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saudi would strengthen israel surrounded reagan handed the deal is there effectively to his political soulmate sacha un seen nothing yet. you are very tough act to follow. when least stumbled on the saudi arms. deal we really started to stumble on a central feature of british politics over the last 30 years highness prince has been at the heart of many of the great will depend of the polish. i was always pleased to see him when i was prime minister because he brought me and sure my insights i'm bold proposal was. informed you consider saudi arabia as
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a strong friend and would be willing to support picking them with whatever the kingdom needs and of discussion from there on everything else was taken to get he explained to mr thatcher this was a deal with saudi arabia and their full things were done differently. they wanted $43000000000.00 with a weapon that was $6000000000.00 increment. the majority of most people understand. we'll continue to work together against the terrorists who threaten the way of life a pacifist. one day i started crying and it was a man coming to my actually he said i've been working for a travel company and we had a kind of slush fund we used to distribute to saudis and other arabs when they came to britain for be all to hell. the.
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sexual trysts or is that when the saudi military officers would come along he would present them with canteens of cut 3 that was something that they liked about the thing they liked because girls so he would take about the town get the girls. to be honest it's not quite small beer payments made some of them from rather on as manic activity. chips talks about cool downs that sort of thing there's only 2 things that count in business my friends money and sex the rest you can write as much as you like is absolute garbage you can measure weapon beautiful the president's secretary. because the more distracted looking at your secretaries the you want to have your talking about. and that is sometimes old as you need to be. to use an escort agency or kids because of the
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specialties of the chief of staff of the army like. if. we had secretary of the embassy come and review the photos she said i won this one i won this one out with this one out with this one i had the girls i arrived one day before and i said girls i know you will be paid handsomely for doing this but do me a favor if you get any people thought that is relevant please bring your cross because i could use that in for which interesting information i will get out of the 2000 euro bonus so it was 60 grand i signed the contract worth 3000000 so it wasn't ideal. m m i phone rang again. it was another whistle and he said you have no idea what it is that you're getting into here. and he said this slush fund is much much bigger than you realize our job was to look after the really high level those who used to come to england who were big. bribe essentially by b.
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people of the level of the head of the saudi air force who was a royal prince. we would fly the 2 of us angelica and they would buy cause dresses that wasn't shopping like you would i would think in the end when they gather together all the shopping we would charge an entire jumbo jet to fly it all back to saudi arabia it was in the camp to try and trace through the bank accounts who the ultimate beneficiary saw that the case became really very serious as the trail appeared to lead towards senior members of society royal family. the most outrageous example was that maybe a new order to go the way with prince bandar at one point made him a present of a huge commercial airline had all of his various which he promptly have painted in the gray and silver colors of the dallas cowboys henry's favorite american team i mean is the flyer of him that quite cheerfully. the case
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centered on establishing the ultimate beneficiary of exceptionally knowledge amounts of money paid by the share space for consultancy said historians will think for sure there's evidence that mark fashion of this is that your son got 12000000 in cash for his work as a fixer. you. think about politicians is very much like prostitutes but only more expensive. politics is it dated by the whims of the arms industry politicians are nothing more than sales reps by their friends to have as much power as a middle ranking executive in looking martin ident of the day did with that old.
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when an executive goes to broad a foreign official he says to himself look i've taken a lot of risk to take this $5000000.00 that i'm paying to the prime minister of x.y.z. who makes an arrangement with prime minister of x.y.z. . i'll hand over the 5000000 could you take half of that 5000000 and you send it to the following bank account and switzerland will share in this floor. the 1st time an executive does that and he collects $2500000.00 he says wow this is a good business to be and within moments of that realisation he is no no longer in the business of selling airplanes he's in the business of selling bribes and he is now scouring the world for somebody to find to bribe. we. had
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a few. who can. chew through. it to. see what it. is i don't see it says. each child. each careful to. form. says. i. when. i'm in the phone rang again. this was somebody who said you have no idea what you're getting into he said this whole be a big is much much bigger it goes right to the very top what he had was something that you never see is a gem of this swiss bank greco. of international payments going all over the world
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he showed me how the set of a whole system with lloyds bank under which they channeled secret payments into the british virgin islands offshore companies called red diamond from red diamond the money went into this guy swiss bank account and he then used it to distribute to the local politicians taking a big check yourself of course we don't control the surely we do we believe most companies all go to the business of. policy as you suggest of some sort but they do employees of government it is just both the way the business is done. we were actually able to publish what was the most dangerous story the brits had been given not just the claim but over the years the total of 1000000000 pounds we did not invent. corruption i mean adam and eve would have been and they had hanky
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panky and they had to go down to ed so i mean this is this is human nature i assure you to pinch a state on. to find. what is greed. of course none of us are greedy it's only the other fellow's greed. and this the world runs on individuals pursuing their separate interests. all those people who believe that greed violence etc these primal so-called primal instincts other religions things and everything else is a social construction they've lost their mind and for the last 50 years a least policy has been made based on the assumption of greed and it's ruined the world. pattern it's believe there is no nature of society so you have to nurture individual is i don't accept that at all i think there are very many good public policy received. for creating society.
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the beirut they're saying hello to you. is a comment isn't make it 47 kalashnikov. the society that decides that the bulk of its budget is going to go to arms manufacturing building of a military eccentrics the have made a moral decision that militarism is more important then the creation of wellbeing for the population. and that's not the world i want to live in i want to live in the real wood and the real world is peopled by real emotions including love and generosity. truths seem wrong. but all wrong just don't call. me. yet to shape out just being executed and indeed from an equal betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. he said it. that he. should. go to work. with. you on it on the call for 600 calls when he does it cause you know the false soldier you can sleep. with bullets of them some of them some of the lost ones there was enough to know something about him you're going to video the future. so should i me she saw that on a soft spot will not keep it down at this time i don't. need to
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promote. only wonderful committed to defeat the continued police abuse of people pull their way through both for the way. for. the fisa. my god if you want is freedom the freedom of human beings of individuals to pursue their own say is i think what they term freedom means is economic license and economic license and those who control property and those who control capital has in fact in a threat not only to equality but a threat to the freedom of peoples all over the world and not only in europe and the united states but nafta in asia and in latin america i want you to name me any society in which you have any large measure of that freedom where capitalism and
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free enterprise has not been the predominant mechanism of the free enterprise system has spread through the force of on send notes on through wielded by governments that was government intervention under the name of the free enterprise system but a government intervention which destroyed the cretins of many people not the least of which are the people of chile. from the 1950 s. all the way through the 1970 s. the cia and the u.s. military were engaged in covert actions throughout central mad america throughout africa really throughout the world where they were assassinating populist leaders they were backing up right wing military juntas funding and arming death squads like the contras in nicaragua or battalion $316.00 and under us and i and there
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were these spate of assassinations across the globe. in countries like mine people have been killed to be quiet to know that any day any time you're going to be killed you don't know how but it's coming. we were fighting you know only god and still we are fighting you know body guards minds that don't want to work going inclusiveness they just pick. the action is not only about taking from india but taking from the people. even to dreams take on the next. the last half of what is called the cold war i don't know it to be a very hard war for many parts of the wood. from the standpoint of want it by them and cause the victims or what i would think of really as of people trying to
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make their own futures. there was an attempt in the global south to create an alternative imagination for people. but in the early 1970 s. this attempt was destroyed and it was stopped through a real genuine attempt by the global lot to take over the institutions of the world including the world bank the i.m.f. . souls not simply that the people of the south were incapable of carrying forward day dreams. it was a very strong with these dreams were assassinated. it's not just the one off killings the cool year the cool day. it's the entire dream that had to be killed.
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to be sure to read a book. on carney or myself. but i asked him but any mere. mortal should wear a looser because on the end. sutras he be the one to us got a testimony most in the me but he says. when i said kind of thing this year. the whole leave home. and. you know who leno to modernise them and. you know be able to command. decency yeah that mindy. he should thing good to see.
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the joint hearings of the house select committee to investigate covert arms transaction with iran. and the select committee on secret military assistance to iran and the nicaraguan opposition will come to order congress began to address what they perceive to be an insanely out of control series of covert actions with little to no congressional oversight we have been supplying lethal weapons to terrorist nation involving the us government in military activity in direct contravention of the law and lying to the congress now
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i believe that democracy cannot survive that kind of abuse. and people like dick cheney and donald rumsfeld who were relatively new to government at the time did not like when congress had we need to step in and confront the national security state and what's become a very out of control kill program cheney then went on during the reagan years in the eighty's to serve in congress and when the iran contra scandal broke out into the open cheney did not like. congress being involved with anything that the executive branch was doing. you had to see understand that emanated from the highest echelons of power and the reagan administration was acting as though it had nothing to do with it i've told you all that i know and you know the truth of the matter is for quite some long time all that you knew was what i told you to take. with me. our witnesses morning is
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mr robert mcfarlane the former national security adviser to the president. mr mcfarlane we welcome you to the committee and we look forward to your testimony. mr mcfarlane. did you have any discussion about the possibility. of in effect farming out the whole contra support operations in nicaragua to another country which will call country run yes that's correct and did you in fact succeed in obtaining money from another country. which we'll call country to. that's correct. i had a practice meeting periodic lee who was the official from the country true about the systems we could provide some cases arms sales. and he
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intended to provide a contribution of a $1000000.00 per month to the contras through the end of the year. we have no problem working with the united states government and unless the cia does not work for the government then i think we have a bigger problem there are many cases or some americans are question that you know well thank heavens those occasion was not in connection with saudi arabia. i think that there was a substantial shadow government. trying to run foreign affairs united states. these events have been characterized by some pretty strong statements we've heard talk of a grave constitutional crisis and even been treated to talk about a coup in the white house not only does cheney sort of defend iran contra but he
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argues that iran contra is actually a model for how the u.s. should be conducting its national security policy he is a radical subscriber to this notion of the unitary executive effectively what you're doing is saying on certain parts of american policy we don't have a democracy we have a dictatorship. as a matter of fact i was. very definitely involved in the decisions about support to the freedom fighters my idea to begin with. in my opinion there is no justification for further restrictions on the power and flexibility a future president. in the national security lead today is mostly composed of people who hit the revolving door multiple times during their last nomination of richard b. cheney to be secretary of the friends is a make a name for themselves in the private industry and then they come into the go. this
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revolving door keeps the national security lead very small and very wealthy. increasing its wealth as it goes up the journey to the extent that then when you get to the top as cheney did then you can become a member of the plutocracy that runs the country to this is impressive crowd the haves and the have more. money commissioned a study by halliburton to find out how much more of the defense department could be privatized proud to serve our troops in was he laid to get this $1000000.00 contract and of course returned a verdict that oh mr secretary lots more of it can be privatized. dick cheney leaves the defense department and goes and heads halliburton himself and he spends the entire 990 s. building up the war empire well if we're going to talk about star wars we might as
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well invite darth vader i. am. happy to accept. when he comes back into power as vice president and then they start hiring halliburton to you know in advance even if u.s. troops going into iraq. so now when equipment was being deployed to the gulf it's hard to look at this and not say these guys had a very long term plan for how they were going to increase the powerful infrastructure of private companies. what we've essentially done is to create a network of corporations that have the firepower of small nation states that could you know overthrow some small governments around the world. in essence we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function war.
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i want to get on the market right now even obama's have got the time with them like food. you know munitions as good as got the loan so by that it's. cut. and you can treat it like. in iraq the f. 16 s n s a t's we're firing 6000000 dollars within seconds coming back really army and going up again. there's no phones and they are because there's always a small cobble of people for wars really really good business. it doesn't matter
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that we're losing the war in afghanistan albertan could care less it's good for them good for profit. are you sure that. i doubt that you have no knowledge of the. bad luck i was hopeful about oh you were good enough and i know there are your eyes .
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to become eternal you have to become part of the robots leave you tense you know we have to become rituals like in. iraq nor you know all the superhero movies. then i don't see them i don't see them on i don't want to be algorithm. well you know that they were kind of adopted because we were called pirates for so long. i mean they're in this small ball it's next to the hard pool of ships and it's. not something. the limo self did big fish already 90 percent of the dot and paul and conner. concept 15 scoops 17 tons they do it several times a day with a big fleet now you get an idea on why. we have to
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understand we can no space to just. be with them this is the deal going to go out. i'm doing this because i want them for the future world to future generations to have and enjoy the ocean how we have. in the big 10 years and across the uk started 10 years i think it's time to shake things up maybe change the branding maybe the format here's what i've been thinking about next season related episodes filmed on an island 10 experts fight it out for a trophy what do you think ok a more affordable option. 5 text birds. and one red rose another suggestion. no political cookout we will literally wrote
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the elites. late night show it's a rare format these days and it's chief all you need is an old microphone in a printed banner. to leave me with one of my goals i can do this campbell after politics ready gone wild like music. ok crosstalk is not about hype it's about meaning 10 years of talk and still going strong. peter if you want to change something why don't we get rid of the. no that is too much. thousands of american men and women choose to serve in
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a country's military decision lotos sheltered lives every song came to a complete. you know an oldish kill me and i see how it destroyed my life any screamed at me and he made me come in and he grabbed my arm and he write me. if you take into account that women don't report because of the extreme retaliation and it's probably somewhere near about half a 1000000 women have now been sexually assaulted in the us military is a very very traumatizing tat happen but i've never seen trauma like i've seen women who are veterans who have suffered military sexual trauma reporting rape is more likely to get the victim punished them the offender and almost 10 year career or chose very invested in and i gave a sex offender who was not even put to justice or put a. the industry this is simply an issue in violence male sexual predators for the large part of target whoever is there to prey upon whether that's man or when.
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the taliban sons a clear message to donald trump and an exclusive interview with r t urging the u.s. president to rethink his decision to call off afghan peace talks. also this hour despite booming u.s. oil exports top democrats unite in calling for a ban on tracking and are accused of playing into. and a classic british children's t.v. character gets fired from his job over concerns. it was just a children's card so you need to take meetings to fall why didn't you just stick to the basics and enjoy somebody taking your thoughts she took you to the book and degree really you know been called quite happy with what it is.


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