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broken wings could deter them. for generations at the risk youth theatre ballet sweat and tears on r.t. . then they have now just turned here in moscow these are the headlines from out international neck and neck its rival benny gantz both failed to secure a majority government in their own right with potential lengthy coalition talks lewdly. in the coming days will convene negotiations to assemble a strong zionist government i intend to speak with everyone starting tonight we will work to form a broad unity government elsewhere than you see this morning while saudi arabia probes who is behind the devastating drone attacks and it's all facilities at the weekend the us sticks to hasty accusations putting the blame firmly on iran and. the new york times faces a backlash for publishing an excerpt the forthcoming book about the alleged sexual misconduct of u.s. supreme court justice brett kavanaugh but leaving important details out it seems.
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very good morning thanks for joining us internationally kevin i am here this wednesday 30 minute will these round up for you and 1st with our votes counted the fate of israel's current prime minister hanging in the balance this morning and the polls suggest he's neck and neck with his nearest rival after repeat parliamentary elections and i mean you know even with his religious and right wing allies doesn't seem to have enough seats to secure a majority government and that also goes for his main rival benny katz to egos don't have to correspond across this one this morning it's quite a high turnout seems almost 70 percent so it should be a pretty indicative view of what the people think they're not a good morning for benyamin netanyahu than not at all i doubt he could get any sleep any good night sleep and that's because this vote was largely viewed not as a general election but as a. vote of confidence for netanyahu and mind that not for his party but for him
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personally and that is important because the old reason why these elections happened is because netanyahu couldn't form a government after the elections in april so he called for another elections and during the can painting some of his policies the policies that he personally proposed they managed to a alienate some of his former allies and b. gave a boost to his rivals also at the same time this. up to the corruption charges he is not out of the woods when it comes to the corruption scandal so when it comes to that he could still be indicted on 3 in 3 cases so what is the campaign what did he promise the public that didn't seem to go down to the world yeah he drove a very hard bargain when it comes to the right wing agenda being very pro jewish kind of anti arab i should say because he talked about an exciting settlements in the west bank and in the jordan valley he times and times again raised questions
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about the loyalty of the arab community and effectively he ruled out any possibility of forming a coalition with a force that will puts forward the interests of an arab minority. in the coming days will convene negotiations to assemble a strong zionist government to prevent a dangerous and to zionist government. will not and cannot be a government that leans on either of them to sign this passes parties that negate the very existence of israel as a jewish and democratic state so as to the early days was still an exit polls but how is it looking that the minority voters voted well effectively it's a great case a very reprise a very indicative case of how benjamin netanyahu is rhetoric blew in his face because i talked about how his campaigning gave a boost gave a platform to his opponents and that's what it did more arabs showed up at the
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polls and cause and effect here and more seats for the pro arab party they are in fact are coming in 3rd in the race right now so too close call at the moment the early early reports but from a good part it was a bit of a miserable start this morning not exactly varia happy atmosphere and officially the line is too soon yet still to talk about coalition building but i bet so is going on behind the scenes you know i'd like here i'd like to to focus on 2 forces one coming in one tied for the lead of 4 for leadership within the party and another one coming in 4th but we'll get to that just in a in a 1000000 basically tied with netanyahu is a main rival benny gantz and he has been very satisfied with the way things have been turning out for his party and he's already talked he's one of those people who doesn't have anything against the coalition with the likud party but he has problems with netanyahu with speaking with sitting down together with them forming
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an alliance with netanyahu personally have a listen. if you had according to the projected results netanyahu did not succeed in his mission. and that he will. we on the other hand proved that the idea of the blue and white project which we establish just over 6 months ago is a huge success and he's here to stay i intend to speak with everyone starting tonight we will work to form a broad unity government that will express the will of our people. there was bernie gans for you and speaking of a nother force and in fact which could be a kingmaker in this situation is the man coming in 4th and that's evident all of a man speak of alienating your former allies you have a dog little man to stand beside netanyahu for a very very long time he's a veteran of was really politics but netanyahu stands on the ultra orthodox jews and of basically being very favorable and giving more to them is something that
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drove libyan man away and turned him into a rival and he's already said that basically he will not form a coalition with any force that for instance wants the ultra orthodox jews to be to be pardoned to be excused or not being drafted into into the army and so on and so forth and that is one of the key policies netanyahu has been running on so whoever liber man decides to side with could be eventually kingmaker in that sense also speaking of what's going to happen next the president of israel a figure not much talked about being frank here he will appoint when the official results are in he will appoint. a man who he sees most worthy of forming a coalition well we'll see who that man will be far from clear picture going to let's go to television show way we've got former israeli m.p. danny alone on the line hey there good morning thanks for being with us think
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you're another lead in but i know those are not sure progress not much progress apparently still far from clear things are going to go forward from here what's your take on what's happened over night. well i would say basically this the results for these elections pretty much for it replicated what happened here in the last elections 4 months ago except that they are minors and minor changes but basically we see a tie a virtual tie between the right wing and the left wing so i think that begs the question you know how do we move forward and i believe that there is no other way but having what the french call corby to see on national unity government but that could not always be a friendship or a good productive friendship can it. absolutely but we did have an experience which was not bad in the. need to late eighty's when she won paris and
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then a mere head of rotation in the government as prime ministers and this was a government that everybody thought it was a government of paralysis that one side will nix the other but they have done a lot of things they may have moved out of lebanon and they stabilized the economy so i think it will take some arm twisting and you were rightly so. one of your guests who said that the president here present really we'll have a very instrumental role because he can really put the 2 heads together that would be been it's a now on the one hand and benny gantz and just kind of knock their heads this was the case basically in the eighty's when then prime minister herzog to paris and shamir and pretty much forced them to to go together it's been a minute you know still the man to be heading the could turn is in charge is a heck of a long time with all the ups and downs the stress and strains of it is going to be
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any pressure from within his party for him to maybe stand called something new to head it could happen. well he's much more vulnerable than before he's more vulnerable the selection than the last election 4 months ago how ever see. bass's the basically could voters are still with him so this will probably obviate any kind of attempt a coup attempt so to speak because all those rivals all those who see themselves as replacing b.b. within likud will be very careful not to rush because they can be punished severely by by the voters so basically it's going to be a power or a let's say a power of wills whereby benny gantz you know if his party will insist that he's willing for a national coalition without bibi netanyahu i am not sure that this will work
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because then. they could members you know they are not used to being. threatened like that they have a lot of loyalty to the leader also they have a procedure they cannot just remove the leader of the party without primaries so i don't think this is feasible however. within the guns party from the left wing there are some who say that they will never join the call vision with bibi but i think it will is more plausible that guns will break away from some of his partners who are not we do not want to sit with bibi enjoying bibi in a national unity so complicated far from done and dusted yet how to be a politician a well you'll know. a long former israeli m.p. thank you ever so much make the time to be live with us here on the channel today appreciate it. because some other news focus on what's happening in saudi
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arabia now the country set to invite u.n. experts to join an investigation into who attacked the country's major oil facilities last saturday well the gulf monarchies want to attribute blame the u.s. president was very quick call for mark to accuse radical. the offset the back shot of all this is that all or falling in saudi arabia has been hard as a result of the attack on those 2 major state run facilities processes spiked the u.s. claims it was a result of drone strikes launched an iraqi tree very quickly there as well just after this happened the yemenis who through rebel said they did it to run all the way along the line said it's not involved very strongly denied any involvement that is caleb maupin looks at america's quick fire allegations. now the trumpet ministration says that it knows for sure who was responsible for the recent attack on saudi arabian oil facilities well kind of try and decode these recent statements from the president who seems. looking that way will have some pretty good.
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having some very strong studies done but it's certainly looking that way at this moment and. we'll let you know soon as we find out definitively we'll let you know but it does look that way and then just half a minute later you think that iran is responsible i think i did. say that we think we know who it was but i didn't see anybody just crystal clear no ambiguity there well on saturday u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o said that he was absolutely sure of who did it within hours of the attack we call on all nations to publicly unequivocally condemn iran's a tux the united states will work with our partners and allies to ensure that energy markets remain most supplied on iran is held accountable for its aggression so on saturday iran absolutely did it a few days later well i will get back to you on that now is it a little bit disturbing that the white house knows the less about the attack as time goes on not more but we've been here before on april 4th 2718 there was
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a chemical incident in syria the next day the white house was pointing fingers today's chemical attack in syria against innocent people including women and children is reprehensible and cannot be ignored by the civilized world these heinous actions by the bizarre al assad regime are a consequence of the past administrations weakness and a resolution the syrian skyline was lit up with the fireworks of 59 cruise missiles however a year later james madison was then the u.s. secretary of defense says they really weren't sure who did it. we have other reports from the battlefield from people who claim it's been used we do not have evidence of it so they had a smoking gun evidence at 1st but then they left it in the elevator or they dropped it on the bus over these things happened right remember back in february want to
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humanitarian aid truck was burned on the border with venezuela mike pence the us vice president spoke up immediately saying who was to blame the tyrants in caracas dance this is henchmen murdered civilians and burned food medicine heading to venezuelans saturday was tragic for the families of those killed and suffering venezuelans but it was just one more day in venice when his journey from tyranny to freedom madeira must go then a video emerged telling a completely different story and it wasn't so cut and dry. as responsible for creating the conditions of violence his thugs denied the entry of tons of food and medicine while thousands of courageous volunteers sought to safeguard and deliver aid to venezuelan families. remember saddam hussein and his weapons of mass destruction or should i say or lack thereof well they want to head and bombed iraq anyway but they put on a show at the un in the hopes of convincing the audience 1st iraq declared 8500 liters of anthrax unscom estimates of saddam hussein would have produced
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25000 liters whatever happened to the good old days of evidence investigation and solid proof now the rule seems to be act 1st think later and then justify your actions afterwards with 144 characters of tough talk on twitter kayla plump and artsy new york had the program's wednesday morning a tell all book preview when u.s. supreme court justice break covena gets the new york times and i don't want to just one of the stories we're across. the world is driven by a dream shaped by our own personal there is. no
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day or thinks. we dare to ask. make this manufacture consent to public wealth. when the running clubs as protect themselves. in the final larry go live to be the one. we can all middle of the room 6. 1000000 real new.
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again the south's international thanks to say this is exactly 70 minutes past the hour now to watch the clock this morning new delhi says pakistan controlled kashmir should be considered as part of india india's foreign minister also expressed hope that one day they would have physical jurisdiction over the region new delhi in islamabad of an at loggerheads for more than 7 decades over kashmir since they failed to agree on the borders drawn up through the pretty partition of india. it used to be one country under british rule where communities of differing religions live side by side for generations but 70 years ago independence or the region split into india and pakistan in a process that went down in history books as the partition and so did the man who hurriedly through the border the year 1947 the dying days of the british empire weakened by the 2nd world war india became a burden london was also unable to counter the growing independence movement led by
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matt mackenzie to fix it britain appointed lord louis mountbatten as the last viceroy of india he made it clear it was not his dream job. i am prepared to accept the job only on one condition india must be granted independence by july 948 and i will not stay there a day longer. once he arrived though he decided he couldn't wait that long it needed to be sorted more quickly in just 5 weeks to be precise and to lord cyril radcliffe a british lawyer who had never set foot in india he was tasked with drawing a line between the most cohesive muslim and hindu populated areas just like mountbatten radcliff 2 found india not to his liking. it was impossible to undertake the field survey in june because of the heat so how does anyone who's not familiar with the situation on the ground decide where the border is going to be
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well studied the maps obviously it's all in there the demographics the religious majority it's also simple isn't it but the areas with the majority of muslims in pakistan and the hindus in india problem solved right if aspirations of some people had not been fulfilled the fold must be found in political arrangements with which i'm not concerned the ratcliffe line was only revealed to the people the day before independence and. scenes of celebration were replaced with fear and confusion as millions woke up on the wrong side of the border the partition on the radcliffe line led to unprecedented violence resulting in up to a 1000000 deaths so how did it all go wrong many areas had equal numbers of muslims and hindus radcliffe also didn't take the sikhs into account and he never even heard of kashmir. i was not even aware of kashmir i heard about it long after i returned to london both lord mountbatten and lord radclyffe made
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a swift exit from the heat leaving millions of people to deal with their quick and toxic solution for generations to come. in india controlled kashmir a communications blackout is being enforced making it impossible for people on either side of the disputed region to speak to each other new delhi says it's needed to curb potential violence and prevent any possibility of separatist rallies paula slater went direct that she went to pakistan controlled kashmir to follow the bit more but was happening over the border when pakistani kashmir not far from the defective border that divides pakistan from india but don't be taken in by the beauty of this himalayan valley from what in a month people living in villages here have really been living in fear dread and terror on the 5th of august india imposed a blackout it closed the border and since then thousands of families here have no idea what's happening to their families on the other side we're going to visit the
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family. thank you what is the situation like here either the situation is worse than before and everyone is worried about the well being of family members in the indian occupied kashmir signals are blocked and no means of communication still like what happened to the time you try to phone your cousin. don't sit up since last month we've been unable to get a hold of our relatives in india held kashmir but we keep trying the air is totally disconnected i've seen for myself this kind of atrocity back in 2010 when i went to india and held kashmir the situation was intense. we were dying to know their condition were concerned something isn't right we have no idea of they have food to you if you have children are going hungry you there kinna. and does it do that the whole time. and yes it is like this when i would try to
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reach down we pray for them constantly our hearts are bleeding we just want to see them again this is you and she is yes and it's before 5 years. you look very happy here you left him very matador boss and when ever we meet with them we feel so happy and delighted with forget every sorrow and hardship we're facing in life and they see the same things in me meeting them itself is a big occasion for us custom has been split into 3 parts have been assessed by india pakistan and china 2 which also claims part of its territory tension escalated recently after new delhi stripped india administered kashmir of its autonomy in august and claimed it as a result mediately pakistan rejected the move saying it contradicted international law now on choose day india's leader in their own dromo to come up with something else announcing that the kashmir region would get a development boost including foreign investment he said the region is to be made prosperous as he put it in negotiations are underway to end that to that end rather
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meantime india's top court ordered the federal government to restore normal life in kashmir as soon as possible guests explain the current situation in the volatile region they've already allowed some senior congress leaders to allow them to start visiting kashmir region already and i think in the coming days we're going to see more of a strategic plan to normalize the situation in kashmir. you know obviously there's been. an international pressure to put on india to make this happen and they were absolutely i think that the indian government with its latest actions of committed to resolving this issue of 30 year old dispute. that the government is definitely going to put in forward measures to make sure that imprisoned people are processed properly and also. people into territory or humanitarian aid gets to them reliably indeed in certain parts of kashmir certain kinds of blocking for instance
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on landline telephones has been lifted while of course in other parts specially on telephone me and continues to be. war and i think it's early days for us to really understand what kind of situation mind unfolded. once this blockade was moved remember we are now going into the ring to season and i think what really the indian government is trying to do is actually go into windows very quickly because we're is coming into shmeat their age will be too cold and about to be you know full weeks or so and they're trying for the real deal so that the child in a sense if it all begin in 2020 summer. and you tell all book of alleged sexual harassment by the u.s. supreme court justice break covenants been previewed in the new york times but
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seems the papers faced a backlash for apparently taking things out of context r.t. to put trying to reports if you're kind of sick of hearing the same story all over again like the president called this or that media nothing but junk or you're glad you haven't heard the name brand cavanagh and something related to his generals for a while i'm really sorry i don't think they'll do it but they should for the good of the nation i call for the resignation of everybody or to new york times in. the. yap which is once again one of the biggest stories in the land of trump and co vs the liberals here we go so 2 times journalists wrote a book and had a preview published in the sunday paper what's being teased are 2 previously reported alleged cases of sexual harassment by brad cavanaugh now a supreme court justice from his years at yale. a freshman named
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brett kavanaugh pulled down his pants and thrust his penis at prompting had to swatted away and inadvertently touch it. a classmate manx t. assume mr cavanaugh with these pants down at a different drunken dorm party with friends pushed his penis into the hand of a female student now that is gross if it fell on mr cavanaugh was really up to all that surely he must face severe consequences although for now these are just lines from a book not something put forward by let's say the folks from the justice department but if you pick almost any one of the democratic presidential candidate lineup they've made up their minds on what should be next for kavanaugh confirmation is not exoneration and these news revelations that disturb him like the man who appointed him cavanaugh should be impeached he was put on due course through a sham process and his plays into court is an insult to the pursuit of truth and
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justice he must be impeached it is more clear than ever that brett kavanaugh lied under oath he should be impeached i stand with survivors and countless other americans in calling for impeachment proceedings to begin but dig a bit deeper and perhaps trump's latest rant at the n.y.t. isn't so wide off the mark there could have been a bit of a problem with their journalistic ethics you see some conservative folks got an advanced copy of the book and realized something rather important was dropped in the times teaser. the book notes quietly that the woman max steering named as having been supposedly victimized by cavanagh in france denies any memory of an alleged event seems i don't know significant it was then the papers turned to do something about it after a while here's what they came up with an earlier version did not include one
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element of the book's account regarding an assertion by a young classmate that friends of brett kavanaugh pushed his penis into the hand of a female student at a drunken dorm party the book report of the female student declined to be interviewed and friends say that she doesn't recall the incident that information has been added to the article the authors were bound to be asked why the essential piece of the puzzle was missing in your draft of the article did it include those words that have since been added to the article. so somewhere in the editing process those words were yeah i mean i think what happened actually was that you know we had her name and you know the times doesn't usually include the name of rectum and so i think in this case the editors felt like maybe it was probably better to remove it and in removing her name they removed the other reference to the fact that she didn't remember it they could have done a good job at protecting the victim or they could have messed up a whole thing up wildly because no matter what's not in the article they say her
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name is in the book or maybe mr trump was right and they didn't want to read the story of that extra spice and left out the crucial bit on purpose what if the woman doesn't even consider herself a victim she reportedly says she doesn't remember anything like this oh god. his genitals liberal media rob watch this space my friends think this is a think about the bullet in the show we are t. dog is a cause where we're not on the air in the studio top of the front page right now we're tracking what's happening with the general election in just a 2nd in just 5 months in israel. 70 percent. close to cold we're across it to moscow is kevin owen saying thanks for watching i'd say in our next programs for you and your other worlds best thing for you starts now.
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time after time so we're going underground after the presidents of russia iran and turkey agreed to ally in the fight against the islamists of syria just as the u.k. and usa appear to signal threats to iran which would defacto benefit those islamists coming up on the show the deputy chair of the founding body of modern turkey you know all 7 cause tells going on the ground that boris johnson did not play the turkey card very cleverly when syrian refugees fled their homes to escape death and destruction and as you came media breathlessly promotes former pm david cameron's memoir as we get one of his former ministers to explain the libya and bricks if you.


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