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tv   Documentary  RT  September 7, 2019 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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leave campaigns may say. well if you enjoy that episode of going underground we'll continue showing your favorite episodes from this season of joy back for a brand new season on wednesday the 11th of september until then keep in touch via social media and don't forget our you tube channels these.
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so for even a little. you served him it. wasn't good for me to watch. you was more your. business. over the members of. the class atlanta.
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says. that. there's a good. deal with the lies. you see. industries which quite are strong. in its.
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scope of. what. it was worth to shut your ears of the world. at the midst of all sorts of. spira there is this interview. for you both to 3 it's a studio. september the 1st 200-4915 am school number one beslan north to south korea was attacked
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during a festive assembly marking the start of a new school year terrorists took 1127 hostages forcing them into the main school building the gem of the county they find shots and to be under the ground in front of their feet. as it were to you waiting loved to fish talked on god only a bluff says the last nickel scottish chord in new media. boy yeah well my mom on my special way yes just drive me out i came for. a fun show mom i think she's tough i knew i know most of these sequoia and i didn't have a chaise it's still just don't see a space meet. these need to. know which a post by you must. put oh boy or continue into the whole. i must as a lawyer good and. push pull the trigger and you must see it
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a book to. get it to use it to call attention from. the movie. for you if you must or cookie. has a point. there. i think all the chiefs will scale it means it's going is a quantum. sequential like issue chess which was that but i must put it what to show then pushkin your step. forward in a single yeah you know much less. the idea of already in one. ball but. danger to the venue with tiger woods. he had to put the love that you can decide so but certainly it was 10. or so i think it should just kill this
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question on the credit of employed at. september the 1st 10 am using children as human shields in the windows of the terrorists planted explosives throughout the gym it took them 2 hours 15 improvised explosive devices placed in the basketball hoops. and then came around and. then branch back. then. ran away. write them down in their mind then then i find the truth i don't want to. know much and i. was a silk that was. so well.
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known. for that and i know now. one that blow in there from that class one time and then. there's. so. cause. and want it one dish question. september the 1st. there's an explosion in the gym while overseeing hostages a female suicide bomber detonated the device near the door the terrorists shot everyone who'd been wounded but the grassed the full 30 they picked out 20 men and made them carry the bodies to the 2nd floor and throw them from the windows they then executed the men. as someone else happened.
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to distrust them but don't ya the last nickel you're out us talk at all cause he had us number that got us on the. check or they had to come in we didn't station your way while bob ball once just try the old boy doubt that if such a thing you think you will. love it as a blind man. in the eyes of the most such as so as interim notes and all would be. so bush just article men of god being there would be all over the nice simple no cost something. new but i'm still at the end. what i was about shots just on center. yes those didn't stand me they could see i mean i think. there's going to turn. some other one to put this to someone doesn't it starts at the. point. that you
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can't see down there must be a modest. little boy to do what you could put us to so she's. been nice but i'd just. let my sister believe that i so that's the last question. then you could see that i was not look there's no much restored but a bit in your fist though she said it was. you're going to use the word know it all has a must or should but there was more. or less yes of education your old stuff especially if. it's place of all the shit you haven't seen yet you will be soon the 1st to do anything nice they might even still believe it is you today namely what do they. get the guns.
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of the movies for this just the sheer lunacy. slaughter displeased it is for you the stupidest you must go and you are going to choose which you are you still do that shit peacemakers for you we should really think you would be doing your spiritual someone new in the us. to put a new at the top shamble up for the 1st took a look at yourself wailuku what i am which now is full of spittle. milquetoast course tests are quite good for this. and yes then yes. yes bus. choice.
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you know what the show will be a spillover. much. if you had to search out what could go with or to a point where we get a raft or 3 inches since you're better at it and you are. truthful she's nice you watch in china. look easy. would you. like a. little yeah
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yeah yeah let me. know if you. just watch and i do mean yeah. i am i want to restore survivor for you. to show on up until i g t what do you post such as streets to excuse to yeah why do you cry but i don't talk about the west but the best seats. was. that you still didn't know this meaning yet almost i don't know what it. was. and i notice you said that it was nothing but a fad for you that is. so serious that i think we should you wish.
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ok you know i know when. a number of you are washington bureau chief and you and i fancy. for a few. that if you think that. that's the he. would lead the new york diverse and good he will with both you push the good the progress will push for you to affordable. and then. there you have. ambiguities and implied. that i. didn't go to him thanking him for that yet you know everything.
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everyone filmed for this documentary agreed to come to beslan and visit the school once again so that they could all tell their stories degree to relive the terrifying experience and meet each other at the end the former hostages are looking for their savior. show. me to give you. a few. of those will be available so you know where we've used is no more spin on. this card we're just covered the more you. know what you know the more you go the good signals for the most in this moment you look for good shippers or deal with robot boom. the shortage is over. which is go to almost.
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doubles the new build up it's going the way it's raised is a good simmias but the real. show a good one or both. are for. already noticed the pull of some muscles playfields so that your question is if the. seller is the 1st to get his 1st book or suggested that. the digital. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see that.
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your throat slit is this naval forces and so we prefer to steer this media interest for your support of the president. most are almost really sort of screwing. you close loopholes or through security at. the source of course so you. could look at this. season what do you. do with your to school. bus plane is when all of us are not sick the billionaire pleshette can't the last state north america that's a large state. where there's nothing to
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do if it was all for your form your nation by local court your. mind right now ending up. in a prison yes or no speak. to you in your. style of posting. to submit also. it was written in the choice to buy. you a luxury. keystone yet you think you give up the national. i don't. dive at all no issue if i like you start a. new finding out there. and i join you for medical for you now can no longer work the openness though that the doctors. were shot in. order to do what you decide.
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he won't. look at the form. and what is it. but. the words should go short lansana. it's one. of. the local business people who are doing your sort of the work there of them are going to do that if they were a producer or many of those unable to work so. hard to his own.
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overly all but. in the let him out in the. blood to. come on. t.v. on us why do you have. to look at a total few days of $85.00. failed to notice. the proof there would. be to. just make sure you don't want. that.
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morning morning. it goodbye i was does that could watch a sister on the good news because out there would just be. a bone of. the. boy you. haven't even the.
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point. that i wanted. a client one to lower than in the us. on september the 2nd at about 4 o'clock in the often when the former president to be. of interest to school he's shown corpses of the foot of the building in the gym tries to talk the gunman into at least releasing the captive infants when you. get up to show all of the building after 18. inch of the my sister both what the bush. now was the small way the cars door to door one which was a bit out of mia about their mind on the. story. and yeah there's one thing as priests you can do pretty as priests. with
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fortune. of one with. it most of mustard and i just want to put in there in your mind sheena you put it at my man. this hour on the sky. you know i'm good. but slow when you wanna get does not wish to garden and all that sheena she just came up the 1st beach. but the one now watching dog on the very good what's let me see deal was. but sure. and i got news because though i knew me a bunch of appealable of that if you know of we all ask you if you could know we motion of a budget for the beast and i wouldn't beat september the 1st explosion of the day is how defensive story closely followed at $1305.00 by the terrorist opened fire on
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a budget c responses attempting to collect the dead around the schools killing at $1320.00 the decision is made to storm the building. the more did you know his little niches ashed those number with their guts up to destroy his deal with. one 3rd which. was a forward or the story of his cougar or they were which are a bit of a sport that is their tradition after all those are what i want to do but the good order of the producer would be cute as a little venue to be cuter than the models when you were rich. as i say if they put a. cap just less have to put off the top you have stollen. it will lead to less but. still advances those things and yet you still miss calculable votes of idiots. it is just a deal that you would know know what that. one can.
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your own wishes you evoke all for which are you know of with any of the border on the me of a dog clueless a boy faced with the decoy danger my chitti askew is now on now posters who are even up to a same show me a. full. board which could. and should mean for nuclear war 2 at the corner but you. are still going to be fickle and. oh my goodness they are that their disease which will produce good if you will stick. but you know what i was going to talk to you about yesterday especially in this neighborhood you know what you're coming up at your shoes because the because it used to. disappear with the feet of medical bills would be the more you opposed to people go we would use it would be
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a little bit for the beach beauty or whether it was art but as you know more you. could give it you do i mean we're just going to be smokers you know i mean i'm a little boy girl that is just what i want to consult on the way across the mr a little but no one knows the little fish with someone who could respond which it was ideal. but it could be decided in a. moment of levity to all just of it all. was that we were. in the law when you will believe you. will that i knew. what but i'm just trying to. see is for those who are guilty. or not to believe you know what the other poem or we're doing to feel that we're just some of the schools you 0 with the 30 step children if you.
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are from sustaining a closer look so to me that this is crucially is a bit about. your new my god just died cannot you push for some law what was up there it was just she does it that he has to. he. or she. has to. do we go to each applies to quit at the y. i wish. we could you guys democrats. which. let's play a clip of us now bless them is this me as on the press jonathan the again that the sum of the good. you have. in the. killers now is the 5. 1000. dollars there were
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a few others who if you had to stay yellow if suddenly lost to you on your mobile pigment that asked them all and i please give a pretty used to the news it's not as if it's got tawdry you come near. a book but now it's to defy pretty good though i pick the ammonia within our little monsters to get the 3 of them up there can. i trust you. just. because. this. is
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a day or should be able to post but. then we should get out of them not just. yet but. it isn't for us to. get a little quick to see if. you're still with me right yet there's not enough guy. the guys you fight. by did do video which kokoda what she does put out to find out goodies not what you. want to. force her to revoke or should.
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still spin. compared to centuries of chinese history 2 years is nothing unless budgets 2 years of donald trump with yet another round of terrorists being added to the us trade war this last week news china's strategy of waiting out the enemy likely to work with the current american president.
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the prisoner swap between russia and ukraine is hailed by the 2 countries' leaders as a vital step in restoring relations russian journalist to kill the shinseki whose release was widely called for by liberty groups is among the 35 to ride to moscow just to name a number were returned here. your state department admits it tried to bribe the captain of b.p. running oil tanker around the center of a diplomatic round so they could seize it and your vessel. and foreign owned businesses are looted in the south african city of johannesburg and a wave of anti immigrant right. and proper longstanding planning to add on to it called president bill brink they said they did both up was that it was played on the scale much afraid.


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