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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  September 21, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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in yemen have claimed credit but exam us n.b.c. will tell you. for some reason stop or only refusing to take responsibility. for issues right know or outlining with the cole evidence that last weekend's drone attacks or that's where were 5 areas were in fact supported by iran that of course is a belief that shared by the united states iran for its part continues to deny it was behind the attack he then brings in another expert and he tries to set her up for some good propaganda but she accidentally grabs a true turd unlike the middle of the segment i want to bring it up best for wendy sherman former undersecretary of state for political affairs now at harvard's kennedy school she is also in d.c. global of fears contributor what's your assessment is there any reason to believe that are wrong is not behind the attack over the weekend. well there certainly are lots of indications that iran was behind this attack but we find ourselves in
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a very difficult place for a lot of reasons given the assassination of jim shogi and saudi arabia's other actions particularly in yemen their word and their credibility is questionable donald trump the president of the united states is known to fabricate all kinds of things on his tweets and when he gives his rally speeches so his word is questionable and of course our run which tries to do things behind a cloak of the regime there where it is questionable so finding the facts here and having the world community believe those facts is going to be quite a challenge oh i. drum still liar thought of you arabia as a lawyer she just brought some truth to amazon b c that is not cool all right. just caused thousands of mindless suburban dads
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around the nation to spit their coffee across the room. you mean the murderous horrible regime of saudi arabia has a reason to la and the murderous horrible regime of donald trump has a reason the law. no m.s.n. b c wants you to believe trump is a habitual liar and lies he's saying something we want him to it now ok he's a damn saint he's on is in a really. really is when it comes to starting wars with countries we've been trying to destroy for decades he never tells a lie now thank thank goodness we have such an honorable man at the helm and then there are other people around donald trump our corporate media will tell you it's like palm's peo blames iran for the drone attacks on the saudi oil fields the unimpeachable secretary of state and man and man who collects chins in his spare
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time nikon. our corporate media will tell you his word is go he's always truthful i was a cia director we lied we cheated was the whole story just like we had with entire good terror training courses. oh yeah that's right trusting my pompei oh is. it true it's a joke better than anything i've ever written it really as if it's like believing your cat when she says she loves you she was something. you say. you. wendy sherman gives a long explanation saying that we can't really know who did this because all sides are less likely lying the m s n b c host goes so why did iran do. he asked that because he didn't
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hear wendy because his head is corporate owners. and it's talk to here and it's also it's also tough to have your head up multiple at once. b.c. that's what they call multitasking. so here why did iran do this and it seems wendy again goes off script they also very much object to saudi arabia's actions in yemen a civil war that has just been completely tragic famine people many civilians having been killed a hospital having been a struck that. the president of iran keeps pointing out in their instance if there was an attack on an oil facility no people were involved certainly not civilians at a hospital oh that's right our allies saudi arabia has been blowing up children and
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hospitals in yemen causing the worst humanitarian crisis in the world using u.s. missiles to do it and that's not bothering us at all right that's fine but you touch our friends oil supply and we were you are right. i mean i don't have those kids in yemen considered covering themselves in oil. because we my care. the point is don't believe known liars when they tell you we have to bomb iran these are bloodthirsty killers who are puritans that iran doesn't easily bowed to our will furious that iran dropped the dollar and it's outside our central banking system and furious that a ron has so much oil the job of our media is to get you to support the killing of innocent civilians and they're doing it again right now come to your god thank you . thank 6 you well you're.
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a. way welcome. welcome i'm leave camp now let's take the news from behind maybe here maybe x. so seal pathan man who often appears on magazine covers looking like some sort of deity jeff bezos. is in the news and by the way that is just exhibit a here's exhibit big. and here's exhibit c. work a i'll be honest he is my personal lord and savior right because i worship free shipping and warehouse employees dropping dead from exhaustion i guess i just eat
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it up so thank you all my days oh so last week cut health benefits for all part time workers at his grocery store chain a whole slew of study found is that hopelessly available numbers show that baze always makes more money than the cost of an entire year of benefits for all of those $1800.00 employees in somewhere between 2 to 6 hours all food employees don't need health care they have 'd k l k k k they also have 3 dollar avocado ice cream and they don't do it but you may laugh but you rub some of that got ice cream on a broken bone good is no good if this. doesn't fix the bone but you're a hipster hero. welcome to unfettered capitalism it's ok for a large corporation to eliminate all health care for employees as long as they are per free doc on tuesday a. we are friends. and i heard there's certain replacing
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social security where the freebie loveridge rays are right thing. moving on leaked documents have revealed that climate denial groups are planning a european misinformation campaign it will include a letter titled there is no climate emergency the group's letter claims that current changes in the climate are to be expected from the seqlock behavior of the climate system yes the planet used to be cold then it was warm then it was cold again changes are to be expected in 1000000 years 1000000 years child goes you yes all right those 2 change you're talking no yes the butterflies and the polar bears had time to figure it out. this current shy goal that setting everything on fire is happening in 20 years see the difference w2xw1
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day which means the butterflies in the polar bears and the humans are. calling this normal is like if someone were standing there telling you don't worry life is a cycle you're adams didn't used to be part of you as soon soon they'll no longer be part of you that was part of something else so don't worry about it and they're saying that to you while you're being eaten by an alligator. so you know. they're like you're acting very upset. this is the normal cycle. you get the point and that brings us every just to our last story a crucial new study that just came out and since last week was the anniversary of 911 it's a perfect time the study has to do with building 7 which was the 3rd skyscraper to . lapse on $911.00 it fell to the ground 7 hours after the other 2 towers and it
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wasn't hit by an airplane apparently when americans were recently polled 36 percent of respondents said that they were unaware there was a 3rd building that collapsed on september 11th well in that case this may be 18 years too late but surprise. the new expensive a 4 year study was conducted by the department of civil and environmental engineering at the university of alaska not by me by the university of alaska. and use complex computer models to determine if building 77 really was the 1st steel framed high rise ever to have collapsed slowly due to office fires the study found that the building came down not due to fire but from the near simultaneous failure of every column in the building now i would be clear i am not questioning the official story of 911 i would never do that because if you if you
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if you want to show you know i always trust our government. then and i like being alive i like we're all right i want i want to continue to be alive as i have going so far. so not questioning the official story add all i love the official story got an awful even when i want the n.b.a. games i root for the officials. i'm just reporting on a large university of alaska engineering study that is all and i would never question the official narrative when it's signed off on but every new york fire department that was there on the day i was there they were there they were there well ok maybe not every new york fire department this summer in late july commissioners for one new york area fire department which responded to the attacks and lost one of their own. on that day voted unanimously and their call for
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a new investigation into the attacks. they stated. they stated clearly in the resolution that they don't believe the official story unlike this guy. who dies every word of. even the redacted back story and the even the arctan censored portions i just i see i'm like right on the money they are they are like yes black ink i love it i stand with the 100 percent of people who have actually seen the footage of building 7 collapsing and believe it was done took by fires alone. well maybe not want a 100 per cent and a new poll found that 52 percent of those who saw the footage of the building falling were either sure or suspected that the buildings fall was due to explosives and was a controlled demolition with 27 percent saying they didn't know what to make of the
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footage so that adds up to 79 percent who watched the footage did not say it looked like it was caused by fires but i did as i. was yet. get your strength that is just a poet does it mean anything and it certainly doesn't mean the official story is wrong that the 911 commission report nafta done. well maybe not knowing. this chair and vice chair of the $911.00 commission thomas kean and lee hamilton wrote in their book without present precedent that not only was the commission starved of funds and its powers of investigation oddly limited but that they were obstructed and outright lied to by top pentagon officials and officials with the f.a.a. i. mean what do the chair and the vice chair of the commission know. the official story is
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the only story. read this job asking questions of god. god god there are so yes i really have to go to africa right yes i was ok i have my daughter's jacket because actually i will be right back to her. negative interest rates are telegraphing a drop in population if you look at forest consumption in the present to feed the
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body's game that means you've got this generation will have to be sacrificed and so you know humans have not really psychologically evolved from the days when they just used to outright. children for their gods or their books during that generation see the policy god's. work. or the. laws on the. culture when he does it cause you know the false so. you can see the charm and view of them through the system. i'm not saying no something should come out in. the book you just wrote a song to die me she saw that you moved down
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a small squad will not keep you down this time out on top. of the need to promote. the 50 who continued to use other people who were both for the way. the. tensions between the masses and classes have existed ever since modern states came into being but often serve as a drive a real political change with russian civil society growing larger and louder against the excesses of the government elites what is the future of the political system. look like. a very silly campaign the trough in ministrations
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a is rolling back clean water protections so what one stood for environmental protection agency now stands for environment poisoning that's here to explain is our water board for a correspondent i only care about. what he found well lead to prepare for this report i went skinny dipping in a river near the new jersey turnpike and i thought i grew gills down lair but it turns out i'm just an anatomically correct woman. with a very good here but i don't get it if it's not killed then how come i always get plastic strong stuck up there brittle. ok we switched. to a sewage to clean water act please go talk to the right i guess obama expanded clean water protections to not only include larger bodies like gulfs and rivers but
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also tributaries wetlands and even ditches connected to a water supply. so you see it's a slippery slope literally soon we'd have protected puddles bathtubs porta potties protected drool on your pillow semen in your son. and of course we'd have federally protected slippery slopes never to believe are human concerned with the quality of it's a building block of life we needed to lay out goals still going to be safe to drink . and could survive on whiskey well leigh you drink like you believe otherwise. think about it this way we're so 7 making the flint water crisis in the newark water crisis by degrading the quality of water in every other american city now wind doesn't look so bad legionnaires disease could be a type of latte at starbucks. with benefits from polluted air and water
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your friendly neighborhood chemical plant of course is. the clean water act has been burdensome to industry instead of developing condo developers have costly permits for building near water sources sure they might kill a few kids in the process but that's a small price to pay for an affordable lakefront view. with their own children playing. eliminating federal regulations for business has been a priority of the trump administration including coal fire coal coal fired power plants automobile tailpipes methane and pesticides they've never met a chemical they don't want in your air and water. you know. relaxing government control will raise production and increase consumer choice at a restaurant say instead of sparkling or still you'll be asked sparkling still
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specific. delish. arsenault no one can be happy about this come on farmers are ecstatic extatic because it's been years since they've done pesticides and cow men who were straight into a well without pretending they're doing something else with it. in 2009 wisconsin residents suffer from chronic diarrhea stomach illnesses and severe ear infections but can we really tell who's to blame for that when they dip their children in butter. they only that's a butter sculpture oh oh that's a sculpture i love it power to stick love this entre pasta this evening. should i i'm going to you have it now but they are never allowed to drink bottled water so they only of water from local water sources they can actually sympathize with the people well let's. take a look at their most local source
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a few years back just as the rollback of environmental protections began the water friends at the e.p.a. headquarters were spewing what looked like sewage. god was losing all of this subtlety in his signs. but it turns out it was coffee grounds and rotting soup that employees threw out in the fountains and one that seems careless those pounds are cleaner than most of the water in america then we are. talking about the rich elite that may force our favorite rides your abs to start treating their slaves like real life employees oh the horror for more on this let's go to our truth redacted correspondent now i'm a girl. if you're a good job in america's economy there's an important change coming that might lift
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your spirits so hard you'll make a door dash outside to tell everyone the news about your. steady fix. ok there are too many of these companies within our. important change comes out of california where the california state assembly recently passed by a law that will classify get economy workers aka independent contractors as actual employees contractors including many in multibillion dollar technology companies are not covered by laws guaranteeing a minimum wage overtime pay sick leave family leave unemployment and disability insurance workers' compensation and protection against discrimination or sexual harassment nor do businesses pay into social security or medicare for contractors but if you ask companies like food delivery service jordache trade offs are worth it for the flexibility as an driver you should want them what's ability to cry your
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car between rides because you can't afford your prescription. so you can't really cried during deliveries for door dash because if you're salty tears getting their food they will not give you a tip. there was a former delivery driver i've been stiffed regardless. of. your course your dumpling and your mummy. here's a little tip i like to give on my door dash oh thank you. i know this did not just hit me in cars if you're going to be that she believed give me a draw for a while. worker protections stood no chance against the local state and federal lawmakers who let conservative think tanks and non-profits craft legislation that favored corporations yet undercut unions and america's social safety net when. the
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system is already designed to give corporations more wealth as we just stagnate it's hard for c.e.o.'s to imagine just a sliver of that wealth going away and in the case of companies like looper which stands to pay 30 percent more in cost to be compliant hoover's chief legal officer tony west the only claim that california's law actually doesn't force them to reclassify their drivers as employees that's because to do so they would have to consider drivers as part of their new course of business. or have said it's drivers hard because the app is really a tad platform for digital marketplaces and not primarily an employer of driver. but i guess their argument could work for other things for example low price seltzer wouldn't really classify themselves as a soft drink that's because to do so they would have to consider tasting good as
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their usual course of business. and yes i do think look why taste terrible fight. or even hate me hate me what cherry wine i'm good at is the worst one. but corporations cannot deny $85.00 momentum several 2020 democratic candidates including senator elizabeth warren former hud secretary julio castro and south bend indiana mayor people who judge support a.b. 5 and their ballot to be some copycat versions in other states especially in new york where governor andrew cuomo said hearing about 85 gets my competitive juices flowing but it's going to take a lot more than this california law to get corporations to pay people what they're worth. couldn't dramas yes. thank you as your tip this is a truck and she's so you know that it's not and you know car itself keep it moving
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thanks. to the portable california that let me tell you that. there are your headlines from the future 40 years from now whatever creatures remain on earth will read the final 10 years in which humanity could have saved self from climate caused extinctions spent debating whether to bomb a. hand you might have heard that joe biden had some uncomfortable moments in the last debates well in 4 days you'll hear joe biden's mental state questioned after appearing at a campaign stop with his fake eye in his mouth at his fake teeth as i saw. that took 5. well they were they ok but i feel they are no longer on the local cable playing to get it you can watch it live on pluto t.v.
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which is free to go to pluto dot tv r.t. america's channel 279 and you can get also the app for your opponent spray i don't know what the business model is but check it out the field i've done. was. please. live. live. live. live live. live. live.
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live. live live. live . live. live. oh. please. live. live. live.
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and very well continue watching on since last. they all see themselves as dying swans in their dreams. but only one in the cells will ever make it to the told. they're ready to give their lives for the chance to die on stage if only once. not even broken wings could do to them. for generations at the madrid ski theatre ballet sweat and tears oh no it's here.
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i. chaos breaks out in paris and thousands of riot police confront crowds of anti-government protesters i made scenes of looting and vandalism. traded south america's largest bank it chaunced with banks manipulation max kinds of says they have been getting away with it in years. eric holder who was the attorney general under obama when the 1st came to light said the market manipulation and fraud were important for the.


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