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saudi arabia says saturday's devastating drone attacks on its oil facilities were unquestionably as wanted by iran because the missile components were made in iran. deadlocked 2.0 israel's on course for yet another election stalemate with prime minister netanyahu currently liking one seat behind rival benny gantz lengthy coalition talks now as neither have enough for a majority in parliament. in the coming days will be negotiations to assemble a strong zionist government which i intend to speak with everyone starting tonight we will work to form a broad unity government. and the new york times faces a packed last for publishing an excerpt from
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a forthcoming book about the alleged sexual misconduct of u.s. supreme court judge brett kavanaugh leaving in 14 details out. it's 11 o'clock here in moscow and you're watching international live from our studio with mina due to welcome to the program. saudi arabia now claims that iran was involved in this weekend's attack on the kingdom's old refineries and that the attack was not conducted from yemen in the south but came from the north iran swiftly with the defense ministries claim as lacking real proof is in with the details. well we heard the press conference from the saudi ministry of defense earlier and we also understand that at this point mike pompei o has arrived in saudi arabia for his working visit and he is referring to the attack as an act of war in blaming iran but at the press conference that we heard
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they announced that they had carried out a thorough investigation and come to some pretty specific conclusions as. the attorney did not originate from yemen was movement from the movement and was on question be sponsored by a wrong it's not in the range of yemen's capabilities if it was them who can talk to the attack this is one of the missiles we have recovered and we have information that leads us to the source of these kind of components were made in iran as the saudi officials were speaking they had scattered parts of the missiles to route the room and they pointed to these scattered parts of the missile to make their point that iran was responsible if that iranian regime and the i.r.g.c. are trying to hide any evidence of the components and the technology i'm sure we will. we're working on who have is responsible about to take accountability basically as the saudi officials were speaking they argued that the components of
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these missiles were iranian made they said that iran is attempting to hide evidence interestingly when they were pressed for details about the location from which the attack was launched they gave some rather vague answers this is saudi officials responding to questions from reporters when when is the breaking point what is the red line where you feel you'll be compelled to respond militarily militarily if. we're working right now to move launch point and when we have it we will have evidence that the decision is not on my level now the islamic republic of iran has responded and said that this is simply not accurate and they said that saudi arabia does not have real proof that iran is responsible. the news conference from the saudi arabian defense ministries press secretary is a catastrophe for saudi arabia they've shown they cannot prove or know exactly where the cruise missiles and drawings were made from exactly where that attack was
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launched or why ead defense systems could not prevent that attack. with 95 percent of the vote counted the fate of israel's prime minister hangs in the balance right now in any case that neither has enough allies to form a government which means yet more protracted coalition talks lie ahead our middle east correspondent paula slayer has the details. well it certainly seems as if you've read the situation wrong this is the 2nd election in 6 months and it's the 2nd time in 6 months that netanyahu has lost he is being placed 2nd to the full the army chief benny gantz who heads up a center left party now the race has been tight it's only 160000 seats that is the equivalent of that one parliamentary mandate so it's only 160000 seats that separate the 2 leaders but who is running out of coalition partners he hasn't got any new partners to approach to put sides his traditional ones and he's also making a desperate attempt to try and present this in
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a positive light he's made an appeal which he says we will fight on to form a strong zionist government without the arab parties many people here interpret that as the disparate words of a desperate man they need guns is not going to be tossed presumably with forming the next government he says he is prepared to potentially work with netanyahu so he could party but only if netanyahu is not there and netanyahu of course is not going to accept this but there are questions whether or not in the future the party might actually osc him to step down so that they can form that unity government and still remain within the ruling coalition believe him and he really is the king the king maker here and he is expected to have between 8 and 10 seats now and he and netanyahu have a lot of bad blood between them so on the one hand they'll need to put their personal differences aside and then on the other hand the time yahoo is committed to the orthodox parties and lieberman is campaigning on the ticket of secularism he wants nothing to do with the orthodox parties so it seems almost impossible hunters
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are not who's going to be able to form a coalition with lieberman on the one side and the orthodox parties on the other so so this is the problem in israel there's just too many political parties with too many different agendas the sense one gets here is that the country really is in a position of stalemate almost in the same position that it was 6 months ago and that's why increasingly more questions are being. asked as to whether or not the 3rd election is going to be held which is just essentially going to cost the country more money it's going to create more fatigue and more frustration amongst israelis. political analyst mitchell barak believes that for now mr netanyahu doesn't have any viable options for a coalition. the ironic thing is the last election which was a few months ago and to now had really all the options in the world he could have formed a right of center government a narrow one with about 61 seats or he could have sat down with benny gantz and had a unity government with 70 and added more parties he chose to do neither he wasn't
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successful and either called for new elections now what it appears is i would say it's the final countdown to the end of the career of that and you know he's talking about a narrow right of center zionist government you know a narrow government and benny gantz is sounding like a leader unifying the people the will of the people he's going to talk to all the parties most of the parties that have run from the left blue and white to the labor party to the democratic camp party all of them has said will join a national unity government with the likud even we just won't do it with it and you know that and you know for most israeli politicians and many and many of the israeli people is damaged goods. and the talent pool on occasions of a sexual harassment by a supreme court justice pratt company as being previewed in the new york times and the papers facing a backlash from apparently taking things out of context and has been reading between the lines if you're kind of sick of hearing the same story all over again
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like the president called this or that media nothing but junk or you're glad you haven't heard the name brand cavanaugh and something related to his genitals for a while i'm really sorry i don't think they'll do it but they should for the good of the nation i call for the resignation of everybody had to do york times involved . yep which is once again one of the biggest stories in the land of trump and cold versus the liberals here we go so 2 top journalists wrote a book and had a preview published in the sunday paper what's being teased are 2 previously reported alleged cases of sexual harassment by brad cavanaugh now a supreme court justice from his years at yale. a freshman named brett kavanaugh pulled down his pants interest his penis at her prompting her to swatted away and inadvertently touch it. a classmate masti
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or saw mr cameron with his pants down at a different drunken durham party where friends pushed his penis into to hand over a female student now that is gross if it fell on mr cavanaugh was really up to all that surely he must face severe consequences although for now these are just lines from a book not something put forward by let's say the folks from the justice department but if you pick almost any one of the democratic presidential candidate lined up they've made up their minds on what should be next for kavanaugh confirmation is not exoneration and these news revelations that disturb him like the man who appointed him kevin all should be impeached he was put on the court through a sham process and he is placed on the court as an insult to the pursuit of truth and justice he must be impeached it is more clear than ever that brett kavanaugh
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lied under oath he should be impeached i stand with survivors and countless other americans in calling for impeachment proceedings to begin but dig a bit deeper and perhaps trump's latest rant at the n.y.t. isn't so wide off the mark there could have been a bit of a problem with their journalistic ethics you see some conservative folks got an advanced copy of the book and realized something rather important was dropped in the times teaser the book notes quietly that the woman max steer named as having been supposedly victimized by kavanagh in france denies any memory of an alleged event seems odd or no significant it was then the paper's turn to do something about it after a while here's what they came up with. an earlier version did not include want aliment of the book's account regarding an assertion by classmate to friends of brett cavanagh pushed his penis into him of the female student and
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a drunken party the book reports that if the male student declined to be interviewed and friends see the she does not recall the incident that information has been added to. the authors were bound to be asked why the central piece of the puzzle was missing your draft of the article didn't include those words that have since been added to the article and to it so somewhere in the editing process those words were no i mean i think what happened actually was that you know we had her name and you know the times doesn't usually include the name of rectum and so i think in this case the editors felt like maybe it was probably better to remove it and in removing her name they removed the other reference to the fact that she didn't remember that they could have done a good job at protecting the victim or they could have missed the whole thing up wildly because no matter what's not in the article they say her name is in the book or maybe mr trump was right and they didn't want to read the story of that extra spice and left out the crucial bit on purpose what if the woman doesn't even
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consider herself a victim she reportedly says she doesn't remember anything like this oh god. his genitals liberal media frob watch this space my friends. i thought top story in saudi arabia's direct accusation that iran played a role in the attacks on riyadh all refined weeks of the weekend the allegation was presented during a defense ministry press conference with branded a catastrophe for the kingdom saying that the saudis presented no clear evidence but we can get some insight now from michael maloof who's a former pentagon security analyst thanks for coming on to the program michael. version yeah i mean you know we heard a lot about this key white outfit. white house figures are in saudi arabia and there and now riyadh as we mentioned before say the attacks were unquestionably sponsored by iran after several days holding off from making direct accusations
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what do you think are the next news for the u.s. and saudi arabia. i don't think anything is going to happen really i think the they're going to have to let this one slide because to to do otherwise would result in concerted military responses. i. think the who are right they are the ones who did it but the problem is no one believes them and it doesn't fit into the u.s. narrative that it's iran the only thing that might be iranian related is that maybe some of the equipment some of the technology that the who these have might have been incorporated into the attack but why why or why is anyone complaining especially the saudis since the u.s. has been providing the bombs and the aircraft to the saudis to bomb yemen for 4 years so the who with these are just responding back and now
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a military spokesman namely yeah sorry basically said look it was us we basically made these drones with materials that could not be detected and there they are and we are also working with people from within it's very interesting he says it's people within the the regime itself which might suggest that there is a current of maybe a possible overthrow of mohamed bin salman yeah i mean they were it i think it's prudent michael they were a bit shady that the u.s. stay out of this well it's all you are saying and the fact is. there is there's no evidence no evidence directly of overhead of of where the missiles might have a originated i have not seen any intelligence on that and to believe intelligence these days i just remind viewers of the iraqi w n
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d the slam dunk intelligence they had back in 2003 to launch of the us invasion of iraq how did that go i mean they did discuss over that didn't they where the where the missile yes. and concentrated more on what they were so that there is no definitive evidence at this point. if we look at it it's nothing to go to war over well if we look at defense you know riyadh has spent billions of dollars on us on this and uses the american made page a defense system how was a breach even possible. well because the materials and the and the missiles themselves apparently were stealth and they don't and they have not purchased from the united states the type of radar systems that can detect stealth the u.s. won't sell it till now there are some countries particularly the czech republic not
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a tesla that has a type of radar that can detect stealth in fact that's what was used. in bosnia to shoot down the f. 117. years ago during the clinton administration they had a radar system that allowed them to track and it was a radar system that when i was that the defense department we were denying to iraq and other countries because it could detect stealth and apparently the saudis don't have a no it's my understanding they've turned around and there they've put out bids for technologies to detect it detect such. missiles and incoming drones and you know they've got the money they can buy it but. too little too late right now this minute up to now if we look at the reaction to this latest incident he doesn't appear to be totally convinced that iran was in fact behind the iraq having
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said that his top diplomat might compare he plame to iran immediately after the incident why is what it looks like there's a miscommunication doesn't there within the white house have a something that you know it's there it's there audio it's. it's the ideological approach that they're taking these are neo cons they want to blame iran anything that will point in the direction of iran because they're looking to instigate something against iran and their plan is becoming for oil because we see what's going on in in the israeli elections right now netanyahu is having a problem getting reelected and secondly bolton john bolton the national security adviser former is now out and he was a big proponent of war with iran and so you know most of the countries in the world don't want it we've seen it from russia to china they're all and europe they're all
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saying go cautiously on this because the next step is going to be but i might add one other thing the iranians have to undertake an approach which i find intriguing they're basically saying they're going to do proportionate responses militarily or kinetically whenever that happens to them so we saw it 1st when the drone came in from the u.s. drone enter their territory and it was shot down while the head of the aerospace forces as announced look they're just going to go and do this quid pro quo type of thing from here on and they can target not only us bases in the region but they're also looking in that facility such as the oil and gas facilities in saudi arabia as well as u.a.e. in response so nobody's going to go unscathed if things break out and that's the last thing in the world people want right now yeah i mean even you know you can start it but how do you end it. yeah i mean even if we look at what allies or how
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allies of reactively look at japan which is a notably with ali. they said that there's no intelligent what we're discussing before there's no winter intelligence to indicate that to ron was involved in these recent attacks and that the who the rebels you know are claiming behind it why. i mean you you've talked about they will buy you the water option but. nevertheless you know we do have this stance did and only from washington you know their determination. montra. they're trying to keep that pressure on iran they want they ultimately want regime change there even though a pompei 0 does i should say the president says he's willing to talk or he was he probably still is deep in his heart and you have other folks like. vladimir putin saying the you know we've got to calm down this is not a time to to raise the temperature in that region anything can set it off as we saw
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a few weeks ago when the israelis attacked. in the in south beirut that could have sparked something much much larger and it would have been unrelated to this but you also have the saudis saying they want to they want to go after. iran they want to attack tehran and they've said that time and again as has been solomon himself well you've got to ask yourself a house at war in me m. and go and mr bin solomon they can't work their way out of a paper bag and for him to start threatening iran whose military is stronger than all of the g.c.c. countries militaries combine i think he better start giving some additional thought that's what i that's why i find it interesting that maybe some people within the kingdom now are working with outside forces such as the who is these and what have you to maybe begin to undermine and then to cut bin solomon and maybe put in
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the maybe potentially gearing up for a coup within the kingdom itself well they rule that out well that's certainly what we don't say that the detection didn't. this time so surely they're going to be looking at how to defend that country because they are under attack or have been kind of vegan and they just doesn't make sense it just doesn't make sense why they didn't have these places and defended in the 1st place i don't think patriots were around those those installation. in the 1st place i think they're more for the outer perimeter of incoming ballistic missiles that's what they're really designed for not for stealth under the radar type of equipment do you think they're going to be looking elsewhere do you think they'll take a lot to me or putin's offer. to buy russian air defense systems well that is that the well the even the s 400 i don't think would have caught this if it was stealth
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material i don't think the. advances that system is i don't think it would have picked up stuff in any way it's an aircraft which means it's got to be able to see it and they've got to have a radar as i said that is capable of picking up stealth and that does exist it's just that it's being held very clipped the technology is held very closely ok we'll leave it there michael michael maloof former senior security policy analyst for the pentagon thanks michael always a pleasure pleasure sure. and he says pakistan controlled kashmir should be considered part of its own territory the indian foreign minister also expressed hope that one day they would have physical jurisdiction over the region pakistan and india have been at loggerheads over kashmir for more than 70 years since they failed to agree on the borders drawn up during the british partition of india. it used to be one country under british rule where communities of differing religions
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live side by side for generations but 70 years ago independence or the region split into india and pakistan in a process that went down in history books as the partition and so did the man who hurriedly through the border the year 1947 the dying days of the british empire weakened by the 2nd world war india became a burden london was also unable to counter the growing independence movement led by matt maganda to fix it britain appointed lord louis mountbatten as the last viceroy of india he made it clear it was not his dream job. i am prepared to accept the job only on one condition india must be granted independence by july 948 and i will not stay there a day longer. once he arrived though he decided he couldn't wait that long it needed to be sorted more quickly in just 5 weeks to be precise enter lord cyril
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radcliffe a british lawyer who had never set foot in india he was tasked with drawing a line between the most cohesive muslim and hindu populated areas just like mountbatten radcliff 2 found india not to his liking. it was impossible to undertake the field survey in june because of the heat so how does anyone who's not familiar with the situation on the ground decide where the border is going to be well studied the maps obviously it's all in there the demographics the religious majority it's also simple isn't it but the areas with the majority of muslims in pakistan and the hindus in india problem solved right if the aspirations of some people had not been fulfilled the fold must be found in political arrangements with which i'm not concerned the ratcliffe line was only revealed to the people the day before independence and. scenes of celebration were replaced with fear and confusion as millions woke up on the wrong side of the border the partition and the
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radcliffe line led to unprecedented violence resulting in up to a 1000000 deaths so how did it all go wrong many areas had equal numbers of muslims and hindus radcliffe also didn't take the sikhs into account and he'd never even heard of kashmir. i was not even aware of kashmir i heard about it long after i returned to london both lord mountbatten and lord radclyffe made a swift exit from the heat leaving millions of people to deal with their quick and toxic solution for generations to come. today in india controlled kashmir a communications blackout is being enforced making it very difficult if not impossible for people on either side of the disputed region to speak to each other india says it was put in place to cope potential violence and prevent the possibility of separatist rallies we spoke to a family unable to call their relatives on the indian side of the border. my own
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sit up since last march we've been unable to get a hold of our relatives in indian held kashmir but we keep trying the ear is totally disconnected i've seen for myself this kind of atrocity back in 2010 when i went to india and how kashmir the situation was intense. we were dying to know their condition were concerned something isn't right we have no idea of that you have food to young children are growing hungry you. know. and does it do that the whole time. and yes it is like this when they were trying to reach down we pray for them constantly our hearts are bleeding we just want to see them again. kashmir is split into 3 parts administered by india pakistan and china which also has claims to part of the territory tension escalated recently after new delhi stripped india
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administered kashmir and soni muslim majority state of its autonomy in august pakistan rejected the move saying it contradicts international law on tuesday india's that leader in a round ramadi announced that the kashmir region would get a development boost including foreign of less investment he says the region is to be made prosperous and the gauche asians are already underway meanwhile in just top court ordered the federal government to restore normal life in kashmir as soon as possible we also regional analysts whether blackouts and other severe measures that were necessary in kashmir. the exceptional situation requires exceptional measures and. implementers i'm sure the government will. you know when he started off by name is on. lot of things here we relaxed what example. most of the but i think it's open to public and the
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marilyn connections of us all but of course some restrictions on their. brain those instructions would also be removed so those who are gay will be released in the hood to do very little except those who have some. or charges against them and the cases are going against them in the us or it's clearly the some of the confusion and the restrictions on the communications restrictions especially our. telephone and on internet are working because a lot of the cross border terrorist attacks have happened to coordination. these means and also through. and other such things which are in our you know which are encrypted and not easy to crowd funding diligence agencies so i think some of that instructions will remain but 90 more than 90 percent of our countrymen rally which is a muslim majority part of german country already did time. dictions have been lifted
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and landline telephones are actually working and i got my own friends there who have been able to communicate with me to landlines so it's not that they're completely isolated or there's a daughter rakhal but gradually i think as the security situation improves i think most of these really believed it. back with all the latest updates around 30 minutes time so do stay with us. i wouldn't call make this manufacture consent to seem to public wealth. when the ruling class isn't protect themselves. but the flames.
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certainly the one percent. we can all middle of the room see. the real need for. something. i think demand that we attracted the military you know we've got to the army of one you know be all you can be all those themes that we've had throughout the years very very heavily masculine masculinity cannot be victimized because if you're a leader if you're a masculine person and you're victimized then you're.


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