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tv   News  RT  September 19, 2019 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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policy would be to make. the chilean economy scream so while some. in the. saudi arabia points the finger at iran over last week's drone missile strike on its oil refineries in the sophistication the direction of the attack is evidence that is to play. also to come the u.s. keep silent. spend is why the self-proclaimed interim president plan why they has links to a drug gang that accuses the country's previous leader hugo chavez who died 6 years ago saying and a new report believes the thousands of children in nigeria were being held in dire conditions without trial over their alleged so she ations terrorists we spoke to one of the authors of the report. they describe severely overcrowded with 200 or 300 detainees packed into it so that was 10 meters by 10 years.
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hello there good afternoon you're watching international now the u.n. has sent a team of experts to saudi arabia to investigate last week's drone missile attack on the kingdom's oil refineries the u.s. says it is confident iran is to blame and values to impose new sanctions on iran just to remind you last saturday it doesn't cruise missiles and over 20 drones hit a major oil field processing plant in the east of the kingdom the attack which the rebels claimed they carried out knocked out 5 percent of the global oil supply and saw the price of oil rock it. looks now what evidence has been presented so far. it has been decided that iran did not start an opinion all finding were the result
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of an investigation it's a decision guilty this was an iranian attack we were blessed that there were no americans killed in this attack but any time you have an act of war of this nature there's always a restructured hoppen trub is doing what trump does best signing pieces of paper bringing to bear a slew of new sanctions against iran to come into effect within 48 hours and it isn't done and we'll see what happens we'll see what happens i think we have a lot of good capital that we have to do something we'll do it without hesitation the americans who weren't attacked of already decided what happened then who is guilty the saudis who were attacked and have all the day bree and bits and pieces of the missiles are still working on technicalities like evidence and proof let that sink in. the attack did not originate from yemen the attack was launched from
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the north and was unquestioned be sponsored by iran it's not in the range of yemen's capabilities if it was them who conducted the attack this is one of the missiles we have recovered and we have information that leads us to the source that these kind of components were made in iran so what they found is the weapons were allegedly made with components they were fired from the north the direction of iran and its neighbors so cutting to the chase it was iran that's what you're going to say right. the rain regime and the i.r.g.c. are trying to hide any evidence of the components and the technology i'm sure we will spot the launch site we're working and whoever is responsible about it will take the accountability not once during the presentation that the saudis specifically say that iran did it and there's no love lost if they could they would
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say it but technicalities but saudi arabia won't do brave journalists will too happy to undeniable evidence of a reign in aggression it almost has the fingerprints of the revolutionary guard in its influence over the hutu rebels tonight u.s. intelligence indicates the unprecedented attack on saudi oil fields originated from around our top intelligence officials think iran did it and so does our top an intelligence official donald trump because 1 may ask what on earth saudi defenses were doing at the time they've got the 3rd biggest military budget on earth one of america's best clients the countries livid with patriot and other anti missile systems $80000000000.00 a year should protect you from a score of drones and missiles no. the news conference from the saudi arabian
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defense ministries press secretary is a catastrophe for saudi arabia they've shown they cannot prove or know exactly where the cruise missiles and drones were made from exactly with that attack was launched or why a defense systems could not prevent that attack the only thing that might be iranian related is that maybe some of the equipment some of the technology that the who these have might have been incorporated into the attack but why why or why is anyone complaining especially the saudis since the u.s. has been providing the bombs and the aircraft to the saudis to bomb yemen for 4 years so the who with these are just responding back then again to those saying it's iran because there are alleged iranian components in the day bri does that mean that the u.s. is responsible for horrific massacre in yemen i mean sure saudi arabia dropped the bombs but those say made in the united states more likely than not
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has been clearing the shelves of american arms manufacturers recently by this logic is new need to investigate to collect evidence it's american bombs it has got to be america. an entire country reduced to misery and pain untold thousands dead more to die but you know what it's the oil refinery in saudi arabia the book wires vengeance. casti of this pain a new twist in the standoff between venezuela and the u.s. with carrier caracas and i would. in washington to reopen diplomatic ties it comes
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after president nicolas maduro went to didn't talk to the opposition parties relations between venezuela and the u.s. went downhill in january when donald trump officially recognized opposition leader one quite as interim president of the country he's recently been linked to venezuelan drug that is something washington seems i'm concerned a back to kind of explain. so we've got a tale of 2 venezuelan presidents we've got interim self-proclaimed president one grade 0 and we've got not nicolas maduro but his predecessor the late leader hugo chavez now both of them are being accused of ties to drug cartels here's a picture of one wedo with the leaders of a drug gang this duo is infamous in the criminal underworld and the photo is dated february 22nd when great it was in colombia trying to sneak across the venezuelan border since its surface one kwaito is shrugged it off as no big deal to him in.
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the middle regime protects the drug gangs so they're trying to divert attention the real question is how they go told of the picture thousands of people get the food to stay can with me and the images get passed around to what's up so who was it that sense of what's a picture to the we do of the socialist party. now the u.s. state department also says that it is no big deal wedo still receives full u.s. backing but when it comes to hugo chavez the story is a big deal never mind that it's more than a decade old and that hugo chavez is long dead they say that he tried to flood the united states with cocaine and in spain they wanted the head of military intelligence in venezuela extradited but the judge in the case isn't buying it. i couldn't have hoped for anything different i'm innocent they have always made false accusations against me the truth is i'm the. we worked as happens.
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as the colombian opposition leader said if a colombian politician were to be seen in a photo with those criminals he would be prosecuted the union his military and bloody media and political circles are trying to make the scandal smaller which he's actually huge in venezuela colombia and lost in america. 2 presidents 2 stories in 2 different approaches because why focus on the connections of your ally in the present when you can focus on the alleged connections of your enemy 10 years ago. r.t. new york but i see how you see the next president of ecuador rafael talk to president euro about the difficult period venezuela is going through. letter to. the strategy of building a parallel government of the support of the u.s. and its latin american allies from the lima group has failed it had no chance of success. in a play or career that they would or could not believe it even europe in large in
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europe recognized as president someone who simply declared himself to be so on the streets without winning a presidential election he got. the real power is in the hands of the european only garc extractors who are the closest allies of the us government they are like blood brothers donald trump has imposed his extremist policies towards venezuela on europe. you know in this way that there is a distorted image of venezuela in the international media and there is the real venezuelan which you can see with your eyes it is a nation that whatever happens protects itself like a family but i don't know the state of the economy has an influence on the political situation because ordinary citizens don't know about that and believe what they hear in the media and media does not inform but manipulates venezuela is and are more than just sanctions it is foreign aggression even it were just sanctions what would be the justification in. the year end rafael i'll go even further if we look at modern history we see what happened to saddam hussein in iraq
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after the gulf war in 19921901 the u.n. security council imposed economic trade and financial sanctions on iraq and on saddam but later the security council allowed him to get medicine and commodities and food exchange for oil tankers venezuela is not under the u.n. sanctions these are unilateral illegal sanctions by the u.s. but we are not being given the opportunity to rock hat. later on in the program we look at how cuba which supports murad government is now calling trump's blockade against the country a genocide we'll have more details in a few minutes on that. but israeli prime minister has called on the leader of the opposition to form a unity government that after having failed to win a majority in a snap election. brooke bennett has announced
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to form a broad unity government today the nation expects both of us to accept responsibility and work together some call in a new banish let's meet today at any hour to advance this process that is the mission of the our we cannot go to 3rd leg since there's no reason to oppose abortion with 97 percent of the vote counted a center right that could deploy 2 seats behind the center left of white alliance which also fail to get a majority on wednesday netanyahu said that if the government isn't led by him it will be quote a dangerous government that receives its mandate from arab parties as the country's prime minister for 10 years in a row although that could now come to an end dr more that he came to our electorate . first thing in television says the threat of mass makes like. they both netanyahu and guns might be afraid that in the next elections they will
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lose much more so since this is the situation they might meet in order to shape the government and they both if they unite one coalition if they don't need any partners can very well you know on the idea that the palestinian state or the whole area of today in some area will be existing tional says danger. and this is definitely they can agree upon and this can be the basis of the policy . meanwhile criticism of israel has seen a renowned author being denied a ministry of board will have more on that story plus other stuff just off the press.
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blood form for syrian conflict mediation never has spoken with one voice but recently disagreement between russia turkey and iran has become so stuck could not even the leaders try to hide it as the program run its course or is the friction really
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a sign that it's working. for. terrorists crackdown in nigeria has led to have children being detained that's according to a new report from human rights watch we spoke to them about their findings. since 2013 nigeria has detained about 3600 children and in june human rights watch went to the northeast of nigeria where boko haram its most active and we interviewed more than 30 children who had been detained the vast majority of these children were never charged with a crime in fact they were never taken to court they never had the opportunity to see a judge the children were denied contact with their families and held in or a book shins they described so little space that they couldn't turn over at night
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they were you know pile one next to the other they described it like the razor blades pack many of them something began losing hope that they would ever be released some thought that they would die in detention or children as young as 5 were reportedly held in overcrowded military detention facilities on little or no evidence they spent months even years there without charge with also reports of sexual physical and mental abuse and as we heard overcrowding the children had been accused of involvement with the armed terrorist group boko haram the radical islamist organization is based in northeast nigeria and it carries a suicide bombings as well as to soldiers throughout western africa 2015 pledged allegiance to islamic state many of the imprisoned children with them rounded up by the nigerian authorities during military operations against the terrorists.
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they are asked me if i was a member of booker and beat me up when i said no they tied my hands and legs and hung me to a tree and continued to flow camy they flogged me and left me tied to the tree from morning till evening one person from my village was killed during the interrogation if you make a noise if you drink water without asking them if you go toward the door to get fresh air they beat you. the soldiers had girlfriends one of the girls from our village was a girl friend of a soldier she would usually take her out of the compound some ladies got pregnant in the cell and delivered while i was there. the nigerian authorities do say they have released over 2000 children from detention since 2013 nearly all of whom had been held without charge although it's not known how many children still remain in custody jo becker again though says the government should make more of an effort to release them nobody knows the current number of children who may still be in
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military custody nigerian authorities do not allow the night or independent organizations like human rights watch to access the military detention centers but what human rights watch is calling for is that nigerian authorities release any remaining children in military detention and transfer them to civilian protection authorities so that they can receive rehabilitation help or unifying with their families and reintegrating into their communities. now in response the nigerian military denies the allegations made against them in the report saying the children are kept in secure areas and are adequately cared for we also asked the nigerian ministry of justice to comment on this story although so far we haven't had a response. a famous pakistani novelist has been denied a german literary award over her political activism she has been calling for
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a boycott of israeli goods on quarter now has more on the story from berlin. the city of dortmund has reversed its decision to hand a literary awards to british pakistani author kamila shamsie that she plagiarized something commit a crime perhaps now it's all because she supports an anti israel movement called boycott divestment sanctions. the time of the decision none of the jurors knew that kamila shamsie had supported the boycotts divestments and sanctions campaign in the past b.s. aims to isolate israel economically politically and culturally b.d.'s has a presence across much of the globe but in germany it's had a few run ins with the government the palestinian women's organization recently sued the city of boston for being excluded from the festival and the court ruled that discrimination based on the organization's belief in b.d.s. was unfair treatment. of freedom of expression includes the freedom to discuss and call for boycott campaigns and is also protected by the european convention on
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human rights however this case is the exception not the rule the border stock has made it clear they see b.d.s. as an anti sematic movement not just anti israel. the arguments and methods of the boycott divestment and sanctions movement are anti semitic the message of the campaign to boycott israeli activists and goods or i'm innocent of the most terrible period in german history the do not buy a stick is an israeli products bring back associations with the nazi slogan do not buy from jews and similar graffiti in facades and shop window the law makers concern isn't out of the blue given germany's past but calling the movement nazis could be a bit of a stretch since b.d.'s are mostly left wing activists calling attention to israel's mistreatment of the palestinian people and the palestinians who are protesting say it's not the palestinians who are doing the oppressing just like in this protest represents the 1st to confront some of german parliament's motion which is against
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our arab nation and against the palestinian cause they are part of the. netanyahu accepts that tries to crush the rights of our people and the right of return the boycott movement will continue and this is supported by the palestinian liberation organization along with youth and student groups around the world more and more politicians are questioning israel's policies as oppressive risking being called anti sematic along the way i can't stand by and watch this attack on our freedom of speech and the right to boycott the racist policies of the government in the state of israel the oppressive netanyahu administration and i have seen this in gaza. where families have lived that have been bombed by targeted bombing by israeli jets what the united states should be doing and of course the trumpet ministrations doing exactly the opposite isn't sort of applauding israel for its actions israel should be condemned germany's past is certainly still haunting to many after all
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you can't just wipe its horrors out of history but when it comes to israel and palestine it's not a simple as black and white donald quarter r.t. berlin. some world news in brief starting with a deadly blast in afghanistan a quick word of warning there you might find some of the images coming up disturbing a truck bomb exploded near a hospital on thursday in the south of the country killing 20 almost $100.00 people were injured the taliban says it carried out the attack it is the latest in the daily attacks since the collapse of peace talks with the u.s. earlier this month meanwhile a government airstrike mistakenly targeted tribe communities to the country killing 50 and injuring 40 u.s. military reportedly sisted in that operation. the japanese course is equal to 3 former executives of the power company that operates the fukushima plant they were accused of professional negligence resulting in death and injury people are
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protesting rooting outside the court in march 20 levon an earthquake caused the tsunami that led to a nuclear disaster at fukushima. has expressed anger over the u.s. targeting sorry the u.s. is tough sanctions on the country its foreign minister says that the blockade against cuba is unfair and causes human suffering. the blockade is illegal criminal genocidal it causes human damage it constitutes a massive flagrant and systematic violation of the human rights of cubans the us has imposed it for most 6 decades but it has not been able to break the unity and resistance of our people well the story of u.s. sanctions on cuba starts back in the late fifty's then washington imposed an arms sale in bargo on cuba a move seen by some as a bid to help rebels overthrow the then current regime next the u.s.
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cut all diplomatic ties with cuba and banned all exports relations reached a late point in 1962 with the cuban missile crisis when we asked people in half an hour and also in the us what they thought about the relations between the 2 countries. it has affected every aspect of our country's economic political and social development there have been 12 us president since the blockade started on the situation is not because of its location or is a constant battleground for america. from the us government does not serve its own people it serves money the same financial interests the do behind this book and. i'm proud to be a. stands as an example of how to stand out period how do you know. what is the purpose of the ongoing u.s. economic blockade of cuba what is the purpose. of history i guess
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right you know obviously everyone wants to see progress but i think sometimes all beef gets in the way well we're probably trying to make this a country where there's socialism right and we don't want these people coming in so they're blocking key bracket was actually never great anyway there doesn't seem to be any stated foreign. or international purpose that the assad ministration seems to have it it seems its main endeavor is clearing up one problem. or mass every 5 or 6 hours and you're so overwhelmed by that that there's not really i think a good focus on what's happening internationally cutey including cuba and that is. back again in 35. a process for constructing this was to plant a bomb to write
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a bill scaffold which is porous and this is inserted beneath the skin when the skin is suctioned over the scaffold over a period of about 6 months you have to shoot in growth. investor always isin occurring in other words the cells in your in your body grow into the scaffold it grows its own blood supply so now this is fully integrated as part of my arm it's a living part of my. own. they all see themselves as dying swans in their dreams. but only one in the 1000 will ever make it to the till. they're ready to give their lives for the chance to die on stage if only once.
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not even broken wings could deter them. for generations at the madrid ski theatre ballet sweat and tears on o.t. . i've interviewed limits of you and world and rape is a very very traumatizing thing to have happen but i've never seen trauma like i've seen from women who are veterans who have suffered military sexual trauma. i cannot remember how many times a young female marine that had been raped or sexually assaulted told me that she looked at these guys as your brother or the suspect as your brother it's a kid to what happens in
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a family with incest because you know in the military are one or functioning at our best piece of unit with brothers and sisters in of the band of brothers and sisters i mean we are family when that ball and trust is violated. i. the wound penetrates to the very most inner part of one's soul one psyche. i have this folder that i keep i have all my boot camp letters in it for my mom and my sister and. people and. i was just going through some of this stuff and i'm like what's this you know and i open it up i'm like oh my god. my suicide letter. bomb i'm sorry for the grief that you must feel. just because i'm gone physically
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doesn't mean i will be there spiritually i truly feel that god will take me without question even though i took my own life. i've had the most broken thoughts of dreams and physical pain to remind me of the her if it acts upon me that happened while a duty a mother brother sister and husband should never live with knowing the horrible acts upon me find peace in knowing that my bot that the body left behind doesn't consume my soul i am free now and i'm not afraid ready to soar corded and you know . i took a whole bottle of pills and woke up strangely enough i'm not sure why. i at that point in my life i just wanted to be over. and think i was 2021 and then. within the next year i tried again i went out into the garage which separate
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from the house when i turn the car. to go so the car in the fixie it was so it was all pulled blondie went out a little w. door and she scratching and telling at the dog shut up to me going to wake my wife up so i got to shut the car door for a minute i'll just take her in the garage would be the nicest what would. to kill a dog that's stupid and then the. thought of it so many times and in so many ways i thought about. at one point in time hanging myself from the flagpole was a song on me. saying exactly what happened to make him feel bad. i was going to. overdose on pain medication and sleeping medication. and just hope that i'd fall asleep in my body would just shut down or do something.


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