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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  September 13, 2019 8:30am-9:01am EDT

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i think it's time to start watching this. with the. real thing it's like. the bottom. like you know that i got. the. welcome i'm only watching the hawks i am tyrrel them for and so they like every thursday we once again put dialogue over debate of the wallace myself bring you 2 distinct and informative discussions between a variety of topics and guests with unique political viewpoints starting my very own perception perspective. and joining us today as the host of the big picture mr holland cook r t america
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supports his own christakis and the host of the world according to jess the former minnesota governor jesse ventura thank you all 3 for coming on 911 started off the united states war on terror and now today 18 years later we are dropping 40 tons of bombs on a tiny island in the and the tigris river in iraq to supposedly keep what's left of isis from hiding there i want to ask jesse 1st what have we accomplished in the war on terror at this point. well not much because what people need to understand is we're fighting a war with military against something that is a concept terrorism it doesn't have a particular country it doesn't have a particular army or anything like that let me explain why i could become a terrorist in a month if you adhere to the propaganda of your sell your soul to the terrorists.
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off and then you could become a suicide bomber well what do we do to react to that we send our military and become trees overthrow governments bomb and rocket the countries with a military attack against something that is a concept terrorism is a concept how can you use the military to directly fight a concept now they've put all this ordinance on what about our constitution when does that come into play have we now relinquished to the military that they can at any time be it syria or anywhere around the world and sovereign nations they can pump rockets in and say they are fighting the war busy on terror and can the president now just arbitrarily wage war anywhere they want quote because it falls under terrorism we need to understand this isn't going to solve the problem because when we shoot rockets in and bomb them in there since get killed and the innocents
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don't blame the people very they blame the people shooting the rockets and the bombs which is us which thus creates more terrorists in the end but maybe that's what we want because the more terrorists there are and the way we fight them that means that we have to support the military industrial complex which is now just arriving our economy jesse brings up some real strong points there about why you know where we've gone with the war on terror after $9116.00 to $7.00 trillion 7 trillion dollars if we continue to fight it into 2020 holland steve what are your thoughts at this point when you look back at the 18 years there's a missing number you told us how many bombs you told us how many tons i'd love to know how many dollars per bomb or per ton i was a long suffering management suit so my conspiracy theory is there is this use it or lose it annual budget thing which the governor railed against all those years in office thinking 0 based but he mentioned. the military industrial complex and you
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just gotta wonder are these war games that the great pointless and to that point as well you know in 2018 i looked up some numbers here it was 70 percent of lockheed martin's one of the biggest arm dealers sales and net sales came from the us government and raytheon another huge arm dealer 81 percent of their net sales also from the us government so these wars are obviously not meant to be won they're not meant to end they're meant to go on forever to keep the cash flowing that is the biggest problem right there i you know we also have another quick point on ask you guys is should we continue fighting of just brought up a great point of you know we're fighting this war wrong are we fighting the war on terror wrong with using the military should we be fighting it was say you know police work you know yes yes tyrrel the war should be fought with intelligence gathering and good police work as i said terrorists can be one person you can move armies and to get that one person and that's what terrorism is you know if you strap bombs to yourself and you're suicidal how could you possibly use
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a military to fight something like that that's a really great point and i want to move on now to 2 and the other subject of the day of the big week that kind of to me encapsulated america at its core right now and especially politically is the conspiracy theory swirling around new england in the n.f.l. because here you have you know the biggest sport in the country the most one of the most popular biggest money making teams in that sport a guy the conspiracy years antonio brown was kind of back door talking to new england maybe this whole time because they wanted him before last season then he you know wreaks havoc in the oakland raiders they caught him within less than a day maybe a couple hours suddenly he's announcing he's signed by new england it sounds like a work you know it does see you i mean the timing seems rather suspicious and it seems like it it could have been orchestrated event because last season it's well known that the steelers were in the patriots wanted to be in trade talks with the steelers for brown butt. that ended up falling through and brown went to the
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raiders and all the erratic behavior leading up to his release last weekend and then a matter of hours less than 3 or 4 hours later he's a member of the new england patriots seems rather suspicious however he is only making potentially about half what he would have made in oakland he was guaranteed 30000000 there he could make up to 15000000 this season with the patriots so that's a little you know i wonder about that as well why would he take helen under from that neck of the woods 1x5w3xw how many yachts can your water is give a high end but i am i do live in rhode island and the patriots park their handsome boeing 767 right on the runway right as you come into the airport and i always see people in the terminal taking selfies with the plane right out the window and somebody ask you to take our picture and i said yeah sure i took the i phone i'm taking their picture i said where you're from they said tampa. is there jesse you want to try them. well the whole thing is this let's look at the situation you have
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their pick spirit did not want to go into new england that was for sure so get him going to oakland and all this stuff let's remember something the patriots have already been caught cheating twice 2 times filming opponents and the fame ball deflation thing so it's kind of like drunk driving if you've been caught twice it means you're doing it far more often than math these are just the times you've been caught so new england is not a ball vida don't think any type of collusion in getting a player they want who could insure them another super bowl and let's remember ok he took less money but guess what if he goes to new england he gets a rig and that this point a rating is more important and this is the thing that it brings up and this is why i think it's important story that i bring it up on a political show is that to me this and it does it in capsulated one of the big problems that every politician talks about the. doesn't change is that if you are
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rich and powerful you can cheat the system all you want the n.f.l. has rules against this kind of thing but you can cheat the system all you want and there's no consequences if you're big enough and you're big enough team if you're big enough personnel with a dictionary to rich and powerful you'll see a picture of robert kraft and his 3 it's owner yeah and to go along with this we just saw yesterday came out to justify last year's triple crown crown winner in horse racing tested positive for a banned substance before the kentucky derby the 1st leg of the crown he should have never even qualified for that race to get the triple crown but hall of famer trainer bob baffert and along with the california racing association swept under the rug and it just came out now that he was still allowed to race when he should have been jesse well let's let's remember too that bob kraft probably takes a picture pretty well in the taal at a massage parlor. yet never got fined by the n.f.l. for those things even though it's not you know that's the guy the guy and still hasn't been through it hasn't been officially charged and nailed with the guy we're
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open to have have a real inferiority complex you saw the movie moneyball now their football team can't get arrested i feel bad now for the people in pittsburgh yeah let's look at robert kraft the owner again much like you know how you'd fight with the koch brothers in washington it's the same principle as the owner of the patriots he's also one of the key owners in t.v. negotiations with the n.f.l. is also i believe he's on the bargain group he decides the commissioner salary all sits on those boards how are you going to police that guy at the end of the things i wrote tyrrell tyrrel let's remember something though the n.f.l. is a private sector business so they can govern themselves you know and what they do if they are corrupt within the system i'm not too sure what the government can really do about it great point that's a grill a great point you know but you know should the government get involved quickly with the n.f.l. when you see shenanigans over and over again and people getting built out of money i mean somebody needs to step in obviously if the owners control everything and they control the commissioner who makes the room. if you're in the pocket of the
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commissioner of the misters in the pocket of let's say the owner who controls everything basically and robert kraft he can get away with basically whatever he wants and that's an unfair advantage it leaves unfair unlevel playing field sadly have to leave it there i want to thank you all 3 of you for coming on today oh darn it oh all right say it really quickly here ok here's the key the key to this whole thing is the stadium because if they're old we should have a say so read it because we're footing the bill we're going to work at sit right there thank you that's a great button on the end of that it was so much former governor jesse ventura sports commentator steve christakis and the host of the big picture always good thank you so much right as we go to break don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered our social media and be sure to check out watching the hawks the podcast which is now available on spotify apple music everywhere you listen to the podcast coming up my co-host tabitha wallace open the pic gallery on some new forms of surveillance hidden in environmental protection and health apps you want to miss this stay tuned want to.
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costs. continue watching us in such a. good survival guide. to start. playing. repatriations game for the rest the 7 years. of the treasury for.
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according to john perry barlow founding member of the electronic volunteer foundation relying on the government to protect your privacy is like asking a peeping tom to install your window blinds which is why so many feel the need to question steps taken by governments to use surveillance for the so-called public good san diego is one of the most surveilled cities in the world with there were 1300 body cameras over 14000 smart street lights countless drones cell site simulators facial recognition devices and even automated license plate readers in a recent proposal for their community air protection program it was proposed that the city use things like smart street lamps to scan license plates that would then be put through a software program designed to identify vehicular air pollution emissions however the city board members saw a major problem with the plan christie gasper
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a san diego county supervisor told local press i agree that we need to absolutely address the air pollution concerns in low income communities but there must be a better way than capturing license plate vehicle make a model information i think it can be rove real precedent setting and an invasion of privacy which sparks san diego supervisors to demand a less constitutionally questionable way to identify polluters on the roads and while governments are trying to get our data for free a lot of us are giving away the cow and the milk or someone else makes profit from the cheese last year privacy international found that 61 percent of the apps they tested automatically transfer data to facebook within seconds of them being opened this year they use the same methodology to look at a sexual health and how that apps that track fertility mood sexual activity and menstrual cycles privacy international found that most feminine health apps are sharing very private personal medical. information with facebook who in turn is using it to present you with targeted ads you know the 4th amendment of the us
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constitution states the right of the people to be secure in their persons houses papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated so what sea of privacy can survive the age of tech and step into the gallery. joining me here in the gallery are our correspondents affair and. michelle greenstein and rachael blevins welcome to the gallery ready to be here so do you think that. the founding fathers ideals of privacy is start with you. is it just a fantasy in a modern tech world i mean i will say you know as i'm as i was listening to you about the san diego report earlier this week i filed a report about how the d.m.v.
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has been caught taking data and sending it to selling it to private investigators because you know people are trying to find out for little instances like if their spouse is cheating on them. the d.m.v. we're supposed to go there just to get our license or registration and then go home not we don't even realize that we're selling or we're giving them our data to sell and i think it's just it's one of these things where i believe in you know all of us being safe but sometimes the government just doesn't know when and when to hit that wall and back off it always pushes the boundaries they're kind of extremist when it comes to things like that it's like oh i can have this i want it all and what do you think do you think that we're looking at this because one of the other things that comes up is that when you look at a map of where these smart streetlights that they plan to use in san diego that are collecting all this information when you look at a map of those what you end up seeing is a concentration. then of these this is all the smart apps are the smart street life
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is sort of like $40000.00 there and that's being concentrated into low income areas what does that say about the classism of that like you know where if you're rich you can have privacy but if your question i think is like is this going to be used to help these disadvantaged communities or to work against them i think it's highly significant that the show the 1st of the show was about 911 right and how we're continuing to bomb in the so-called war on terror all these years later the other half of that equation of the aftermath of 911 is what's happening domestically so we're bombing overseas because of the war on terror but domestically it's all about surveillance right and so smart lamps like you're talking about and the smart grid as a whole is the biggest story that's happening right now that's unfolding right in front of our very eyes so we had all of this surveillance infrastructure being rolled out justified based on the war on terror but the new round of surveillance is being justified on this sustainability on saving the planet and that goes all the way up to the un and their agenda 2030 goals for sustainable development and that's a global plan but it's implemented locally just like it is here in san diego so
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this is something that it's really hard to are you going to is against saving the planet right but we have to ask what's it actually going to result in and in this case it's surveilling regular working people. especially when you're looking at the fact of the local government saying oh look we're doing something to fight pollution this is a good thing but then the local citizen should be asking ok why do you need our license plate numbers why are you trying to track of this and exactly where is it happening and who is it being used against because you look at the fact that a lot of cities still have problems with policing for profit and targeting minorities in their cities specifically just so that they can get more funding and so it is interesting how it looks like they're kind of branding it to say oh look we're actually doing something that will help these people out but at the same time may end up having adverse effects right because you're looking at someone who you know if you're looking for cars to identify cars that have high emissions they're probably older cars and they're probably owned by people who probably don't have the money. to do that is it just going to be about identifying who's using
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emissions i doubt it when you have data you use it for whatever you can and we've seen that time and time again with companies like facebook i like that you brought up policing for profit because in a broader sense we're living in this profit based system right and it's kind of like how you brought up pollution it's about pollution on its face but if we really want to tackle air pollution whether it's san diego or anywhere else there are better ways to do that right we could incentivize people using public transportation to incentivize tesla's or whatever it is or maybe start to hold some of these big companies accountable who are responsible for the overwhelming amount of air pollution in the country it's not really just the people that have you know it's 3 jobs 5 kids is their responsibility to be you know using less emissions or is it these companies that have you know multi-billion dollar budgets and what is supposed to happen when let's say they take these license plates they find out you know so and so is using too many emissions what are they supposed to do are they supposed to give up their car or are they supposed to go buy a new car that they probably won't be able to afford at that point do they have to pay a bigger fine now because they were they were caught using more emissions it's keeping
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people down it's keeping the little guy down and that to me i think it's that's not what our government supposed to be doing is supposed to be lifting people up and helping right not keeping people down right which is but if you say that you're suddenly like this scary socialist because i was like wow you know i pay a lot of our representative government to represent us that's so weird of you interesting but alright let's give credit to the board here at san diego they're asking to you know look for alternatives to the system so i mean who knows how far that will go but that's cool that you know they're actually thinking about the people that they claim to represent. moving on to the 2nd act of privacy we have i find that now the big thing is that you're seeing so much more health apps whether it be healthier watch which are eating and i will try them for a while but i realize all they're doing is just having me enter a whole bunch of data and not really giving me a whole lot in return. burn which then it really is like you're given away the milk
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and a little bit for your mood right like i would be more pride to see you look at these and you know this is this is medical information you're putting and when you sleep when you eat when you have sex if you use protection when out sex what kind of birth control you're on what other medications you're taking you know it's a lot of personal information that can be used and it's what's interesting is that medical information has historically been the most legally protected of anything i mean a lot of things you can't tell people you can't do this what is it about these apps and a time do you think that makes it so popular with you well it's interesting because i come from a medical family everyone is in medicine except me but i see it i see both sides i see where there are times where patients are very afraid to go to their doctor and say hey i have this wrong with me and this might be because i've had too much you know unprotected sex or something like that i mean there's an app for guys out there where they can get certain things just by typing it in their own personal guy
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app this for women i mean i could see where they might have that uncomfortable feeling with their doctor and they're having fertility problems and this can actually help them you know kind of track everything and maybe instead of having to pay thousands and thousands of dollars going to or to a fertility clinic they could just go through the app however what are they doing with your data where you don't know it also speaks to the fact that in the age that we live in our data is our most valuable product you know this is what the apps want to ensure they're super convenient i mean you're just putting your information into and out you're not reading the terms of service you're just going along with it and it seems really convenient and a lot of people don't worry about what they're giving up as a result of that and especially when you have these apps that are literally tracking your mood what you're craving that sort of thing and then giving it over to facebook will now facebook knows that on the 1st week of every month you crave chocolate and you're not integrated and they're going to target ads to you as a result of that and a lot of people are. some people do care about that because of privacy concerns but a lot of people just wave that off because it's so convenient to get well this is
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what i think about it that i worry is are we ignoring this sort of slippery slope of letting a little bit letting a little bit letting a little bit and saying these things have go away and you know my concerns at the end of the day are well insurance companies get ahold of this data and deny claims will attorneys use it against women in court when there's you know a rape victim by a slut shaming them in court by saying well you're dear apps and you know i wish we had more time but we're running out of time to. really think you were talking to me about you know this sort of crazy privacy world where we don't have any privacy so here we are you know you're going to order and it's going to profit maximize in the long term it's going to help them you know pretty much control the world's resources so data like you said is really important you know why don't we control data but you can't control the ladies that this panel thank you so much they have a good range pill and thank you so much for joining me today here in the gallery
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and talking us through all of the privacy concerns that we have so much is also going to that's our that's our show for you today everyone please as my co-host always says in this world we're not told we're loved enough so i tell you i love you and tabitha wallace keep on watching the sox and have a great day and night everyone. believes there are good there's some bad there's the bad there are so those in yemen the united states deems to be a threat the good news so those are the. in syria the cia and the us military were
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engaged in covert actions really throughout the world. where they were assassinating populist leaders they were backing up right away military windows funding and arming death squads there's no posts anymore because there's always a small colony of people for one really good that's good for profit. well you know the fires they were kind of adopted because we were called pirates for so long. i mean they're in this small ball of snakes in a hard pool of ships and it's getting. to be a lot tougher than. the little self to be told fish already 90 percent of the dot and it won't recover and. concept 15 scoops 75 tons of it do it several times a day with
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a big fleet no you get an idea of the ocean the fish. we have to understand we can not stay still and just. be witness of the deal more in disaster. i'm doing this because i want the future world to the future can generations to have out and enjoy the ocean we have. the world is driven by shaped by fun person.
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no day or thinks. we dare to ask. that a huge hit is. the only thing she don't. go through the worst. there's a lot on the. culture going to does it cause you know the false soldiers you can sleep. with bullets of the most. dramatic video of the book you just wrote a song to me she's on that sound a small squad will not keep you down at this time but you don't tell. the truth to. the police if you feel you could pull the ripples from the way.
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the taliban son is a clear message to donald trump and an exclusive interview with urging the u.s. president to rethink his decision to call off afghan peace talks. also this hour despite booming u.s. oil exports top democrats unite in calling for a ban on fracking to find themselves accused of playing in the queen's hands. and a classic british children's t.v. character gets fired from his job over diversity concerns. watching our 2 international coming to live from the russian cap.


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