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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  September 7, 2019 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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1st should be true also if a city anywhere in the world tries something and it works great we should do it this brings me to the idea of universal basic income. everybody receiving money from our government simply for being a citizen no questions asked i think it's about time we try it and see if that works oh wait it's been tried a 1000000 times and worked a 1000000 times and how do i know that reading. as rudd bregman details in his book utopia for realists u.b.i. has been tried many times in canada and alaska and africa and europe there was a study in britain where 13 men who had lived in the streets for years were given $3000.00 pounds each about $4500.00 at the time did they use it for the hundreds of all men milk lattes or giant bags of cracker or drivers wadded up and white
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themselves. no it turns out not 18 months after getting the money over half were no longer holist and all of them had improved their lives significantly in the mid beyond figures for malnutrition took a nosedive from 42 percent to 10 percent as did those for truancy from 40 percent to nothing and crime down by 42 percent so you're telling the story. you tell me there's practically a silver bullet for ending poverty and decreasing crime well we better avoid that like the plague. me let's go back to giving homeless people can a soup and a pair of socks if they collect enough cans they can build a house. basic income is not untested by 2010 there were income transfer programs for 110000000 families in 45 different countries. north carolina in
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2001 the cherokee were getting $6000.00 a year per family thanks to a casino they had built when they said when that when that started for most of those families that money took them out of extreme poverty and the cherokee children saw a drastic changes their crime rates behavior issues alcohol abuse all went down significantly the money changed their lives and sure yes all casinos are based on on on on drunk people spending money they don't have on machines they don't know are rigged in hopes of getting money that they won't ever get yes that is true but you can't get out of the cherokee because that's also the definition of capitalism. 3 wrong people sending money we don't have on machines we don't know or in hopes of getting money you will never get. the university of manchester summarized many you have programs in poor african
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communities they found households with the money to good use bajan that poverty declined. there can be diverse long term benefits to income health and tax revenues yet don't say and the programs cost less than the alternatives and despite all of these successful trials people people still go where we we can't we cannot have basic income because they're just going to use it for beer and cigarettes well 1st of all so what. the world on fire and cigarettes sounds about right and then they. can track it back i think we're at the point where we can call alcohol and tobacco survival foods ok i have a log i'm so poor and outspoken supporter of universal basic beer and cigarettes. more importantly a major study by the world bank demonstrated that 82 percent of all real. cases in
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africa latin america and asia alcohol and tobacco consumption actually declined to find. well then those people have their priorities completely. and one of the other big arguments against u.b.i. is it's not fair giving people money for doing nothing is not fair and my response is. who told you that mattered. who told you ferris had anything to do with our stupid world there's no heat in the 1st 3 seconds you come out of the woman stop fair you're covered in blood and a doctor slaps your you're being called you may call the name you've never heard before it's not fair you're sitting there going my name's chet. i mean there's no fairness some people are born rich some people are born poor some people are bored haha i mean not the baby later they get hotties anyway you know what i bet some people are born in wealthy areas with safe streets good schools and
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clean water some people are born in hell holes where the where the crime ridden streets terrible schools and water crispy film on it like a cruel a. in our society on average men get paid more than women white people get paid more than black people black people get paid more than native people and they all get paid more than ugly people all right. i'm not kidding ugly people are 9 percent less per hour in the workplace. society is not fair so when i said are you crazy so it's all about half our problems and you say we can't do that because it's not fair that's just completely illogical it's it's it's it's like if i if i said there was a law against killing endangered species and it would save the exotic birds and your response well why can't do that because it's purple. talking about.
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and perhaps giving people a better shot at life a better shot and not struggling day in and day out perhaps that's more fair than the storm we have now another. argument against you is that it will make people lazy and i would agree with that except. it's not true. studies show it doesn't make. people were a class and even if it did good all right you you have to wrench your body to a corporation a little bit last of your life over the. and the last argument against you is that we can't afford it well here are the facts eradicating poverty in the us would cost only $175000000000.00 less than one percent of the g.d.p. that's roughly a quarter of the u.s. military spending so not only do we yes have enough money but we also would be saving hundreds of billions in the form of services we would need increased mental
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health decreased crime etc we would save more than we lose and even if we did. you know i want to. thank you alex i'm sure some of you are thinking right now why isn't he talking about andrew yang the one presidential candidate who is all about basic income well i'm glad he's talking about of by. from the right. he's a multimillionaire who seems to kind of have his head up as his pushback against our. catastrophic he say you know military industrial complex is about the same as my 2 year old me says neither of them even mention it. and when asked about climate change he said it's time to move to higher ground. there's no higher ground for a drought you know what's just to be as a drought in
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a valley a drought on a hill. but more importantly move to higher ground is not something poor people can do it's something rich people can do anyway it's time for basic income technology is increasing exponentially the jobs will disappear and instead of demanding more wage slavery we should work less and have a basic income and that would be the 1st step and realizing that that capitalistic market economy is a guarantee death spiral that we have the power to stop was. a . strong belief can tell us
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a good news from behind a man who was sentenced to life in prison decades ago after stealing 50 dollars has been set free this week alvin canard was 22 years old when he stole $50.00 from a bakery now after 30 years in prison the courts have let him out i was under the impression. that we had some sort of law against cruel and unusual punishment. if 30 years in confinement for stealing 50 bucks isn't cruel and unusual then i don't know what the hell is if that's not cruel and unusual then we might as well start sentencing people to. fire ants on the ground rules. because that's less cruel and depending on whether you've ever stayed in a motel 6 last unusual. i
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speak from experience that at least one area of cruel and unusual punishment is being undone in at least one area chicago this is an update to a story we were brought you a few weeks ago now that marijuana will soon be legal thousands of we've convictions will be automatically expunged in cook county or. thousands upon thousands of people automatically let out of prison wiped off their record as you know i'm for the legalization of marijuana only because that's not the plant i choose to view as a criminal enterprise. my hatred and distrust is directed squarely at lavender ok. i don't want to know that plant but it's in everything nowadays is 10 drinks and candles and soaps it's permeated our lives all right i bought this for a story i bought and i'm asked so i can sleep on planes and i noticed with
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a lavender i mask. dreaming of field of flowers and drag shows in i guess i did galston thing and whiskey and gasoline just in my dreams back on track that. point is it makes perfect sense to make certain plants illegal half the country seems stuck on cannabis but i say. ok. 4000 then again maybe it's utterly insane to make a plan to be legal. 6 and maybe we should focus on arresting a different group of people for example there was another mass shooting this weekend in texas you probably heard about it and it was perpetrated by the same gang that has been behind almost every single one of over 250 mass shootings this year and i find it mind blowing it's absurd that we
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can't stop this gang from operating this murderous group because by the name white men. and i've done some work in doing it and these mothers are everywhere all right . they've infiltrated our police our military our congress our panel publics. there are more than lavender. these are scary times if you see one of these dangerous white men while you're out about do not approach them or i do do not you never know how they might respond and don't fall for their false identities either sometimes they pretend to be working at starbucks or some. yeah your name's chat service. and while thousands maybe tens of thousands of guy's name chet walk free one of the most important white guys is locked up in prison for the crime of journalism julian a sonnet continues to enjoy. continues to tore his course riskin kleinman in belmarsh prison and because hardly anyone in the mainstream media or
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our government will stand up for him his supporters got the next best thing pink floyd last break roger waters of pink floyd performed outside the british home office to demand assad to be released and not extradited to the us and this has got absolutely 0 mainstream media coverage they're busy focusing on a wing. the image of florida 3 days before a hurricane might show up. i have an idea our media has tons of stories that they they want to cover up they want to go away how about we let's make a deal corbier you report on the story and we'll let you use it to cover up all the others you don't like so while you're talking about it you won't have to tell anyone that newark new jersey is as politicians have been trying to hide that they are the new flint michigan no one will have to know the new or its water now smells like the rest of new jersey. and you can use the
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a son story to cover up israel bombing of various countries and or the fact that americans are drowning in debt that it did that crazy and then how about the fact that amazon's next day delivery has brought chaos and carnage to america's streets you don't really want to tell people that their most beloved corporation is literally killing pedestrians in order to deliver. diapers and cat food to nitwits on time. do we really need are delivered that fast what is what are in these vans for they filled with organ transplants and. i'm i just got an idea. to day delivery. are people sitting at home going i don't care of a few kids die i want to have a new gandalf's. anyway mainstream media will let you get away with ignoring all those stories if you just report on the us backed imprisonment of the most
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important journalist in a generation where to go to a quick break but to live. thank you thank you thank you like a nice area take it to the other reaction toward icon of the red dragon. it would. in the big 10 years and across the uk started 10 years i think it's time to shake things up maybe change the branding maybe the format here is what i've been thinking about next season related episodes filmed on an island 10 experts fight it out for a trophy what do you think ok a more affordable option $25.00 packs for. one red rose another suggestion geopolitical jeopardy parity no political cookout where we will
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literally wrote the elites. late night show it's a rare form of these days and its chief all you need is an old microphone in a printed banner. to leave me with one of my guess i can do this and laughter politics gone wild like music. ok crosstalk is not about hype it's about meaning 10 years of talk and still going strong. peter if you want to change something why don't we get rid of the bow tie you know that is too much. the world is driven by shaped by.
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the day are things. we dare to ask. israel bombed for countries in the span of 2 days so the new york times reported that the israel iran shadow war escalates it so shadowy that you would barely notice that iran didn't attack the israel. that israel bombed syria lebannon gaza and all an old favorite iraq who's doing the escalating years
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well let me rephrase that for you new york times israel as going to bombing campaign. how many countries did you really have to talk to actually be the subject of a headline here to discuss these are militant scholar naomi campbell on a. well known i know lee the voice is upsetting and downright offensive to whom i know not and as collation you're right isn't a fair characterization of israel's bombing campaign it wasn't quite a tit for tat it was more will be tempted to comply and. it's also the day of my favorite dirty film so that's. why israel attacked iraq israel didn't attack iraq it's simple israeli strikes targeted iran backed militias threatening to destabilize iraq because 5000 u.s. troops are in iraq right now and the iranian backed troops in iraq blame the u.s.
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for the israeli strikes which could lead to a war between iran israel iraq and the us which could draw lebanon and syria into the mix finally a world war started by someone else. i'm sure germans are thinking. that. way so wrong israeli strikes could draw us into a war with lebanon mexico and what was it a good. all right let's start from the beginning there are ron affiliated militias in iraq they're called the popular mobilization forces since we invaded and sent iraq's entire army home the country was left with no one to fight isis so in 2014 iraq formed the popular mobilization forces which are semi independent militias of mostly shiites who have ties to iran but they operate as the iraqi army israel sees
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iran's increasing presence as a threat however a former israeli air force general said the iranian air force belongs in a museum not on a battlefield it poses no serious threat to israel. excuse me general saying something is not a threat to israel is a threat to israel. and there is a very imminent threat of an israeli election. who is facing a tough race so he had to improve his country or shortcut make a neighboring country worse. i think i got it israel feels threatened by good good are useless and brooks was abrupt. all right let's do this you're israel and i don't want to use or whatever ok i'm israel your iran if i had tears over you. as well.
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you know why i don't have time for this i have another an appointment to shout about israel to someone else. i'm going to email you an article i think. israel bombed iranian connected militias who we are fighting alongside to defeat our uses but we're also giving israel the bombs they're using so through these preemptive attacks israel is making it seem like they're already at war with iran. which could also draw us into another war on a rocky soil ron brown vault amazing. were you worried you were going to have to read something. there was there was there was closer for a certain israel is convincing the world that they are already at war the israeli army even faked casualties in a hezbollah attack are you serious yet they got caught releasing a staged video of soldiers with manages and fake blood being evacuated by
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helicopter oh my god so is this where the brooks it comes in. then again. thank you we all do know the u.s. surveillance state is bigger than it's ever been but did you know average citizens are blanketing our own neighborhoods with cameras voluntarily for more on this we go to our troops are dying to go responded dowley macgill. most homeowners who install a door bell camera do so for an added sense of security while some homeowners like me install one strictly for the entertainment. now. not all doorbell cameras are built the same especially amazon's ring door bell camera which is catching as much heat as
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the real amazon because users are just finding out that for 100 police departments now have access to citizens amazon ring cameras and some aren't happy the company launched an app in may 20 neighbors which allows residents of a community to upload footage and chat about suspicious looking people and by suspicious looking people i just mean minorities minding their own business the neighbors. as well as rings technology got a boost in popularity thanks to retired n.b.a. player and america's sponsorship or should kill o'neal who was moved and happy to show off the technology. he sees. of course you can see shaq this is a 7 foot tall black man in his forty's who has
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a want to game of hide and seek since the reagan administration. but it should be even more concerning that police can request during camera footage without a warrant even if they're technically supposed to ask their permission 1st and of asking nicely doesn't work police can request to bring camera footage directly from amazon even if a ring customer did nice to provide police with the footage it's a workaround that allows police to essentially so peed on anything captured on bring cameras well that's frighteningly invasive. but at least i know i haven't done anything stupid in front of my friends doorbell can't. wait. this isn't our wall. they are supposed to pay for the yard. they did this is wrong you think this stuff no one is made out of is the same stuff
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human teeth are made out of. yet very. own toilet paper in the outside. like my behind i'm going to need that footage wiped asap but law enforcement cooperation in making ring and the neighbors app even more popular comes at their detriment that's because police are now being inundated with. way more false alarms than actual crime like back in february when a news outlet called the outline the tale of an incident in which a resident told police after seeing footage of someone walking through her front door in california the dispatcher helped the caller realize she was watching footage of herself entering her home. if you're going to call the police to get yourself arrested at least have the decency to be a wall street c.e.o.'s so it's not a waste of everyone's time. but false alarms like these are bound to keep happening
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especially since ring encourages police departments to become an extension of their marketing and it has been simply asked law enforcement and at least one case not to use the word surveillance or security camera to describe the security cameras it sells and the surveillance network it is built it's time to have over 400 law enforcement agencies to partner with ring no you won't tolerate this. just don't do it the way i did it and it was a lot. quicker . reporting from a neighborhood block natalie mcgill redacted tonight. there are your headlines from the future or next week you'll read the israel uses u.s.
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bombs to strike iranian backed syrian fighters in isis held a rocky territory to piss off russian backed out of your soldiers. good to know and 2 days from now will learn. porn site offers universal basic i am. sorry. but i was a very old almost every day i tell you that all the good have to be nice. i think you know that i have people i have. centuries tristin along but mostly this or that the british and the bill of books
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had out that it was to. stop the show was to you she didn't taste a tasty dish she's a c.e.o. which quite all she'll. go to which she never happened and i know what you mean and i must answer future carmona man or shan't. want to talk to me short of my it's your bonus for she be. good to mr ellsworth supporter i'm still with them to the spirit of earth for fishing to be a valuable piece that it's a studio actually a person to be vocal for should stop them spinning. expressed . today there are good terrorists and bad at it it's the bad terrorists and those in
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yemen who the united states deems to be a threat the looked at it is those who work in syria the cia and the us military were engaged in covert actions really throughout the world. where they were assassinating populist leaders they were backing up the right way military juntas funding an army of death squads there's no any more because there's always a small income for a really good this is a profit. our
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breaking news on our international money talks pay off a major prisoner. between russia and ukraine 35. from each side. a step towards bringing relations towards normal multinational human rights organization to. raise the prisoner exchange. in the. world news this. the u.s. state department confirms it attempted to bribe the captain of the iranian oil tanker at the center.


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