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the taliban sends a clear message to donald trump in an exclusive interview given to r.t. saying it hopes the u.s. president rethink says decision to call off peace talks with its limits. on american t.v. networks one of the assembly sings top posts for describing them as paid russian propaganda we look at the track record of the presenter in question when it comes to making claims about the trunk of. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has met with putin in the russian missile to the pair of discussing around security in the middle east and an upcoming snap election in israel.
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good evening to you thanks for joining us here on r.t. international. the u.s. president should rethink his position towards peace talks with the taliban that is the best the group's leaders have sent to washington in an exclusive interview given to r.t. i don't know the reason behind it. but if you are still committed to the leadership issues recently the i would start only see from this very minute the other side with. this new solution for the one conflict except. peace on the table so we don't want to. come back to what we were just. after the fact it could be attributed to. and the person you couldn't see just off camera there conducting the interview is. over joins me in the studio interviewing
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a taliban representative it's not something too many people have done a would have thought most but a fascinating experience any surprises in what was said well it was certainly not what i expected very intelligent gentleman the very civilized and things they were saying quite reasonable i would say for example i asked them about the current violence whether this came as a surprise to them that the united states pulled out of pulled out of this negotiation process because there you have it trump is having to talk to these people negotiate with them all the while they're killing trumps soldiers american servicemen. and the taliban replied that for every american soldier that's killed in afghanistan the united states kills a lot more civilians. the next day when mr parker canceled the.
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negotiation he mr barber his father is that he says he admitted that he. doesn't other well so if big dollars off us why we cannot go to one of the other so of this to go away he would have been different i would simply have to different people who look different to the north of people of modest. but margaret with. 2 different people. neighborhoods they were quite set in this they said that under no conditions no matter what no matter what it takes to get peace talks to the taliban would not give up its right to defend itself and its country but they also said that while it is surprising that the united states pulled out it wasn't unexpected because the united states had pulled out of the negotiations 3 times now. barack obama left office when trump came in he boarded a whole new team and he said everything you had talked about with the previous
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administration is now in the bin so we start over and this is happened 3 times and they're saying that you know they used to it by now there's there's no trust or love lost between the 2 sides and the taliban says there's no alternative but until she she can do what does it cause mass. american soldiers there you know once it's not over the soldiers are going to be in washington they are never there was one of those but still we. propose a key piece of what some through the of but unfortunately i need to retrieve some sort of fidelity when it was canceled by the american side sense the last consideration which was which took. his or her dance all of this for the purpose they were going to. such a peace treaty and prudence and barack obama started it with broken the peace
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treaty so it will be us turkey rigid we want peace in afghanistan we wanted to give a serious message for the foreign troops is to go from on the side so if the other side also. wins this and he also wants the city either what is the what is a impose on us we have to defend ourselves if the if the american side is not willing to which is of them did not want peace on the day it will so all that we would be compared to defend ourselves i would never could do this $500.00 he is. so now that the u.s. is cancelled these peace talks. does the taliban haven't any ideas of as to what needs to be done next because they said that they won't pay so i guess it depends on what the u.s. wants in afghanistan what the taliban wants exactly but how do they go forward whether they look at it this way the united states wants to leave and see face the taliban once the united states to leave and compromise is little as possible so it's a difficult match to start with but nevertheless the taliban from what they told me
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negotiations team they will continue what they've done for 19 years now and that is as they said defend themselves or continue the insurgency but alternately they recognize the fact that the uni we need to end this conflict to end this war is. for talks for talks to be restarted and for talks a peace settlement to be reached. were there was discussion on the debate it is very difficult to decide their lives through the. cease fire between as an american forces and. the american forces. on. the internet when we should start. of only because of the cease fire. and. also other. issues can be discussed. there were many more
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interesting things that the that they said. was their optimism good going into the future with so much behind them and mean it's no wonder the. 19 years of war would really really get you thinking but the full interview will be coming on. as soon as possible yes and that is being it is now but definitely want to watch just how often do you get to sit down with a representative of the taliban i'm sure be fascinating given many things. another new senior u.s. journalist once again fighting over russia one t.v. network now suing the host of another for describing them as paid russian propaganda to explain or is. here comes a familiar voice which becomes even more familiar if we hear words like russia or russian the most obsequiously approach trump right wing news outlet in america
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really it literally is page correction propaganda for those who still didn't recognize that that was really literally rachel maddow speaking about the one american news network on her and this n.b.c. show i'll get to the point of reminding you how she keeps seeing russia everywhere in a moment but don't you think there must be someone out there who won't just swallow what the m s n b c star anchor says without hitting back with a decent jab well oh a ed is filing a defamation lawsuit they want 10000000 bucks one america is wholly owned operated and financed by the herring family in san diego they are as american as apple pie they are not paid by russia and have nothing to do with the russian government this is a false and malicious libel and they're going to answer for it in a court of law to tell you about the reason for when rachel maddow said really
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literally which is supposed to mean definitely no doubt shares staff with the kremlin that's another thing she said it's just that a one america journalist freelance work for a russian based news agency sputnik she got him busted so bad but as i've said earlier the number of times rachel maddow turned her show into a grand russian paranoia episode is just difficult to carry out. or about to find out if the new president of our country is going to do what russia wants. is under attack from the president from the presidents republican supporters and congress and the president conservative media supporters and also from the ongoing russian influence operation that is still. around. what would happen if russia killed the power in fargo today what would happen if all the natural gas lines at that service and falls just on the coldest day in recent
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memory and it wasn't in our power whether or not to turn them back on no wonder that when some folks decided to put the m s n b c hosts russia gate obsession into a mathematical perspective they found she spent more time talking about russia than all other topics combined over a certain period. now you know what it takes to become the most watched hosts in all of cable news she got to that milestone last year but when step by step it gets revealed that a lot of what you were saying was just a flow of blah blah you make up to win views the consequences do start haunting you 1st the ratings gradually went down and then the actual conclusions of the pro blood to wet is on air this is what the viewers saw when rachel maddow 1st realized the probe wasn't going to russia gaiters way and so we know the logistics of how we
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got the notification that it did and obviously right now we have mostly just a ton of questions as to what miller's report says how complete it is who gets to see it who gets to decide who gets to see it and when. now here comes the lawsuit the one i mentioned nothing's decided yet but probably even more people will think twice next on the here really literally in that familiar voice. the visit by independent u.s. journalists to syria to spawn down range from parts of the media to they travel to government held areas to assess the country's recovery a good chance to speak to both to journalists. i'm staying in the old city of damascus by the eastern gate bob sharkey and i walked across the street across a highway into a neighborhood about a few 100 meters away that had been controlled for 4 months by jaish al islam the wahhabi militia backed by saudi arabia and met residents who had actually lived
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under their fear craddick rule who described kidnappings rape of women people being executed in the street for violating the theocratic rule and how happy they were to be finally freed from this gang what i was observing was a city and outside of the city that is much much safer since i last was there last and i was in syria was 2 years ago there were still fighting it was still on save there were checkpoints everywhere now that the government has taken back many areas especially around accidents baskets outside of damascus you can travel to the suburbs and beyond the suburbs without going through a 1000000 checkpoints not being worried about being kidnapped or being sniped moreover our life has gone to a reasonable degree back to normal for a lot of people max blumenthal in run your car traveled to the capital damascus with the aim of speaking to locals and observing syria's recovery from terrorism they say they received no funding from the country's government among those angered
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by the visit where journalists from c.n.n. and the intercept who accuse the journalists of white washing and government support here are some of the reactions. prancing around syrian government luxury tour posi tourist photos near torch centers and look the syrian refugees who can never return to their country with their fish can be tortured to death started to read a certain journalist's thread from inside damascus this am then found myself getting pell potations which progressed into spasms of rage how can anyone be so blindly credulous on the cossack's involved it is such a disgrace. l m a o o ronnie and mocks are in damascus neither of them speak arabic yet they claim to be talking to many syrians there why earned their you disclosing hoose translating for them and helping the mount this is to be expected and so they're trying to intimidate americans or europeans and people from the west from coming here they're
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trying to break off cultural exchange between us and average people who just happen to live in the area controlled by the syrian government were most syrians live and what we've been able to see and report already has threatened the narrative that's been conveyed by western corporate media and a pack of kind of dime a dozen correspondence acting is state department i mean i think the people attacking us have an agenda they're either convince that there are right or they're working on behalf of somebody yells or both this isn't something we're were that's a new to us were used to it i think it's why we can recognize an operation when we see one and this is if it's very quirky hate it you know this people are talking in some d.m. group and coronating against us and it's quite obvious and it's not surprising we expected it and i you know i think it's something that happens particularly anytime visit anybody visits i government other the syrian government side of syria and
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offers a realistic perspective they can expect to be attacked but more importantly i think the reason there are so outraged by me and max is because me and max tend to be quite effective and offering a different perspective an offering our reality on the ground kind of perspective these really prime minister binyamin netanyahu was met with the flood event putin in seoul cheap security in the middle east the run on the upcoming snuff election in israel who are among talk so pics of 4 debates these with from notion of reports from sorts you blood benjamin netanyahu here in by charge of russia's presidential dacha and summer residents this is their 3rd attempt these here alone and their 13 meeting in the last 4 years like the agent is in the international leader benjamin netanyahu is much more than any other leader during this time we were invited to film the beginning of their meeting both politicians were smiling while they entered the room and their welcome speech steve both very positive about profound
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deep and good in fact relations between russia and israel. but when you look at it i'm not afraid to say that thanks to your efforts to a large extent our relations have reached new levels on security issues and military cooperation and we know how important that is especially taking into account the continuing threat from international terrorism. and there are 2 additional factors that play in the celebration of ties between our countries the carefully weighed policies of both of us and a strong connection between us we had a chance to talk to the israeli prime minister as international media adviser and he told us security concerns and discussions about that is the major reason behind this recent visit. to russia especially given he stressed iran's recent activity in syria and in the middle eastern region as
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a whole and we heard benjamin netanyahu talking about that as well let's take a listen. and i really appreciate what you are saying all these real safety this is manifested at the meetings we've had and with the recent meeting with the defense minister coordination with our military is always very important especially this time when we see the growing in terms of iran to use the territory of syria to attack us or to place their missiles there. both politicians also mentioned the upcoming israeli left. benjamin netanyahu visits russia while fighting a fierce reelection campaign at home and many say meeting weidner putin may help him get more voters russian speaking pro russian living in israel and some opposition figures even blame him for doing that on purpose that's all for the 1st time that we see him visiting russia had all of the elections in israel but we talked about that with the israeli prime minister is international media adviser
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and he told us there is no connection between netanyahu prime minister was always that the security of israel is not something which we time according to elections it's something that's ongoing all the time growing role of uranium and their. proxies their terrorist proxies throughout the middle east and so the prime minister would like to discuss this with president putin. also because the president and russia have interests in syria and in the middle east and we would like to coordinated in the clashes between israel and russia and we now know that this is definitely not the last meeting between point putting russia's president said that he accepted the invitation to visit israel next january when the country commemorates 70 feet and a cursory of auschwitz liberation. well ahead of his meeting with the israeli prime minister vladimir putin was in the russian republic of dagestan marking a key anniversary when militia the most to repel
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a terrorist attack today he fulfilled a promise made 20 years ago. if you can do it. you should know she has the movies deal with it don't act like you've. picked up a legitimate you've been given. your blood. you would be able to bust a move is it a little. because it. looked. like they did that there should. be a look at a. bag then the republic a massive terrorist incursion from chechnya more than 270 people were killed 800 injured more than 2 and a half 1000 terrorists were eliminated and seeing 2 decades have passed since the region was freed by joint civilian and military forces for putin it was finally time to raise
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a glass. to do so much for russian president because. there was. a. top u.s. lawmakers a passed a key vote to define the boundaries of a potential impeachment investigation of donald trump he's the committee can designate certain hearings as impeachment hearings and empower staff to question witnesses but again members of the house furiously denounce the move. not even that but when inquiry some in the media is saying it's hard to know what we're doing here and that's exactly what i want and so hearing about whether or not we have people come give testimony afterwards the president can write us
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a letter in response this is more about defining our pen pal strategy for all of us covering this this is not anything special investigation that's already been completed moment of hearing a song that was the fly if the majority wants to exercise the house's power of impeachment all you've got to do is ask house to do so impeachment resolution could not pass the full house so this committee is trying to have its cake and eat it too you want to give the illusion of impeachment without the reality of it i want to go a long time to be able to say this welcome to fantasy i. will support of the proposed it will strengthen the chances of gathering evidence against the president on allegations of corruption and obstruction of justice the democrats been sending mixed signals since the special counsel robot didn't fund trial guilty in the bullpen explains democrats seem to be rolling ahead with their efforts to
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remove donald trump from office the house judiciary committee called for procedures related to its investigation of the president's wrong doing now for a lot of people that seems to put the smell of impeachment into the air their records on the house judiciary committee are expected to vote on expanding the impeachment inquiry into president trump democrats taking formal steps towards impeachment this is it had been in korea in search of something to impeach president trump over so we've got 134 democrats voting to begin an impeachment inquiry what do they really mean it at this point the democrats can't even seem to agree on what's going on with the house judiciary investigation who have been in the midst of an impeachment investigation no we're not in an impeachment investigation. the house is investigating to determine whether or not there should be an impeachment investigation so why might the democrats seem to be a little bit reluctant well in 2020 it's not just the presidential race but there's
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also some local elections and it seems like impeaching trump isn't the best vote getter polls show that 72 percent of democrats favor impeaching donald trump but for the country overall 59 percent oppose now that seems like bad news for the new progressive socialist wing of the democrats that seem to have that their entire house on it remember this we're going to go in there we're going to use the mother from would love it if the different democrats tried to impeach him it's the kind of battle he loves the public is totally turned off it's not following this ready controversy at all so i think it would definitely play into trump's hands it will do the democrats very little good in the 2020 alexion and probably will actually wind up backfiring virtually impossible if he could be convicted in the senate and removed from office so it's just a it's a lot of hot air over nothing now the problem for the democrats and removing donald
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trump is that according to the u.s. constitution once the proceedings begin it would be the u.s. senate that would then vote to convict and remove the president the constitution requires a 2 thirds vote among the senators and the democrats don't come anywhere near that so what would the charges be and all the most common answer you'll get is obstruction of justice but there's a little bit of a problem with that we did not however make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime so obstructing an investigation into something that you did not do now you could certainly lock up an average joe for that but it's a pretty weak case for driving a president from office some democrats even think that it would be bad for the country to impeach donald trump it's important for us to think about what is in the best interest of the country and the american people. and continuing to pursue impeachment is something that i think will only further tear our country apart speaker of the house nancy pelosi seems to be pouring cold water on the idea as
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well but she chooses her words very carefully take a listen when you go down a path like impeachment which is there egypt i said they could divide the country whatever decision we made in that regard would have to be done with our strongest possible hand the democrats have accused donald trump of being a criminal a traitor and a fascist they've got their supporters out for his blood but it looks like if they actually go for it this might backfire in the long term caleb mop and r.t. new york. the war on terror launched in response to the 911 attacks of 1000 years ago changed not just america but the whole world according to pakistan's prime minister imran khan in an exclusive interview he gave to our team is some of what was said. when heard nor participated in the american war you know after 911 we would not have been the words to describe true but participating in the war and i repeat i was against it because you see. we were trading these
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people to do a job against the soviet when they occupied afghanistan so these people were trained by pakistan funded by the american cia. and no. a decade later when the americans come in to of understand the same groups all in pakistan are supposed to say that no not because the americans are there it's no longer job it's terrorism you know it was a big contradiction and i strongly felt that you know pakistan should have been neutral because by joining in these groups turn against us so we you know we lost 70000 people we lost you know as i said over $100000000000.00 to the economy and in the end we were blamed for the for the the americans don't see succeed in afghanistan i felt it was very unfair on pakistan. the full interview touches on a wide variety of topics from
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a potential nuclear war between india and pakistan to the prime minister's past as a successful cricketer on water space and the sport in politics you can watch that interview in full on friday on our channel as well as by had it's our website catch it at r.t. dot com. the mystery of what happened to a group of surrogate hikers in the ural mountains back in 959 is still puzzling mind today and now you too can explore the various theories surrounding the death of past incident so thanks to a special project launched by artie's video agency ruptly. because if. you.
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well this project allows you to follow that track for each day you can explore the group did via photos or maps and also what they wrote you'll also discover more about the unexplained injuries on the bodies and the various theories as to what exactly happened but it's all about interaction as well you can put yourself into the shoes of one of the team members as they walk along the route and then vote on your preferred version of what happened after you've weighed up the evidence. no mystery what's going to happen next here going to take a break i'll be back with updates on our top stories hope to see you in.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. here in dramatic development only really. i don't see how. very critical. you sit down and talk. to. the bad news in the united states. the good. the cia and the u.s. military were engaged in covert actions really throughout the world. where they were assassinating populist leaders they were backing up right with military
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funding and arming. there's no end because there's always a small. really good. kaiser this is the kaiser report you know. it's not about the titanic necessarily it's more like a side adventure show remember that classic from the seventy's everybody thought they were going in the right direction but they're actually headed in the wrong direction yeah course they say max i have this 1st little funny headline and you as a foreign broker should get my.


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