this doesn't get passed whether the president truly is going to rip up nafta is also unclear but there's with with that u.s.m.c. there's 2 issues right now there's the legitimate issue that democrats have raised
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about labor standards environmental standards predominately in mexico that we're talking about and whether there are sufficient there's also the political battle as well democrats at this point are no moves. frankly to give a political victory to trump up early on an issue like trade where he seems to be kind of wallowing right now so you know i personally don't see this happening before the end of the year and if it doesn't happen for the end of the year it's hard to see this happening in iraq what's the what's the scenario in which trump gets an easy win that you think the democrats are concerned about. well i think at this point. you know leaving aside the politics of this i think there's not a huge appetite frankly for trade agreements either in the democratic party or the republican party you know free trade used to be kind of one of these issues that was largely carried by republicans and you know and this is one of the battles as
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it's always hard to get democrats to vote for free trade agreements i think in this new climate which we operate now where there's greater greater nationalist feelings there's a greater resentment of free trade voting for free trade agreements is never a political winner at this point anymore leaving aside the really legitimate criticisms of this agreement terms of whether it does enough to protect the environment or american workers chris thank you so much for your time today my pleasure more politicking right after the break. there are a fluent russian and lines. in
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a world of big partisan law and conspiracy it's time to wait to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. aeroflot russian airlines. pain years and crosstalk started
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10 years i think it's time to shake things up maybe change the branding maybe the format here is what i've been thinking about next season related episodes filmed on an island 10 experts fight it out for a trophy what do you think ok a more affordable option $25.00 packs for. one red rose another suggestion geopolitical jeopardy parody no political cookout where we will literally. be only it's. late night show it's a rare format these days and it's chief all you need is an old microphone in a printed banner if i actually meet with one of my guests i can do this campbell after politics gone wild like music. ok crosstalk is not about hype it's about meaning 10 years of talk and still going strong.
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peter if you want to change something why don't we get rid of the gotye no that is too much. compared to centuries of chinese history 2 years is nothing unless budgets 2 years of donald trump with yet another round of terrorists being added to the us trade war this last week news china's strategy of waiting out the enemy likely to work with the current american president. today. those in the. u.s. military were engaged in. a world. where they were assassinating populist
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leaders they were backing up military funding an army. there is no. more because there's always a small. loss of western germany. in 2016. operating to put out a. unit of account that was better than gold. dollars . dollar. and simultaneously. this is. phone in the stomach of the brand is part of the coca-cola company
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which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was out. there the bad was there the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all the company has promised to reuse the plastic. on the. well from now the mountains of ways only grow.
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welcome back to politicking i matthew cook sitting in for larry king after a series of well publicized gaffes by former vice president and current 2020 candidate joe biden his campaign is this week trying to temper expectations for mr biden's performance in the iowa caucus and new hampshire primary the campaign says it has a larger strategy based on huge victories for biden in the super tuesday election which happens in march what's behind these comments from biden's campaign and what does it mean for the candidates hot on his heels in the early primaries for analysis we turn to the political panel they are political columnist amy holmes she's in new york city and in chattanooga tennessee brian joyce host of the brian joyce show on talk radio airing on w g o w f m welcome to the program let's jump right in and talk about the biden comments about it strategy and holmes let's start with you. well matt you know on previous shows we've talked about joe biden's performance president trump giving him the nickname sleepy joe i would give him the
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nickname creaky joe and we've seen so far during this campaign that he has a lot of verbal gaffes his language gets sort of tangled and it's leading to a lot of questions about you know his fitness to keep going is he going to be this dynamic energetic candidate you know all the way through particularly when we see that elizabeth warren is nipping at his heels i think it's smart for his advisors to lower those expectations so that joe biden could potentially actually you know outperform them as for talking about iowa let's remember back in 2008 the former for vice president then senator biden he actually lost iowa i think you only earned less than a percentage point and immediately dropped out so i think a lot of our political watchers are pundits people who talk about this for a living need to kind of remember that he didn't have a great track record with iowa at least the last time around ryan. i think joe biden needs to continue doing what he's doing he's already the most popular candidate in the race and matthew you would i have talked about this we have
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opinion polls that go back 10 years to the time when he 1st took office as vice president indicating that joe biden across the board republican and democrat is considered one of the most likable popular elected officials in the entire united states so i think it needs to continue doing what he's doing you know i mean this this this talk about biden gaffes and biden being creepy can we all remember who the president of the united states is i mean come on we're going to accuse joe biden of gaffes we're going to go right now i'm not talking about repairs since we're on a trip we're diving or paris and if we're to the rest of the democratic field right but that's something that democrats need to get straight to and this is something else that i've talked about with matthew and larry many times before is that nobody if i've said it once i've said it a 1000000 times nobody snatches defeat from the jaws of victory but of the liberal democrats all right well let's let's press a little bit harder on that for a moment before we move on and give the progressive left as it were would probably argue something like this if biden is going to change his record for example
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live on the air about what his position was in the iraq war for example or make up stories combining a bunch of different stories about a veteran that he may or may not have met who may have experienced something that he's just coming off the top of this head how is that any better then then a president who they're running against to they call a pathological liar what's the difference and is there a little bit of a double standard in calling biden making up a story a gaffe and calling what the current president says a lie amy holmes well i think those are of perfectly fair concerns to raise about joe biden and his honesty when he is i guess reflecting recalling his own political history his positions and you know these stories that he likes to tell but i want to go back to the earlier point about democrats have to. it out of their way they've got to you know you know keep their focus and keep their fire on president trump well that's true in the general but right now we're in the primary and those
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primary content contenders do not intend to be rolled over by joe biden and his political machine because they need to get out of the way they're fighting they're fighting hard they're fighting tough and guess what democratic voters and a lot of polling show that it's not so much the policy positions that they care about at this point there they care about someone who's going to be a fighter and we saw that kemal harris while her polls have dropped back down to i think about 5 percent they got a major boost when she went after joe biden in that 1st debate on the debate stage i don't think it's fair to tell bernie sanders elizabeth warren people. harris or any of the rest of them that they need to pipe down and not go after joe biden because it might be bad for the party amy spoken like a true leftist brian what's what's your response to that and also because what it was exactly and when i do i do want to ask that question seriously about biden's record on the iraq war i mean he seems to have completely flip it was love to hear your reaction well i'll get to that
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a 2nd but 1st let me just clarify what i say democrats need to get their act together mostly i'm talking about the voters i'm not talking about the candidates the candidates certainly they have every right and they busy should campaign on their own values and their own platform at the same time they do need to keep an eye on what the real prizes here and i think there are some good examples of this i think people to judge is a great example of a guy who has been very crystal clear on where he stands on the issues without overtly attacking other candidates without necessarily trying to pit his own stances on positions against the people in his own party he's been crystal clear about where he stands why it's better than what's in the white house now without necessarily attacking his fellow democrats i think that's something that the rest of the field needs to focus on now back to biden and you know some of these gaffes and misspeaking on the iraq war you know when u.s. met the what the differences between that and the current president well the differences trump does a 25 times a day trump does it 100 times a week he does it
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a 1000 times a month when i see joe biden lying in just making things up and completely coming up with. whatever you want to call it alternate facts things that are true on a daily weekly basis that'll be concerned about joe biden's competency for the white house in the meantime i'll say the same thing i already did sometimes people are going to slip up i'll give him that much rope i have no problem with that i would say the same thing about a republican so let's just take difference actually is that joe biden has a voting record and his votes mattered when it came to these policies that he's now trying to backtrack and run away from because they're not good for him in the democratic primary speaking of presenting their best case there's an analysis by axios that was released earlier this week where andrew yang ranked 14th that of the field of 19 in terms of articles written about his candidacy and 13th in cable news mentions but he ranked 4th overall in twitter mentions is he being short changed by the media not on this program. maybe let's start with you. well i'm sure the young
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gang thinks so bernie sanders and his team thinks they're being shortchanged look it's really hard to get earned media and media loves to run after the next shiny object you can profitably even blame a o c in the media's obsession with her pushing some of these other candidates out of the frame as we're talking about politics there's only so many you know hours in the day and news anchor in a newspaper and her yankees got to work hard to get that earns media and he may not even need it if he has this network of supporters on twitter and social media and elsewhere but i will point out that c.n.n. they just did a piece is and andrew young getting short changed and i found it very surprising that they admitted that they bumped tom styer up in terms of their top candidates their top tier candidates because he had greater personal wealth and therefore a better chance at the presidency that's totally subjective as we know and we also know that very very wealthy candidates have often fallen short in american
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elections just look at meg whitman the founder of e-bay she just crashed and burned in california when she ran for statewide office so i think c.n.n. applying that metric was biased and not very smart frankly brian when you think getting short changed. they very well might be but you know the tricky area that we get into what we talk about media coverage and i know this because i'm a part of the media i've been in talk radio for 10 years it's a little bit of a chicken and then they exit you ation is the media not covering the yang gang or andrew yang are they not covering him because the american people just really haven't expressed most interest in andrew young or are the american people not expressing interest in india or yang because he's not getting media coverage it's a chicken and egg situation and amy is exactly right the media is going to focus its attention on whatever the shiny is object is and that's always been the case and i mean i'll give you a better example of a candidate who i thought got completely shafted when it comes to media coverage was governor inslee from washington what that was a fantastic candidate he leads
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a state that has the strongest economy in the entire united states he was forefront he was the forefront of the climate change debate even when it comes to democrats and you know he got barely any oxygen and that's why he had to drop out of the race so but again you know i can't tell you how many times i have listeners of my own radio show they'll call in and they're exasperated all right we've heard enough about the hurricane we've heard enough about trump's latest slip up we've heard enough about joe but why don't you talk about something else and my answer to that all the time matthew was i'm talking about what america's talking about if this is what i feel like america wants to talk about that i want to give them what they want to talk about i don't want to go with some you know candidate who might be polling at 2 or 5 percent just because i think he's a great candidate i need to give the listener in the viewer what they want to see and what they want to hear it's a bit of a catch 22 interesting is that it would leave
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a lot of members of the media don't do a very good job at it but i think that's the trap that andrew young falls into brian very very quickly ok that happened to answer yang is for president trump to attack him on twitter then all of that would be talking about andrew young exact. good point amy thank you brian for your time today and thank you for joining me on this edition of politicking and always thank you to larry king for letting me sit in this chair today remember we love hearing from you join the conversation on larry's facebook page and as always you can share your thoughts on twitter by tweeting at king's things and using the politicking hash tag i also invite you to join me on facebook at matthew cook official and that's all for this edition of politicking.
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aeroflot russian and lights. you know world of big partisan movies a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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terrorists russian and lights ready ready ready ready. i am sure to stop it for continuing to grow. i just never. no very good about the idea of bringing children into the world because i didn't feel like things were in very good shape that a life was just going to be a lot of software program. but. there's no reason the more kids you take
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things that are to me the there's no use on them if something else that you need to get some everybody's scared to talk to that is certifiable is truly dependent on us addressing this issue and if we can't even talk about it if we can even have a conversation about it then. we're in trouble. says he stressed to make sure that the british and the bill of the. us to. stop the action was to you she didn't taste the face to face so i pushed. her to which she. now look what you've seen in my response you took our moment of me for to share. or to talk to you sort of through my if you're going to scripture
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be. dismissed as a word. for there is this interview are you going to use to teach the student actually the person to be wrong or should stop him spinning. after almost 2 decades of war knocking patient american military involvement in afghanistan appears to be winding down a deal with the taliban will see majority of american troops leave while still allowing a sizable contingent to remain just what exactly is washington's geopolitical interest to be in afghanistan will america's longest ever end. when the whole make this manufacture come sentenced to the public will. when the
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ruling classes protect themselves. when the final merry go round lifts only the one percent of. the time we can all middle of the room signals. the real news is really.
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that was what was. money and influence a new report alleges there's a multi-million dollar scheme to boost the popularity also left the u.s. . faces charges of inciting violence against a german rescue boat. with dozens of migrants salvini described the accusations against him as a medal of honor. and the u.s. carries out military exercises in south america next to venezuela in line with its apparent strategy to surrounding the enemy we breakdown why the tactic isn't anything new.


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