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i. i i. hate it when the headline for smalling chinese telecom giant huawei says it's ready to sell the key element of its high speed mobile internet 5 g. technology to any prospective western. to address their concerns its equipment poses a security risk. feud between south korea and japan casts a shadow over the upcoming 2020 summer olympics in tokyo souls i get over the use of the japanese military flag they say recalls japanese war crimes against korea. and the british army in malls has switched to eco friendly technology to build environmentally conscious generation of the recruits we asked people in london what they think of the plan. at the end of you want to be put in
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a foreign line and get killed you know it doesn't matter which you call. really. who's going to go and fight and that's what really you know i'm. not very vocal. there this is article we can for good morning for me kevin o. and then the rest of the team here today here with the world news update saturday morning from moscow for the next 30 minutes of can stay with me chinese telecom giant huawei says it's prepared to sell the core code of its 5 g. technology to any prospective western buyer so that they could refigure it and prevent any possibility of a security breach it comes amid continued claims by washington that while it works in cahoots with the chinese government and its equipment could be used to spy on uses hawkins takes a closer look at the company's office. is one of this year's biggest spy scandals
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hallway the chinese telecoms giant accused of using cutting edge 5 g. technology not for the good of humanity but for spying for beijing the united states has also been very clear with our security partners on the threat posed by the way as chinese law requires them to provide beijing's vast security apparatus with access to any data that touches their network or equipment so grave was the threat real apparently the risk that american citizens privacy could be in danger that president trump declared a national emergency then like wildfire concerns spread around the world courtesy of u.s. officials that any country cooperating with huawei on building phone or computer networks would jeopardize their security so how real is this danger but not at all who always c.e.o. shore's us but he would say that right well here's the deal the company has come up with an unexpected offer to reassure its western clients when we transfer the tac
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they can modify codes on top of my tech once that's through it's not only shielded from me it's shielded from everybody else in the world u.s. 5 g. will be their own thing there is no security concern the concern will only be the us keeping the american companies who bought it in check so what does it all mean well who are we would sell its blueprints codes peyton's everything needed for the client to rewrite the code and thus prevent anyone being able to get back to or access keyword anyone once you open the source code you can actually make changes to it that are actually going to keep you with all teach and make sure that even if there were that tools it would be very difficult for anyone to to persist with obviously absent there is that they exist and i think what we're going to see continued to catch up with all the abilities that will be people continually seeking. to take it on to. but if they don't open source code it's. going to
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be that the hackers are going to get a massive disadvantage to them about it so if that's not enough always chairman even offered to sign a no surveillance pact with the countries in which the company operates no spying no back doors so with this unprecedented offer of compromise from the telecoms giant while the panic and harsh rhetoric well remember when we said anyone spying what access the source codes will hamper beijing spying it will be an equal blow for other countries as well the united states for example who are really who are going to blow it all and whoever's take it all to their license who are the source . you need to be able to trust the organisation and there are any number of man of the actual result they owe on it working at this moment in time all of them have had vulnerabilities in the glass that existed and they've been patched to different elements many of them still have got rebuilt is out there that they haven't touched
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yet and possibly haven't been discovered but the question is are they actively government entities that have engineered that goes into this equipment will remember all those times washington got caught in the act by whistleblower edward snowden revealed years of interceptions by the national security agency of servers routers and other network a quip meant made by cisco things were so out of control the company's management even went to the u.s. president to complain we simply cannot operate this way our customers trust us to be able to deliver to their doorsteps products that meet the highest standards of integrity and security so who always seems to have made an offer that's hard to refuse and no spine full control for the companies involved and seemingly no more security concerns the ball is now firmly in their critics court. this morning pro and anti government protests erupt in hong kong for yet another weekend thousands of occupy the shopping center no singing
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a newly penned anthem. that anthem created by an anonymous source promotes the independence of hong kong with the demonstrations as part of course by that extradition bill back in march well it was announced that the bill would be withdrawn tess's nonetheless still wait for other demands now to be met that includes the investigation of police brutality jury rallies and the release of those arrested more than 5 months than of protests have hit hong kong's tourist trade there was a 40 percent drop in visitors in august compared to last year. over the past few months the local social unrest particularly the continued vandalism and disruption to the airport and roads has damaged hong kong's image as a safe city the tourism retail and hotel sectors is suffering the most financially so just help from there also noted that hotels have seen occupancy rates dropped
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about half in some places pictures from hong kong half empty streets which are usually crowded with tourists and pretty empty shopping while their tourism workers in hong kong staged a protest on chews day calling for social stability and economic recovery local janet underhill chick says the city is practically deserted. their own ranks in the call. this is something we will hold more money for in line with your words into german or to use your i will soon or i'm going to serve the interests of this film from. your rules congress to ration. and i will so much. to reduce you. the british army's mulling replacing its fossil fuel guzzling equipment with eco friendly versions according to the country's chief of general staff annex as polly boyko explains this morning as
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a why did trend of western armies trying to attract green conscious no other minorities into their ranks. they might be in the business of killing but they don't want to kill the environment while they're at it the british army is going green general mark colton smith has said that british forces are going to be phasing out the use of thirsty gas guzzling military vehicles and equipment in favor of plugging in take cleaner technologies it's all in a bid to attract younger and more environmentally conscious recruits not only will it give us considerable operational benefits reducing logistic grab but it will also get the army on the right side of the environmental argument especially in the eyes of our next generation of recruits who increasingly might career decisions based on a prospective employer is environmental credentials earlier this year the british
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army launched a new recruitment drive targeted at young people the campaign emphasise that the army could use the compassion of snowflakes the self belief of millennial zz the confidence of selfie take is and the focus of phone zombies and the push for a greener and more inclusive army isn't limited to the u.k. if u.s. democratic party presidential candidate elizabeth warren gets her way the american army will be adding fighting climate change to its to do list we don't have to choose between a green military and then a factor one my plan. servicemembers readiness and safety and the chief cost savings for american taxpayers together we can fight climate change and doing military exercises are notoriously bad for the environment munitions can take
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hundreds of years to degrade and toxic materials like lead. can spill out and pollute ground water back in 2017 the u.s. government put out a request for the development of environmentally friendly training bullets both the u.s. and u.k. militaries seem determined to put the eco into warrior and recruit some of them at the same time that's great brilliant good for them i don't know if that's necessarily a thing that's going to attract young people necessarily i think they i don't i maybe we were some people pronouncement i wouldn't be trying to train the army but i'm sure it would be better for some people. i've never thought about. but i don't consider that likely but i think well you know me to be honest or seems to be door. what do we very. well going green is
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a good idea or entirely sure how young people at the end of the years do you want to be put in a foreign mine and get killed you know it doesn't matter what you drink you coffee or over what you got this money out of ammo for eco friendly and being sustainable and all of that but personally the fact of drain army doesn't kind of speak to me in theory it sounds like a good idea but whether it would actually work you know really money in the army who's going to go and fight and that's what we need to do you know. not where you have a call the. president of the e.u. commission claude your last. success regarding migration of the details of the smalling dollar quarter the next. dunker might be on his way out as a hughes commission president but that hasn't stopped him from giving his $0.02 on issues of migration one of his latest statements assured the continent that
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migration is not a threat to europe's way of life. to oppose the european way of loath to migration you have to respect. independently from the independent from the. younger was responding to his successor ursule of on their lay and her initiative to make several government titles of positions more creative and a bit less formal now the most controversial of which was the vice president for the protection of the european way of life and this this position was intended to address how migration affected life on the continent the european way of life is built around solidarity peace of mind and security we must address and they legitimate fears and concerns about the impact of irregular migration on our economy and society younger might have come out publicly in opposition to their lns initiative to rename these government positions but in the e.u.
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parliament there are larger divisions at play some are saying that this is helping the right wing might even amount to fascism while others are saying what's the big deal and the wide european commission claiming to protect our european way of life is a far cry from the idea of unity in diversity on which this union is built when we talk about the european way of life what we're talking about is asylum and integration the european way of life is about those coming from war from hunger from climate change and integrating all those who want to come and live with us now this row is only one part of europe's larger migration situation especially because 1st arrival countries like italy and greece are finding it increasingly difficult to stem the tide of illegal migration on to the continent while from a far countries like germany are only pressuring them to handle the situation better. we debated with guess whether or not they supported this kind of policy or
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not. from her perspective of course you have to. keep a certain relation to the far right not just to use a certain language in order to try to go to some support from the road to giving them from going to war basically all the. representatives but this was a lot of. leeway. in their use of language and words of protection of the european way of life is more against let's say let's and let's face the problem is more against islamic countries and they stand people because most of them they come here they want to they want to keep their way of living their way their way. of their religion when it comes to the question of migrants. our basic position is that we support to the migrants in any way we with. our international solidarity because they're fleeing from basically the capitalist system most of these immigrants come for economy called reasons and as europeans we cannot handle this
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and we cannot give them the better their situation or a better life because we have a lot of we have another unemployment here so it's going to be it's going to be very difficult for us european to force them all these immigrants as a as a one. way of life so i can see you know it really exists because it covers the fact that all of the european nations are divided into classes. support. for unity between the press around the exploited and exploited within the european companies and i think. if all the way of describing the situation in europe european life evolved during the years it has changed a lot a european life is the unity within the diversity but the only issue here is what do you gonna do with all these make grants coming to europe are we as european
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are able to host them. greatly haase them are not. this is all it's international it's exactly 60 minutes past the of a good morning for me kevin the end of the rest of t.v. and today this week at. stories coming up an old feud flares between japan and south korea over a flag for the 2020 lympics just one of the headlines about lined up for you when we come back. you know world big part of. lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the
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truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president and she. wanted. to go right to the press this is what the 3 of them will be good. interested always in the why. should. i get a good morning this is international south korea has filed a complaint with the international olympic committee which it pans use of the
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rising sun flag during next year's games in tokyo so that assists it's no better than the nazi swastika represents japanese colonial rule and atrocities associated with it took his top official in charge of the 2020 lympics though sees no problem with the flag. on the issue of whether the rising sun flag conveys a political message i don't see it that way at all the rising sun flag dates back to japan's imperial past but variations are still flown by the country's navy and self defense forces it also frequently is seen in the hands of japanese sports fans international competition but it's long been a source of irritation for south korea and other asian countries has in fact been banned by favor as well as the asian football confederation egos down of looks at a decades long feud between seoul and tokyo. this flag is the thing setting apart south korea and japan for almost the whole past decade you might not see anything
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wrong with it but for more than a 1000000000 korean and chinese people it's no different to a swastika during the 2nd world war the japanese empire made this image of the banner for atrocities which rival the darkest crimes of adult hitler. the row over the flag largely dates back to 2011 when the nation's football teams met on the pitch to witness the image being literally waved in their faces and since then so has repeatedly asked tokyo to abandon the symbol the latest being their request for the 2020 olympics which japan rubbished the flag itself is not
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considered to be a political statement so it is not viewed as a prohibited item so now so has reached out to the international olympic committee directly we emphasized that the use of the rising sun flag during the tokyo lympics would be a direct violation. of the olympic spirit promoting world peace and love for humanity and that the international olympic committee should have the tokyo organizing committee prepare strict measures to prevent it from being brought to stadiums just last week tokyo snubbed an international fleet review in south korea over the demands to abandon any of the controversial image symbols of nazi germany have been outlawed and to this day on solemn occasions berlin speaks of its continued repent at the same time the japanese flag opens old korean and chinese rooms repeatedly according to a letter by south korea. and
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plenty of south koreans agree with the official line one of the reason for doing all it is is. if you or anyone of his you saw in your stuff let's. say were where were doesn't like that i think they stayed on the want to rebuild the relationship because they deny our cast i suppose koreans korean governments opinion i so for. you see that look you know lindsay or other or. anybody in carry out there just
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below her. the only one to. receive their apologize they should apologize sincerely to not only koreans but. countries. which take the character or concord as being 1st the moon when people have to know about the history and their governments have made their forward. and maybe we can. get better relations. donald trump's a bit as straight as announced the repeal of something called the clean water rule a set of regulations on pollution levels in bodies of water it sets a greatly ease the bureaucratic burdens that on firms but there are fears at the same time it's going to undermine u.s. waters security. like most of us donald trump enjoys the occasional refreshing
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glass of clean water. but he doesn't seem as keen to keep the water clean as his predecessor trap has recently lifted obama era restrictions and regulations on the spraying of chemicals and pesticides near streams wetlands and other bodies of water in new wood is a definition that provides hardworking americans the ring the tories certainly the need to invest and develop and build new projects that improve lives in the environment so what has changed well during the obama era if you wanted to use certain chemical pesticides and sprays in your body of water you needed a permit now you don't there's certainly going to be a lot of rejoicing about this from certain sectors many american farmers and manufacturers felt that they were being crushed by the obama era regulations
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intended to curb water pollution it would be great if farmers didn't have to hire an army of consultants and lawyers just to be able to farm now the new rules are being criticized as overly vague with the decision about what bodies of water get protected being decided on a case by case basis now the farmers are overjoyed but that feeling is not being shared by people in communities that depend on streams and rivers many seats and towns to live in with unsafe drinking water and it's very important to us that now it's not the time to cut back on clean water protections that the american farmers haven't been too keen on donald trump lately due to his trade war with china so perhaps rolling back these clean water regulations will help when i'm some point with the agricultural sector regardless environmentalists are up in arms but as many gamblers have said before you can't win it all up and r.t. new york. took it away as chef and food activist and kind of is creating
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a stir over alleged racism in western table manners no less itself she was told the little girl was not allowed to eat rice with the hands of the school cafeteria. suggesting that a child who eats with their hands has no manners is an echo of european colonial powers looking to tame the wildness out of the people they controlled these european table manners were imposed on conquered people in an attempt to civilize them the idea of a single standard of acceptable table manners is just one of a host of strategies used to grow and promote racism that idea was hard to swallow the article by josh the rot is published in a canadian parenting magazine she argues that table manners should be updated to be more diverse including in schools but the sheriff's articles raise them online another nail in the carton of the word racism having any meaning left whatsoever shame of colonization food activist stick a fork in us we're done no wait not
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a fork that's racist culture isn't a race when will people learn the difference between culture and race. you know we all have different cultural norms and certainly if when you come from a certain from a certain country there are variations of customs depend on where you live children they learn their customs and culture a city in that their own table so when they travel someplace else especially young children they are not going to know now as adults we do our homework and if we are conducting business in another country we certainly want to learn customs and we all have basic rules of conduct at the table when you visit another country you always want to do your homework in advance much like the way that we drive much like the way that we tip in different society in different cultures because that all varies if someone comes to another country and they have a different a different mannerism or
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a different custom we don't want to be rate them for using their customs we as as guests at a table always want to be accommodating to fellow guests and we want to treat everyone with respect and i think that's what it boils down to is being respectful of another person leave you about for some things looking so far the something more of the 14th of september. just a little 27 minutes past 8 in the morning bosko time my name is kevin owen from the rest of the team who are international have a great week. when lawmakers manufacture consent instead of public wealth. when the ruling
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classes protect themselves. when the final merry go round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room signals. the real news is. they all see themselves as dying swans in their dreams. but only one in the cells and will ever make it to the top. they're ready to give their lives for the chance to die on stage if only once. not even broken wings can deter them. for generations at the moment ski theater
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ballet sweat and tears. well we've undergone a corporate coup d'etat in slow motion. 35000 lobbyists in washington they write the legislation they write the bills. all it takes is one phone call from somebody on the hill to someone in the pentagon saying hey turn on the dogs the hills out to get our program the guys in the senate are on board we need you to turn on the good guys to straighten this thing out the guy's been the lobbyist. and what this does is just lock the system up and that's the whole name of the game it's it's called political engineering and i'm like political science political
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engineering is real. one of the most important things done or stand is essentially creates what we call a self licking ice cream cone and it's like petrol motion machine for getting ever increasing defense budgets the way we do it is by downplaying the future consequences to start a new weapon we over promised as performance under promise it's costs we then systematically spread dollars jobs and profits to as many congressional districts as quickly as possible so that everybody has skin in the game. the people who are invested in this state or people like the largest defense contractor in the world more than they would die before they see it. going to change the world that. we're probably already working.


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