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welcome to politicking on matthew cook in for larry king on tuesday president trump announced via twitter that he was firing the national security adviser john bolton for his part mr bolton claims he quit this plays out as a newly released poll shows donald trump's approval ratings down since mid-summer what path might mr trump take in the coming months to try to improve those numbers and another poll shows senator elizabeth warren climbing into a virtual tie with former vice president joe biden for 1st place in the battle for the 2020 democratic nomination can she maintain her momentum let's turn to the political panel for analysis they are amy holmes political columnist and michael tobin democratic strategist and former senior aide to senator chuck schumer they're both in new york city welcome to the program that pleasure to be with you so let's jump right in and talk about this economist hugo poll released wednesday senator
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elizabeth warren is tied with joe biden at 26 percent among registered voters your reaction let's start with you amy well we are still such a long way out before iowa new hampshire south carolina but it shows how effective elizabeth warren has been and being able to court you know democratic primary voters in the democratic base i think the person who should probably be the most worried about those numbers however is our friend bernie sanders who was supposed to be the progressive choice the progressive alternative to joe biden but elizabeth warren has cut into his foundation of voters and been able to you know make a really good go of it michel. elizabeth warren and joe biden are very different candidates offering very different visions for america but most importantly very different versions of candidacies joe biden is talking about a return to civility and some sort of reboot or control to lead on the computer
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that is america so that we get to return to a period before president trump and senator warren is suggesting that she has and has laid out very convincingly that she has a detailed plan for everything those are very different visions of what democratic primary and caucus voters are looking for and to amy's well considered point these are base and primary and democratic caucus voters these are not the voters that you need to be convincing in general election so be interesting to see whoever wins a spot on whether it's senator sanders or senator harris whether or not they can reset their themselves and appeal to those important moderate voters come november amy do you agree with with michael's definition of what each candidate stands for in do you think that the democratic party is split into these 2 camps well we've seen that yes joe biden has talked a lot about civility you know his 6 terms as a united states senator his 8 years as a vice president that he puts
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a lot of stock and faith into institutions congress the white house etc while elizabeth warren and warren rather she has positioned herself as the outsider the fighter the fighter with the plan he's going to you know take it to donald trump i think as michael points out however while that might be appealing in the democratic primary and that elizabeth warren she talks about you know revolutionary change we don't want just incremental changes we want to you know to rework the whole system the whole way that america works that might be appealing to the a.o. c. wing the squad flank of the party but is that going to be an easy pivot when it comes to a general. action where she has to appeal to more centrist voters who don't necessarily want is a radical vision for america we'll see if she gets the nomination and then has the you know the opportunity to make that sale but joe biden he's banking on the fact that those centrist voters will be with him in the general the question is can he
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appeal to those democratic left wing progressive voters in the primary michael let's not i let's let's look i'd like a lot of credit i'd like to get you know i'd like to get your reaction to that but i'd also like will like you to talk about whether or not this is really cutting into sanders appeal or or not. well the big difference between joe biden and bernie sanders and elizabeth warren is the obvious one which is gender whether or not the country is having passed on the opportunity to elect the 1st female president of the united states they see and elizabeth warren somebody more comfortable with that shattering the hardest highest glass ceiling then they were with hillary clinton so we really can't lose sight that bernie sanders i think is more in line with the a o c squad version of america so does this cut into sanders base i think not i think that sanders more radical approach
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to governing and to his candidacy will appeal to younger voters and digital voters and social media voters in a way that perhaps a poll gauging warren and biden might miss we're not going to know these voters because they were busy in college classes when those poll holes were coming in so i don't see it eating into sanders base as much as sanders is an outlier that's out there that may just come in and blow the whole thing up i'm interested in both your thoughts on defining some of these terms a little bit because they're super complex and i don't mind taking a moment to unpack it a little bit specifically with regards to when we talk about whether or not it's wise for someone from the democratic party for example to run a centrist or even to that matter whether whether trump to great degree during his candidacy period was also appealing to a kind of a centrist voter and what that means because i think that progressives would probably argue that the so-called left today is really maybe socially liberal but
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but fiscally more conservative and more in line with supporting kind of corporate interests to an extent so i wonder if you agree with that and how you would define kind of what is a centrist today in america and in the go ahead and start. well i can see the progressives making the argument that centrist democrats quote unquote liberals you know are lapdogs of corporate america wall street we've heard that a lot from bernie sanders and elizabeth elizabeth warren but just looking you know on the past debates when you see the candidates raising their hand that they want basically the equivalent of open borders decriminalizing illegal entry into the united states that's a fairly radical position that polling just came out this last week shows most americans don't agree with you've seen kemal harris been she's done this flip flopping she wants to appeal to progressive so she says that she supports medicare for all and even laughed that that would necessarily mean that private health
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insurance plan plans would become illegal well after a lot of backlash and blowback she then tried to pedal back and say that's not what she really meant she did that twice so you're saying that she's not really handling the centrist versus progressive divide very well as she's campaigning in this primary michael what are your thoughts and others a lot to react to from what and he said as well you know i think this is an absolute this is a fascinating issue and i actually spend a lot of time thinking about this centrists are those that believe in the power of institutions to do good and working in this system and working through institutions and working with the rules and procedures of these institutions to moderate competing views i believe that the squad types believe more in radical proposals less interested in compromise less interested in coming up with best alternatives that are workable and are more interested in staking out a ground that everybody else that has to accommodate and work around they're
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convinced of their own righteousness and they simply will not budge on these things this is fall long generational lines young people never like to hear that older folks had tried this before and it didn't work so maybe you should consider our experience so i think it falls along generational lines and i think the. that's the definition of a moderate whether they're fiscally conservative or socially liberal is a belief in the power of institutions and we see that perhaps more with war and then we do with sanders and we certainly see it with biden and where come out harris's i agree with amy is having a hard time appealing to all those where senator jill brown would have been ok as a candidate if she progressed i think also would have been institutionalized as are the rest of the candidates in the field so really it's sanders i think that is more interested in blowing these things up everybody else would have an easier time pivoting to the center after getting through these caucuses and primaries and that the let's not forget they got in general and where they actually make 11 point in reaction to that and you can you can frame your reaction with this in mind as well
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but i would think that that the squad see cetera and also bernie sanders would probably frame themselves more as kind of the labor party version of the democratic party as opposed to being anti institutional i mean they certainly are still want to be a part of the democratic process and so forth would they not and they go ahead well i mean i think they think of themselves as the conscience of the party you know where the the heart of the party really is which i don't agree with i don't think that that's a correct or accurate assessment you know i would also add let's not forget that senator sanders bernie sanders from vermont he is actually an independent and a self described democratic socialist as a o.c. and others which is far to the left of the american center in politics but they believe that's where you know truth justice and what should be the american way where it lies i'd like to also throw in a poll that just came out published in the hill newspaper that i think is really
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instructive that a vast majority of voters we're talking 2 thirds to 3 quarters depending on their party affiliation that they actually want their congressperson or senator to work with the other side they think that that is a valuable attribute. and skill that helps put our country forward and are willing to compromise you don't see compromise on the squad way of the party new york times has reported that while president trump's economic advisers do not see a recession on the horizon they worry that gloomy news reports and repeated downturn warnings could turn a fear of a recession into a reality is this something that can even become like a self-fulfilling prophecy any. well we know economically it can that if you know people lose their sense of optimism about the future that changes their spending habits their savings habits and of course that has a follow on ripple effect economically now i don't have the expertise to tell our
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viewers whether or not we are headed into recession but there are warning signs and red flags on the horizon that president trump needs to pay attention to and that he needs to recognize including his trade war with china and imposing those tariffs have cost the american economy and very specific groups of voters voters he needs we're talking about those rural voters farmers etc and by the way they're not just farmers they are people who work at wal-mart in rural areas of america who you know are in the service industry in some of those rural districts and if they are feeling the economic pinch then their feelings about president trump may start to be a problem and mark mellman he's a well known democratic pollster he is you know said publicly he's like on the one hand he's concerned about the focus currently in the democratic democratic primary field on a lot of these social issues but he's as he says it only takes a couple of points to move some of those rural districts from purple to blue donald
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trump needs to worry about that michael do you agree we are always always always in our interconnected increasingly social media and information driven economy just a moment away from an economic meltdown and it could happen here in the united states because there are things we don't even know that we don't know about lending practices and the solve in c. of banks those institutions attached to the massive student loan debt economy but it could also happen at a financial system in china it could start in japan it could start in europe as a consequence of a new brags that controversy we are always just a heartbeat away from a massive economic meltdown and it's only people who run. now are being seen as outliers and radicals and crying wolf like those who saw the early fiscal meltdown and mortgage backed security crisis years ago no one took them seriously
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then and there are voices out there we have to think should we be taking them more seriously and how that impacts the presidential election is another thing it's a giant that you know they didn't so much as you know calling you know and going on social media and attacking the fed concerning interest rates the way to do it as we say we're on from michael amy thank you so much for your time today thank you matthew more politicking after the break. there are 3 russian and winds. you know world of big partisan lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that
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mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. tara from russia this. is this is a stick from
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a water bottle found in the stomach of a fish the brand is spawns of the coca-cola company which shows millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers they're the bad ones they're the litter box they're throwing us away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. sheets to cook absolutely speak. and may not care that seems cool sets for their classes kristie can't quote me on my end i need to tank on your own at a special projects funded he tells it to. be on i'm your best bet is the end of a footy team but for now the mountains of waste only grow hi.
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welcome back to politicking on matthew cook sitting in for larry king it's a pleasure to welcome my next guest back to the program he is philip k. howard the founder of common good a nonpartisan coalition which advocates for simplifying the us government he recently penned an op ed about the democratic presidential debate stating that the candidates are so far promising the moon and ignoring our broken government let's dive deeper into that as philip a noted commentator and bestselling author joins me from new york so philip let's just jump right in you write that the presidential debates so far have largely ignored the key issue of the last several elections which is a commitment to overhaul washington can you explain that. yeah every president who got elected since jimmy carter has gotten elected on a platform not the only platform of reigning in excess bureaucracy americans hate it there are lots of studies about why they hated it demeans them it makes them
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worry about things that they know don't matter your nurses bit half their day filling out forms teachers are worried to care told not to put an arm around crying child that sort of stuff and and the democrats with one or 2 exceptions certainly the leading democrats have no not even talking about that issue americans hate washington if the democrats want to get elected they do far better if they actually said yes we need to address new issues like climate change or income disparity but we need to fix washington too and so why isn't that democrats don't go after this sort of thing because it's not part of the narrative not since al gore and bill clinton did talk about it but not since then has anybody talked about it i mean right now the debate it's in such a deep rut they can't even see over the edge it's deregulation versus more regulation well i don't think the american people are going to vote for somebody
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who says let's just have more and more regulation but they might vote for somebody who said we need to deal with climate change and income stagnation and by the way we need to restore practicality and common sense to this big bureaucratic blob that's grown up in 50 years so let's clean that out while we address the new things that's perfectly consistent with the democratic platform in your op ed you know the democratic presidential candidate andrew yang stands alone in presenting concrete ideas for overhauling broken government what's your assessment of what he's advocating. well i think his stuff is it's great it's overhauling the thump i call for in my in my we know new book try common sense it's overhauling civil service it's. raining in crazy lawsuits it's putting sunset clauses on old laws so that they need to be reviewed to see if they're working as intended i mean nobody intended. the special ed laws to use up $25.00 or 30 percent
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of the total k. to 12 budget in america nobody intended the federal education bureaucracy to make schools have more non-instructional personnel than teachers so so did they go fix it so that laws help this who benefits from all these insane regulations oh there's a whole industry of people i mean it's there's a red tape industry and it's headquartered in washington which is one of the reasons that i call for an entry yang it's called for and i'm opening that others and dr donald trump is trying to do this too to start moving agencies out of washington you get leave this sort of toxic culture where people are used to making money on filling out be no pushing paper from one side of the death of the other side if you are one of the people who was moderating the democratic debates what question would you ask the candidates oh i would ask them i said what are you going
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to do about government to begin to cure the alienation that most americans feel towards it you know what how are you going to reform government so it's actually responsive so that it's practical donald trump is approaching his 1000th day in the oval office how do you rate his presidency in terms of common sense oh i you know i give him maybe a 4 out of 10 lile a 4 out of 10 outcome. well i think he has a lot of good ideas that we drain the swamp to good idea the fact that china has been cheating us for decades it's a good idea you know dealing with those problems is common sense but he hasn't. so is it does have to sit or point that it's any gets 4 points for the idea and then he loses 6 points because of lack of execution is that what you're saying yeah and he gets
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a few points by just not going further and breathing down people's necks so the economy is as gotten some advantages by by him just not going after in a punitive way for regulatory you know businesses for regulatory foot fault and that's clearly one of the things that is driving a somewhat robust stock market and so when you say foot faults do you mean sort of minor infractions technical infractions yeah that's one of thing and so in prior administrations you had regulators who would just go after people for millions or tens of millions of $1.00 and $5.00 pounds for things that really matter to no one you know of. technical breaches or are unintentional breaches to privacy regulations for hospitals and then they get sued by the department of civil rights when these people are just trying to do their job so in your estimation with
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regards to regulation the trump administration is serving the common good. well. ultimately no because. because ultimately what's needed is to restore the 3 in power everyone americans and officials alike to use their common sense and donald trump doesn't have that idea he's eased up on the pedal that's fine but he isn't actually going to system you know area by area and actually simplifying in fixing the worker safety laws and. you know consumer protection laws in a way that allow people to use their common sense the you've talked about the green new deal a bunch of times what's your assessment of that well it's just not practical i mean they couldn't achieve it if they had all the money in the world and it takes all the money in the world so you know i happen to believe in dealing with climate
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change and i think that's going to cost money and it's going to require tough foreign policy because the u.s. only you know come emits 15 percent of the carbon that people are or worried about so but i don't think you can pay for that until you clean out all the way i mean and try commonsense i go after 10 programs everybody knows are broken and they waste a trillion dollars a year where you can do a lot with a trillion dollars for the environment and for income fag nation if the democratic if there was a democratic candidate andrew young for example was was the next president of the united states do you think there would be the political will in washington the kind of bipartisan support for a common sense approach to really clean up washington to reform the way washington works. if there is a mandate from the voters to do it it can be forced upon washington and that's why it's really important to start a movement to have a vocabulary with
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a mandate that says reboot washington and it's only when you get this idea of rebooting washington into public circulation and get widespread support for it that anything can ever happen so you're in line with bernie sanders that it's going to take millions of people engaged in the democratic process to really get anything done regardless of what the agenda item may be that's absolutely correct and by the way that's the lesson of history go back to the 1960 s. with the civil rights movement or the environmental movement or the 1930 s. with millions of people living on the streets or the progressive era or the civil war you know it always takes people it always takes the people getting involved and what's happened for 50 years is we slowly become an absentee democracy we've ceded government and elected officials over this professional class and now we wake up and realize that they're not serving our interests let's let's go back and analyze
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the binary argument that you've so i think correctly criticized of regulation versus you know more regulation versus less in 2016 candidate trump pledged to kill 2 obama era regulations for every new one that his administration imposed in the summer is acting budget office director asserted that the rate was actually 13 to one what's your analysis is that accurate in the 1st place well 1st of all you know i happen to actually think his. tacking you know chief of staff if it with it was. mulvaney is actually quite good. you're dealing with 150000000 words a federal law. if you get rid of pickett 13000 words for every 1000 words that you put in your kill not making a dent through the you know osha has got 4000 regulations so what's needed is
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not kind of at the margin even at a ratio of 13 to one what's needed is to go area by area starting with schools and hospitals and you know the areas that really of impact people in their daily lives and say how can we simplify this so that people can make practical choice to take 4 1000 7 pages to use an example and turn them into a 100 pages philip thank you so much for your time today great to be with you matthew and thank you for joining me on this edition of politicking and also thank you larry for letting me sit in your chair today remember we love hearing from you to join the conversation on larry's facebook page and as always you can share your thoughts on twitter by tweeting at kings things and use the politicking hash tag i also invite you to join me on facebook at matthew cook official and that's all for this edition of politicking.
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aeroflot russian and lights. you know world of big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bad and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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aeroflot russian and lights. today there are good terrorists and bad that is the bad terrorists and those in yemen who the united states deems to be a threat the looked at those who are in syria the cia and the us military were engaged in covert actions really throughout the world. where they were assassinating populist leaders they were backing up the right way military. one toes funding in our means and death squads there's no cones anymore because there's
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always a small calm people for a or and really well and cut this and from profit joined me every thursday on the alex simon shill and i'll be speaking to get us of the world the politics spore this list i'm showbusiness i'll see of than i. i i. i. i. i. i. i.
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the taliban send a clear message to donald trump in an exclusive interview with. the u.s. president to rethink his decision to pull off peace talks. despite booming u.s. oil exports top democrats unite in calling for a ban on fracking to find. the classic children's t.v. card gets fired from his job. 247 live from the russian capital this is national with me so.


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