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engineering and unlike political science political engineering is real. one of the most important things done or stand it essentially creates what we call a self licking ice cream cone. ready and it's like a petrol motion machine for getting ever increasing defense budgets the way we do it is by downplaying the future consequences to start a new weapon we over promises performance under promise its costs we then systematically spread dollars jobs and profits to as many congressional districts as quickly as possible so that everybody has skin in the game. the people who are invested in this state or people like the largest defense contractor in the world lockheed martin they will die before they see it go. going to change the world. we're probably already working.
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what did martin basically just similar to your last 2 posts a list of them tickles you knowing all branches of the government and the whole them. and this is the group that make them if you look like a bunch of schoolboys. fiscal year 19092.3 trillion missing fiscal year 2001 point one trillion missing the pentagon has claimed year after year that the reason it can't account for the money is because its computers don't communicate with each other one trillion $1.00 bills stacked high would reach nearly 68000 miles into space one 3rd of the way to the moon. i got a call from the f.b.i. saying that i was a target of a death threat. and that's what happens when you go against the big boys who has the contract today to make those systems communicate with each other and how much
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have the taxpayers paid for them there are times that corporations do things they should not do in which case they tend to be suspended for some period there are times then that corporations can get out of the penalty box it. was never in the penalty box if you could proceed to my 2nd question please the 2nd question. i forgot what the 2nd question was. individuals operating in the shadows and never having their names are able to leverage the power of the military and the foreign policy apparatus for their own personal pick uni ery in. me. but our new other.
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good being good in minus 0 and then you'll meet a nice. unity back by the end of the see those me. that are in that room but enough to know but he didn't seem. to many gun woman oh so then you know we're not good at this. new dances and so much already i'm going to see me you know better the internet you know food oh. i think of the most basic level when we realize how we've entered into. a permanent state of war like what often proponents of. counter-terrorism on
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a global scale think of as a long war but a war without end something like that. and i think that what we've accepted is a political regime that is sustained by fear is a very old very old political tactic i mean machiavelli asin the prince is a better for the prince to be feared or loved and his conclusion is because the locus of fear that the source of fear resides in him in the prince it can be constant for his rule whereas the locus of love resides in the people it's in their power and so for them could be tossed in a long lasting. i mean so much already opens a question that he probably doesn't provide us the answer with what would it mean to have our social arrangement like the basis of our social choices. be founded on
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love. i don't think one has to justify the cost and nature of the national security state one just has to keep the people fearful enough to support it but what i want to bring to your attention today is the potentially much more sinister nexus between iraq and the okada terrorist network. every word in that speech was gone over by the director of central intelligence and his deputy director after so there's nothing that i made up it was nothing that i stuck in there and in fact some people tried to stick extra things in there that the intelligence community wouldn't verify with multi-sourcing and i said no pal i grabbed me physically which was unlike him and drug me into a space at the cia at langley and said throw all the material in my presentation about terrorism out cut it out out this amount this is just within an
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hour george tenet the director of central intelligence made a spectacular bombshell presentation we have just learned from a hollow eval al qaida operative under interrogation about significant contacts between baghdad's mukhabarat and al qaida. this was devastating. here's the director of central intelligence telling the secretary of state that he has interrogated evidence well the secretary turned to me and said put it back in. continues to have a deep interest in acquiring weapons of mass destruction as with the story as the car we had his network i can trace the story of a senior terrorist operative telling how iraq provided training in these weapons to al qaeda later i learned that that was shake out libby that had to happen just instantly happened it happened months before that he been water boarded in egypt
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when he did this no u.s. personnel were present and he had recanted within a couple of weeks and we never were told about that every statement i make today is backed up by sources solid sources these are not assertions we're giving you are facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence we were indisputable. we were allowed to. at this hour american and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm iraq to free its people and to defend the world from great danger as karl rove famously said to this reporter you know you guys are reality based community is the big media by the time you figured out you know what's wrong with our reality we've moved on the creation of another reality. or cause to come into the possession of saddam hussein weapons of mass destruction they had the united states to him absolutely not.
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iran iraq was on such a scale that i was on the iranian side and i went down to the bottom i was actually given the gas kit and so let me take the train back right all the way up to tehran and the carriages were crammed with iranian soldiers who'd been gassed somewhere just coffee russian and one man who was reading the koran itself and put a handkerchief what blows his lips. gradually to cargo's became permeated with this sort of 36 mile and i realized it was the smell of the gas they were coughing up from the lungs i was going around the car has opened the windows and night is trying to clean the train out of the smell of obviously chemical. bombs to 2003 i was being attacked on radio shows especially from america you know complaining about the american invasion or you pro saddam and i said excuse me i was on the train of iranians gassed by the rockies and the chemical components came from the united states at the very time that you'll rumsfeld was meeting saddam you
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were meeting with saddam hussein i think we have some video of that. of that meeting tell me what was going on during this is what did you get this video from the iraqi television is on the iraqi television when did they give it to you recently are we back then we dug this out of the c.n.n. live or i see. isn't that interesting. there are you know. our war on terror. begins with al qaida. but it does not in. this very very is war on terror is irrational it's like saying. a wall on wall a war on vine and so on that it's nonsense you stepping into this possibility of
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confidential wall. now or your little kid reassuring us and we kept believing him because you don't want to think your prime minister is deceiving you and the route to one is nothing was serious. when the serious fraud office launched its investigation into all the crimes that we were covering it turned out that many of these arms deals have been forced through by tony blair personally he said 30 k. saddam salesman when ever there was a dispute ever in government he always found the onset of the serious fraud office go to the brink of uncovering the secret swiss bank accounts by which b. was from owning money to the saudi royal family the swiss said we're going to notify the back to tell folders randolph that swung into action.
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or to the serious fraud office to close down their investigation. since bond said if the investigation continued they would withdraw national security cooperation which would lead in the words of prince bandar to blood on the streets of london. the story we've been banging away out for more than 5 years is something they really woke up to it because everybody could see was a huge cover up the spectacle of a british prime minister closing bell of a criminal investigation for reasons we all wear that your government was approving pavements to a friend of president bush's as part of british aerospace is back system is that why you suspended a fraud inquiry. went out he blessed are talking about national security interests that's supposed to be a card that trumps all others i don't believe the investigation is that it would
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have led anywhere except to the complete wreckage of a vital strategic relationship for our country in terms of fighting terrorism in terms of the middle east in terms of british interests that. says these things absolutely stunning it seems to be a very expensive way going izing drive payment. the minute you put. the money. the world is driven by shaped by our own person to those.
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who dares thinks. we dare to ask. well you know the hard thing we've kind of adopted because we are called pirates for so long. i've been there in the small boats next to the hard pool of ships and it's standing. in line to copy down. the little self to the big cold fish already 90 percent of the dot i need to fall in the collar. to contemplate 15 scoops $75.00 tons torn up and they do it several times a day with a big fleet so no you get an idea of why the ocean is the fish. we have to understand we can not stay still and just. be witness of the
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deal for you because i. am doing this because i want the future world to the future generations to have out and enjoy the ocean we have. blair came to south africa specifically to lobby the be the british weapons manufacturers the biggest contract on our arms deal. and the option that they presented was 2 and
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a half times more expensive than the plane that the south african air force actually wanted. a systems real performance real advantage. as monday was about to step down from public life his successor tabone betty made the decision to spend around $10000000000.00 quite scarce public resources on this weaponry that we didn't need. rather than provide lifesaving medication for the almost 6000000 south africans who were then living with hiv aids . the primary reason for those deals was that around $300000000.00 in bribes were paid to senior politicians. and sadly to the african national congress the a.n.c.
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my own party. i was called in by a senior member of the n c's national executive council he said to me look i'm good this is a battle you cannot win because this money bribe. we used to fund our 999 election . and almost immediately i'm asked to make a statement to the press that says there's nothing to investigate. so it's all over . and i looked at him last said no it's not. i won't be able to live with myself. if i stop this investigation but at the same time i'm also realizing. that this is the end of my political career. the heads of government of the seals people in chief of the country's large arms contractors. and this is the template used by large defense contractors around the
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world. companies might be not only sort of effective because of the government but they're effectively above the. corruption is not merely a dirty little detail on top of the arms trade it's actually in a lot of cases what drives the international arms trade many of these deals would not happen if they did not provide opportunities for personal enrichment i would be offended if i thought. we had the monopoly. to pay them over the years very hard we made around hello there our bank for 20 years it was then a $1000000.00 it being the man or. 5 i was being dragged down i don't write in the last 2nd i'm going to still favor remind everyone that this guy is a war criminal and i just say actually hold the record what he said about iraq is
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completely and totally untrue i've never had a discussion with them now i'm not suggesting that was a phone call between gay people with an inbred exactly what happened most j.p. morgan and the consortium of other banks didn't fact prop up the whole iraqi economy to the tune of about 2 and a half 1000000000 not 20000000000 of a bit nervous that they then 6 months after he left office blair from a fine by j.p. morgan for $5000000.00 every year i was just trying to enlighten the public that there was corruption involved and not just bad decision making i'd like to find out how this. is to access the cool. there must be a back door in because they don't go on at the t. of time and there was a court room directly underneath the court room the play was in and it was left on lot so i went through that run up 2 floors by the fire escape and then to the door that calls itself by this time my heart was pounding like a really going mad and i actually lost my courage for the moment i went and sat down in a low and a bouncer my family gents toilet there i did actually ring my mother and said
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listen i'm here in washington do you think i should still go in and my mom said yeah go on you won't get another chance and i thought that's it i mean the man your . listing said. that hope has 2 beautiful daughters anger and courage anger at the way things are and courage to see that they don't remain the way they are. when. you can serve 2 sets of principles privilege and power justice and truth the more you make compromises with those who serve privilege and power point diminish the capacity for justice and truth. and. i think that the rebel seeks to keep those who have power fearful.
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under this. sounds or who. have been. ordered to go. unappreciated listen to the italian. well but of all that the feud has on t.v. . will get there which we will see to either put it to be but it does appear to be a year of have one should read a book to feed the study. now it means in what i don't. see the norm another come to mustapha could be a. 2 man hope under george bush. the insider the minute i see them coming to school. who work on. the general and how the men who are cut in. peace that's what we want freedom and peace accord up.
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off. a few of. the who were left who want to see. when the who dollar an hour just to her feet. and they just push them into the going to be can bet that. they get bought in the shop at up to say something nobody would buy that can him if you want too much coffee how would it how they are going to be full. damage how about a lead up to a silo let me allow to be a dam and how about up how well it had healed to let you call it george bush and then tell us where they're not the american people what i can accept that we had the internet in their nic and it but if you so well. know that are being let mr. george bush who'd been with darwin and the. on how they just.
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died well i can no hole no hoof and. no no. so what if the guy threw a shoe at. they me. but my. going to be may then is it. that's for him to himself. make. them as if no no no just said the. movement. i'm going to reach is the sourcing of the l.a. times report paragraph one of us authorities say column one still u.s.
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officials say said one u.s. justice department counterterrorism official column 2 officials say u.s. authorities say u.s. officials say if those officials said the officials confirmed american officials complained they said that u.s. officials. u.s. officials stressed column 3 u.s. authorities said jordanian officials said to go to the site. no loft place we haven't finished yet several u.s. officials said column 4 u.s. official said several american official said officials say say u.s. officials but u.s. officials said one u.s. counterterrorism official said i'm not joking there it is that is the journalism you're getting fed i sometimes think the l.a. times the new york times here because american officials say. i denounce the cultivator or publicly the new york times issued me a formal. written reprimand which is what you get before you're fired under union
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rules to stop speaking out against the war i had been the middle east bureau tree from and i better iraq and 7 years in the middle east. how can you come out of gaza not being free. what's being done to those people how can you come out of the sudan most of it or dozens of other places i better not be . angering. i've seen the bodies of a lot of children which i can't forget. you know especially having done it for 20 years and.
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dostoevsky 7 was the inability to love and that's what kills people. i fully get why people blow their brains out it's really. and i don't use love as a kind of hallmarks small c n l we all got to love each other. i'm saying that the only way you're healed from those experiences is by re-establishing a connection. with that kind of power with another human being and if you can't do that you don't survive and i have friends who couldn't do it they're not here. it's you know the power of love. to transcend time. and it looks like ga you'd be too out for the $38.00 that we used to have on our loaches a mini gun that fired $4000.00 rounds per minute one of the manifestations of the
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national security state especially in the in the sort of a it's arrived at today is that it destroys the policy it destroys the will to diplomacy and it destroys the skill for diplomacy. if you're a small state like we were for 150 years in essence these are these spain france england and even russia you've got to be exquisitely good at diplomacy you've got to be able to talk yourself out of lots of things and make deals and compromises and so forth but if you're the world's henchman you don't deal with anybody you smack. your military and you smack him.
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this is a sticker from the water bottle phone in the stomach of the fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all of this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. in maine as soon as school sets for their class to. stay on your own at a special projects funded. on the i'm your best bet is the end of a pretty tough and now the mountains of waste only grow higher. you know world's big partners. lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up
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to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. thousands of american men and women choose to serve in the country's military and the decision little shattered lives every song came to a complete. the day that i was raised to be instructed here you know told to shut up but they'd kill me and i see how it destroyed my life many screamed at me and he made me come in the gram my arm and he raped me with his birth thinking if you take into account that women don't report because of the extreme retaliation it's probably somewhere near about half a 1000000 women have now been sexually assaulted in the us military base. very very
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traumatizing thing to have happen but i've never seen trauma like i've seen women who are veterans who have suffered military sexual trauma rape is more likely to get the victim punished. and almost 10 year career which i was very invested in and i gave a sex offender who was not even wanted justice or put on the registry this is simply an issue of our in violence male sexual predators for the large part of target whoever is there whether that's man.
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headlining this morning chinese telecom john huawei says it's ready to sell the key element of its high speed internet. to any prospective. i mean to address concerns its equipment poses a security risk. coming up to a feud between south korea and japan over that upcoming 2020 summer olympics in tokyo so was i get over the use of japanese military flug they say the cold war against the. british switched to eco friendly technology to woo an environmentally conscious generation of new recruits people.


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