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because there's always a small. profit. an r.t. israel's prime minister reveals details of what he claims is a previously undisclosed nuclear weapons facility in iran and just days before he's up for reelection iran they respond spike using israel of hypocrisy. british prime minister boris johnson suffers another defeat and pays again votes against his motion to force a snap election with the opposition accusing him of trying to play political tricks to force through no deal breaks. way although looking into traps laid by this prime minister is playing from the top of the reaction of the benches opposite they simply want it all that does not mean i will have got the public about. 5 seeing
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a mosque officials in london the banned from office all through an inquiry shows how nicely extremists attempted to recruited jihad this child army under their watch we speak to people living it. is to be brought in to think that that's they have an i'm here some national. problem is maybe. just about to call it could be might maybe. part of that good morning you're watching international. now the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has claimed that television identified a number of nuclear weapons sites in iran that were then dismantled by tiran it comes a week ahead of elections in which netanyahu is fighting for political survival around though this rejected these latest allegations saying quote the real possessor crying wolf but i guess the it picks up the story. i hope you
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caught the latest installment of the b.b. show it's really classic stuff israel's prime minister a laser pointer and bashing big bad iran and this iran conducted experiments to develop nuclear weapons unfortunately the best i could do in such short notice is this chopstick good enough but what a great show this time around netanyahu upgraded to a laser pointer fancy stuff cameras audience the whole show bang he revealed also the site of a secret iranian nuclear weapons facility as luck would have it it isn't there anymore that is of course if you trust b.b.'s word with iran rulers we uncover this is what they do they destroy. it just worked it out oh gosh darn
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how unfortunate for global security and justice and fortunately the b.b.'s election campaign forgot to mention the facility was apparently and this is going on b.b.'s word here the straw did in july this year and the prime minister waited until now just a few days before a crucial election to tell everyone this is what i have to say to the currents of tyranny. israel knows what you're doing is wrong knows when you are doing it and israel knows we are doing it wake up says netanyahu to the world iran a liar and everyone should dog pile on them with sanctions and pressure iran was unimpressed saying bibi's theatricals were a ploy to create a pretext for war the possessor of real nukes cries wolf on an
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alleged demolished site in iran he and b. team just want a war no matter innocent blood and another 7 trillion dollars it is very ironic that you know mr netanyahu who leads a. nuclear paddy. has refused to slide this inspection i was clandestine nuclear facilities cries of but you know iran's nuclear program which is the most rigorous international inspection if you're a fan of bibi's performances you'll remember the one that made such a splash last time april 2018. was. back in those days b.b. we had a regular pointer like i do now none of this fancy laser stuff he revealed then an
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alleged israeli operation to smuggle documents about iran's nuclear program out of iran but the u.n. nuclear watchdog the i.a.e.a. rained on b.b.c. parade said they found new evidence of iran developing and in nuclear weapons after 2009 what happened last time is a few days after p.b.s. spectacle trump pulled out of the iran nuclear deal which took years of work by a host of nations reintroduced sanctions. and made life that much more miserable for millions of iranians sent thousands more troops to menace iran obviously baby's best friend is a huge fan of the show but right now it remains to be seen if this gig mobey as big a hit as the last one seems to me he's trying to kill 2 birds with one stone on the one hand. pin to iran's scare mongering and instill fear
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a mind is really volunteers actually in order to lure more waters to his side and on the other hand to sabotage by the u.s. iran diplomacy. going for. the french president to make possible. and us on the sideline of the. general assembly meeting in new york so mr netanyahu is a master of deception is basically using an old playbook of iran fear mongering. the british prime minister boris johnson has lost a 2nd attempt to triggering a snap general election during a heated debate in parliament before and peace voted on his bid both sides of the house accuse each other of playing political games. many of our constituents will
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be confused tonight because the labor party this ask for a general election for 2 years turned it down and we have to stop the scrooge since we are not walking into traps laid by this prime minister became the 1st leader of the opposition in the history of our country to show his claim for those in her majesty's government. to it. who are you mean the opportunity to have an election with a view to removing the government this house has lost the respect of the country as a laughingstock around the world the prime minister has warned his peers in office our number. while success at the ballot box may have been able johnson's repeal a recent and pass law aimed at blocking in the deal breaks it on monday as well as checked in his bid for an early election and pays also compared with his government
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to reveal its assessments of just how bad a no deal breaks it would be shoddy at which daschle has more. it was in fact the final act of parliament sitting session as of course parliament is now prorogue or suspended until october the 14th which is a massive 5 weeks away even after a horrendous week in parliament and in fact that terrible night last night boris johnson still maintains that bret's it needs no delay is the poor do. they want. to force us to do. this. i would have to know there are no circumstances in which i asked to do that we're leaving when the 31st of october gives us we're going to fulfill the repeated promises of parliament to the people and come out of the e.u.
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. 31st new we've all got timetable was absolutely mammoth us included to emergency debates plus boris johnson's notion on a snap general election the 1st emergency debate requires the release of preparation documents actually squeeze through with a majority of 9 basically requiring the government to hand over documents and messages and communications all from facebook all the way to whatsapp messaging are technically m.p.'s should now have access to all of those messages dating back to july the 23rd that date being quite crucial because it's the day that boris johnson became prime minister not to mention of course that was the day before the government said it was going to suspend parliament it also includes the operation yellow hammer documents there the files on preparations they too should also be declared disclosed under this motion now the government yesterday responded saying
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that it would share these appropriate documents but believes it's an absolutely unprecedented and disproportionate move but we understand that these documents. trickling out throughout this morning now the 2nd emergency debate they went through last night was jeremy corbin's one on a rule of law knows all about the concerns and worries that the government simply will not respect the rule of law which was passed last week by m.p.'s to avoid a no deal breaker sensually to block down boris johnson in his tracks so this current parliamentary session has now wrapped up once and for all till october the 14th 5 weeks away and for the opposition it seems like it's been quite a good end to that session for boris johnson it could get a lot worse but we also heard from a former conservative m.p. who agrees that another breaks it delay would be pointless. i think he will do his level best to get this done by the 31st of october without an extension if he
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doesn't it will bring considerable discredit upon the political process in this country because we keep seeing this difficult decision kicked into the long grass what difference is the 3 month extension really going to make anyway if you look at the timetable for this time if you were about to go off into the party conference season and i don't know if the parties were actually seriously considering abandoning those come from says they could continue talking about the solutions they didn't want to briggs it which is all you ever hear out of the house of cards but we've got the lived conference coming up then the labor conference then the tory conference so we would expect people to be away from parliament and not having debates making law at this time if you or anyone. and we're stay in london because 5 senior mosque officials there have been banned from office after an inquiry into the actions of a nicely extremist who worked with a hack was jailed for life last year for attempting to create what's being called
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a jihad a child army from young worshippers and questions have been asked now about how it was all allowed to happen. as the story. step around the corner of this suburban london street and the windows on the building and the plaque on the door will reveal that this is in fact a mosque and it's a mosque that sin a bit of trouble right now for hiring a dangerous extremist to teach children and then trying to cover it up 26 year old. taught islamic studies at the mosque despite having no qualifications and being employed as an administrator earlier this year. was jailed for life during the trial the court heard details of how he'd shown extremist materials to children that had attended the off to school club here and
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how he tried to mold them into an army of kids. terrorism like how to fight he wants a group of 300 men. and those children to reenact the westminster attack he was showing them very concerning terrorist related propaganda videos videos such as beheading videos. yet you power laws them with fear from the point of view that if they raise the law then something similar would happen to them. an
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inquiry by the charity commission that's the governing body which regulates the way that charities in england and wales a run has now disqualified 5 of the senior officials that used to. run the essex islam mick academy for failing to safeguard children as young as 11 from the attempted radicalization by that former employee many of the children that attended the classes here were too frightened to tell their parents about the graphic and violent videos that are hike was showing them now that the buses here have been removed an interior mosque manager has been appointed to get things back on the straight and narrow but for the residents every pull road there are still questions about how hacks activities were allowed to continue unchecked for so long overseas quite frightening being on you just because you see everything on the news
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and obviously it's always quite far away isn't it so it is a bit frightening to think that that's there when i'm here you know there's been an influx of different nationalities worldwide. i wouldn't sound surprised at all i mean it's a national. problem isn't it it's not a problem for our suits across the country so it does happen just around the corner it could be my neighbors doing it i would never know because you know it's you just never know. not replace them but you know. really bordering remember mobile scramble where there's a large fire there are no passing that it's not just the board the management ones who have just been dismissed for their failures because it's more than just a failure because when you read the report they are chiefly. the investigators into it but it's obviously a failings on the education system in the area to actually fully check before myself i think it's also
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a problem where anybody who questions anything to do with islam is vilified and that's a real concern but people should be able to openly raise concerns of anything that they feel is a problem and let it be investigated and if there's no problem phone off but if they were then obviously the children other pio it's an important point if there were that report you're watching r.t. we're going to take a quick break more from us and take. when lawmakers manufacture consent to public wealth. when the roman clauses protect them so. when the framers.
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to ignore middle room signals. the real news is. the barbarians the vandals of wall street are now actively plundering your bank account with a negative interest rate in a sonic amount of policy there's no economics behind it that would cue to any school of economics that has ever existed as dr michael has said since the bronze age it's just out right harry is. going to. be forced even hit cinemas hollywood's latest comic book movies facing
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a backlash for glorifying violent acts. the joker starring work in phoenix documents the early years of the karting villain from the batman franchise showing him as a lonely think of there who descends into madness is not yet on public release but a screening at the venice film festival has got people arguing online many say it encourages viewers to sympathize with problematic thing. i don't want to have sympathy for a man best known for his robbery murder and arguably rape shoved down my throat for 2 hours it was not that long ago when a socially isolated described chilled white man who felt wronged by society quite literally dressed up as a joker and shot up a movie theater in colorado joke of
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a film where you're supposed to sympathize with a mediocre white man radicalising to do range violence will no doubt be appealing to the wrong audience for the worst reasons millions of children will see the upcoming film joker to laugh at a clown millions of children will be taught that crime violence and mayhem are the stuff of jokes one will howl with take responsibility for promoting a culture of crime when we spoke to a filmmaker who says that censorship shouldn't be the 1st resort. problem with criticizing a film before it comes out for what it's supposed to say is that we're starting to see a lot of people like to do in this country self censor art and creative expressions of art and i have a big issue with pure and simply because it's really difficult to comment on something that you've not seen and if you're already saying that something is going
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to be the way you think it's going to be and you don't want to see it then we have a problem we have a problem that we have in this country with the polarization at a political level at a cultural level we don't want to see what we think is going to be different from what we think about what we support i don't think that video games or movies will encourage people to to commit acts of violence i think the issue is at the source of education of many things that are going on in this country when it comes to mass shootings and role violence i think entertainment if something is an expression of something that is happening in this society that we need to deal with and it's a reminder that there is a lot of issues that are not dealt with and i feel that a lot of people like to put those issues under the carpet instead of dealing with them head on. now u.s. senate democratic presidential hopeful cannot hire ace's shared his vision to
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overhaul the country's criminal justice system and bases plans include that eagle eyes ation of marijuana ending the death penalty and reducing the number of americans developed up she's also joined the democrat colleagues in calling for a private prisons. i know the system from the inside out so trust me when i see we have a problem with mass incarceration in america trust me when i say we have a problem with accountability trust me when i see we have to take the profit out of criminal justice well the u.s. does have the largest known incarcerated population in the world and prisons often face criticisms of the crowding this is created a big opportunity for private business as artie's explains. no country in the world comes anywhere close to locking up as many people as the united states of america with $2100000.00 people currently serving time after being convicted you've
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got to house them somewhere and that is where the private sector comes in here on wall street mass incarceration is big business corporations make lots of money selling food electronics oil and other necessities to correctional facilities now among these companies or to behemoths course civic and geo group these are companies that make profits from locking people in jail for civic made 1800000000 dollars last year and they even made a heartwarming commercial seems like it's like admission for me and like you and me is trying to get them out of the c.e.o. says that it's just like any other business you just sell it like you are selling cars or real estate or hamburgers so is it well let's take a look at how private prisons work they get a stipend from the government for every person who is locked up but what if not enough people break the law you wouldn't want to be stuck paying to operate an empty facility now would you well have no fear and the state of florida the private
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prisons have a minimal occupancy clause the state is actually obligated by the contract to make sure that enough people are put away regardless of the number of inmates incarcerated in the facility contractor is guaranteed in the amount equal to 90 percent occupancy if not enough people are incarcerated then the state of florida must pay the difference and no $1.00 likes giving away free money it takes taxpayer money it takes public wealth in the form of tax dollars and redirect it to private companies and their shareholders we're over 30 years they've promised lower costs of running prisons reality is the taxpayers are paying as much or more the difference is i mean is this translate in the corporate profit goes into the park so the shareholders and the managers and. these companies the taxpayers never save any money i view this as almost the recycling of government monies the politicians and the contracts to these private companies and in turn the private companies skim
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off some of the money that they're receiving from these contracts and give it back to politicians in the form of campaign donations campaign funds now in order to make sure these operations run smuggling the private prisons pay a lot of money to lobby politicians in fact during the $26000.00 election over $1600000.00 was actually donated by private prison corporations and it's not just national elections between 201227184 point 5000000 dollars was spent to lobby politicians in the state of florida and political figures in florida seem to be receptive to their message in florida we did do studies on the distinction between cost in private prisons and public sector prisons and i speak only for my state but we found that private prisons frequently cost less and could provide a higher quality since 1970 the us prison population has expanded by roughly 700 percent now that's a lot of families broken apart a lot of lives destroyed and
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a lot of human suffering but for those who see it as a financial opportunity it's also lots of profits up and r.t. new york. my big tech and i'm to squarely in the crosshairs of the u.s. legal system with the united states as many as 50 states it's nice have launched a sweeping antitrust investigation against google and facebook is under scrutiny. all many consumers believe that the internet is free certainly we know from google's products over 117000000000 that the internet is not free i'm launching an investigation into facebook to determine whether their actions in danger consumer data reduced to quality of consumer choices or increased the price of advertising the largest social media platform in the world must follow the law while the tech giants are accused of unfairly stifling competition and harvesting personal user
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data only recently facebook was slapped with a 5000000000 dollar fine by the federal trade commission for violating consumer privacy while google's dominance and ability to swing elections has been the subject of senate hearings to well in july that just department launched a sweeping anti trust review of the whole industry current legislation is meant to promote competition and limit practices that can promote pieces of power last year facebook see mark zuckerberg told a senate hearing that his company is not a monopoly who should biggest competitor. center we have a lot of competitors is twitter the same as what you do it overlaps with of course you don't think you have a monopoly. it certainly doesn't feel like that to me ok. but we've got political inside from our guests who think that large scale data collection encourages misuse. it's amazing the power that the tech
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giants have they call us customers but we are not customers we are the product and what they do is gather information about us and sell that information mostly benign lead to people who can use it to then try to advertise to us and get us to buy things that they already know are interested in because they've been watching our browsing habits but it's much more than that it's possible to use the data gathering elements of google and social media for political purposes by gathering information about what people think and what they say to each other and how they gather together and where they go and that kind of information in a government tending more and more dubious or tarion is easily misuse it is the kind of temptation that is impossible to resist and so i welcome the idea that antitrust investigations can break these things into smaller pieces that compete with each other which is the way the free market should work rather than one giant
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piece that makes alliances with other giants such as government and then becomes untouchable and begins to abuse the people and that brings you up to date that's how the news is looking so i follow this morning here not a we're back again at the top of the. sort of thing wrong. but all roads just don't call. anything well that is yet to say how it does they become agitated and in danger but it was a trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart wayne just on the common ground. you know world of big partners. a lot of things and conspiracy it's time to wake up
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to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. today there are good terrorists and bad evidence the bad terrorists and those in yemen who the united states deems to be a threat the looked at those award in syria the cia and the u.s. military were engaged in covert actions really throughout the world. where they were assassinating populist leaders they were backing up right away military windows funding an army of death squads there's no posts anymore because there's always a small income for
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a really good. profit. this is boom bust broadcasting around the globe uncovering the 21st century global economy and daniel pearl in washington christine ali is on assignment in singapore and we'll have some special content from her later in today's show theirs and so much more to get to but we kick things off by taking a look and gold reserves around the globe as nations have been sponsored by linked in the wake of international trade uncertainty for the saudi aramco i.p.o. inches closer so we'll play now for institutions.


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