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tv   Going Underground  RT  September 7, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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or and he said yes there was a coup attempt on thursday but it had been overcome so everything was fine and the next day there was supposed to be this consultation like a plebiscite a vote on an informational basis it wasn't binding legally binding or anything like that and it was you know i was suppose there was supposed to wake me up at 6 o'clock and it was 8 o'clock i said something's wrong here and then all of a sudden i put the television on there was no television ice at all and then i heard it swoosh jets flying low over the city i reached the conclusion of what supersonic jets are good for and latin america is to announce the coups but why is it then that president obama hillary clinton the seen as the great peacemaker is in the normally when you are all you have you only have to read hillary clinton's biography that. her admitting the u.s. implication in the coup in honduras she was the author of the libya war she's at
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mid to the under in cool in her own biography jeremy corbin here is leader of the labor party he's in some opinion polls in the past few days he's been leading he was a lifelong supporter he's a lifelong supporter of the sandinista revolution i think given that the vote he then of us are coming up i know that is you probably want to talk about tourism and make people visit to grovel for the beaches what is the relevance of nicaragua to a country like britain that a leader of the opposition should have cared so much about your policy in managua and nicaragua the people who continue to maintain that what happened last year in nicaragua where peaceful demonstration is and it was all the result of government reparation a peaceful demonstration and now i it was a coup d'etat attempt backed by the united states who ignore that 24 police were killed 400 in war. police wounded by gunshot they also ignore
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statements by the president vice president secretary of state and national security advisor of the united states of america as to the u.s. aggression against nicaragua why then we hearing i should say we hearing things about venezuela in this country the prime minister the outgoing prime minister trey's m a has been talking saying the venezuelan government basically should be overthrown and we're hearing from the so-called left in this country that your government be user of human rights because there's human rights reports that are totally one sided the human rights reports do not report 9 state actors it's a major structural flaw which makes this one sided and it's used by those who want to promote fake information widely so for example when
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bismarck martina's city worker and the government is driving to visit his family in a tepi and one of the barricades of the terrorists during the events of last year captured him just a city worker he was tortured and then murdered others have been burnt but that doesn't figure in the human race reports white figure is the police liberating neighborhoods that have been invaded there was neighborhood and home invasions by these terrorists and when the police go in they say the police are representing in the fake news it's picked up massively and their corporate international media and the united states was financing this it's open record of how much money was given to the media and the politicians who are involved in the u.s. claims it was humanitarian aid not good to us and when we do support for democracy is one of the. things tonight when don was being created yeah exactly they create
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an enclave of pro us journalists pro us activists pro us politicians and when it when you get to a critical time like that coup attempt they're all activated the left continue to say that you are a sellout sundanese really don't know what they're talking about because. in the 1970 s. and 1970 s. there was this struggle against the some osa dictatorship in the eighty's the struggle against the us cocaine financed cocaine financed look at the movie made in america with tom cruise or the movie about the san jose reporter who he web yeah you know who was whose life was ruined because he was reporting a he would go in you know and then coming to do a lot of this when he went to intel pro you would know through using cointelpro is
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going now something like the days of cointelpro exposed by the late gary webb you think that that kind of thing is going on now the media really finance though they're fine and you know the whole thing is that the iran contra scandal was a spin it was a spin that the administration could survive it was a spin to distract attention from the real scandal which was the cia a coke cocaine scandal and who knows if the cia and i could survive and they got ministrations survived a scandal about their being the sores of the cocaine epidemic in the black and latin neighborhoods of the united states in the 1980 s. but what i'm going at is to answer your previous question a story that i began to fill in the 80 that our objective was a survive surviving became the objective not really delivering the promise of the revolution ok but why. well i don't know him chomsky but now i would say albeit
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that he said that other countries in the in the so-called backyard have suffered which were pro-american have suffered much was why would he say that. that basically nicaraguan responds to repeated attacks from the north as being and the sanctions from the north has been corruption in the sandinistas and repression of the population in the that's ridiculous it's absolutely ridiculous the kind i mean between 20112018 has been growing at 5 percent per annum and average. this is the 3rd highest growth rate in latin american and caribbean only after a dominican republic and panama extreme poverty has been reduced the world economic forum extremes are harboring has been reduced from 17 percent to 6 percent
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so you see the advance of women the advance of the poor the advance of the indigenous people we are now in a period a harvest stain results for the nicaraguan people that we fought for so hard but couldn't deliver in the eighty's because the objective became survival that's not something that is to the to the liking some people in miami that we have a christian social distance out a dairy model that works with us if i don't get what is the state of health care and right now nicaragua has a universal free health care system a national health service i mean if you're a good health care system agent christian there and we have a picture of your president with the pope over there why did the pope appear to say both sides when it came to this you seem to be alleging u.s. backed coup against the government and i disagree with the vatican has been very positive and looking for a negotiation that leads to a national reconciliation and national unity after. the rights because nicaragua
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has been under attack for bt rights for its rights for women as regards that is also ridiculous it's false no it's fortune is balanced news of course they're going to ride with us friend day sunday needs to have said vans diversity sexual diversity explicitly and vigorously this is a very conservative society this advance in women and this vance and l g b t rights are very significant and such a conservative society you were at a conference then finally on defend media freedom sponsored by canada and the british foreign office obviously as i told you i was banned. what did you make of the conference on media freedom and a lot of people saying that your government attacks journalists attacks media freedom in nicaragua you are at the conference i should add was 7 years 7 miles
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away from where julian the son is in prison i invite. i invite your television audience to go into it up inside and. go into confit in seattle gardens for and i'm not sure moto if you go into the prince are going back across time or busy look at don't know t.c. as before when it was operating and look at the. enormous pressure freedom i don't know of another country where people could call for the violent overthrow of the government day after day of the after day without consequence municipal or group thank you after the break as extinction rebellion protests just take to the streets of london today on the 3rd anniversary of turing's amazing. game of thrones star environmental activist droom flynn the conservative environmental policy destroys the minds of working people as well as the planet and so on so it's all.
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right but is everything ok with u.k. labor leader jeremy colvin as he promotes tony blair's war member in these all this and more coming up in part 2 of going on the ground. loss of western germany that steve globalization and this came in with tom and 2016 that he the idea of monitor ization the global central banks cooperating to put out a currency unit of accounts that was better than gold is a 6070 year experiment that is now collapsing which is leading to dollars ation as do countries like russia move aggressively away from the dollar and buy gold and globalization simultaneously.
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she stressed to. the bill of the trap that he had to. stop the show so here she didn't taste the piece to she's a cia bush quote oshawa. which she dumped on and now look what you've seen in the states you took a moment to me what you. want to go to the source of your my it's your bonus for tribute. to mr ellsworth supporters are still welcome to the spirit of tradition trivia for you both these tickets are studio actually of course in the personal cost of a phone call or should stop them spinning. expressed. welcome back in the dying days of teresa mayes she used foolish premiership she had to
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answer questions just as a scandal forced britain's man in washington to quit his job oh captain it's rightly gave its full support to the came on she used to. sit came has given us a kidney has given a lifetime of service to the united kingdom and an enormous debt of gratitude the whole cabinet supported him but he still quits not exactly a ringing endorsement of foreign secretary jeremy hunt's foreign policy cache anyway what did about the labor leader jeremy cool being have to say about the mandarin 1st brought in to number 10 by alleged war criminal johnny to regret the resignation of succumb dark i think the comments made about him are beyond unfair and wrong i think he's given on noble and good service and he should be thanked for it and i think the whole house should join together in d.p. regretting the feeling that he's obviously got that he must resign at this moment yes that's fullness stop the war chairman jeremy. corben paying homage to
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a man promoted after tony blair's destruction of iraq not only that say kim became national security advisor after wiki leaks cable gate it was on to him the julian assange should be arbitrarily detained in the ecuadorian embassy in london mind you it is corbin who is promoted to kids storm or to be his shadow brecht's at secretary and he is implicated in prolonging swedish allegations against the wiki leaks founder arguably the left and right don't like or going on just as if it's the labor party actually really cared about the injustices they'd have done a downside more when they were in. corbin had been asking about the internationally condemned legal aid slashing policies of tourism a bit she and the b.b.c. a much more interested in battering him over alleged bigotry in a week when he didn't say a word to defend a lie chris williamson is the right honorable gentleman is really interested in tackling injustices then the biggest injustice he should tackle is in his own labor party and he always finds that corbin tried to defend himself she hears about the
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lecturing how about the investigation into islamophobia in iraq. but why doesn't corbin speak up for those who've been thrown out of labor after attacking islamophobia he could even have name checked know him chomsky educating a whole generation of journalists because the jewish intellectual is on the record for defending corbin what has happened to his principles may be seen or you're a skeptic all his life now he perhaps remain peacenik truly living up to the words of marx terrorism my principles and if you don't like them i've got authors. i know i know there are as i do which angela is keen to get to dispatch box when the name knocks is. what is really going to point out there in those were the were . not of carl but of col famously said the point was to change the world and one
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m.p. question may 3 years to the day she became pm about her commitment to the most important issue in the world i am please see the prime minister is wearing green i hope it is not merely agree more as i welcome the fact that good let's say for next year by 2050 but before they did when they talk this week because of the climate change already report they were going to miss the target and today they said that the policy ambition implementation now fall well short of what is required but with parliament gridlock by bracks it is arguably fall into those outside of westminster to blow the whistle on the imminent climate catastrophe from the legendary actor mark rylan stew the extinction rebellion activists protesting in london today they are backed by the activist and star of game of thrones jerome flynn who is most recently been supporting the fight against factory farms in northern ireland he joins me now jerome welcome to going underground so we had the great british naturalist documentary maker david out of bird parliament dogging about the
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importance of activism in the environment tell me about the campaign against factory farms in northern ireland something you've got involved enjoying or thought about when you're feeling game of thrones i think. they're wonderful tracey who who started farms not factories who's an extremely passionate woman who's been fighting to get into factory farming the horrors of it she got in touch with me when i was there filming i didn't know what was going on and i think she saw a nice link there the fact that we were filming very near lock for oil and in the beautiful northern irish countryside and i had no idea what was being proposed and planned and already put in place in place in some cases for northern ireland and that's for some reason they something's got through the net in northern ireland there's things that are being proposed and being allowed that it's bad enough in the u.k. generally but in northern ireland this been some leniency in terms of the wards of
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the laws of what's being allowed through but the locals i mean we're talking for this particular one in them a valid. 80000 pigs 80000 pigs in inside unable to see the light of day or ever feel earth underneath their feet that alone for me is a horror it's something that i really hope that we can look back on and because you know ashamed that that that was ever allowed to happen i hope that we get to that point where if we don't then it's not going to be a world worth living in and i think it's it's just an example of how supremely separated we have become from ultimately i think ourselves because we are part of nature we are intimately in kinship with it and our indigenous and sisters would have naturally known but the nature of our modern life colonialism and materialism has brought to this point where we are able to treat these beautiful
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sentience sensitive be as if they're just not alive and don't have any sense and what these pigs that alone just from a point of view of cruelty it's like why is that being allowed why is our government supporting that and encouraging it. with these incentives for anaerobic digesters. so there's that and then there's the pollution than those how it affects the human population the environment the local. the local population of northern ireland there that that particular operation they would spread it would produce $66000.00 tons of slurry of pig. i'm told that's the equivalent of 273000 humans in one year and in limb of adi there's just something like 23000 humans so that's then spread on the fields the ammonia levels. for that are like they're going way over the creek critical levels the 3rd is going
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into the water systems into the lakes 76 percent of protected. areas environmental areas and lakes the ammonia levels of gone skyrocketed from every angle you look at it they're taking away the small family farms they want to put factories which have nothing to do with farming and you could see that because i mean there's been that apparently since the tories and liberal democrats have been into the 201126 percent rise in us in terms of tree. farms so in between scenes of game of thrones you could look out on the fields and see the intensive ones in the northern to know i've only learned about this since because i didn't have you know we did not like we had a lot of time to stroll around in a herd check out there and invariably we would be captured within somewhere where you know just for the cameras sake you weren't able to my mind wasn't on farming although there is some damage being done but it's not they're not it's not as if the local farmers are cashing in on it he's
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a businessman who see an opportunity to make from the amount of of they put in the anaerobic digesters they make money back its business the money goes to the city of london here well that's a lot of where the investment is coming to build these factories it's people who just see a business opportunity so in terms it has no connection to farming the pork is then exported to china understand from. the activist groups. trying to fight it in the verde but what do you make of that when the phrase the british government uses is going for growth yeah woodrow think of the phrase well. this is whole thing about growth and progress which has infected a modern culture and our politicians tongues. that that seems to be the most important thing some kind of economic growth. for me the only thing that now in terms of the situation we're in and the planet and the
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environment and now some top scientists are saying we've got 5 years to radically turnaround the the carbon emissions in the climate crisis i mean growth is caring for the whole it's looking after our the wellbeing of our young people the well being of our environment that's growth that's progress and everything else in the name of growth and progress. actually goes against that they're what do you think when you saw the beaches of extinction or billions of drill and. i'm grateful for it we have it's like this is a situation that needs to change and is to change not in 23 years time it needs to change now and i'm encouraged i'm deeply moved by by the people that are saying no and you know gretta therm the 15 year old who's inspiring a revolution amongst the young she sees a very black and white and she's inspired me and she's and she's giving me hope and
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kind of breaking something open in me when i see young people passionate about their plan planet because i remember when i was 15 i read i think some books some guy a book which was predicting all this for now and i was i had no idea and i was desperate and bless my mom and i was i remember being in tears in the kitchen and my mom bless her because she's my mom and she wanted didn't want me to worry too much and she was like you can't you can't make a difference now you're only 15 you've got to get on with your life and don't and i did but our young church children and i'm young and it's not like i regret that and i love my mom for caring about it but now it's like i'm so grateful that i am people that are rising up and if anybody's going to because it's hard for us especially politically and for our peers of our generation so much shame and guilt i think about where we've got to grief that we're not actually. expressing that it's when you've got young people saying what are you doing. and you know that come
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our last breaths you know what how do we want our young people our children to remember us who the author of the go will james lovelock is about 100 now do you think these books should be more in the curriculum. because ricki lake home it was my group feeling about curricular i mean in terms of education and what we're what our young people are learning and what the where the emphasis should be again it's still so much about growth and progress you know career and making it. the number one should be their mental health their well being in terms of everything they're facing into just the just being born in you know into the culture that we've and they their ancestors have created if you think there's been one of the reasons for the success of game of thrones awards millennial sort of gives them a kind of a way into understanding these big geopolitical themes of the. well i think the some wonderful. comparisons and
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a very big metaphor which george george martin said he wasn't aware of when he was writing the books but he's just become aware of them i believe subconsciously something going was going on there with george the something pretty extraordinary about the fact that the most i think popular program that's ever existed in terms of a global war. is portraying the story where you've got this human condition and all these warring families it's based on our medieval history and they're fighting for power you know to sit up to take the seat of power and they have to actually forget their differences and come together to take on this threat that is threatening. the existence you know the whole survival of the species that's where we're at now. the that's what our top scientists are telling us i don't know who else we can turn to turn to screw us closer because we were talking about more than sort of the greatest actors and right to do great itself and one of the greatest activists as
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well yeah i mean he just severed sponsorship severed ties with the royal shakespeare company who have the peaceful and the ship what is going on would be acting a fraternity or they are suddenly realizing that the earth is in dire straits where mark spin marks a very very aware sensitive man so he's been there while i don't think he's just suddenly woken up to. except i think as the facts of rolled in over the last 3 or 4 years the realisation of where we're really at so you know i am grateful to mark for doing that and the more for whatever reason our culture is put actors in this position where they can have an influence even though i actually don't think mark was doing that to have an influence he just saying well i can't work for these people why would i why you know it's like. it's bad is trading in slavery. because you're trading in the lives of the generations to come so. all power
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to him and i totally support that that move and hopefully they are see you will think twice about where they're getting their support so how can we get involved with the campaign as regards in terms of formally so there is. there's a petition there's a petition there's a couple but there's one particular so there's a change dog has a petition which is to stop us intensive stuff style farming coming to britain and farms not factories. is a wonder there's this wonderful platform which tracey set up and it's been going year so you can go to farms not factories and find everything you need and we need to we need to let the government know that we care about our animals and we care about those ironically it'll be some breaks or tears it was a it was the european union's fault that all this intensify was kicking off maybe now britain can finally do the kinds of things you have again i don't really care what they were used what they may all but break steve may or may not say or what
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leave campaigns may say this is just the facts. both of you enjoyed that episode of going underground will continue showing your favorite episodes from this season and you are back for a brand new season on wednesday the 11th of september until then keep it up via social media and don't forget our you tube channel since. i. think. you're actually. going to get.
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ready i. need to stop at the continuing to grow. i just never know very good about the idea of bringing children into the world because i didn't feel like things were in very good shape that a life was just going to be a lot of software program. those memories and the more. you take things that are to me the. movie is a myth something else that needs to be lived through everybody's scared to talk about it survival is truly dependent on us addressing this issue and if we
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can even talk about it every chance even have a conversation or that it then. we're in trouble. ready as it is is a sticker from the water bottle phone in the stomach of the fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sounds millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers they're the bad ones they're the litter bugs are trying this way industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. stickle capsules excuse. demand that seems cool sets for some new classes to 60 costly on my end i need to stay in your homes at a special projects funded he tells it to close on i'm your best bet is the end of a footy team but for now the mountains of waste only grow higher.
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i made to prisoners swap. in russia and ukraine is heralded as an important step by the international community. hold it as a significant move forward russian journalists can reel in whose release was widely called for by the group is among the 35 to arrive in moscow the same number were returned yet. in other news this saturday the u.s. state department confirms it trying to bribe the captain of the iranian oil tanker the center of a diplomatic round so they could seize the vessel. and ongoing xenophobe rides in south africa as foreign owned businesses are looted in the country's largest city johannesburg.


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