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from the highest level of sanctions on iran in the wake of the strikes on. the weekend washington could have hit the country with 15 strikes but instead chose restraint. it's a publisher not just the platform in a legal case that could have a major impact on what is posted on the site. to pull the plug on a huge trade deal between latin america and the e.u. over the fires in. european firms are working with companies linked to the destruction of the rainforest.
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with a major international military exercises russia. china and india among the participants . thanks for joining us here on our. further sanctions on iran in the wake of the strikes. last week the new restrictions target iran's central bank these are the highest sanctions ever imposed on a country we've never done it to this level and it's too bad what's happening with iran it's going to hell is calling at the highest level of sanctions ever imposed against the islamic republic of iran now the sanctions are being imposed in response to the recent attack against aramco facility saudi arabia says that iran.
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and is to blame for the attack now iran vehemently denies that they are responsible says that they did not carry out this attack and that this is a deception from saudi arabia interestingly who is the forces in yemen have claimed responsibility for the attack but saudi arabia says it doubts that the who the forces have the capability of carrying out such a strike now there was some anticipation of a possible military response from the united states but now donald trump has come forward and said that there will be an escalation of sanctions against iran this highest level of sanctions that sanctions imposed on iran's national bank but not a military response this is donald trump speaking to journalists easiest thing i could do if i could do it while you're here which say go ahead fellows going to knock out 15 different major things in around i could do that and all set to go it's all set to go but i think the strong persons approach and the thing that does show strength would be showing
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a little bit of restraint now while saudi arabia maintains they are sure that it is iran was responsible on thursday we heard from the pentagon and they said they are still investigating and haven't come to solid conclusions let yet this is the u.s. department of defense our position on this has been we're going to work through with the saudis as they make their assessment of what took place so we're going to work with them but we're going to allow the saudis to make the declarations on where they believe the attacks came from and the ultimate responsibility unlike the pentagon mike pompei o who is on a regional visit to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates said he is sure iran was responsible. to gather any new evidence that shows who is behind the attacks and do you think you have a slam dunk case to bring to the u.n. next week. i think it's abundantly clear and there is an enormous consensus in the region that we know precisely who conducted these attacks was iran
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i didn't hear anybody in the region who doubted there were a single mom so it seems there is no hard evidence and rather than waiting for the un team to come to a conclusion after investigating it seems the united states has responded by taking these actions against iran and imposing these new sanctions despite the fact that no hard evidence seems to be presented and the u.n. team has not concluded its investigation and has not reached any conclusions about who is responsible now it's also important to point out that iran has reacted saying that it will offer a response to u.s. plots the head of the bahraini and central bank has responded saying washington is now run out of any leverage on tehran political on the show the house and i need to believe the sanctions will have no impact. it's very revealing that america things with all these weapons and everything it can go away and make all these sanctions against iran it doesn't really solve anything for america what does it achieve
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really it's not going to make iran bend the knee it's going to rob or bring all of the countries that america has currently in some sort of war footing with china russia etc it's going to bring everyone closer against america so really this is isolating america more the sanctions against iran clearly have not worked have not you know stopped iran in its tracks sanctions will work on a country that is dependent on the country making sanctions on it if you look like iran has had this policy for you know close to 40 years now of something which they call the resistance economy this allows iran as a country to be relatively independent at least independent from america is it painful yes of course it is in the know is going to say it's not painful but is it going to make your on bended knee and fall over and you know bow down to the almighty trump well it's not only place where it can potentially cause
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a problem is there for example me someone in england wants to do business with iran i can't but of course there are ways around that as well so it just makes it a little bit more inconvenient but it doesn't break it or doesn't make it impossible the sanctions are essentially america shooting itself in the foot while thinking that it shooting someone else. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has met with president donald trump the social media platforms chief is looking to defend this company amid mounting criticism over privacy issues and data protection and recently the case facebook claimed it is a publisher and is therefore allowed to ban whoever it was potentially that would also make it liable for what goes out on its platform responsibility it has previously tried to divulge what he said about trying to look at the potential ramifications. so what have we got here. that's better plaintive ultra right web activist laura loom or who was taken off pretty much all
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major online platforms defendant facebook one of the giants which kicked her out we carefully flicked through these court papers which the defendant filed could fly and bury the lawsuit and here's what really caught the eye. to the extent miss lewis claimed targets facebook's decision to deactivate her accounts it is also deficient on the well established law made the facebook nor any of the publisher can be liable for failing to publish someone else's message 1st amendment provides absolute protection for such decisions what was it again neither facebook nor any other publisher protection by the 1st amendment so in this particular case the lawyers of sucking co are happy to legally refer to their social network as publisher digging a bit deeper will reveal facebook has done that in the past as well when last year an app startup was crossing swords with facebook in court this is what came from
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the network spent the thought discretion is if 3 speech rights are respected what technological means is used so is it just me or something's wrong with how the platform we use every day identifies itself because when facebook bosses take questions in other places it seems they always try to distance themselves from the notion publisher which are you are you a tech company or are you the world's largest publisher because i think that goes to a really important question on what form of regulation or government action if any we would take. senator this is. a really big question i view us as a tech company because the primary thing that we do is build technology and products as your sponsor for your content which make exactly on of a publisher. well i agree that we're responsible for the content but we don't produce the content and that's been the message for quite a while. we are
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a tech company not a media company i do think we have to be the publisher and we definitely don't want to be the arbiter of the truth now just imagine what kind of legal trouble the tech giant may put itself in if it becomes universally recognized the company mr zuckerberg is running is a publisher not just a tech platform are they really ready to be responsible for anything disturbing or outright criminal that gets posted under the blue logo the examples have been out there in abundance. the way. or what if simply someone decides to lawyer and bully me with all kinds of offensive stuff right on facebook should i then also follow defamation suit against
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the network because they as a publisher a lot of it's well known you can't have a cake and eat it at the same time will probably unless your last name is sucker berg we have a facebook comment on the story will bring you any response when we receive it legal a media analyst line although i did share his opinion. what is facebook now when mark zuckerberg spoke before congress he said we're just a tech company i just make the platform available for people to say what they were on to i have not publishing i don't put out of pinions i'm just like a billboard in caps the way people get around the idea of of perhaps allowing defamatory or libelous statements in the light now they're saying we're publishers we have the right to have anybody on that we want well if you're
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a publisher under defamation law libel law you can be held accountable and liable for the longest time facebook was trying to have it both ways if i'm on a t.v. station and i say something defamatory about you or organisation the t.v. station the magazine they're liable to because they broadcast it they put this libelous statement out so what's it going to be facebook do you want a liability that comes with being a publisher or do you want to just merely be a tech platform and if you want to be just a tech platform here have to make up your mind because you can't limit speech you can't act like a publisher unless you are a publisher. or vienna to veto a major trade deal between the e.u. and south america very unhappy about the way brazil is handling the large scale amazon fun is similar concerns have been expressed by friends germany but many businesses do work with firms that have
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a direct connection to the fine auntie charlotte do biscuit explains it's an environmentalist worst nightmare wild fly is raging in the amazon destroying the world's most biodiverse tropical rain forest. our house is burning literally the amazon rainforest the lungs which produce 20 percent of our planet's oxygen is on fire is an international crisis i couldn't agree more manual macro we need to act for the amazon and for our planet talk kids and grandkids are counting on us the lungs of the entire earth are factored and that's why we need to find common solutions here leaders of the globe's most advanced countries pledged to do more at the g. 7 the heat may have died down but the blame game certainly hasn't with some looking closely at where the amazon woos may. europe's financial
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institutions the companies and the financier is housed in those countries are contributing to the forestation many of these companies are known to have unsuitable practices in their supply chain to be clearing areas for the expansion of agriculture especially pursuing cattle so yeah and cattle ranching account for 80 percent of deforestation major companies such as a.t.m. call gail j.b.s. are being financed by some of us biggest banks including b.m.p. paragraphs don't spank and block walk they not only bankroll the debt they're also major shareholders with the force in how these companies are run so areas of the amazon are sometimes. to provide all earned for cows to graze or to grow crops to feed life stock these european banks are directly funding the forestation
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do it your bank he black rock in vanguard collectively more than a $1000000000.00 in debt in just the 3 largest saw in the 3 largest cattle companies operating in brazil are these even banks often vocal about their staying ability policies. are also being accused of hypocrisy environmental campaign group amazon watch contacted them about their role in the amazon was fine as well for each bank and blackrock didn't respond b.m.p. paragraphs had this to say been people rebar has been strengthening insecta policies related to deforestation for several years and is prompting its clients to protect natural ecosystems and preserve biodiversity to the best of their ability but that experts say is just simply not good enough while we applied fruits of the. street to the seed gardens.
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our research demonstrates that another another crisis is playing out on the ground there are claiming to protect forest and forest peoples international wow fuelling the destruction of the amazon there and back. because look this isn't see here that needs to be socially right home to these companies so that they better understand their role and also they can themselves be part of the solution rather than part of the problem without the traceability and the accountability of all actors involved including here in europe the fear is that our house will continue to burn. off paris or we have a bank to comment on their links to deforestation of the amazon we await their response. center russia where major international military exercise center 2019 is in full swing in addition to the host nations such as china and
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india are also taking part the deal itself aims to take cooperation between the neighbors to a new level in the face of i saw like terrorist threats among spectators was that they were putin as was watching the maneuvers the president was also meeting his kyrgyz counterpart us. this is a very loud if press of spectacle the simulated food terrorists have predictably been beaten back and just a few meters away from us we have military observers from all over the world i counted at least a dozen nato badges watching the show watching the spectacle glad to be
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a putin with the president of cuba stuck in the stands as well 20 meters away from us but there's a purpose to this isn't just a shoe for enjoyment to a spectacle this is an exercise to form a unity to form corporation between asian nations asian states that threatened by islamic radicalism and this is their effort to sort of get to get to know each other get to work together and even india and pakistan and odds with each other open conflict working together here behind me as i reported earlier the story is radical islamist terrorists of come to power in a simulated central asian republic they've formed a quasi caliph that if you will and the mission is to stop them to prevent them from seizing any more territory they come into possession of advanced weapons and being belligerent towards participating nations and participating 8 countries
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representing a good heart full of the world's population china india pakistan russia as well as for central asian republics their mission is to stop the terrorists and prevent them from take. anymore territory to defend themselves the military contingent representing those 8 nations amanda 128000 troops as well as 20000 vehicles and tanks of all time until or air defense missiles systems as well as 600 aircraft including drones the military exercises themselves are stretched over a 6 day period across a variety of different battlefields and today the ground crescendo the objective is to hold an enemy attack knock out their cruise missiles and at the end go on the offensive and crush them the point of these military exercises isn't to show off
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any participating nations to some degree will face the threat of radical extremism and the point of these war games is to make sure that if worst comes to worse than these people come to power that the participating nations can present a united front to stop an enemy that has demonstrated its remorseless merciless and capable of anything. the commander of the india infantry division you came to observe those trails has seen no expects more such events in the future. but jake say's is being conducted by all accounts in coordination against the. common. element and challenges of better them and such things is a very good moments of everybody has been really good we wish that we. were doing. more and indio would be how people participated in the texas.
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700 people have gathered in the nevada desert in the united states into the rallying cry storm area 51 started as a joke campaign to break into the secretive military base this ended up attracting about 2000000 supporters on facebook many are claiming that the american government is hiding. a festival known as alien stock which was due to be held in a nearby town that was canceled last week that hasn't stopped u.f.o. enthusiasts from descending on the area despite warnings from the authorities of other rare spaces also being shut down for friday to protect the facility on these double quarter picks up the story. of the day we've all been waiting for a chance to discover we've been contacted by aliens over 2000000 people have already said they're going to storm area 51 top secret u.s. military base it's notoriously connected to u.f.o. sightings and 2 teens have already gotten their feet wet transparence was caught
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near area $5012.00 men from the netherlands arrested after getting 3 miles inside the valid national security site it was just a joke at 1st a facebook event encouraging people to storm the mysterious space. we will move me jump in rural nevada and cool neato impose g.'s if we no room to room we can move faster than their bullets let's see them allianz even the guy who came up with the idea wasn't taking it too seriously it was all fun and games until the f.b.i. came knocking on his door thinking he could be a terrorist it started out as just from a pure stroke of imagination it's just meant to be funny i want to do something cool out there now that we have a bunch of people but i don't want anybody to get hurt still that hasn't stopped people from jumping on the bandwagon maybe most will just stick to being keyboard warriors and chicken out at the last minute ok but the authorities are not treating this as a joke which may just be adding to the curiosity. all joking aside we're taking it
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very seriously on nation has secrets and those secrets deserve to be protected secrets well they've got to be important because extra security and barricades have already been prepared in anticipation of the hoard it also doesn't help that several videos have surfaced in recent years of supposedly u.f.o. sightings all captured by u.s. navy pilots. and the navy only added fuel to the fire of speculation when it labeled those objects and identified aerial phenomena the navy does ignatz the objects contained in these videos as. a real phenomenon the unidentified aerial phenomena to milegi is used because it provides the basic descriptor for the sightings observations of . objects that have been observed entering operating in the as space
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various military controlled training ranges government secrecy always will fuel all kinds of speculation when you have a government that is not transparent it's going to lose the confidence of the people this was the lesson of the soviet union it's the lesson of the united states today where there is a lack of transparency where people know that they're not getting the truth from their government on a large number of matters area 51 and you oppose in general have never gone away in the public imagination certainly not in the united states. there have been many sightings of apparent us those in the vicinity of area 51 and people know about that and there's always been the stories so. i think it has captured the imagination of a lot of people we might not know how many people are really going to this area 51 a vent but one thing's for sure. u.s. government is acting like it's got something to hide and order.
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a young russian to use detained during an opposition protest of moscow has been released albeit under a travel ban his case galvanize support for most of us especially among the community. spoke out following his release. well. that's. that's assuming that this. court has changed previous decision and pov a listing of has been released under the travel ban russia's general prosecutor's office as well as the country's own woodsmen all have been calling for softening the initial punishment for these young men but many believe that today's decision is not about that but rather about a victory of a civil society and 100 percent result of unified actions and afterwards and solidarity of people who simply believed that pavol o'steen of had been convicted wrongfully and that was exactly what probably sr and his mom talked about after the
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decision was announced yet like that that in the absolute and thank everyone for this the media the public ordinary people and actors and even the prosecutor who finally heard us today i was sitting in the hearing with a new feeling because everything is different now it was obvious that after so much support from the public the decision would change now he can be at home it's a victory for all of us pavel's case caused an unprecedented wave of defiance and support from celebrities to ordinary people we saw them lining up for what is known as one man protest this is the easiest legal way of protesting demonstrating here in russia and there was also a massive online campaign with actors and other public figures publishing their video statements in support for pavol steen of demanding his release the gist of that which will say we have just finished a performance of jesus christ superstar and we actors for. more soviet theater
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expresses support for our colleague pavel steen of this. i'm joined in the freedom to burgle still no job russian yes to justice as for this tragic case involving. we sincerely express our full support for him and his family patients the whole justice will prevail you. earlier monday pov a listing of 23 year old russian actor was sentenced to 3 and a half years in prison for violence 'd against a police officer during his arrest at an unauthorised opposition rally in central moscow in early august but before that short of the moment of the arrest of populist you know it was published and pavol was seen there walking normally in the middle of the square my other people before for a police man in full gear riot gear with rubber sticks got him to the ground and actually be do it did not give the answer to the obvious question what happened
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before that moment and why police officers single pavol among all the people in the square by was very strong and when the judge refused to use this video as an added in a huge massive campaign protest pain started that led us here today have a listing of has been released under a travel ban. us street destroyed has released a collection of hoodies featuring the names of schools where deadly shootings took place the move has prompted outrage with people accusing the firm of trying to profit from tragedy a new collection unveiled a new york features not only the school's names but also imitation bullet holes survivors and relatives of victims of called it disgusting and disrespectful. disgusting profiteering over the lives of our nation's children living artistic about this at all be sure this is really where we are as humanity and with what
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looked like bullet holes in the switches our lack of empathy for others is horrifying how this can be fashion as a joke to someone is beyond disturbing mystery wants to profit from murder children nothing edge of all the b.s. opportunistic and cheap but such awesome free p.r. shut them down they design is behind the disclaimer their message is ironic and is meant to actually empower survivors the past decades have seen a dramatic rise in mass shootings in the states especially in schools.
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we spoke to the brother of a sandy hook shooting victim he thinks the fashion of capitalizing on the tragedy. i don't think it empowers anyone to show bullet holes and to show the names of the schools that have experienced shootings you know this is a very raw subject for a lot of people i think that the best way to get back at this company is not to sue them it's to let them sell the clothes and let them find out for themselves and no one is interested in this i really think if you decide to wear a clothing item that is. exaggerating the shooting trying to bring it into society and trying to bolt holes in your clothes and exploit the shooting that you know i lost my brother in 25 other families will forever be changed from i think that shows what type of person you are but i think if they're smart they'll decide to take this line out of production and they won't try to sell to the public to save
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face for themselves frankly i think what they did was a p.r. stunt and again it's just a group looking to capitalize on tragedy ok with a base on top stories in half an hour don't forget you can always catch more if he had to a website called. financials i don't like i'm on a few years. on the fly. list of a bunch of the future trucker watch guys are.


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